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Chapter 797 Battle of Saints

Although Ye Qingyu's words were harsh, they contained an irrefutable truth.

Because, the Four Stars holy girl was self-assured and ambitious to the point of greed. She was intent not only to go the full distance of the martial way, but also to acquire absolute power, and believed that all geniuses and experts should submit to her while all good things should belong to her, or otherwise, she had to destroy them.

Having seen that the [Red Lotus Hellfire] was unable to burn Ye Qingyu to death or destroy the [Cloud Top Cauldron], there was no way she would not be interested in acquiring the cauldron for herself. Earlier on, the situation then rendered her totally unable to kill the man and take his cauldron, and she thus had no choice but to leave.

Later on, when Ye Qingyu successfully exited the 18th district and exposed her lies, her image as a holy, honorable, and pure fairy, which she had built up over many years, was tarnished, and she virtually became a disgrace. Given her arrogance and conceit, how could she take things lying down?

Yang Tianwu's madness was just a start.

Ye Qingyu understood her type of person all too well. Essentially, she was a stronger version of Lu Li or Yang Wanqu, and would not let even the smallest grievance remain unavenged. Also, she was greedy like the latter duo, albeit she was even more sinister and vicious than them. However, being too obvious about one's greed was disadvantageous, and so she obscured her vindictiveness and greed. She would always put on a facade of openness and righteousness, and often managed to deceive people with it.

Although the journey since descending the Fierce Beast Peak had seemed peaceful, Ye Qingyu never let his guard down one bit.

Everything in sight had been planned out earlier on.

He pretended to split from the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race, and [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] and traveled alone all so that he could lure out the operatives hiding behind his back. Thinking that their chance had come, these covetous monsters and malicious hypocrites revealed themselves and thus were all caught in the trap. If not for this, they would prove to be a real pain-in-the-ass in the future. After all, everyone would love to take away the opportunities and treasures which Ye Qingyu might have found in the 18th district.

"Words are useless," Ye Qingyu remarked, now holding an absolute advantage. He swept a sharp glance across the crowd and finally landed it on the Four Stars holy girl. Laughing, he said, "Get ready to defend yourselves, for the sake of your remaining dignity."

The atmosphere was abruptly ignited.

The holy girl first looked at Xiaofei and then at Ye Qingyu, before she said, "With the arrival of Your Highness the Quasi-emperor, we know that we have little chance of winning and thus shan't put up a meaningless resistance. I was careless this time and fell into the trap. Although I'm reluctant to concede defeat, there's nothing I can do... Brother Ye Qingyu, you can get started."

The people beside her were each a picture of grief.

Indeed, against a legendary domineering Quasi-emperor, the gulf in strength was simply too humongous, and so they could do nothing but close their eyes and wait for death, no matter how unwilling they were.

Ye Qingyu laughed softly.

"Don't make things sound so tragic. A killer will one day be killed, while a schemer will one day be schemed against. Those innocent people who died at your hands thought the same way as you do now... However..." The irony on Ye Qingyu's face grew as he spoke until this point. "You're gauging the heart of a gentleman based on your own ignoble hearts. Instead, given His Highness Li Xiaofei's status, he wouldn't want to embarrass juniors like you all. He'll give you a fair battle so that you can die without regret."

As he spoke.

Without warning, Li Xiaofei's figure disappeared into thin air.

This had been agreed upon in advance as well.

As a great person during his time, Li Xiaofei's status was overly illustrious and thus he needed to be careful about his public image. He certainly could not personally fight against people of later generations like the Four Stars holy girl, or if word got out, he would become known as a big bully. Moreover, he, too, was arrogant and conceited. He had already rendered enormous assistance by agreeing to break the formation around the mountain manor so that the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the others could enter, and then resealing this world so that the holy girl and her companions could not escape.

Ye Qingyu certainly hoped that Li Xiaofei would take action and strike the holy girl's contingent dead so as to avert any trouble in the future, but he could not bend the will of this lofty human martial myth, much as he was the latter's lifesaver.

Facing him.

A glimmer flickered in the holy girl's eyes.

An imperceptible hint of joy quietly flashed across.

But before she could speak, the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race charged toward her and turned into a beam of flowing light that sought to kill her directly, exclaiming, "Bitch slave, time to settle our grudge from the 18th district . Die!"

Rash and hot-tempered as ever, this girl could not hold back her deep hatred for the Four Stars holy girl any longer. She had remained patient earlier on out of respect for Ye Qingyu, but now, she could not wait to strike as soon as she spoke.

"Audacious." Standing to one side, a Four Stars guardian Saint wanted to stop the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race.

Boom boom boom!

As they exchange stroke after stroke and fought maniacally, terrifying power overflowed in all directions amid the ear-splitting explosive noises.

Without saying a word, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, giving off her rainbow-colored splendor, appeared right in front of the Four Stars holy girl, intending to kill her.

The latter stirred up her moonlight brilliance and struck back aggressively.

