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Chapter t

The friction of the turbulence within these rifts created harsh, ear-piercing noises, while the chaotic windstorms made sweeping howls which sounded like the angry roars of ancient fiendgods. These windstorms, which were originally already in a state of chaos, became even more frantic.

"You shall reap what you sow with no escape. Black Moon Divine Palace bastards, die!"

Ye Qingyu's blood-curdling angry roar reverberated all around.

Boom, boom, boom!

Earthshaking explosive noises rang out in succession.

Two more warships got their formations and hulls smashed, causing their inner formations to become disordered and their energy to be shorted. As the chaotic windstorms ravaged them, their formations were completely destroyed. Even the booming noises became drowned out by the howls of the chaotic windstorms. Through the eruption of a dazzling splendor, these two black warships could be seen self-combusting one after the other before they exploded, their flames tinting a huge stretch of the heavens red.

Amid the fleeting blazes from the bursting of the warships into fragments, the roars and screams of the Black Moon Divine Palace elites and experts could be indistinctly heard, albeit only for a brief moment before they, too, were drowned out by the howls of the chaotic windstorms.

Several Saint-level elders who had been standing at the bow panically tried using their life weapons to escape during that moment of collision, but, owing to the terrifying power of the chaotic windstorms, they ultimately turned into ashes and vanished.

Only the Great Saint-realm experts were barely able to withstand the power of the chaotic windstorms.

Anyone below their level would instantly turn into ashes within these windstorms.

In a normal environment, those massive ancient warships could absolutely be considered overlord-level forces. Like movable battle fortresses, every one of them possessed enough power to destroy a small sect and was extremely expensive to construct. They were considered part of the Black Moon Divine Palace's heritage. However, in this windstorm environment, they were like desert monitors, with air bubbles on their heads, entering an ocean before realizing that their magical abilities could not be brought into play, and once those bubbles burst, they would even drown within.

That said, the Black Moon Divine Palace itself was at fault for being too cruel and pushing things to the extreme. They not only chased the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission into the chaotic windstorms but were also adamant about sparing no one. This instead caused them to plunge into danger, and they could thus be considered to have brought about their own doom.

The annihilation of four ancient warships within the chaotic windstorms took no more than several breaths' worth of time.

After death, there was reincarnation.

After seeing such an apocalyptic scene, nobody's thoughts remained intact.

In a twinkling, the six giant ancient warships had been reduced to two.

Thousands of Black Moon Divine Palace experts stood shivering on the decks, wondering how that golden-light-draped young expert who spurted raging flames from his eyes in the distance could be this powerful. To them, he must either be a killing demon from hell, or an angel from heaven who had come to cleanse all evil.

On the command warship of the Black Moon Divine Palace.

The supreme commander of the operation to besiege the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, Elder Wang, was in a mental frenzy.

As one of the three Highest Elders who worked closely with the Great Saint Zhong Yuan in the Black Moon Divine Palace, he was only too clear what the earlier scene entailed. The explosion of the ancient warships caused his heart to bleed, while what more so shocked him and made him feel that something was amiss was the overwhelming retaliation which the young man had brought.

With a horrified look flickering in his eyes, he peered at the blinding golden light in the windstorms as a bad premonition abruptly arose in his heart.

Something terrible must've happened in Falcon City!

In order to deal with Ye Qingyu, the Black Moon Divine Palace not only transferred one-third of their sect's elite forces to Falcon City, but were also aided by experts from other sects among their auxiliary forces. The trap they had set was supposed to bring certain death upon even a Great Saint.

Yet, this young expert, whose strength was only at the Immortal Step realm, and who evidently had never knocked on the Immortal gate, actually managed to come out alive from that trap and killing formation. They thus wondered what he had done to escape from that intricate setup.

Highest Elder Wang had no way of finding out.

Moreover, as he carefully recollected everything that had just happened, he thought about Ye Qingyu's kamikaze aggression and vigor, and that weird and mysterious cauldron... These were things he neither knew about nor expected.

Despite having seen and encountered all kinds of situations in his lifetime, he was a little stumped at this moment.

Perhaps, the Black Moon Divine Palace should never have provoked the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission?

And more so shouldn't have antagonized this young man?

This kind of thoughts popped up unrestrainedly in Elder Wang's mind.

What he did not know was that, less than a day ago, the Great Saint Zhong Yuan also had similar thoughts. Effectively, these two Great Saint-level beings had the same sentiment while facing the same person at different times. This was not because they were frightened out of their wits, but because their sharp intuitions, which they had refined over their long lifetimes, came up with identical responses.

Unfortunately, nobody else picked up on this intuitive response.

These were but fleeting thoughts in Elder Wang's mind.

Without thinking about anything else, he swept a glance at the two remaining warships and swiftly determined the seriousness of the situation.

