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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 80 The Enhancement Power of Fire

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Chapter 80 – The Enhancement Power of Fire

Jiang Xiaohan believed her previous words had already bugan to cause an effect.

She took a quick glance at the people within the [Ascending Heaven Pavilion] – including those sanctimonious teachers. Every single one of them was complimenting and praising Ye Qingyu, everyone claiming that Ye Qingyu would become the unmatched genius of White Deer Academy in the future. But behind every single face filled with genial smiles, who was filled with insincerity and how could you tell the difference?

Perhaps at this time the person that was amiably complimenting Ye Qingyu in the near future, for the top Treasure tool, would secretly use all sorts of methods to target Ye Qingyu. Perhaps, even possibly personally destroying this so called future hope of White Deer Academy.

As long as Ye Qingyu’s performance was even more exceptional, even more mysterious, it would only cause more and more people to be suspicious of whether there really is a rare treasure on his body. She had only just added fuel to the fire, and planted a seed of doubt within everyone’s hearts. Sooner or later, it would sprout and germinate.

“Therefore, my childhood friend, perform well.”

Jiang Xiaohan laughed in her heart.

At this time even she herself was beginning to suspect that Ye Qingyu perhaps really does possess some kind of rare treasure. Otherwise, why would his performance be so eye catching and radiant, why would his performance be so unbelievable… That’s right, the counter attack of Ye Qingyu, perhaps it was done relying on a rare treasure?

It was only a pity that the ordinary man was not wrong, but treasuring a jade ring would become a crime.

When he lost the secret on him, when he lost that rare treasure, without anything to rely on, very quickly he would fall back to the mundane world. He would return to being that pitiful trash, and at that time, would there still be people cheering for you, would there still be people treating you like something precious? …… ……

“The [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King] really were powerful. Even someone with the strength of Xu Ge finds it difficult to withstand them. Especially at the moment of impact, there’s a power akin to a law that at the moment the opponent is knocked in the air, they lose control of their body and cannot activate their yuan qi, losing their ability to resist…”

Ye Qingyu travelled through the river, reflecting in his heart.

Until today, within the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King], [Banner of Heaven and Earth] and [Fierce Dragon Pierce], Ye Qingyu had already completely familiarized himself with these techniques. He had already begun to grasp the beginning stages of the [Protection of Heaven and Earth], and as for the fourth technique — the move with the most destructive power, [Heaven Falls and Earth Rends], he had finally managed to touch upon it a little. Ye Qingyu had attempted to perform it several times before, but this move was enough to completely consume his entire inner yuan in an instant, so he could not do it perfectly.

After continuously killing Xu Ge, Lin Nuo and Zheng Kai, he had only utilized the [Banner of Heaven and Earth] and [Fierce Dragon Pierce]. Only through using these two moves was he able to gain the absolute upper hand. This made Ye Qingyu’s heart full of expectation for the day when he would completely grasp these [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King] and also towards the things within the Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart].

Very evidently, as Ye Qingyu’s strength was raised, and his inner yuan became more and more concentrated and more Spirit springs were excavated, every time the Bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] would reveal new contents. As it absorbed and returned his inner yuan, then there would be more pages that are able to be read, with more things being exhibited.

The only negative aspect of this was that to perform these battle techniques, it was extremely costly in terms of inner yuan.

With the current inner yuan cultivation of Ye Qingyu, at the most he could perform the first three moves of the golden armoured King twice each, or the final move once. Then, he must find a place and spend time on recovering the inner yuan that he had expended.

But this was all within reason.

The teachers of White Deer Academy had constantly ingrained a law within the students. That is, the stronger and more powerful the battle technique, then an even higher quantity of inner yuan would be needed. There was a positive correlation towards the strength of the battle technique and the amount of inner yuan needed.

Ye Qingyu travelled like a bolt of lightning upon the turbid waves.

As he willed, different images from different locations appeared in his mind — before he had left, he had stealthily placed a [Sentry Guard] on the North west canyon road and the North canyon road. This represented, that within the next twenty-four hours, as long as he wished, he could clearly observe anything that occurred in these two canyon paths.

“There is currently nothing going on in the North canyon road and the North West canyon road. And on the North east canyon road, Xia Houwu has already died in battle. I believe that the Azure Phoenix students will definitely direct the demon rune soldiers along this path and fiercely assault this canyon road. I should go take care of it… En, it so happens that there is something I need to do in the wilderness area next to the North east canyon road. Therefore, I shall head towards the North east canyon road.”

Very quickly, Ye Qingyu began to formulate a plan.

He travelled through water, and using the quickest of speeds and the most direct path, headed towards the battle at the North east canyon road.

Two hours later.

On the battlefield of the North east path.

The Azure Phoenix student Du Sha died in battle.

Hundreds of demon rune soldiers near their protector statue were swept away by the swing of Ye Qingyu’s spear. A great quantity of yuan qi rewards gushed out from the corpses of the demon rune soldiers and entered into Ye Qingyu’s body. At the moment, the danger of the North east canyon road was temporarily alleviated.

Thankfully, Ye Qingyu had arrived in time. If he came a moment later, then the protector statue of the first line of defense would have been destroyed by Du Sha.

The instant that Du Sha was killed, the silhouette of Xia Houwu appeared behind the protector statue that was on the verge of collapse.

