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Looking at the fat man's thieving face, Ye Qingyu had no more strength to make further complaints. However, he did believe that the former was probably blameless and indeed only managed to make it here in time by rushing. Although he did not know how long he had been unconscious for and what exactly happened, he guessed that he would be dead by now if it was not for this fat man.

"Alright, I shall forgive you for now."

Inhaling a deep breath, Ye Qingyu felt a burning pain in his chest, as if its interior was already crushed, while the fresh air that entered began to boil among the mashed flesh. This kind of pain truly hurt to the bone.

He knew that his injuries this time were way too serious.

First, his viscera were damaged by feedback forces, and second, his body nearly exploded from his forceful consumption of the god-level yuan liquid. If it was not for the protection of the incredible treasure that was the [Cloud Top Cauldron], even a Saint would have burst into minced meat.

"If you want to show your sincerity, hurry up and kill Zhong Yuan and those bastards for me."

Inhaling another deep breath, he did not dare to say anything else. He closed his eyes and concentrated as he operated the nameless breathing technique to readjust his condition, and began to mend his internal injuries. With Yu Xiaoxing and the others still missing, there were yet some very important things for him to do, and so he had to seize every minute and second.

Moreover, as a matter of fact, he hardly had any strength left to continue speaking.

When Zhong Yuan and the others heard this, their countenances dramatically changed at once.

To think that this lower domain bastard would be so unforgiving as soon as he regained the advantage. If that Quasi-emperor descendant truly listens to him and takes action, we'd be as good as dead no matter how we resist.

Feeling anxious, Zhong Yuan and his men began to operate their yuan qi, contorting their bodies into the shape of a widely-drawn bow in preparation to flee...

But, just then, Li Shengyan replied with a miserable face, "Ancestor said to rescue you but not to help you kill others. You have to settle your affairs on your own..." The fat man shook his head as if it was a rattle-drum. "I daren't defy Ancestor, and so, elder brother, you have to find your own way to kill these bastards when your injuries have healed."

Ye Qingyu closed his eyes and remained silent.

This is certainly in line with [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] usual style.

Although they were branded as bastards by the fat man, Zhong Yuan and the others felt ecstatic. Evidently, their lives were spared for now, and they did not have to go up against a Quasi-emperor. As for the future... that could wait until Ye Qingyu recovered, and perhaps they would find another opportunity in time. After all, the Quasi-emperor had said to protect Ye Qingyu for a hundred days only, and not for a lifetime.

"Thank you so much, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]." Zhong Yuan's heart could finally return to its place. Without daring to think of anything else, he cupped his hands to bid farewell and swiftly fled a thousand kilometers away.

The surroundings became quiet.

"Ancestor told me to return immediately after resolving your situation here. Elder brother, I shall take my leave first." The fat man spoke impertinently and, without asking about Ye Qingyu's injuries first, vanished on the spot with a flash of the green tattered clothing in his hand.

By triggering the Quasi-emperor power contained in the clothing, he was instantly brought away by the Quasi-emperor's magical ability.

Sitting cross-legged where he was, Ye Qingyu operated his yuan qi and rapidly healed.

He was not at all vigilant and wary of his surroundings.

However, this was not him being negligent.

Rather, seeing as there was a Quasi-emperor decree on him, he did not have to worry about a sneak attack. Nobody would dare to defy [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], who had amassed great power since four thousand years ago.

Indeed, nearly two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Everyone had retreated far and away from the vicinity of the Black Moon Divine Palace representative station, such that there was not a trace of aura or movement anywhere near.

Nobody sneak-attacked Ye Qingyu.

Another two hours later.

Ye Qingyu's complexion gradually became ruddy.

He had more or less quelled some of his injuries.

Just then, a beam of silver flowing light cut through the Void and arrived beside him before turning into a figure that brought along a chilly feel. This was none other than the emaciated elder, Shuang Wuyan, who Ye Qingyu had sent out earlier.

He looked travel-worn and rather weary.

This time, it took him one hell of an effort to contact and find [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] and Li Shengyan according to the token Ye Qingyu gave him. By using the Quasi-emperor clothing, Li Shengyan was able to rush and rescue Ye Qingyu, while Shuang Wuyan had to proceed back on his own, which took him four hours longer than the former. Despite possessing immense strength and rushing all the way back without any delay, his speed was this much inferior to that of the Quasi-emperor's magical ability, the greatness of which was thereby illustrated clearly.

"Is everything settled?" Shuang Wuyan asked, feeling slightly relieved after seeing that Ye Qingyu was in pretty good shape.

The latter nodded his head.

"Where's the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission?"