Although the Black Moon Divine Palace was an ancient sect that had been through tens of thousands of years, the entire sect only possessed twelve Black Moon warships. In order to seize the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, six of these warships were dispatched in one go. If this entire military contingent was wiped out, the loss of these six warships alone would be a devastating blow to the Black Moon Divine Palace.

However, everything had reached an inevitable outcome at present.

The predicament of the Black Moon Divine Palace was such that neither advancing nor retreating were favorable.

They had no means of fighting head-to-head against that terrifying cauldron, and could only do their best to stall for time by withstanding its impact. The only possible plan was to preserve the battle strength of the Black Moon Divine Palace to the highest possible extent and help their elites and disciples to successfully pull away from the chaotic windstorms.

In such a critical situation, there was little room for further consideration.

"Peng Huaibi, quickly dispatch orders for the two warships to immediately retreat out of the chaotic windstorms at full speed. Tell them to reverse course now and don't stay a moment longer!" Standing at the forefront of the bow, Elder Wang spoke in a tone that contained a rare urgency.

To one side, the Black Moon Divine Palace Saint who was called Peng Huaibi was briefly startled before he promptly went to transmit the order.

The two giant warships began to turn their bows as their hulls made booming noises. The splendor of the outer formations flickered wildly, revealing that the ships power had been raised to the maximum, and that the warships were intending to escape from the battlefield.

In the distance.

Ye Qingyu also noticed this scene.

"Thinking of running away? Forget it."

As he shouted, the killing intent and anger in his heart became near-unquellable.

The power of the god-level yuan liquid in his body continued to burst out frenziedly in the chaotic windstorms. Having succeeded a few times in succession, he unhesitatingly manipulated the [Cloud Top Cauldron] once more and turned it into a bright golden flowing light which rammed toward the direction of Elder Wang's command warship.

He was not taking any prisoners.

He certainly would not allow anyone from the Black Moon Divine Palace to escape like that.

"What a cruel heart you have, little brat. We've already conceded defeat, yet you're still not content. This is absurd!" As Elder Wang watched the closing in of the golden flowing light, anger and ice-cold killing intent surged from all over his body.

Kneading a seal with his fingers, an extremely terrifying black evil qi instantly gushed from his fingertips and palms.

An endless stream of black evil qi surged forth. Along its path, it condensed into a pillar of smoke which reached the vault of Heaven.

Subsequently, a tangible machete appeared from the midst of the black evil smoke.

Shaped like the moon, the densely-arranged ancient formations on it were strange and profound, while the black glow which shrouded over it seemed to be drawn from hell. The evil qi of countless specters bulged from within, as if eager to rush out. Following the release of evil qi, a terrifying aura instantly pervaded all around the cosmic Void, causing even the chaotic windstorms to make a shrill whistling noise.

"This is the [Black Evil Soul-Locking Knife]. To think that Elder Wang would resort to his famous life weapon here. The last time it was used was when he fought a life-and-death-battle against a Great Saint of the Ancient Sky Dragon Sect a thousand years ago..." a disciple on the deck exclaimed.

The [Black Evil Soul-Locking Knife] could weaken one's flesh and blood and lock one's soul.

For several thousand years, it had been a famous artifact of the Black Moon Divine Palace.

Over the years, there had been very few opponents who could cause Elder Wang to employ this weapon. Now, however, he decided to use this weapon against Ye Qingyu, whose strength was not even at the Saint realm. Everyone within the chaotic windstorms clearly knew what this meant.

The cultivation of a Saint took a thousand years or more. Elder Wang himself was clearer than anyone else present regarding the consequences if this life weapon was damaged in any way,

To summon the life weapon at this juncture in order to salvage the situation showed that Elder Wang had thrown caution to the winds.

Upon giving an angry shout, Elder Wang, who was surging with yuan qi, waved his palms. The machete, enlaced with black evil qi, abruptly turned into blinding black flowing light and instantly shot forth via an extremely weird path.

This life weapon was indeed overbearingly powerful, and could neither be attacked nor hindered by the chaotic windstorms, within which it even cut out a vacuum rift for it to swoop directly at Ye Qingyu.

The elder was not intending to kill Ye Qingyu.

Instead, he was trying to stall for a little time so that the two remaining warships could escape from this place. This was because he knew clearly that even by using his life weapon, it remained difficult to shake the giant cauldron.

In the Void.

Ye Qingyu's eyes flashed.

He had fought against Saint-level might on many occasions along this road, and naturally understood that it could not be taken lightly. At this moment, however, images of the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission members being surrounded and attacked flashed unceasingly in his mind.

Revenge and hatred completely ignited all of the brutality at the bottom of his heart.

"Old fool, you seem desperate. Let's see what you've got!"

The rage and hatred in his eyes grew even more intense as the power of the god-level yuan liquid in his body continued to erupt wildly. Immense pain accompanied his wrath, causing his entire being to enter a state of madness. Summoning the one-hundred-and-eight-word incantation, the dazzling flowing light remained as fast as ever as it rammed toward the warship.
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