In reality, the resurrected Xia Houwu had already returned to the battlefield over an hour ago. It was a pity that he had already lost his courage to do battle, and only observed from far away. He did not dare at all to come within a thousand meters of the red-moled teenager. After Ye Qingyu had appeared, he did not join forces and attack together.

Xia Houwu did not think that Ye Qingyu would really, in less than ten breaths of time, manage to eradicate Du Sha.

And Ye Qingyu was too lazy to pay attention to a noble student who used other methods to obtain the right to enter the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. After sweeping away great numbers of demon rune soldiers, Ye Qingyu turned and entered into the [Quicksand river], treading through the river and departing.

Of course, before he had left, Ye Qingyu had also placed a [Sentry Guard] at this battlefield.

He did not order Xia Houwu to do anything.

Because Ye Qingyu was able to tell, after the first death of Xia Houwu, he had completely and utterly lost his courage to do battle. He would not dare to enter deep within the battlefield in the slightest. With his cowardly disposition that feared death, he would not push the line of soldiers at all. He would only occasionally perform the supplement blade from far away, and would not affect Ye Qingyu’s tactic at all… ……

One hour later.

“If the booklet has not gotten it wrong, then it should be here…”

Ye Qingyu marched onwards through the waters, leaving the main river. After bypassing several valleys and ravines, he came to the mouth of a pitch black silent valley. This was a place that the sun would not shine upon at all. Miasma was left and right, a faint toxic air and the poisonous vegetation were all coloured completely black. The place was enveloped in a deathly silence, and one was not even able to hear the chirps of birds or the rustle of insects. It was as if this place did not possess any form of life whatsoever.

The entire valley was as if it was the resting place of the Death God.

According to the information on the booklet, this place was the same as the [Demonic Wolf Valley], it belonged to one of the ten forbidden areas of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. What dwelled within this valley was far more terrifying than the demonic wolf pack. It was the [Flame Devil Beast] that possessed the power of the forbidden fire —from legend such a race had stolen from the hands of the divine race, the divine flame. It was able to burn all living things and was exceedingly frightening.

By killing the [Flame Devil Beast], one was able to obtain a large quantity of yuan qi as reward

But more importantly, after gathering the blood of the [Flame Devil Beasts], a martial artist would be able to obtain the temporary enhancement effect of the burning flame. Their offensive power would greatly increase, and their inner yuan would bring with it the power of fire and flames, with limitless wonderful uses. This was something that Ye Qingyu would rely upon to defeat the Azure Phoenix Academy.

Ye Qingyu halted slightly within the entrance to the valley, adjusting himself to his most optimal condition, then marched into the valley upright and without fair.

Not even fifteen minutes had passed when within the valley, an angry roar that shuddered Heaven and Earth reverberated throughout. It was as if something from a nightmare was forcibly awakened. A bloody and cruel aura spread out towards all directions. The temperature of the air abruptly heated up fervently, with a wide expanse of bright red clouds illuminating half the valley. The black rock, under such a high temperature, unexpectedly began to melt…

The roar of battle endlessly sounded.

Only after two hours had passed did the turbulence within the valley settle down.

Ye Qingyu was panting for breath, sweat covering his entire figure. He stood in front of a ten-meter-tall corpse of a monster.

This fight, had nearly expended his entire inner yuan. If not for the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King], if not for the fact that the booklet had noted down in detail the weakness and strategy to defeat the [Flame Devil Beast], he would have lost. Ye Qingyu had feared that today he would not be able to kill the [Flame Devil Beast] but would rather leave in grief.

Very nearly, they were about to take each other down in mutual destruction.

Fortunately, at the last moment, he was able to kill this monster.

Like an ox chewing on peony flowers, he rapidly swallowed some Spirit herbs, quickly replenishing his inner yuan. Ye Qingyu observed all around him.

The rough outline of this monster was vaguely humanoid. It had three heads, with no ears or nose on the head but only a pair of eyes and a mouth. The body was entangled in poisonous vines, and the skin was like rock. In the location of its heart, there was bloody hole the size of a bowl. The scarlet red blood was like lava, jetting out from this wound, and Ye Qingyu was completely drenched in this blood…

His body was bathed in the fiery blood of the monster.

In an instant, the tattered clothes of Ye Qingyu transformed into ashes. Even his eyebrows, stubble and hair, vanished in a puff of smoke. The dark red blood was like a liquid blaze, with a frightening and destructive temperature. But the strange thing was, this did not manage to scald the corporeal body of Ye Qingyu at all.

A scorching power, like being enveloped in burning lava, spread throughout his body. At this time, Ye Qingyu could not pay attention to anything else. Quickly following the instructions listed within the booklet, he brought out an already prepared formation jade bottle and used it to contain the blood of the [Flame Devil Beast]. Doing his utmost not to waste anything, he began gathering the vast majority of the blood that contained the essences of the [Flame Devil Beast].

At this time, the burning hot power on his body gradually began to subside.

Ye Qingyu discovered that the scorching devil blood, after bathing his body, transformed into rune after rune, as if drawn and carved with a natural blade and branded on his skin. At first glance, it seemed like scarlet red tattoos, still and immobile at times but sometimes emitting faint movements. When it moved, there was an aura too profound for words!

“This is the enhancement power of the flaming devil blood!

Ye Qingyu was secretly awestruck within his heart. His fist struck out, and in the air a blaze began abruptly. The scorching hot power spread out in all directions and the power of this attack was comparable to powerful fire battle techniques. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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