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Imperial God Emperor 825 - Take forcible possession

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Chapter 825, Take forcible possession

It was said that when one’s martial arts reached a certain degree, any damage to one’s physical body could be restored with one thought, as long as the state of mind had not been destroyed. Even if only the last limb remains, one’s body could still be restored to as it was before. From this point of view, it may seem that the physical body was not important.

But that was not the case.

The first prerequisite for the recovery of one’s physical body was that the blood and qi should be as vigorous as the sea, and that the source must be undamaged. The source, blood and qi were provided by the physical body; therefore the two had a mutually reinforcing relationship. Those who claim to be Immortal existences, their flesh and blood were, in fact, at a peak level, and were almost impossible to wear out, allowing them to continue to regenerate. This life force can be called vitality.

Ye Qingyu originally possessed a strong physical body, blood and qi as vigorous as the sea. However, in the previous days of continuous fierce battles, he was constantly exhausted, especially in the encampment of the Black Moon Immortal Palace. In order to delay Zhong Yuan and the other Great Saints, he had paid a huge price. Ye Qingyu was at the end of his strength. Later on, after a rest and with the power of a Quasi-emperor, Ye Qingyi was able to remain standing after the Battle of Chaos Storm.

After the Chaos Storm battle, Ye Qingyu was truly exhausted.

At that time, Ye Qingyu, like a man made of mud and covered with dry cracks, seemed like he would collapse at any time. He was also like a dehydrated sand eagle that would collapse with a gust of wind. If not for the fact that he had still not completely used up all of his energy, with a single strand still remaining, like a lotus root hanging by a thread, it was likely that Ye Qingyu would already have perished.

It had already been a day since he shut himself away to cultivate.

Ye Qingyu's situation was finally a little better.

He was still sitting cross-legged and operating the nameless breathing technique.

A drop of divine yuan liquid was whirling above Ye Qingyu's head like a purple pill, constantly emitting dense smoke and strands of silk-like mist that entered into Ye Qingyu's body.

Ye Qingyu was clad in white trousers, white combat boots, and was untainted by a speck of dust. These two pieces of clothing were divine items that he had obtained from the Underground Moonlight Immortal Palace in Clear River Domain. These were the legacy of the suspected Thunder and Lightning Emperor Qin Ming. Although it was made from unknown materials, these items were impossible to penetrate. As a result these pieces of clothing remained undamaged in battles, but apart from this, the other clothing had been turned to ashes.

At this time, Ye Qingyu's upper body was naked.

He was constantly absorbing and drawing upon the divine power of the divine yuan liquid to make up for the loss of source and vitality——It was not the same as in previous battles. Ye Qingyu was no longer directly swallowing the power, rather using the one hundred and eight ancient characters on the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to refine the divine yuan liquid, and then slowly absorb the power of the divine essence. This way, he would not hurt himself from drinking, and at the same time would be able to fully utilize the benefits of the divine yuan liquid to its peak.

And perhaps it was because Ye Qingyu had continuously consumed the divine yuan liquid in the previous battles, the divine power had almost caused Ye Qingyu's body to explode. Unconsciously he had also adapted to this power. Therefore, in the past day, Ye Qingyu's healing speed was a little more optimistic than initially imagined.

The faint mist of the divine yuan liquid was curling around Ye Qingyu's upper body, the shocking blood scars on his strong, jade-like skin were slowly fading, and the blood in his body was beginning to strengthen.

In Ye Qingyu's dantian world, the originally dried up yuan qi ocean had been roughly restored to one third of its former state. The yuan qi was surging up violently, and monstrous waves were lifting to the sky. In the most central area of the yuan qi ocean, there was a yuan qi giant with a face that can faintly be identified as Ye Qingyu moving up the yuan qi platform steps at an incredibly slow pace.

This yuan qi giant was Ye Qingyu's [Yuan Qi True-Self Doppelganger].

With the passage of time, the [Yuan Qi Ttue-Self Doppelganger] was continuously solidifying, gradually growing brighter, the lines on its body were smoother, and the face was clearer than before. The cracks and smears of colours on the huge giant were also gradually disappearing.

The [Yuan Qi Ttue-Self Doppelganger] reflected a martial artist's real body. A martial artist's condition would be shown on the [Yuan Qi Ttue-Self Doppelganger]. Previously, when Ye Qingyu's physical body was almost destroyed, the [Yuan Qi Ttue-Self Doppelganger] was also almost on the verge of collapsing. At this moment it was constantly eliminating the scars, while Ye Qingyu’s physical body was recovering.

Another day passed like this.

Ye Qingyu had been repeating the same thing over and over again, refining the divine yuan liquid pill, and absorbing the its power to make up for his losses. The nameless breathing technique and divine yuan liquid had an inexplicable compatibility. At a speed that was unimaginable to ordinary people, it restored the vitality, blood and qi that Ye Qingyu had lost.

Another day passed.

The wound on the surface of Ye Qingyu's body was finally completely gone.

His complexion also turned a little rosy.

