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Imperial God Emperor 812 - Ruthless

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The price he would have to pay for his mistake was complete and utter defeat.

By the time Great Saint Zhong Yuan came to this realization, it was too late.

This time, the [Red Lotus Hellfire] was many times more violent than what he had unleashed earlier. If Ye Qingyu had only scattered a few embers into the representative station earlier, then this time, he had truly unleashed the heinous flames that now consumed the entire representative station and the surrounding dozen kilometers. The experts from the various races who had been lured by their greed into the area were not spared and they were all caught in the flames of the Hellfire.

In a matter of a few seconds, the bright red flames had latched onto dozens of people.


"No! Help!"

"Let's run."

The representative station had only been silent for less than fifteen minutes before screams and wails filled the air once again. Several lower-level Saint experts were the first batch to catch on fire. They struggled with all their might and used all sorts of methods, including treasures and magical artifacts, to extinguish the [Red Lotus Hellfire] that consumed them, but to no avail...

A mysterious scent of burning incense filled the air.

The [Red Lotus Hellfire] burned karma and cleansed this universe of its karmic debt. It burned not the physical body but the karmic debt accumulated by the soul. Therefore, as it burned, it did not release the typical nasty burning smell, but instead, released the scent of incense burning, as though heavenly maidens were scattering blossoms. The scene was both tragic and beautiful and would be seared into the memory of those who had witnessed it.

"Ah...." a cry rang out.

This was the final wail of an elderly Saint-level expert. His achievements had once astounded a small part of the universe and he had dictated the destinies of countless people, but ultimately lost his life to the burning flames. He turned into ashes and disappeared into the Void.

Several people whose bodies had caught fire screamed and yelled as they continued to struggle helplessly.

"Bastard, stop this at once!"

A figure enveloped by a treacherous mist shot up into the air and charged toward Ye Qingyu.

He was a Great Saint realm expert and because he was extremely old, he could only mask the decaying aura of death on his body with grey mist. No one knew how badly his physical body had decayed, but nonetheless, he could still unleash terrifying power. As he shot up into the air, the mist surrounding him transformed into a shadow of a fiendgod. He was following the principle of destroying the leader first to bring about the destruction of the [Red Lotus Hellfire]. He thought that if he could kill Ye Qingyu, who was controlling the Hellfire, he might stand a chance to survive.

"Haha. Old fool, since you've arrived, I'll send you back to your death. How could you be so greedy when you're just a bag of bones?" Ye Qingyu bellowed and aimed the [Cloud Top Cauldron] at the elderly expert.

Ye Qingyu was extremely calm and collected. He spat out a mouthful of essence and blood onto the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and a bronze-colored radiance burst forth from the cauldron. It buzzed as it vibrated and the ancient drawings carved on it seemingly came to life. One by one, these figures seemed to walk from the body of the cauldron and a mysterious force from the laws of the Great Dao bellowed. This scene was extremely bizarre.


There was an ear-deafening explosion and a visible vibration wave that could be seen shooting everywhere.

Ye Qingyu's figure wobbled violently on the cauldron's handle and his face was flushed, but he ultimately managed to steady himself. His black mane danced in the wind as though a black radiance twirled through the sky, and his eyes were filled with rage and killing intent, just like the moon and sun hanging in the sky. As he surveyed the scene below, he gave off a formidable aura and resembled a fiendod who had the power to control the entire universe, looking down on the sand and dirt beneath him.

"Ah..." a surprised yell rang out from the grey mist. Those who heard it shuddered because it sounded just like two decaying pieces of metal grinding against each other. It did not sound like anything that should come from the soul of a Saint.

The grey mist vibrated violently and plummeted down a few hundred meters like a candle blowing in the wind. It only managed to stop its fall two to three breaths later.

"You bastard. Cough..." He coughed a couple of times before that malicious voice sounded once again, "You might be young but you are highly talented. Hehe. Your physical body seems to be in good shape. I've decided that I'll take that body of yours. Even if you're protected by rare charms, you will not be able to escape death today. Hehe."

As soon as he spoke—

The grey mist suddenly turned red, as though it had been dyed with fresh blood. As the rank and pungent aura of a decaying body burst forth from the bloody mist, the large skull of an evil ghost could vaguely be seen. It was a mysterious sight to behold.

"It's the Blood Demon!"

"The Blood Demon... Wasn't it rumored that he was aiming to break through to the Quasi-emperor realm?"

