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Chapter 824, Already a legend

“I must thank the Phoenix Race for their help in saving Heaven Wasteland Domain from a hopeless situation,” Yu Xiaoxing said with a smile.

A day ago, Ye Qingyu had finally destroyed the fleet belonging to Black Moon Immortal Palace, but had sustained internal injury as a result. The group of people returned from the Chaos Storm, and came to the Fire Melting City. It was Yan Wushuang who personally came forward to contact the Phoenix Race, and received approval from the Phoenix Race to stay in the Phoenix Race's encampment in Fire Melting City.

As one of the super forces in the world, the Phoenix Race had an extraordinary status, and if they were stationed here, then they could avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble, as well as prevent some forces from unrelentingly attacking the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps——although such a possibility was very small.

As for the Phoenix Race, who was thought to have a xenophobic attitude, to unexpectedly accept the Heaven wasteland diplomatic corps had caused quite a stir in Fire Melting City. Thinking back to how the Phoenix Race had openly supported Ye Qingyu and the rumours of the ambiguous relationship between the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and Ye Qingyu, many people could not help their imagination from running wild.

There were some rumours that also fell into the ears of Yu Xiaoxing.

But in any case, as the Empress of the Heaven Wasteland Imperial Court, Yu Xiaoxing, whether in public or private, naturally had to express her gratitude to the Phoenix Race at the very first moment.

Sitting quietly opposite her, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden just slightly nodded.

This was considered a response to Yu Xiaoxing's thanks.

Yu Xiaoxing could feel a coldness from the pearl of the Phoenix Race. Of course, she also knew that this coldness was not directed at her, rather it was her personality——In fact, before meeting the peerless female Heaven's prideling, Yu Xiaoxing had already known too much information about her. One of the most important points was that the Celestial Phoenix Maiden was icy cold and often kept a distance of thousands of kilometers from other people. Based on this, Yu Xiaoxing was already well prepared and so was already extremely satisfied with the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's reaction.

But the problem was that, as the Empress of Heaven Wasteland Dynasty, the calm and composed Yu Xiaoxing, who did not show the slightest change of expression even when the diplomatic corps suffered heavy losses, also did not know what to say next in response.

It was her who proposed to meet the Celestial Phoenix Maiden.

She originally had a lot to ask and to say, but upon seeing her she was all of a sudden speechless.

And on the other side, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden still remained silent.

Under the strange Phoenix mask, within those clear and cold eyes, which had made many Demon Lords and experts terrified, there was a hint of strange light, like the expression that a child has when she suddenly found out that the toy she liked already has an owner.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden rarely paid attention to other matters, but yesterday, she had specifically looked through the information file on the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. According to the information that the Phoenix Race received earlier, the woman called Yu Xiaoxing before her, was the first female Emperor to rule Heaven Wasteland Domain. Moreover, this Empress was Ye Qingyu's childhood sweetheart, and the two were publicly acknowledge as a match made in Heaven.

Ever since they had been through a battle of life and death together in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, Ye Qingyu's strength and character had left a deep impression on the Celestial Phoenix Maiden.

After a feeling of a sense of lose that even she could not understand, she was then a little curious.

What kind of woman would be deeply loved by Ye Qingyu?

Driven by such a curiosity, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden was willing to postpone some important affairs for the time being, and agreed to the young Empress's request for a meeting. In the first moment of the meeting, she had already begun to observe Yu Xiaoxing carefully, which she had never done before.

Following that, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden did not know what to say next.

Although Yu Xiaoxing's cultivation, in her view, was very ordinary, but for some reason, from the young woman with red lips and bright eyes, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden saw a brilliance that vaguely dazzled her, and that was precisely what she lacked.

So he likes this kind of girl.

Such a thought popped out in the mind of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden.

And then unconsciously, she fell into her old habit again.

She was in a daze again.

Since her birth, she had been declared to be a rare genius of the Phoenix Race in thousands of years. Her body flowed with the purest Phoenix Blood, and was seen as the reincarnation of a Phoenix ancestor. The Phoenix Race had poured a lot of effort and resources into her, but there was one thing about her that gave the whole Phoenix Race a headache——The Celestial Phoenix Maiden loved to be in a daze.

This was certainly not a serious problem, and at the beginning the Phoenix Race did not pay much attention to the issue. But then later something happened, which proved that this little problem was no small matter. After venerable elders of the race had checked through the ancient Phoenix Race scripture and verified the information, they finally came to the conclusion that the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's three Immortal souls and seven mortal forms were incomplete. She was missing one Immortal soul and one mortal form, which was why it was difficult for her to concentrate for a long time.

It was a huge blow to the Phoenix Race.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden was the great hope of the formation of the Phoenix Race, but if her soul was not complete, then it would be difficult for reversion and to reconstruct the remarkable power of the True God of the Phoenix.

