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These six people, who were the strongest among the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, each relentlessly exerted their full power and even went beyond the limits of their endurance as they persisted at all costs.

In a distant corner of the blue splendor.

With a grim gaze and some anxiety on his face, Old Fish was continually observing the conditions of the experts at the front lines and at the center of the formation.

A moment later.

Kneading his brows, he seemed to have noticed something.

He suddenly turned his eyes to one side to look at the three experts nearest to him and said in a tone of some heaviness, "It looks like this old tortoise won't be able to hold on for much longer. You three had better get ready."

Hearing this, those three experts nodded repeatedly.

They were the strongest experts among the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission aside from Yu Xiaoxing and those seven people. If the Dragon Turtle Big Demon died from foundation depletion, they would have to take his place. Though this was as good as seeking their own doom, they showed neither regret nor fear of burning themselves to protect everyone else.

Although Old Fish did not speak explicitly, they swiftly understood the meaning between his words.

Burning one's foundation to sustain the formation would mean expending one's life.

To the near-dying Dragon Turtle Big Demon, a few more hours of sustainment would inevitably cause him to die from the depletion of his life force.

However, once the formation was activated, it could not be short of any one side.

As soon as the Dragon Turtle Big Demon's life aura collapsed, his standing position would require an equivalent supply of power and yuan qi to continue sustaining the formation.

Otherwise, it would be the entire Heaven Wasteland envoy mission that faced destruction.

A heroic, cruel, doleful, and complex atmosphere pervaded the giant blue splendor.

Everyone was silently bracing and waiting.

To one side, Old Fish looked around the blue splendor, which was continually being distorted by the bombardment from all sides. Sighing faintly, he muttered to himself, "I wonder... if that smelly brat will get here in time..." As if mocking himself, he grinned slightly but followed up by speaking in an angry tone, "If I'd known, I'd rather have remained in that fishbowl. It was truly an irrevocable mistake to take the risk of being swept into these frightening chaotic windstorms, where we can't even ensure that our bones will remain intact..."

When they heard his lament, the expressions of the dozens of mission members nearest to him remained unchanged. Nobody criticized him, and on the contrary, they gained some more respect for this old man.

Having been together for so long, everyone already knew that this old man, whose status and origin were unique, and who occupied a definite place in Ye Qingyu's heart, was actually a hard-spoken but soft-hearted good person.

This was most evident on the day of the surprise attack. If this old man had not remained calm in the face of danger and laid out a formation in the nick of time before secretly directing the experts among the mission in engaging the enemies, the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission would certainly not have kept so many members alive and would not have lasted until now.


Standing at the center of the formation, a dignified and calm Empress Yu Xiaoxing raised her head gently to look at the windstorms that drew in furiously. Fatigue could vaguely be seen in her eyes, which also contained some emptiness, as if she was thinking of something.

Elder brother Qingyu, you'd better not come...

She prayed inwardly.

Despite being the first female emperor of the Heaven Wasteland Dynasty, she was an affectionate little girl inside.

The upsetting battle a few days ago had caused the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission to sink into unprecedented danger. It was the first time that she so clearly witnessed the terror and cruelty of the enemies. And even now, the ever-sweeping chaotic windstorms and the constant bombardment of cannons by the warships were allowing her to feel overwhelming destructive power.

She could not be clearer about Ye Qingyu's strength before he separated from the contingent, and naturally knew that he was no match for these windstorms and warships, as well as the foreign race experts concealed on those warships.

If you come, you'll die.

She could not allow the person dearest to her to put his life at stake. She would rather abandon herself and the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission than have him turn up.

Live on, elder brother Qingyu. You must live on well.

Sparkling lusters flickered gently in her eyes, as her slightly-emaciated body became even more firmly upright.

Under the ceaseless bombardment from the six surrounding warships, the outer film of the blue splendor began to flicker non-stop, its gloss nowhere near as bright as it was over the past few days.

Each time a cannonball struck, a huge ripple would arise on the surface of the blue splendor, while at certain parts of the northwestern corner, a few signs of breaking had been caused by the constant tremors.

The six experts who were propping up the formation at different sides now revealed even more obvious looks of fatigue and haggardness. In particular, the Dragon Turtle Big Demon's cracked lips oozed a stream of blue blood, and his life aura had become indistinct.

Crowding within the ball of light, the other Heaven Wasteland envoy mission members did not show any sign of fear. Every one of them proudly stood upright with expressions that were sorrowful like no other.

They were waiting and expecting.

The situation before their eyes was becoming more and more critical.

Just then, in the distant Void.

A dark-yellow beam of flowing light abruptly shot across the air.

