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Following the spike in focus, Ye Qingyu's identity and origin, as well as his recent experiences, gradually became public knowledge and were heavily discussed. The legends about him also began to spread throughout the streets and alleys of the nineteen cities of chaos, becoming hot topics among countless beings.

"Did you know? Actually, Ye Qingyu isn't that simple. I heard that he was one of the young Heaven's pridelings who walked out of the 18th district of the Black Demon Pool, causing countless shockwaves. Before that, he massacred the Black Armor Race, but was then bailed out by the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race. More strangely, even that haughty Celestial Phoenix Maiden, the jewel of the insufferably-arrogant Phoenix Race, fought alongside him, and is said to think highly of this lower domain kid..."

"Did this really happen, or is it just a false report? Based on what you said, both the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race and the jewel of the Phoenix Race favor him, is that right?"

"That may not be the case. Things are never so simple. Perhaps there are stories we don't know of. Everyone has made their own guesses on this. That kid might have found some opportunity in the 18th district, or even a matrimonial destiny, hahaha..."

"It ain't that simple. The mysterious elder on the Fierce Beast Peak that time is said to very likely be the [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] of old. It's alleged that he's also standing with Ye Qingyu and appreciates him greatly..."

"Do you all know? News from the Inferno City says that Ye Qingyu firmly believes that the chief culprit of the sudden attack on the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission is Yang Wanqu, the successor of the Black Moon Divine Palace. That's why he launched a night attack on their stations.

"Hahaha, I don't always believe what you say, but I do know for sure that bullying a nameless and young domain is something the Black Moon Divine Palace would do!"

The discussions were widespread.

Their focus was, invariably, a young man from the Heaven Wasteland Domain named Ye Qingyu.

Over these few days, many people learned that a lower domain fellow called Ye Qingyu had stirred up a huge storm within the nineteen cities of chaos. This kind of story was something which the older generations of experts might be familiar with, for many domineering characters had created similar legendary tales during their periods of uprising and decline.

That was why, although all kinds of guesses and discussions were made regarding this sensational piece of news, there was one fact which the covertly-attentive forces and experts could not deny.

And that was that a new genius was beginning to rise among the myriad domains.

The name Ye Qingyu gained fame at last.


For a short time, a storm raged throughout the nineteen cities of chaos. Countless forces and experts looked on and awaited the response of the Black Moon Divine Palace, which had been caught in this stormy whirlpool.

As an ancient sect which had innumerable years of inheritance, the Black Moon Divine Palace possessed sky-high renown and status in the myriad domains. To be so easily provoked and shamed by a human from a small and nameless domain was definitely something they could not tolerate. If they did not respond in good time, they would surely become the laughing stock of the Vast Thousand Domains.

Finally, after news of the toppling of the stations in the four giant cities had spread completely, the Black Moon Divine Palace formulated its countermeasure...

They sent experts to the Inferno City.

In order to resolve the matter that was the toppling of the stations, the Black Moon Divine Palace displayed great strength, dispatching six Saint Realm experts, among whom was an elder called Zhong Yuan whose honorific title was the [Moon Chasing Fire Lord]. He had attained the Great Saint realm a hundred years ago, and was a true old-timer and an abominable being. He was one of the three remaining top-notch combatants of the Black Moon Divine Palace, and was already more than nine thousand years into his lifespan. He had previously been illustrious for countless eras, and was even older than the [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

Innumerable pairs of eyes gazed at the Inferno City.

Six Saint-level experts whose auras were peerlessly vigorous revealed themselves in the sky above the Inferno City imposingly. When the elder with white brows and beard appeared together with the other five Saints of the Black Moon Divine Palace, the gathering crowd of experts began to feel a hard-to-resist Great Saint pressure.

This was the power of a Great Saint.

The [Moon Chasing Fire Lord] Zhong Yuan looked all around and then rumbled in a voice like that of a death god pronouncing judgment, "Anyone who dares to sully the Black Moon Divine Palace's name shall get their spirit destroyed and be doomed for eternity!"

The Great Saint power instantly spread in all directions.

Countless onlooking experts in the Void swiftly changed countenance and began to panic.

The Great Saint's speech effectively sentenced Ye Qingyu to death.

Rumor had it that Zhong Yuan's lifespan was running out, and so he normally remained in isolation and soaked himself in high-level Origin liquid to maintain his vitality. The fact that he left the headquarters to come here testified to the Black Moon Divine Palace's determination regarding this matter. Whenever a Great Saint was dispatched, it meant that thunderous and awe-inspiring methods would be employed.

The first step and top priority was to undo the seal on the station.

A squad immediately arrived in the air above the station, which had been sealed like a grave of ice and snow.

"Remove!" Standing tall in the Void, an expressionless Zhong Yuan spoke slowly.