Therefore, the Phoenix Race did not hesitate to pay a huge price to send the Celestial Phoenix Maiden into the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, hoping to use the ancient parasol tree mentioned in the ancient Phoenix scripture to allow the Celestial Phoenix Maiden to achieve Nirvanic rebirth and to use the Nirvana Secret technique to repair her inherent deficiency and to recover her soul.

Although the Nirvanic rebirth was successful, but now it seemed that the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's habit had not been completely reversed. The Phoenix Race was in a state of uneasiness and anxiety.

Time went by.

A gentle breeze blew.

The atmosphere inside the little pavilion suddenly became a little awkward.

During the moment of silence, Yu Xiaoxing suddenly recalled what happened yesterday after they were saved, and was lost in thought.

She in fact did not know much about the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, but had only heard Ye Qingyu briefly mention about the people and matters he encountered in the Black Demon Abyss. Yesterday, after the battle of the Chaos Storm, Ye Qingyu immediately rescued all the members, and soon they were escorted by the elders and masters of the Phoenix Race to the Phoenix Race's encampment in Fire Melting City and settled down.

It was now a known fact that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had become enemies with the Black Moon Immortal Palace as well as the forces behind them.

However, the Phoenix Race was still willing to accept them in such a situation. It was evident that her support and trust towards Ye Qingyu had gone beyond the level of ordinary friends.

After a while.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden, who was sitting on the left side of the stone table, finally came back from her daze.

It was also at this time that Yu Xiaoxing found a conversation topic, “Your Highness, Xing’er is not too familiar with the situation on the Road of Chaos. Now that Brother Xiaoyu had caused such a disturbance and killed so many experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, would there be trouble?”

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden gently shook her head, “This matter is not an ordinary killing dispute, there is a reason for it, so the Domain Alliance will not make a hasty judgment. The Black Moon Immortal Palace has committed many misdeeds. The people who died deserved to die. Gongzi Ye had challenged the Black Moon Immortal Palace alone and had established prestige. The strength he had shown has shaken the entire nineteen cities of chaos. All attention is focused on him. According to the news that we received, there are many forces on the Road of Chaos that had acknowledged him to be a Heaven's prideling of the Human Race. He has boundless prospects. More importantly, he has the protection of the Human Race [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], nobody can touch him. You don't have to worry.”

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden did not hide her admiration of Ye Qingyu from her tone of voice.

Indeed, there was a great disparity of forces and power between the two sides. It could be said that this battle had caused a great sensation on the Road of Chaos. Not only had it sparked heated debates in the great cities, but also made many large and small forces begin to pay attention to Ye Qingyu.

Now Ye Qingyu, a Human Race expert, was also a legend in the world of chaos.

Yu Xiaoxing also could not help getting emotional upon hearing this.

Ever since meeting Ye Qingyu at Youyan Pass, he had made rapid progress throughout the years and had completely broken the path of growth of most martial artists.

It was precisely because of the existence of such an invincible War God that Heaven Wasteland Domain has the status that it had.

A glance at someone was enough to capture you for the rest of your life.

Although Yu Xiaoxing was the Empress of the Heaven Wasteland Imperial Court, but in the bottom of her heart, after taking off the shell of the Empress, she also was just a young girl who was willing to sacrifice everything for her loved one.

Hearing the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's evaluation of him, a trace of unconcealable pride came to Yu Xiaoxing's eyes.


At the end of a little secluded courtyard.

A huge parasol tree that required at least seven or eight people to fully wrap around it stood in the courtyard. Its shade was like a lid, and rays of light were sprinkling down from the gaps between the layers of leaves.

Under the parasol tree, there was a stone room that looked very old and simple.

The walls of the stone room were engraved with vivid and lifelike totems of Phoenix soaring to the sky, and faintly there was the aura of a Phoenix flowing between the walls, as well as an extremely ancient divine power.

Inside the stone chamber.

Ye Qingyu was sat cross-legged, eyes slightly closed.

During the previous successive battles, he had little opportunity to gasp for breath, and most of the opponents were top Immortal Step realm experts or even Saint level experts. They had erupted again and again, challenging the limits of Ye Qingyu's body and yuan qi.

Although he successfully rescued the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps and won in the end, but the injuries hidden inside his body were already very severe. He needed to immediately shut himself away to recover. Therefore, after coming to the Phoenix Race's encampment, Ye Qingyu did not hesitate to ask the Phoenix Race to arrange this secret room for him to heal his injuries.

In fact, he was in a very dangerous state right now.

The continuous forced absorption and operation of the divine yuan liquid had almost caused his physical body to collapse. There were devastating injuries all over his whole body, and if it were not because the vitality of the Immortal Step boundary was extremely strong, and that there was a wisp of yellow Immortal qi as well as the faint green brilliance of a Quasi-emperor inside his body, he probably would have already turned into a pile of minced flesh.

The first thing that Ye Qingyu needed to do was to reconstruct his physical body——

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