With every move they made, the two females of generational beauty unleashed great force, rousing the chaotic qi to turn into strange balls of light.


The Black Demon Saints turned into flowing light and charged mercilessly at the high-level Saints of the various sects across.

At this moment, the guardian Saint of the Phoenix Race also decided to strike.

Boom boom boom boom!

As terrifying power burst out, the battle among the Saints could be said to be heaven- and earth-shaking, and horrid waves radiated in all directions. If not for the prohibition imposed by the formation of the Quasi-emperor, the mountain manor might very well have instantly degraded into ruins.

Unfortunately for those martial experts of the cannon and formation battalions, they were completely unable to put up a resistance in a Saint-level battle. Every wave of attack on them carried mortal danger.


As an officer-like expert issued a shout, the experts of the formation battalion spurted essence and blood forth in unison, forming a defensive formation which protected the cannon battalion and themselves within. Nearly a thousand men were falling back as swiftly as possible, wanting to withdraw from the battlefield.



Despite the formation's protection, several dozen experts were affected by the saintly power and instantly turned into powder and blood, not a single bone remaining...

"Withdraw, quick!"

Being well-trained military elites, the experts were able to remain calm as they fell back and escaped into the depths of the mountain manor.

"Haha, I'm most fond of taking care of rotten fishes and smelly shrimps. Leave these cretins to me..." Guffawing, Li Shengyan gave chase. He knew full well that these small fries had no bearing on the overall situation, but still, this mountain manor certainly contained not only many formations and mechanisms, but also treasures and fortunes amassed over many years. This was a good chance to grab a bunch of them.

Of course, the fatty enjoyed doing these kinds of things the most.

To another side.

Ye Qingyu inhaled deeply.

By operating the magic of the [Limitless Divine Way], his vigor increased wildly and broke through the pinnacle of the Immortal Step realm in a twinkling, to the point that it felt on the same level as a Saint's qi. With the [Dragon Blood Halberd] in his hand humming and vibrating, and the wisp of bright yellow immortal qi hanging over his head, he locked his sights firmly on Ao Tianzun.


Sensing the wild increase in Ye Qingyu's vigor, Ao Tianzun was slightly alarmed, and took the initiative before the former's aura could rise to its absolute peak. As the prior situation revealed, Ye Qingyu treated him with great enmity, and thus there was no escaping this battle for him.

Boom boom!

Ye Qingyu struck out at the same time. The [Dragon Blood Halberd] was fired up and turned into a blood-colored dragon which wrapped around his right arm. Giving off an immense splendor, it possessed sufficient strength to slay deities and destroy demons, and withstood Ao Tianzun's attack head-on.

For a time, terrifying energy waves flickered across the entire mountain manor, causing the pavilions and rockeries to turn into ruins, and the lake water to evaporate.

A few disciples who were hiding in dark corners wailed mournfully as they turned into bloody mist.

This battle was the most terrifying and tragic Saint battle for several hundred years, and also involved the highest number of sects and forces. It must be known that to become a Saint usually required hundreds or even thousands of years of cultivation, after which one would acquire longevity, various techniques, and sufficient power to easily wreck cities and kingdoms. Generally speaking, a Saint could serve as a strategic deterrent among the various forces and sects. Battles which involved Saints were rarely fought to death, and thus today's spectacle was certainly a rarity.


A Saint was injured, his blood showering the sky.

"Kill!" When a Black Demon Martial Saint chopped off an enemy's arm, it caused a loud boom as it fell and exploded, sending the former flying backward.

The first drop of Saint blood had been spilled.

The scene instantly grew in intensity.

Boom boom boom!

As more Saints shed blood, they flew into a frenzied state, roaring angrily.

All of the experts fought face to face, their eyes turning red from the killings.

Time flew by.

Four hours went by just like that.

The core areas of the mountain manor had practically been desertified. The places which originally possessed beautiful scenery all turned to dust, with chaotic yuan qi and aura circulating all around and fresh blood staining the land. If it was not for the sealing formation which Li Xiaofei had set up in the surroundings and above, the area within several hundred kilometers would have been affected, becoming a doomsday scene.

Thanks to the formation, the people in the other regions of Inferno City did not know what was happening in the mountain villa at all.


A miserable roar of despair was heard as a guardian Saint of the Four Stars Sect was struck and his weapon was destroyed. Under the joint attacks of two Black Demon Martial Saints, he finally perished and turned into a rain of blood and white bones.

The two Black Demon Martial Saints themselves suffered significant injuries, but instead of stopping, they turned to attack the other Saints on the holy girl's side.

The situation slowly tilted in favor of Ye Qingyu's side.

He fended off Ao Tianzun using his halberd, then, with a clench of his left fist in the Void, he summoned the [Blood Drinker Sword], of which a mysterious force absorbed the Saint blood in the air.

"This is not good," Realizing something, Ao Tianzun's countenance shifted terribly.
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