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Chapter 826, Madman Ye and Green-robed Li

In the restriction storage space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], everything was sealed by a mighty force. It was only Ye Qingyu, the master of the cauldron, who was unaffected.

With one thought, Ye Qingyu's feet landed on the deck.

The experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace immediately retreated like they were avoiding a snake or scorpion. A look of awe came over their face as they looked at Ye Qingyu. Previously, the fierceness Ye Qingyu displayed during the battle of Chaos Storm had really frightened the courage out of this group of people, making them fear him like he was the god of death.

After a thought, a tremendous energy surged out from Ye Qingyu. Like a gust of autumn wind sweeping the leaves, all Black Moon Immortal Palace experts were sent flying, one after another, falling into the dark space.

Ye Qingyu ignored them.

He scanned the surroundings, and soon found the entrance to the commander cabin on the ship. Observing the surrounding movements and light energy cannons, he came to the commander cabin. A ray of sword light shot out. It was an Immortal Step boundary expert of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, who was fiercely waving about his sword as he came speeding over.

Unfortunately, all of his yuan qi had been sealed, and no matter how strong his physical body was there was no way he could match up to Ye Qingyu. With a casual palm strike, Ye Qingyu had already knocked him unconscious and thrown him to one side.

He went all the way to the depths of the battleship, and had come across many experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, who he casually slapped unconscious and tied together with the strange white rope that he found in the Underground Moon Immortal Palace. After Ye Qingyu had observed the inside of the battleship, he had dragged out at least twenty experts onto the deck.

Ye Qingyu did the same on the other battleship.

He had emptied both battleships.

This was done to prevent the experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace from destroying the two battleships. After all, in the eyes of Ye Qingyu, the value of the two battleships was much greater than the value of nearly thousands of Black Moon Immortal Palace experts. Ye Qingyu not only hoped that the two battleships could assist the Heaven Wasteland Domain, but also hoped to uncover the secrets behind the construction of the two battleships. In the future, Heaven Wasteland Domain could create more battleships to defend themselves, and at that time the Heaven Wasteland Empire may truly be able stand firmly in the great wide world.

And looking around, Ye Qingyu found that reconstructing a battleship might be a little more complicated than he had thought, because the construction of such battleships required huge resources and an unimaginable amount of work——the workload that required hundreds of formation masters and builders to complete. Ye Qingyu was confident that, if he were given one hundred years, he might be able to build a battleship like this, but it was obviously impossible now. Firstly, he did not have that much free time, and even if he did have a full one hundred years of free time, he would not do so, because he was confident that if he were to spend that amount of time on cultivation, then the benefit to Heaven Wasteland Domain from the improvement of his strength and cultivation would absolutely be much greater than that of a battleship.

Of course, that didn’t mean Ye Qingyu had abandoned his plan to build a battleship.

In the future, as long as the time was right and that there was the right candidate, he could still restart this matter. Ye Qingyu had once read about some of the legends of the ancient God and Devil Age, where great powers had traversed domains to invade each other, and battleships were one of the main forces. Formation battleships had ruled and dominated an era, and their roaring artillery fire and quivering body had once caused countless domains to whine and tremble under their fire.

In addition to these, Ye Qingyu had found a lot of important letters, cultivation resources, weapons, armours and martial arts manuals of the Black Moon Immortal Palace. In particular, there were too many core secrets of the Black Moon Immortal Palace on the ships. Ye Qingyu only saw about one-third of it, and could not continue anymore, because the content that involved the core secrets were sealed by an extremely powerful seal. The power of these seals, even in the restriction space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], still maintained its sealing force, which was obviously a power that Ye Qingyu could not understand.

In particular, a few of the letters were marked with the symbol of the Jade Pearl Sect. There were also some strange symbols that Ye Qingyu did not recognize. It was just a dark red seal imprint, but it had easily sealed the contents of the letter. Ye Qingyu tried to interpret the text, but as soon as he moved closer, he felt a terrifying force coming towards him. He was certain that the handwriting was made by an extremely strong expert.

“This is definitely not the power of the Black Moon Immortal Palace. It's impossible for the Black Moon Immortal Palace to have such a powerful expert, otherwise, I would have become a corpse long ago and the Black Moon Immortal Palace would not have ended up in such a miserable state. There is only one possibility...”

Ye Qingyu's back was soaked with cold sweat.

He recalled a word that often came from the mouth of the Saintess of Jade Pearl——


Ever since the 18th districtof the Black Demon Abyss, Yang Wanqu was undoubtedly under the command of the Saintess of Jade Pearl, but it was clear that the Saintess was not the head of the so-called camp. The entire Black Moon Immortal Palace may have been controlled by this camp... and these letters were clearly the handwriting of the higher-ups of the camp.

It seemed that he had unexpectedly dug up some frightening information.

Ye Qingyu was also a bit shocked.

Does this mean that he had stood on the complete opposite of this camp?

He was somewhat speechless.

Given the current situation of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, he should not make enemies everywhere, especially the terrifying camp that had been lurking under the surface, which absolutely had power to destroy Heaven Wasteland Domain. However, it was too late now. Although Ye Qingyu was apprehensive, he had no choice but to face it calmly because it was the other party that had provoked him. Even if he had the chance to start all over again, the result would still be the same.

