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Chapter 796 - A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots

"I wonder, which is more important in brother Ye Qingyu's heart - the survival and safety of the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission's thousand men, or this ancient emperor life weapon?" There was a spine-tingling savagery in the beaming eyes of the Four Stars holy girl as she laughed like she was talking about former days with an old friend, "I heard that the empress Yu Xiaoxing is the sweetheart of brother Ye Qingyu since childhood, and someone he'll love till death. I've always been curious whether the promises made by such a remarkable man to his sweetheart is as flimsy as those made by the hypocrites of this world, or, prizing beauty over power, he would sacrifice this cauldron in exchange for the life of his lover, and thereby leave a story for the ages."

Ye Qingyu's expression suddenly turned grim as he stared daggers at the Four Stars holy girl and enunciated clearly, "Is Xing'er in your hands?"

Shaking her head, the holy girl laughed, "No, don't lose your temper, brother Ye Qingyu. There's no need for that. If I wanted to kill her, it would've been done in a split second, just like squashing a bug. Brother Ye Qingyu, you must know that I have the ability and power to do this even if that fatso Yan Wushuang is protecting her."

Ye Qingyu heaved a faint sigh of relief.

Thankfully, the matter he was worried about did not happen.

This Four Stars holy girl has too much confidence in herself.

She continued, "Brother Ye Qingyu, if you hand over the cauldron, I can promise you that you will safely leave this mountain villa, and your lover will also not run into any kind of danger. The grading path of your Heaven Wasteland Domain shall go unobstructed, or at least, nobody from my camp will meddle in your affairs."

Ye Qingyu remained silent for a while.

Everyone else looked at him.

Nobody could agree with the Four Stars holy girl's way of doing things. In particular, Ao Tianzun was already laughing inwardly to himself, "This holy girl usually thinks and acts wisely, so why has she become so foolish in front of Ye Qingyu? Even an idiot wouldn't give up a treasure on the level of an ancient emperor life weapon for the sake of a woman."

Unless he has gone mad, Ye Qingyu would never accept the holy girl's terms.

Indeed, after his brief silence, Ye Qingyu shook his head gently.

"I decline," he enunciated each word.

Ao Tianzun almost burst into laughter.

An imperceptible disappointment flashed across the holy girl's eyes after a momentary daze. Though she herself was uncertain what she was disappointed about, she immediately had an impulse to destroy Ye Qingyu completely.

"Fine, very fine indeed. Hmm, when you defended the Celestial Phoenix Maiden at all costs in the 18th district and nearly died under the parasol tree, you must have forgotten your old flame for a new sweetheart. Men are always so fond of the new and sick of the old." The holy girl sneered. "Seems like I have to hold the Celestial Phoenix Maiden hostage for you to be willing to hand over the cauldron."

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

The final trace of softness disappeared from the holy girl's eyes.

Her eye beams became ice-cold like never before, "Indeed, all men in this world are rotten, and you are no exception. I shouldn't have regarded you a notch higher than the rest of them. Hoho, looks like I have to trap you here and burn you alive. Then again, even a hundred years of effort would be worth it if I can obtain an ancient emperor cauldron... Ye Qingyu, you've ultimately disappointed me too much."

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu laughed scornfully.

"Disappointed? That's funny, everything has been but your own wishful thinking. You have so many profiteering ideas in your head and that's why you think others are like yourself. You're always so calculative and think that everything can be measured in gold, yet you don't even know the most basic human nature. My relationships with Xing'er and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden aren't what a malicious mind like yours can understand." Ye Qingyu looked at the holy girl with contemptuous eyes. "I'm shaking my head not because I can't bear to lose this cauldron, but because I don't want to do any deal with a woman like you, and also because..."

A smile suddenly emerged on Ye Qingyu's face as he talked to this point.

"Because, you think that everything you see is within your grasp and that you're bound to win. But this is also just your imagination." Saying this, he swept a glance across everyone around him and laughed in a strange manner, "I would really like to know if, after losing Yang Tianwu, the Four Stars Sect was also ready to lose their holy girl and guardian Saint, hmm, and find that these external forces have also been completely slain, together with two Saint-level experts of the Divine Sky Sect, including one successor... Hoho, if the lot of you died here today, would the master of the Four Stars Sect cry in bed at night?"

Hearing this, the holy girl's countenance changed at once.

The experts standing to one side burst into laughter after a brief daze.

"Haha, so self-unaware even during your last hour?"

"This joke isn't funny."

"Kid, are you mad? You're already a bird in a cage, and yet you still want to kill all of us?"

"Hahaha, what a silly dream. You must've been scared out of your mind."

Guffawing sounds were heard all around.

The guardian Saint of the Four Stars Sect also shook his head gently, "At this stage, son-of-a-bitch, you think a few empty words can frighten us? Her Highness has given you a chance time and again, yet you cannot tell good from bad and remain oh-so persistent. You must be dreaming if you think you alone can kill us..."


Ye Qingyu laughed.

"Who says I'm alone?"

His smile was not only very strange but carried a tinge of sympathy and pity for the holy girl and her accomplices.

As soon as he spoke.

Everyone felt their vision blur.

All they could make out was that standing next to Ye Qingyu now was a figure in green, jade-like clothes. It had a devilishly handsome face, an elegant bearing, a glowing body, and a dizzying charm. Although Ye Qingyu himself was exceptionally handsome, he was not in the same class as this person in terms of vigor and demeanor.

This sight was simply too strange to behold.

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