"Wait, his condition... is very weak. Ah, I know. He might have failed to break through and instead has incurred punishment from Heaven and sustained serious injuries. Is he now attempting to make a last-ditch effort to possess Ye Qingyu's body and be reborn again? This ability to take possession of another's body to extend his lifespan is the unique magical ability of the Blood Demon."

"I can't believe this demon has appeared. We're in trouble this time."

Surprised yells rang out from below.

Those who were observing the situation through the flames were equally stunned. The Blood Demon was extremely famous. In his peak, it was said that he was immortal and he was almost impossible to kill. Furthermore, he was cruel and ruthless and none of the super forces dared to trifle with him. No one had expected him to show up in this place today.

Ye Qingyu was really unlucky.

The treasures he possessed would be his downfall.

After provoking the Black Moon Divine Palace, he had now gone ahead and trifled with the Blood Demon. Even though the Blood Demon had failed to break through to the Quasi-emperor realm and had incurred punishment from Heaven as a result, he still had cultivation in the peak Great Saint realm and had run amok over the world for many years. His techniques were extremely cruel and vicious and he was extremely hard to overcome. The [Red Lotus Hellfire] might not even be able to trap this demon.

In the Void—

Ye Qingyu heard the astonished gasps from the crowd below.

He did not know who the Blood Demon was.

However, he sensed that this opponent was extremely terrifying.

"Haha! Young punk, now you know who I am. Haha! Be a good boy and hand over all the goodies you have and I'll make an exception this time and spare you from torture. I'll make sure you die an instant death..." The blood-colored mist remained suspended in the air like a sea of blood and roared crazily toward Ye Qingyu as it attempted to swallow him within it.

"Old fool, you truly think you're something else, huh? I'll make sure I knock you down dead." Ye Qingyu laughed maniacally and his eyes gleamed like fiery flames. He remained completely unafraid and operated the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. As it turned, a bright yellow mist circled around it. Ye Qingyu jumped into the cauldron, and under his control, instead of retreating, the cauldron shot toward the blood-colored mist.

Ye Qingyu's combat will and aura were at their highest points and he would definitely not compromise nor retreat. He would still make the same decision even if his current opponent was not a Great Saint but a Quasi-emperor.

If he chose to retreat now, it would mean death. If two men clashed on a narrow path, the braver man would be the victor.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Violent explosions resounded.

The blood-colored mist constantly transformed into various demonic creatures in an attempt to swallow the [Cloud Top Cauldron], but it was unable to trap the cauldron.

Ear-deafening booms continued to ring out from the blood-colored mist.

Soon after—

"Ah... No, how could this be? How could your cauldron... be so powerful?" An astonished cry rang out as the Blood Demon seemed to have encountered something he had not thought was possible. When he screamed, his voice was laced with fear and terror.

"Old fool, I'll subdue you today... Die!"

Blood flowed out from the corners of Ye Qingyu's lips and he bobbed up and down from the mouth of the cauldron. He seemed real and yet ethereal and the aura of a fiendgod circled around him.

The violent [Red Lotus Hellfire] burst forth from the giant cauldron and as it traveled past his body, it was only less than a meter away from him. Despite that, he did not catch fire. Instead, the flames seemed to obey his command and roared toward the blood-colored mist.

No one knew what had happened in the earlier collision.

However, the blood-colored mist, which seemingly possessed the ability to evade the [Red Lotus Hellfire] earlier, was now completely rendered defenseless. The moment the flames brushed against it, there was a crackling sound and it released a pungent smell as it turned into a watery grey mist. As the [Red Lotus Hellfire] continued to burn, the watery mist turned into ashes and disappeared into the Void.


The Blood Demon cried out in despair and sorrow.

An oddly-shaped figure about one meter tall tunneled through the bloody mist, and on its body were traces of the [Red Lotus Hellfire]. It wailed mournfully and everyone was surprised to see that it was a blood-colored bat in the shape of a pig. Its wings were overlaid with blood-colored scales, its red bones were spiked with needles, and furry needles covered its body like divine radiance. The [Red Lotus Hellfire] on its body grew more violent as it caught the wind and immediately enveloped the creature as it turned into a fireball.

A pungent smell started to spread across the surroundings.

"Ah, I refuse to admit defeat. How could you possess such a force..." When the blood-colored bat spoke, the [Red Lotus Hellfire] spewed forth from its mouth. However, in less than four breaths, the Hellfire had utterly consumed it and turned it into a pile of ashes.