Incomparably dazzling, it cut through the chaotic windstorms and tore out rifts which emanated an extremely terrifying and overbearing aura. Its speed was so fast that a normal Immortal Step realm expert could not catch its position with the naked eye.

Within the flowing light.

A figure's black hair rose in the wind as his white clothes made a whistling sound. His vigor was piercingly cold to the maximum extent, and every cell in his body seemed to be in a berserk state. It was none other than the one and only War God of the Heaven Wasteland Dynasty, Ye Qingyu.

He stood at the forefront of the flowing light as he operated the [Cloud Top Cauldron], with a rich purple light flashing like lightning in his eyes. Behind him, Shuang Wuyan and the silly dog Little Nine were shielded beneath willowy rays of dark-yellow light.

We've finally arrived!

Under the halo, Ye Qingyu and Shuang Wuyan revealed a tinge of exhilaration at the same time.

Beside them, the burnt-all-over silly dog brandished its paws and bared its teeth, looking extremely excited.

In the distant chaotic windstorms.

"What's that?!"

"Quick, look over there!"

The two parties standing opposite each other within the chaotic windstorms detected the coming of the flowing light.

In the Black Moon Divine Palace's camp.

The commanders and most powerful experts on the six warships immediately revealed shocked expressions.

Who could've barged into the chaotic windstorms?!

And what does he want to do?!

The other Black Moon Divine Palace experts who were guarding the decks were also greatly alarmed when they sensed an extremely terrifying aura rushing towards them.

In the blue splendor at the center of the windstorms.

Standing near the northwestern corner, Old Fish was the first to have his eyes lit up, following which a hint of delight flashed across his eyegrounds. Letting out a strange laughter, he said, "That smelly brat has finally arrived!"

The other Heaven Wasteland envoy mission members, who had looked miserable and haggard, all revealed astonished expressions. A moment later, someone among them suddenly recognized the copper cauldron and began to exclaim out loud.

"It's him... He's here!"

"It's Lord Ye Qingyu! Our War God is here!"

"Lord... Lord Ye Qingyu is here!"

In a twinkling, every member cheered passionately.

Beneath the [Cloud Top Cauldron], Ye Qingyu swept a glance across and immediately recognized the Black Moon Divine Palace's symbol on the warships. It became clear to him that the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission was trapped in place and the members' lives were hanging by a thread. The indignant fury in his chest towered up high at once.

"It's indeed these Black Moon Divine Palace bastards. How dare they force the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission into such dire straits. I shall make them taste the feeling of being torn apart by the chaotic windstorms!"

While silently chanting some ancient words to work up the [Cloud Top Cauldron] with even greater speed than before, he carefully examined the arrangement of the six warships surrounding and attacking the blue splendor. In little time, he came up with a plan.

"Ram across!"

He decided to use the same old trick.

With sharp raging flames in his eyes, he pointed at one of the warships.

The [Cloud Top Cauldron] moved according to his will, its majestic and ancient aura instantly bursting forth.

An incomparably-gleaming dark-yellow fireball rammed toward the warship in the northwestern corner.


The booming blare sounded like thunder from the Ninth Heaven.

A rigid warship tremored non-stop among the windstorms, as if it was a wooden boat that had slipped into rapid currents. Its bow had been smashed into bits by the [Cloud Top Cauldron] that resembled a giant flaming cannonball.

The black misty formation on the warship instantly broke and dispersed into black smoke, before quickly dissipating among the windstorms.

Having lost its protective shield, the warship could no longer withstand the terrifying power of the chaotic windstorms, and was instantly devoured as if by beasts with wide-opened bloodied mouths which had come to feast. It took only a moment for all of the energy of the warship to burst apart.

When the formation force self-combusted, the warship immediately turned into a fiery ball of light.


The explosion noises could have caused the world to tremble.

The warship, which was as large as a lofty mountain, had completely exploded.

In a twinkling, the blazing bits of the warship were drawn into the turbulence of the chaotic windstorms, turning into powder and dissipating entirely.

The Black Moon Divine Palace experts on the warship, too, perished during that moment.


An angry roar which could penetrate through the clouds and heavens was heard.

Amid the turbulence of the windstorms was a Saint-level elder, whose entire body was covered in bloodstains and was surging with dark-purple radiance. Exerting his Saint origin power to the fullest, he scrambled to escape from the windstorms and intended to leap onto a nearby warship.

But, the next moment, his entire being was savagely swept up and struck dead by the chaotic windstorms, turning into a wisp of smoke. Nothing was left of him.

The experts on the other five warships revealed astounded expressions when they saw the annihilation of the Saint-level elder.

Having lost a side, the formation of the Black Moon Divine Palace fell into turmoil and no longer trapped the blue splendor tightly.
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