Ye Qingyu winced when he heard this. His countenance changed dramatically as he raised a hand to give himself a slap, before he broke out, "I... might have forgotten to ask about this..."

"This isn't funny," Shuang Wuyan remarked plainly.

Ye Qingyu's face turned black.

While walking along the gates of hell and killing so many experts from diverse places, his mind remained in a tense state throughout and his energy was focused like never before, such that he did not think of anything else. Later on, when Li Shengyan came to salvage the situation, Ye Qingyu seized every minute and second to heal his excessively-heavy injuries, while that fat man vamoosed ungraciously. Only now, when reminded by Shuang Wuyan, did Ye Qingyu realize that he had forgotten to ask about the most important matter of all.

This... this is simply... dumb as shit.

If he had pressed Zhong Yuan under the auspices of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], he would certainly be able to obtain the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission's whereabouts, but now...

His innards turned green from regret.

But, right then, a strange change occurred.

A pale-golden beam of flowing light fell like a streaking comet from the horizon, immediately alarming both Ye Qingyu and Shuang Wuyan.

"What's that..."

"Be careful."

In only a twinkling, it dove into the Void within a kilometer of the duo.

Focusing his attention and gathering qi, Ye Qingyu sent his divine consciousness forth at once.

He vaguely felt that the beam of light contained an exceptionally familiar aura.

"This aura... how can..."

Giving him no time for evaluation, a filthy-looking ball of fur rushed out of the beam.

This ball of fur appeared as if it had been scorched by a wildfire and was yellow and black in patches, emitting a burnt smell. Only its shiny black pair of eyes remained as crystal clear as black spar. Its figure appeared rather emaciated and weak as it not so much ran as scrambled its way toward Ye Qingyu.

"It's... Little Nine..."

Blinking his eyes forcibly, Ye Qingyu immediately revealed a disbelieving look of wild joy.

This silly dog has found me at last!

However, the chubby and fluffy white meat dumpling of old now had the appearance of a stray dog, its weak aura suggesting that it had been heavily injured.

Having made some observations, Ye Qingyu was about to talk when Little Nine jumped on him menacingly. Barking angrily, it uttered fiercely, "Woof... Owner, I'm about to die!"

Although its expression was somewhat savage, its aggrieved and plaintive tone sounded like that of a lovesick woman questioning her lover who had been missing for a long time.

Seeing the silly dog scrambling forth, a hint of joy also flashed across Shuang Wuyan's ice crystal-like eyes.

"You... Where have you all been! I nearly flipped the entire chaotic world upside down..." Ye Qingyu was animated like never before, his voice carrying an irresistible quiver.

He continually examined the silly dog's body, and only then discovered that its blood qi was exuberant and its vitality was brimming, meaning that its foundation could not be in better shape. It was nowhere near close to death, in contrast to what it said that gave Ye Qingyu a good scare.

Being stared at and examined, however, momentarily startled the silly dog, which suddenly seemed to think of something and hurriedly turned its head back to look at its own fur. It then began to weep and howl at once, saying, "This was fur I'd painstakingly nourished to pick up dates with!"

Seeing the familiar expression on the silly dog's face, Ye Qingyu's joy became a notch greater, as if the giant rock suspended in his heart could finally secure a steady landing. He thereafter asked with a grin, "Say, how did you get injured?"

In truth, he was indeed somewhat curious.

It must be known that Little Nine's god-given body was able to withstand the power of heavenly lightning and the chaotic thunder liquid, and could swallow all sorts of foreign race beings alive. Its strength way exceeded the majority of the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission members.

Moreover, it had mastered an escape skill which it itself believed to be the best in the world.

Therefore, it was hard to imagine that it could get injured too.

Hearing Ye Qingyu's question, the silly dog immediately revealed a posture which hinted that it was full of grievances and sorrows and would rather Ye Qingyu not ask. Waving its paws and grimacing, it snapped, "Bah! If it wasn't that foolish Old Fish! He's truly an insufferable piece of shit! Using his bizarre skills, he made some kind of shitty passageway... if not for my good fortune, I'd have been torn apart in those chaotic windstorms..."

"Your own skills aren't good enough... yet you blame... Wait... what did you say? Chaotic windstorms?!" Ye Qingyu appeared astounded, indicating that he realized something. "What's that about?"

"Woof, long story... Those chaotic windstorms aren't something a normal being can pass through... I'm innately..." The silly dog began to tremble.

Seeing that it could still be this boastful, Ye Qingyu understood that it had only suffered superficial injuries and nothing serious. Feeling impatient, he interrupted, "How about the rest? Are they safe? Where are they?"

"Was my brother also in the chaotic windstorms?" Shuang Wuyan suddenly inquired in a tone which sounded not so much questioning as confirming.
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