Slowly opening his eyes, Ye Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief. Looking down at his arms and palms, he slightly moved his upper limbs. He felt the strength inside his body, and with a thoughtful look on his face he said, “It is only after at least a pound of power of divine yuan liquid that the injuries on my body are stabilized. The origin source has recovered a little, but it is still far from what it used to be when it was at its peak, or a lot worse. Such a huge consumption cannot be restored in just a few days. Even with a treasure like the divine yuan liquid, it is still not something that can be achieved overnight.”

A pensive look came over Ye Qingyu's face.

“The recovery is better than I thought it would be. I feel a strange force, which seems to be the power of the Phoenix Race. It seems that after the last Nirvana, the power of the Phoenix inside me had not completely dissipated. The recovery this time has some traces of nirvana? Or could it be, that the reason why I survived despite exhausting myself to this extent is because of this trace of Phoenix power? Hm, it's not right, it's not complete, it's not pure nirvana...”

Ye Qingyu vaguely felt that in his body there were many forces cooperating, and were somewhat disorderly. He originally thought that after he used the Nirvana rebirth last time in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss to refine the [Supreme Ice Flame], the thunder and lightning, and storm power into a wisp of Immortal aura, then the chaotic power in his body should be finally unified. But now it seemed like it wasn’t the way he thought it was.

“Roughly three days have passed, my strength has recovered to approximately less than one-tenth of its peak state. It will take about ten days to completely recover the loss of the source origin, but...” Ye Qingyu hesitated.

Because there was not enough time.

There were only four or five days left until the deadline of the assessment.

“What a tiring life...” Ye Qingyu gave a bitter smile.

If it was under normal circumstances, Ye Qingyu would certainly wait for his injury to fully recover. Now he had no choice but to recover along the way, hoping that the next few tests would be easier. Considering Ye Qingyu's current state, as well as the miserable state of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, where over half of them had died, it could be said that their combat strength had plummeted. After the conflict with the Black Moon Immortal Palace, the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had suffered a disastrous loss, and this assessment really was problematic.

“However, no matter what, it is necessary to make the Black Moon Immortal Palace pay the price of the crime of killing a domain rating diplomatic corps. Even the large sects such as the Jade Pearl Sect and Tianqian Sect would not be able to shoulder this responsibility, I would like to see how the Black Moon Immortal Palace would deal with this.”

There was a frightening glint in the eyes of Ye Qingyu.

No matter what happened next, the Black Moon Immortal Palace would have to atone for their crime, because Ye Qingyu already had the most direct evidence in his hands that would leave the Black Moon Immortal Palace with no room to turn over.

He went into deep thought.

Ye Qingyu entered the restriction space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

There were two huge black battleships quietly floating in the vast starry sky-like pitch-black space. The various shining formations had all faded, and there was not the slightest brilliance. The formation cannons also lost thier previous deterrent force, and the dark cannon mouths were like a cave that had lost its vitality... The two enormous floating battle forts had completely lost all of their deterrent power, as though they were made of old dirt or stones.

And on the deck of the two battleships, there were countless disciples or experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace who had their head hung low. At this time they were all drooping, sitting or standing where they were. Whether it was the Saint experts or ordinary disciples, all the power in their body had been sealed. They were no different from ordinary people. There were dozens of figures floating around the battleship, like drowning hen. After they had been struggling for a long time, they simply gave up and were like straws that drifted along the waves...

The disciples of the Black Moon Immortal Palace on the battleship decks could not help but exclaim out loud the instant they saw Ye Qingyu. Some people tensed up, afraid that Ye Qingyu would mercilessly attack, while some could not help but wake up. After all, the appearance of Ye Qingyu meant that there was room for negotiation, and that it was much better than being imprisoned in a dead world. If it goes on like this, a lot of people would go crazy...

Death was nothing to be afraid of.

The fear and loneliness of the unknown were the most terrifying.

The worrying of fate and the loneliness in the boundless darkness during a long period of time were enough to seal a person with the strongest mind, spirit and will. In particular, they could not cultivate in this space, and their cultivation was sealed; to them it was no different from death.

Over the past three days or so, the experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace that were imprisoned here had done everything that they could to try to escape and to break out of the trap, but they failed in the end. There were two Saint experts that jumped out of the sides of the ship and eventually, unable to control their body, floated in the Void like straws.

“You... what do you want?”

“Young man, don't be impulsive, we can negotiate.”

“Bah, a scholar can be killed but not humiliated.”

All sorts of chaotic voices came from the decks of the two battleships, and for a moment, the thousands of experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace all responded with a fierce reaction, but Ye Qingyu did not seem to care at all.

In his heart, the people of the Black Moon Immortal Palace deserved to die, especially those guys that had directly attacked the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. Not one of them was worth forgiving. Given the current situation, Ye Qingyu did not need to force them to confess. He simply needed to find a suitable time to hand them all over and then there would naturally be someone to figure out everything else. The Domain Alliance will have a way to verify the truth, whether it was searching the soul to reading the memory, or other more shocking methods.

What Ye Qingyu really valued was these two battleships.

If these two ancient ships could be integrated into the system of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, then whether it was for Heaven Wasteland Domain or the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, they would be a huge boost to their strength. And with the addition of these two huge ships, perhaps the assessment journey would become easier?

Ye Qingyu gradually formed a plan——

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