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When the words "[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]" were hollered, those experts who had been clueless about what was going on began to understand as well.

Because of the events that happened on the Fierce Beast Peak earlier, the arrival of a Quasi-emperor decree had been foreshadowed and was not out of the bounds of logic.

The experts could not look at the fat man in quite the way same again. Even his shifty and wretched appearance now seemed to have gained a dose of mystery, nobility, and respect. Under the green brilliance that shone from the tattered green linen clothing in his hand, his figure abruptly became taller than before.

"Are you all still not going to step back?"

While still raising the tattered clothing, the fat man gradually descended until he stood beside Ye Qingyu. With a sneering face of ridicule, he looked at the experts of various races and manifold expressions, saying, "Alright, I've made known the decree from my family ancestor in its original wording. Hoho, I know that many of you are feeling defiant toward it, but... muahahaha, what can you do when you're inferior in strength? Anger and greed without strength are deadly sins. My family ancestor has made himself very clear. He will protect Brother Ye Qingyu, and will personally show up to squash all of you dead if you remain defiant and covetous of Brother Ye Qingyu's treasures. Of course, if any one of you thinks that you can confront a Quasi-emperor, be my guest and carry on, heh heh."

The fat man spoke in a cocky tone that was asking for a beating-up.

He showed not even the slightest respect for the countless experts around.

However, he had the capital to behave in this manner.

After all, he was backed by a Quasi-emperor.

The surrounding experts of diverse races could not get angry. Even the super, first-rate forces of the contemporary age had to leave a wide berth and show face to anyone, or any dog, that was backed by a Quasi-emperor, let alone someone who addressed [Quasi-Emperor Xiaofei] as an ancestor. And, right now, it had been made obvious that this fat man was indeed a bloodline descendant of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

A Quasi-emperor could alone prop up a super force.

A Quasi-emperor was essentially an impassable mountain peak.

If everything was true, this unruly fat man would certainly be able to move and do as he pleased within the Vast Thousand Domains in the days to come. From this perspective, his current attitude was not at all arrogant and was even somewhat friendly and modest.

"Young swordsman, how should I address you?" Among the crowd, a relatively-elder human expert seemed rather animated as he cupped his hands in respect and asked for the green-skinned fat man's name.

"I'm Li Shengyan, a descendant of the Li family of the Ming Domain." The fat man's expression became solemn. While mentioning his family and domain, he became serious for the first time, his eyes revealing a hint of pride yet also of sorrow. However, this lasted for only a flash, after which he laughed callously once more.

Li Shengyan?

Hearing this, every expert made some mental associations and swiftly ascertained this fat man's identity.

The [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei's] full name was Li Xiaofei, and he was indeed from the Li family of the Ming Domain. He rose within the Vast Thousand Domains and became unstoppable for a thousand years, after which he went missing. The Li family continued to enjoy a period of glory but suffered a rapid decline eventually. It was said that they were secretly conspired against by an old enemy of Li Xiaofei and became history amid cruel oppression. Every descendant of the Li family was believed to have died, and thus the existence of this fat man was a huge surprise.

For some time, the facial expressions of every surrounding expert became odd.

In particular, some foreign race experts felt a mix of indocility and fear, and did not know what to say.

Conversely, the elderly human who spoke earlier appeared extremely excited, saying, "Heaven has eyes, a Quasi-emperor of my race has emerged once more. Hahaha, let's see who still dares to trouble the Human Race. Young brother, I wonder, where and in what condition is His Highness the Quasi-emperor right now? There was a rumor that His Highness reaped tremendous gains in the 18th district of the Black Demon Pool. I wonder if this is indeed so."

A few human experts beside the old man also looked happy.

Li Shengyan could tell that the old man was speaking honestly and was genuinely pleased about Li Xiaofei's reemergence. Smiling faintly, he replied, "My ancestor is paying visits to a few old friends one by one. Senior, I'm sure that you've heard about the Li family's fortunes in recent years. My family has never dared for a moment to forget the kindness of old friends, and so the first thing Ancestor did when he got out was to visit them. Hoho, as for his condition, I was unable to see clearly owing to my poor eyesight. However, Ancestor commented that his time in the 18th district was not a waste, which should mean that he gained a lot there."

After a brief daze, the elderly human expert understood at once. Realizing that his questions were a tad rude, he hurriedly cupped his hands and said, "When His Highness ruled the world, I was only a swordschild in the Sword Ask Sect, and had no chance to witness His Highness' supreme bearing with my own eyes. However, I learned that His Highness' decrees were inviolable, while everywhere he went, foreign races submitted in fear. Thanks to his blessings, the Human Race once enjoyed a golden age of great prosperity, with geniuses being born in succession. Comparable to the age of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, it was called the [Xiaofei Age], and remains fondly remembered. I'd never imagined that, with my lifespan nearly up, I'd be able to hear the good news of His Highness' reemergence one more time. I certainly cannot be happier. Young brother, please relay to His Highness that the Sword Ask Sect is willing to accept and will not decline any orders, be it to journey to Heaven or battle in Hell."

