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The experts in the station of the Black Moon Divine Palace did not realize what was happening. For a very long time, the station had been known for being heavily fortified, and so few people would dare to cause trouble. The present situation, in which the gate was smashed and broken into, was something that had never happened before.

Therefore, when they saw that two people had forced their way in, the experts of the Black Moon Divine Palace were terrified, revealing shocked looks.

They seemed like they completely did not expect anyone to be brave enough to smash the Black Moon Gate and enter the auxiliary station of the Black Moon Divine Palace.

"Who goes there?"

"How dare you break the gate of the Black Moon Divine Palace, you must be courting death..."

"Hurry and scram!"

"Kill, kill them!"

After a brief shock, several dozen Black Moon Divine Palace experts regained their senses and delivered angry roars, as if they were jackals whose tails had been stepped on, before they surrounded the duo.



Ye Qingyu gave them absolutely no chance to act. With a casual swing of his hand, he exerted a palm which caused many ice phantoms to turn into dragon form. Emerging with a roar, these phantoms flickered with a brilliant splendor under the moonlight and lashed toward the surrounding guards.



"Who's this... Audacious..."

The onrushing experts of the Black Moon Divine Palace fell heavily on the ground like dinghies beaten down by a wave. Their bodies became covered in ice crystals all over and were unable to move.


"How dare you be this impudent!"

"Kill them!"

"Quick, send an alert and call for help."

Raging and howling, the injured experts were startled and enraged like never before. They never thought that the intruder would be this powerful. Piercing splendors immediately shot up into the air, cutting through the night sky and illuminating the surroundings such that it seemed like day. At the same time, formation beams flickered as an indeterminate number of formations were activated at this very instant, forming formation shields which stacked layer upon layer to protect the entire station within.

Angry yet cruel gleams flickered in the eyes of the experts.

The flames of fury destroyed their sense of reason.

Dressed in the standard battle robes of the Black Moon Divine Palace, these figures came bearing down like a torrent as they howled. They then struck out incessantly, hoping to pulverize Ye Qingyu and Shuang Wuyan so as to vent their own angers and defend the dignity of the Black Moon Divine Palace.

However, in the face of Ye Qingyu's might, this kind of counterattack was as effective as an ant trying to shake a tree.

Boom boom boom!

Ye Qingyu casually shot forth a chain of ice crystal snow dragons.

This caused the disciples of the Black Moon Divine Palace to spew blood and fly backward one after another.

The experts of the Black Moon Divine Palace were angered to their limits. If they could not kill the intruders, the 'face' of the Black Moon Divine Palace would be as good as trampled upon and flattened.

What they did not know was that Ye Qingyu was already showing mercy.

Although, like a volcano, the fury in Ye Qingyu's heart could erupt at any time, he had not lost his sense of reason and become wanton about killing. The most important thing to him was to find Yu Xiaoxing and the others. If he enraged his enemies, the probably-captured Heaven Wasteland envoys might suffer retaliation. Moreover, if he killed his enemies, there was a high chance that some scheming and treacherous people like the Four Stars holy girl would make use of the opportunity to turn the Heaven Wasteland Domain into a very dangerous place. He had gone through a tough time shaking off his wanted criminal tag, and could not afford to undo everything by losing his senses again.

To one side, Shuang Wuyan also struck out fiercely while holding back his techniques appropriately.

This ice-cold-natured elder knew full well that the purpose of breaking into the station was to find clues related to the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, and not to kill.

However, the buildings in the Black Moon Divine Palace were not so fortunate.

The vigorous intrusion of these two experts had caused countless buildings to be destroyed and overturned and the pavilions to turn into ruins, filling the sky with smoke and dust. Many buildings which were painstakingly constructed by the Black Moon Divine Palace collapsed with a loud crash and became level to the ground.

Boom boom boom boom!

Terrifying bursting waves swept in all directions.

Possessing overbearing strength, the duo launched yet another sudden attack while holding back their anger. Although they did not kill, they were set on destroying this station and sent the disciples of the Black Moon Divine Palace flying through the air.

"Ah, who are you? You're too strong..."

"They are unstoppable. They must be Saints."

"Hey, are you mistaken? This is the Black Moon Divine Palace..."

A few experts began to shout, seeking to converse with the duo. They had begun to wise up after feeling the latter's might, and their anger had been quelled by the terrible threat they faced.


"The Black Moon Divine Palace is precisely what I want to destroy," Ye Qingyu exclaimed. "Where's Yang Wanqu? Come out right now."


Yet another symbolic divine statue collapsed.

The disciples of the Black Moon Divine Palace were sent flying one after another, spewing blood as they went.

The chill that pervaded the air rendered a few relatively weak disciples completely unable to get close to Ye Qingyu. Everything that moved within a hundred meters of him would become frozen. Only experts at the pinnacle of the Immortal Step realm and above were able to withstand this chill.

