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Imperial God Emperor 804 - Who is... Ye Qingyu?

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Standing tall in the Void, Ye Qingyu's long hair flowed like a waterfall while his white changshan fluttered in the wind. His body emanated a thin layer of bright yellow Immortal qi, resembling a supreme Immortal banished into the world.

"Within three days, using whatever method you may, you all must make Yan Wanqu appear. Otherwise, your muscles will freeze, your bones will atrophy, your yuan qi will dry up, and your blood qi will be exhausted. When that time comes, all of you will be buried here!" Ye Qingyu's voice was intangibly harsh, like that of a fiendgod pronouncing judgment.

Below, every one of the Black Moon Divine Palace disciples was panic-stricken like never before.

They appallingly discovered that, beneath the wreathing of the formation radiance, a hard-to-describe chill emanated from Ye Qingyu's hands and instantly pervaded the entire station, rooting them to the spot and taking away their ability to move. Even the Saint-realm Elder Lin lost his ability to resist and move, and the power in his body was sealed.

Furthermore, the entire station was wreathed by this power of ice and seemingly turned into an ice field. It became isolated from the world, such that external auras could no longer be felt.

"If Yang Wanqu doesn't appear, I'll keep on looking for him, and keep on trampling the Black Moon Divine Palace into dust, such that the lot of you will be forever shamed... You over there, you can go out and impart my words to the leaders of the Black Moon Divine Palace." Ye Qingyu released a disciple whose strength was insignificant.

The disciple ran off at full speed.

As he looked all around, Ye Qingyu seemed as if he suddenly thought of something.

He zipped in front of the station's gate, and, with a flip of a phantom hand, took down the black plaque with golden sketch patterns that was hung on the Black Moon Gate.

This black plaque was written with the four large words ‘Black Moon Divine Palace’.

It was left behind by the founding ancestor of the Black Moon Divine Palace.

This ancestor was once an eccentric person among the Vast Thousand Domains. His strength was unfathomable and could match that of a Quasi-emperor. He was once considered a brilliant and illustrious being who controlled the fortunes of the Vast Thousand Domains. When he founded the Black Moon Divine Palace, he called himself the Black Moon Immortal. Unfortunately, he later failed in his quest to attain the Emperor realm, causing his lofty aspirations to become weary. He thereafter diverted his attention to developing his sect disciples, abandoning his ambitions to become a martial emperor. However, the Black Moon Divine Palace he founded would ultimately become a sect which was passed down for an incomparably long time.

Later on, after innumerable years, the Black Moon Immortal exhausted his lifespan and died a natural, illness-free death, and could be said to have come to a good end.

To the Black Moon Divine Palace, his writings were sacred objects.

Even though the words on this plaque were not actually his writing, the plaque nevertheless represented the face and glory of the Black Moon Divine Palace. In the Vast Thousand Domains, taking off a sect's plaque was as good as forming an eternal enemy, for it was a show of utter disrespect. That was why many of the disciples became enraged when they saw Ye Qingyu doing this.

However, anger without strength was just anger.

Under the watch of countless pairs of eyes, Ye Qingyu kept the plaque into the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

"If the Black Moon Divine Palace doesn't hand Yang Wanqu over within three days, I shall use this board as firewood!"

He raved once more.

The gate plaque of the Black Moon Divine Palace's station was not only taken down but would also serve as firewood. As a large force, the Black Moon Divine Palace had never been this shamed before.

While still watched on by the disciples, the duo disappeared into the night sky.

Waves gently diffused.

A storm was brewing.

These were what Ye Qingyu needed.

He wanted to display his strength, create waves, and attract attention, in order to force the Black Moon Divine Palace to take action and provide explanations or... to let the cat out of the bag.


The second day.

The Black Moon Divine Palace's station has been wrecked?!

Overnight, this explosive piece of news spread crazily, as if it had put on wings, from the Inferno City to the entire road of chaos, and even to the Alliance of Domains and various large forces, arousing everyone's shock.

Although the Black Moon Divine Palace was not some super top-tier large force among the myriad domains, it was nevertheless a sect passed down from ancient times, steeped in rich culture, and thus its repute and influence could not be overlooked.

Furthermore, for several hundred years, there had not been such an incident in which the station of a large force was swiftly invaded, with its gate plaque taken away, and all its elders and disciples rooted to the spot.

Spreading across the entire chaotic world, this piece of news served more like a slap in the face of the Black Moon Divine Palace, in front of everyone else.

Following the speedy transmission of this piece of news, opinions and guesses gradually proliferated on all sides.

"What has the Black Moon Divine Palace done? They seem to have provoked a wasp nest..."

"Who knows. They are always abetting evil, and have offended quite a number of forces."

"Haha, doesn't matter who he is. What a cracking slap to the face!"