He stood in the flagship cabin and carefully thought for a moment. In the end he took a closer look at all the objects he could see, and finally left the cabin without taking anything with him——including the martial arts secret manuals, cultivation books, and all kinds of resources and divine weapons.

Some of his previous ideas and plans had to be changed.

Ye Qingyu came to the dark space outside.

He threw all the experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace out of the battleship, and tied them with the strange white rope. As though they were grasshoppers trapped on a rope, they could no longer return to the battleship.

These people were all martial arts experts, even if they did not eat or drink, there was no need to worry that they may die.

Some people were cursing.

Some people were begging for mercy.

Some people were trying to irritate Ye Qingyu so he would kill them.

Ye Qingyu simply ignored them all.

He left the restriction space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Ye Qingyu returned to the little hut and was not anxious to go out again. He sat cross-legged, operating the nameless breathing technique, while carefully and calmly thinking it through. The consequences of searching the two battleships were something that he did not think of before. Ye Qingyu felt that he and the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps and even the whole Heaven Wasteland Domain were caught in a terrifying swamp, and besides himself, the other people of Heaven Wasteland Domain had not realized it.


It was also during the time that Ye Qingyu shut himself away to cultivate that many major and earth-shaking events were happening in the great wide world, which shocked and attracted the attention of all sides, making them aware that a world of chaos was most likely going to open up again.

The first was naturally the result of the battle between Ye Qingyu and the Black Moon Immortal Palace, which spread out in a way that caught many forces off guard. A person had challenged a sect that had existed for tens of thousands of years, and most importantly he was victorious in the end. This was simply unbelievable for many people. Before that, the name of Ye Qingyu was only recognized within a certain range, but following this battle, this name could be said to have shaken the entire world.

The whole process was simply an astonishing matter.

The Black Moon Immortal Palace was considered as one of the old and mighty forces in the world. Although it was in decline in recent years, but its background could definitely be said to be unfathomable, and even many top Saint experts did not dare to challenge this sect alone. In the eyes of many people, Ye Qingyu was just a citizen of a lowly domain, who had not yet knocked on the Immortal or Saint door. However, he had achieved something that not even top Saint experts could do. In addition to some accidental factors, the information contained within this was worth many forces, creatures and races to consider.

Almost undisputedly, Ye Qingyu was seen as a rapidly rising human genius, especially as the tragic loss of the Black Moon Immortal Palace was constantly revealed and spread. The fact that the two Great Saint elders could not recover the situation and were defeated in the hands of Ye Qingyu had allowed Ye Qingyu to sit completely on the throne of the strongest genius of the Human Race, for he had done what no other human genius had ever done before.

Ye Qingyu was given many nicknames that he did not know about, including, Lunatic Ye, Madman Ye, Ruthless Ye, Demon King Ye as well as many other titles that Ye Qingyu gained in the Black demon abyss such as the [Ice Sword Killing God]. These nicknames were known by countless people and were widely spread among the thousands of races of the world.

This was after all something that had happened on the Road of Chaos. Many young people viewed Ye Qingyu as an idol or a target to challenge. There were numerous and a variety of judgments.

And following Ye Qingyu's strong performance, many people began to pay attention to Heaven Wasteland Domain——A domain that had cultivated a crazy martial arts genius, even if it was a new domain, there was no reason to not be concerned. Many creatures were curious as to whether it was because there was something special in Heaven Wasteland Domain that it gave rise to such a young martial arts legend.

At the same time, as the name of Madman Ye Qingyu rose to fame and shocked the entire world, there was another name that made the whole world shudder.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

Li Xiaofei.

The peerless genius who had disappeared for more than four thousand years, and was trapped in the 18th district of the Black demon Abyss for four thousand years, after returning to the secular world, immediately displayed the graceful bearing and skills of four thousand years ago. In less than ten days, he had destroyed the Bright Dragon Sect, Black Mountain faction, Sky Fire Mountain, Northern Wolf Race and the Ice Summit Demon Race. A total of thirty-one martial arts forces of the world...

These races and sects were forces who had once made things difficult and attacked the Li Clan of the Bright Domain. Among them, the Sky Fire Mountain and the Ice Summit Demon Race were both super forces far stronger than the Black Moon Immortal Palace. However, in front of a Quasi-emperor, they were unable to withstand a single blow.

“A tooth for a tooth, blood for blood.”

This was the stance that [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had shown to the whole world.

“The world laughs at me for being crazy, I laugh at them for not being able to open their eyes to the real world. I am born Li Xiaofei, I laugh until the end of the world.” After he directly sunk the main city of the Ice Summit Demon Race with one palm strike, the Human Race Quasi-emperor, clad in a green robe, once again recited the sentence of four thousand years ago. This was his former saying. Four thousand years ago, once this saying was recited, Heaven and earth would lose their colour and heroes would retreat. And four thousand years later, this saying once again appeared in Heaven and earth with the annihilation of thirty-one powerful forces. “

At this moment, many Human Race elderly were moved to tears.

At this moment, the graceful bearing of the green-robed Quasi-emperor had completely taken away the brilliance of Heaven and earth——

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