Hearing this, Li Shengyan was visibly moved and hurriedly returned a salute, "Junior fully appreciates Senior's sincerity."

Sighing repeatedly, the old man turned and departed calmly together with the people beside him.

"We, the Heavens Pavillion, are also willing to take orders from His Highness Xiaofei."

"The Sword Hide Valley is equally willing."

"Haha, as long as His Highness says the word, the three hundred human sects of the Exquisite Jade Realm, will absolutely not decline."

One after another, several human sects followed the example of the old man from the Sword Ask Sectand displayed their vehement excitement.

Without saying too much, the fat man grinned to express his gratitude.

In a twinkling, many experts and forces obeyed the decree of the Quasi-emperor and left. Among them were several foreign race forces, who, after doing some weighing of options, were unwilling to risk displeasing a Quasi-emperor and thus chose to leave.

Soon, the considerably-crowded surroundings of the Black Moon Divine Palace’s representative station became a lot emptier.

The tense atmosphere attenuated by more than sixty percent.

"Hoho, I never knew Ye Qingyu is favored by [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. I must've made a mistake earlier. Although I'm no human, I greatly appreciate Ye Qingyu's talents and courage. Haha, the Human Race should be thankful that a Quasi-emperor is protecting him. This young man will surely become a pillar of the Human Race in the future. Hahaha, in that case, I can rest easy... I still have other matters to attend to, and so shall take my leave first."

A Great Saint cupped his hands and laughed hollowly in a rather awkward manner.

He was one of the Great Saints who was nearly trapped and killed by Ye Qingyu after entering the Black Moon Divine Palace’s representative station. But now, there was no point for him to offer any other reason, and so he decided to admit defeat and leave after saying a few formalities.

Bowing to a Quasi-emperor was nothing to be ashamed of.

Following this precedent, the other Great Saints and mysterious experts who were nearly burned to death by Ye Qingyu also had little choice but to express their compliance with the decree and leave after offering a few civilities.

Li Shengyan did not show any gratitude to these people, and simply looked coldly at them without saying anything.

This was because he knew perfectly well that these people shared a mutual hatred with Ye Qingyu. Without needing to mention anything else, they had sided with the Black Moon Divine Palace and twisted the knife into Ye Qingyu, who would certainly not allow the matter to rest in the coming days. Since these people were designated as enemies, there was no need for Li Shengyan to offer them any courtesy.

The crowd kept on growing smaller.

Nobody dared to test the might of the Quasi-emperor.

The Highest Elder of the Black Moon Divine Palace, Great Saint Zhong Yuan, revealed a countenance that was a mix of green and red. His heart felt like it had been repeatedly stabbed by an invisible sharp blade, while his face felt like it had been slapped swollen. He thought about leaving yet was also a little afraid to do so. After all, the Black Moon Divine Palace was the instigator of the attacks on Ye Qingyu. Although the others had managed to leave easily without being held accountable by the Quasi-emperor's descendant, Zhong Yuan did not believe that he, too, could walk away just by saying a few polite words.

He vowed inwardly that if time could be reversed, he would not choose to take on Ye Qingyu and the Heaven Wasteland Domain even if there were even more promised benefits for doing so. He would rather die than see the Black Moon Divine Palace walk onto a path of madness which went against the will of a Quasi-emperor.

After all, the Black Moon Divine Palace was also a human sect.

Unfortunately, it was all too late.

Zhong became lost in deep dismay and remorse.

Meanwhile, a cry of pain was heard from the side. Under the shine of the strange green light, Ye Qingyu slowly regained consciousness, grimacing as he uttered two cries. Then, he abruptly leaped up and cautiously studied his surroundings. When his sights fell upon Li Shengyan, his tense expression promptly relaxed, as if a load was taken off his mind, and his eyes became bright.

"Damn you fatty, why did you take so long to come? I nearly died..." Ye Qingyu flopped down on the ground and clearly did not have the strength to stand up. Nevertheless, he was in a highly relaxed mood as he cursed incessantly, and did not show any respect to Li Shengyan, this descendant of the Quasi-emperor.

When they saw this, the complexions of many experts who were still watching the scene from afar began to change slightly.

Because, if Ye Qingyu dared to scold the fat man like that, it could only mean...

That he knew the fat man extremely well, sharing with him a deep friendship that was hard for common folk to imagine.

Indeed, after being scolded by Ye Qingyu, Li Shengyan swiftly turned face and laughed apologetically, saying, "Elder Brother, this can't be blamed on me. After receiving the decree from Ancestor, I rushed here as fast as I could against all risks... Besides, I did manage to reach in time, didn't I? If I'd arrived earlier, those bastards would've shat their pants without dealing with you first, and in that case, you wouldn't have the chance to gain fame by slaying every one of them, no?"
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