Five Great Saints stood tall on different sides of the Void and delivered bursts of vigorous flames toward the station below. Shooting forth like vipers, these five bursts of red flames each contained a blazing splendor that emanated a frightening aura.

The splendor circulations were as glossy as lapis.

Almost instantly, the flames completely surrounded the ice formation lodged on the station, as if a large ice cube had been placed in a blazing furnace.

The power of fire instantly spread across the entire ice formation.

Every one of the onlooking experts on all sides of the Void was stunned on the spot.

To use the power of fire to melt the ice formation was something which was discussed by these Saint Realm experts before they came. They had spent time observing this formation, but could not discern any openings on it, and thus could only use this method. Because the disciples trapped inside the formation were joined to the ice, forcefully destroying the formation would cause them to perish. Therefore, the only way to save them was to crack the formation.

With glowing eye beams, Zhong Yuan peered in the direction of the burning flames, a hint of cynicism outpouring involuntarily from his eyes.

To him, this ice formation, which was completely devoid of any high-level aura, would be shattered in a single blow, instantly turning into gas and disappearing in front of everyone.

However, several dozen breaths' worth of time went by.

Under the continual burning of the flames, something incredible "occurred".

Countless pairs of eyes saw that the flame-engulfed ice formation remained firm, and even its corners were completely undamaged!

The breaking of the ice formation had failed!

The onlooking experts in the Void were astounded.

A single stone had stirred up a thousand ripples.

Zhong Yuan was slightly stupefied.

What's going on?

He could not discern its mysteries.

Thus, he personally took action. A frightening Great Saint pressure rocked the world, causing many people to turn pale and grow fearful. A black eyebeam shrouded the air above the station, as the power of fire grew until even the Void was nearly ignited.

However, the formation still did not break.

A Great Saint-level expert was also unable to break Ye Qingyu's formation.

Goodness gracious.

The onlookers were dumbstruck.

This piece of news instantly spread from the Inferno City to the various giant cities in all directions, setting off a new round of enthusiastic discussion.

"The Black Moon Divine Palace's Saints and even their Great Saint-level experts are unable to break a formation set up by a human youth from a tiny domain?!"

"I really wonder what heavenly treasures Ye Qingyu obtained in the 18th district for him to be able to set up such a powerful formation."

"Looks like these Great Saint-level experts may not be a match for Ye Qingyu's party."

"Haha... This situation is becoming interesting..."

In the Void.

With a gloomy and sullen expression on his face, Zhong Yuan made several more attempts to break the ice formations in the four stations, exerting an overbearing pressure and terrifying strength, but eventually gave up when all of his attempts failed.

With the formation yet unbroken, the disciples remained ice-sealed within.

For some time, everywhere was in a state of uproar.

The six grandiosely-arriving but now-looking-embarrassed Saint-level experts, especially the Great Saint Zhong Yuan, became laughing stocks in the eyes of the onlooking forces.

This piece of news certainly delivered a fresh and resonant slap to the face of the ancient sect that was the Black Moon Divine Palace.

Unable to break the formation, the Black Moon Divine Palace sank into embarrassment.

Two hours later, Zhong Yuan put out news for Ye Qingyu to get his ass in front of them immediately to have a direct confrontation. Zhong Yuan declared that he was willing to provide a comprehensive explanation, that would definitely satisfy Ye Qingyu, regarding the attack on the Heaven Wasteland Domain, and would also provide an answer to everyone who was concerned about this matter.

"Hoho, this Zhong Yuan is certainly shameless enough to request a direct confrontation. It's obviously because he cannot break the formation that he wants Ye Qingyu to come forth."

"Indeed. Ye Qingyu would just hide away if he's smart enough. If he really comes, he would absolutely not be Zhong Yuan's match and would be beaten up by the Black Moon Divine Palace, which has done this sort of thing many times before and always under the banner of 'justice'."

"That's right. This old fart Zhong Yuan has a toxic mind."

Several people with insider knowledge scoffed at the Black Moon Divine Palace's words. In particular, those who understood Zhong Yuan were even more disdainful, for he had gained notoriety for his malicious and sinister ways. Though he had been absent for quite a few years now, many people remained clear about his personality.

How will Ye Qingyu respond?

Countless people awaited the next development of this situation.

As the onlooking experts waited in anticipation and curiosity, a piece of news finally arrived.

"Have you heard? Ye Qingyu has returned word, telling the Black Moon Divine Palace not to say useless stuff, and that they either hand over Yang Wanqu or release the people of the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, or otherwise, he'll take further action."

"Further action?"

"Indeed. News from the other cities claims that Ye Qingyu has threatened to destroy the Black Moon Divine Palace's other stations in the nineteen cities of chaos if Yang Wanqu doesn't appear within three days."
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