As Shuang Wuyan had also cultivated ice qi, he coordinated perfectly with Ye Qingyu. Each of them would offer one or two strokes whenever they met the occasional small-Saint expert, whose bodily yuan qi would be frozen at once and whose strength would be heavily reduced. Thereafter, these experts would become afraid to advance further, and could only fall back far behind.

In a twinkling, the Black Moon Divine Palace's station in the Inferno City had practically been toppled.

The Black Moon Divine Palace had several thousand disciples garrisoned here, but the strongest one among them was only a Saint, who was given special treatment by Shuang Wuyan. Within three damaging strokes, the Saint spewed blood and fell back. When they saw such a scene, the remaining disciples were scared stiff.

"Elder Lin has been defeated..."

"How... is this possible... and who exactly are they? Could it be the successor of some super force and his guardian Saint?"

"We haven't provoked any mad geniuses from a super force recently, have we? Super forces which have cultivated the ice-attribute yuan qi... The Heavenly Chill Divine Palace, perhaps? Actually no, they don't have people like this."

"Did you not hear that young expert asking Brother Yang Wanqu to come out?"

"Maybe Brother Yang Wanqu provoked some people he shouldn't have?"

The surroundings became disorderly.

These disciples, who would normally be considered powerful within the Inferno City, had become like a nest of sparrows that had been poked by a rod. They were in a complete mess, and those elaborately-designed formations and protective shields collapsed upon the first blow. An elder and a youth was all it took to knock down the entire station.

"Yang Wanqu, still not coming out? Are you going to let me kill all your people?" Ye Qingyu's voice was callous and ice-cold, containing an undisguised murderous spirit. As it reverberated in the Void, it caused the Black Moon Divine Palace disciples on all sides to tremble involuntarily.

"Brother Yang... Yang Wanqu... isn't here," Elder Lin, that defeated, blood-spewing Saint said with a startled look. "Your Honor, what has Brother Yang Wanqu done to offend you? Perhaps there's a misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding? If so, get him to explain it," Ye Qingyu shouted.

"This..." Elder Lin became slightly hesitant.

"Get lost. Don't cause trouble for yourself... Anyone who gets in the way shall die." Shuang Wuyan strode forward with menacing vigor, and would brook no more delay by Elder Lin. With a murderous spirit wreathing his entire body, he walked closely past the Black Moon Divine Palace disciples, who became seized with terror and quickly fell back when he passed by.

Of course, Ye Qingyu would not believe Elder Lin's words.

In any case, he was intent on turning this station upside down in his search. Since he had confirmed that Yang Wanqu participated in the attack on the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, the Black Moon Divine Palace could never wash off its connection to the matter. Furthermore, this station was the closest place to the site of the incident, and so Yu Xiaoxing and the others were likely to be imprisoned here if they had been captured. This was why he was adamant on performing a search by himself.

The scene was disorderly like no other.

The Black Moon Divine Palace station was in utter shambles and had nearly been ice-sealed.

The duo crudely turned the entire place upside down. They opened the arsenal and treasure rooms and destroyed all of the inhibiting formations, leaving nothing untouched.

During the search process, the majority of the disciples only dared to stand by the side clamoring and threatening, without daring to get close and attack. Occasionally, a few relatively high-strength supervisors would try to obstruct Ye Qingyu and Shuang Wuyan, but they would swiftly be sent flying, such that there was no possibility of another fight.

Gradually, all of the supervisors and disciples became aware that the strength of this elder-and-youth duo, neither of whom carried any noticeable aura, surpassed that of everyone else present combined. The duo thus rendered the presence of everyone else insignificant, and could not be withstood.

After thirty minutes.

While surrounded by the disciples of the Black Moon Divine Palace, the duo searched through the entire station but did not find anything. There were no traces of Yu Xiaoxing and the others, and not even anything related to the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission. Neither was there any trace of Yang Wanqu.

This greatly disappointed the duo.

However, on second thought, Ye Qingyu remembered that Yang Wanqu was a considerably important person who was supported by the Four Stars holy girl. Given Yang Wanqu's scheming subtlety, had he captured members of the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission, he would certainly hide them in a highly secret place and not somewhere so obvious.

"What should we do?" Sweeping a glance across the trembling disciples, Ye Qingyu restrained his killing intent and rapidly contemplated.

I must think of a way to get Yang Wanqu to come to me on his own accord.

And force him to reveal himself.

As he thought about this, a tinge of ruthlessness flashed across his eyes. He promptly flew into mid-air, where he gently tapped his fingers and pinched out a formation beam which flickered a faint yellow halo. A large ancient character was formed, seemingly containing an extremely terrifying ancient power. It instantly squeezed the protective formation, which shrouded above the station, into lightless broken shadows that dispersed in all directions.

Subsequently, the yellow halo-flickering formation covered the entire station completely.

Standing in the middle of the station, the Black Moon Divine Palace elders and disciples instantly felt an extremely majestic and hard-to-resist pressure coming onto every one of them. This power not only inhibited their bodily yuan qi, but also caused their blood vessels to coagulate at a very subtle speed.
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