"I wonder which force the aggressor is from. I heard that the station is guarded by three small-Saint elders and a Saint-level being called Han Li. He normally acts tough, but I heard that he was dealt three strikes by the invaders and was bloodily defeated!"

"Could it be... that person?"

"Who? Who's that person?"

"That unrivaled being who walked out of the 18th district."

"It can't be. Given that being's status, he wouldn't cause trouble in a puny little station. If he really wanted to deal with the Black Moon Divine Palace, he would have gone to wreck the true mountain gate of the Black Moon Divine Palace, rather than cause such a small stir."

"A small stir? You talk so easily, this wasn't just some small stir. He sealed the station and took away the gate plaque of the Black Moon Divine Palace, an ancient sect that has been around for ages. Even though it's a little decadent now, it's still a top-rate sect, no? What's more, it's supported by the colossus that is the Four Stars Sect. Everyone knows that these two sects are allies which grow and fall together."

Discussions were abound throughout the Inferno City.

Countless people were astonished by the previous night's happenings.

Within the Alliance of Domains, the nineteen cities of chaos had never been calm, but nothing like this had ever happened before either. This was a huge disturbance, causing many sharp minds among them to sense the portent of a coming storm. Big things were about to happen.

Conversely, those who could not understand the situation treated the matter as an after-dinner joke which they took delight in discussing on the streets.

Who exactly is the villain in this story?

Are there any large forces or beings supporting him?

How will the Black Moon Divine Palace respond?

For a time, opinions and guesses regarding this matter became a hot talking point among the forces of various alignments and experts of various paths.


Another day went by.

Still in shock, the various forces received yet more shocking news.

Within a day, the Black Moon Divine Palace's stations in the three nearest giant cities to the Inferno City had also been thunderously toppled, and their gate plaques were taken away. A strange ice formation was used to root all their disciples to the spot.


The same thing has happened again.

Gosh, has the world gone mad?

In other words, within two days, four stations of the Black Moon Divine Palace in giant cities had been wrecked by the same people using the same methods!

To the chaotic world, the toppling of the Black Moon Divine Palace's stronghold in the Inferno City was already a huge event that had not happened for several hundred years. Yet, within a day, three more strongholds in other giant cities were successively toppled. Such a situation could not be as simple as a personal grudge.

Someone was directly provoking and confronting the Black Moon Divine Palace!

The ever-intensifying situation sent shockwaves down the road of chaos, causing huge uproars among the various forces. Many curious experts even advanced to the four giant cities to investigate.

"My take is that the Black Moon Divine Palace has plucked the whiskers of a tiger and attracted huge trouble!"

"Nothing as explosive as this matter has happened in the chaotic cities for a long time, hahaha..."

"The Black Moon Divine Palace has always been fond of playing up to and associating with super forces, while bullying weaker forces. Normally, they would never provoke someone they know they shouldn't. I wonder, which force could be supporting this act of humiliation?"

"These aren't normal times. The super forces are doing everything to find out the whereabouts of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. Who would have time for the puny Black Moon Divine Palace!"

"I think so too. Perhaps the antagonist is indeed related to the Quasi-emperor. You should know that the Black Moon Divine Palace once caused trouble for the descendants of the Quasi-emperor and took away his relics!"

"Hahaha, if that's the case, the Black Moon Divine Palace will soon become the Black Moon Dead Palace."

All kinds of discussions took place for a time.

While the various forces were busy guessing, some more oh-so-shocking news was suddenly heard...

The identity of the assailant became public knowledge.

The person who toppled the four stations of the Black Moon Divine Palace was a human from the Heaven Wasteland Domain called Ye Qingyu!

Ye Qingyu?

Many people were briefly taken aback.

They completely could not figure out who he was.

However, the Heaven Wasteland Domain's name was better known, because discussions of its domain rating affair and its emergence as a new domain were prevalent at different times in the various giant cities. Whenever a new domain emerged, it would become a focal point for some time, for it represented new opportunities and power territories. Many large forces would take action to seize a new domain. In particular, those new domains which contained cultivation resources would be contended for and might even spark inter-domain wars.

Conversely, the name Ye Qingyu was rarely heard.

After all, people mostly cared about new domains for their cultivation resources and territory, and wanted to know which big bully eventually ate this fat piece of meat. As for the people in this domain... Hoho, who ever cared about the feelings of a bunch of ants? Nobody needed to know which ant was the strongest among the bunch, let alone what the name of the strongest ant was.

Although some important people with insider knowledge already knew about the weight that Ye Qingyu carried, information about him was only spread within a small circle, and was not widely known.

But this time, the name Ye Qingyu attracted the attention of countless people.

Subsequently, a lot of attention was placed on him.

"This fella named Ye Qingyu, what is his origin? A lower domain loser of the Heaven Wasteland Domain? How can someone like him possess such strength? Isn't it too imprudent for a lone wolf to confront a sect? Could he be backed by someone?"

Someone asked in unprecedented astonishment.
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