"That was the Blood Demon's true form."

"He's a blood-sucking bat? He seemed to be the descendant of an ancient demonic species... so that is his true form. No wonder his blood had magical abilities... However, now that it encountered a magical force that could restrain it, the Blood Demon ultimately ended up being killed by that junior from a lowly domain. The Blood Demon's overconfidence has cost him his life."

"He deserved it. The Blood Demon has killed countless and his sins were as tall as a mountain. Once the [Red Lotus Hellfire] touched him, he died almost instantly. This is retribution..."

The faces of experts who witnessed this scene from the surrounding areas changed rapidly.

No one had expected the Blood Demon, who had wreaked havoc for thousands of years, to die in this manner.

The experts trapped within the representative station of the Black Moon Divine Palace who had been engulfed in [Red Lotus Hellfire] could not be bothered with the plight of others now that their own lives were in danger. After the death of the Blood Demon, their lives were in great peril. As horrified yells and wails rang out, dozens of people were turned into dust as the Hellfire licked their bodies.

"Junior, do you intend to kill everybody?" Great Saint Zhong Yuan bellowed as he watched the last of the Black Moon Divine Palace disciples die tragically one by one.

"Kill everybody? I'm only returning the favor. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. You say that I'm ruthless but this is nothing compared to the ruthlessness displayed by the Black Moon Divine Palace." Ye Qingyu laughed coldly and his killing intent surged. He then tossed out all the [Red Lotus Hellfire] he collected from the 18th district mercilessly.

He would no longer show compassion. The experts down below who had charged into the representative station had all been after the treasures he possessed and every one of them had evil intentions. Other than those from the Black Moon Divine Palace, there were also those malicious monsters who had been in hiding. These people were like a pack of hyenas sensing blood, and once they sensed an opportunity, they would not hesitate to kill him. If they had discovered him in the Void earlier on, they would have killed him without hesitation and plundered his treasures. If he let them off today, they would definitely come after him in the future, either covertly or overtly, to steal his treasures.

These creatures were no different from the bastards from the Black Moon Divine Palace.



"I was wrong... Spare me. Ah..."

Tragic cries rang out as the ruins of the Black Moon Divine Palace's representative station turned into a living hell. Even experts in the Immortal Step realm, who were impervious to desires and passions of the heart, still cried out as the [Red Lotus Hellfire] burned, as they were unable to bear the torture their soul went through.

The bright red flames swallowed everything in sight and cleansed the world of their sins.

The screams that rang out were like the regretful cries of a sinner on his deathbed.

Many spectators were stunned by the scenes they had witnessed. There was a trace of fear when they looked at Ye Qingyu. To these people, he was a young man with terrifying potential who could be ruthless and whose resolve was as strong as steel. If he matured in the future, he had the potential to change the face of the entire Vast Thousand Domains.

Many people sucked in a breath of cold air.


Ye Qingyu was merciless.

After he tossed out all his [Red Lotus Hellfire], trapping everyone within the representative station, he activated the one hundred and eight ancient characters and the giant cauldron gradually shrank as it protected him within it. Then, it charged straight at those people down below.


A Saint from the Black Moon Divine Palace was sent flying, blood spraying from his mouth, as he landed into the [Red Lotus Hellfire]. Terrified, that person struggled with all his might and let out a scream as he was finally turned into ashes.

Ye Qingyu continued to attack and kill with no sign of stopping.

Despite the fact that his body was riddled with injuries from the feedback force and he was bleeding from his mouth, nose, and eyes, he did not hesitate nor retreat. His anger and need for vengeance urged him on as he continued to eradicate these evildoers from the face of the world.

He killed to protect.

He was eradicating sin, not life.

Ye Qingyu finally understood that he would only be able to make this world more beautiful by getting rid of all things evil and malicious. This was for the good of mankind. Showing any sort of compassion for these bastards would be the equivalent of being cruel to the innocent.

In the surrounding area—

Countless experts were astonished.

They felt a chill run down their spines, especially when they saw several Saints being sent into the Hellfire as Ye Qingyu collided into them, ultimately perishing and turning into dust. As they looked upon this young man, whose white robes were now stained with blood, and noticed his savage and determined expression, for some reason, they immediately sensed that they could not afford to make an enemy of this man. Even the Saints and Great Saints who had hidden themselves felt the same way.

This kid was a maniac.
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