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Imperial God Emperor 793 - Come and die

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Chapter 793, Come and die

The Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect did not say anything else.

After being shocked by the words of Ye Qingyu, she soon reacted, her eyes gradually grew cold as she retreated back a few steps, like she had lost interest in speaking. Beneath the silver veil, the corners of her mouth were slightly curved in a cruel smile. She then glanced at Ye Qingyu, there was no longer the slightest gentleness and appreciation.

She had already expressed the greatest goodwill and sincerity.

Although Ye Qingyu's aptitude and potential were indeed astonishing and could even be said to be no less inferior to the Third Prince of the Kaiyang Imperial Court, but since they could not work together then he had to be eradicated as soon as possible. She was not a soft-hearted person. Such an opponent, once he grew up, would become a serious problem in the future.

And today, under such a situation, Ye Qingyu must be killed.

As the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect took a few steps back, the situation instantly turned serious.

Because everyone else understood that this meant that the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect had given up her intention to convince him to join their side.

Elder Qiu of the Blood Taster Sect smiled, and began to walk over.

At a distance of about ten steps from Ye Qingyu, he paused for a moment, a sinister smile on his face, and said, “I have seen a lot of lucky geniuses who, in their domain and races, are like the heaven's pridelings, shining with infinite light, and worshipped by countless people. Each of them rightly feels that they are favoured by Heaven and earth, possessed unrivalled luck and will surely be the masters of this era. But do you know what happens to these little fellows in the end?”

Ye Qingyu did not respond.

If it were the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect, then Ye Qingyu was willing to say a few words, but towards this elder Qiu, he had no interest to talk to him at all. Although the status of elder Qiu in the Blood Taster Sect may be very high, his strength also very frightening, but his conduct and performance were exactly the same with Lu Li and Yang Wanqu, in that he was also clearly a dog that had surrendered to the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect.

Ye Qingyu did not even care about his master, the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect, let alone a lackey like him.

Everywhere there were formation seals, and thousands of Blood Taster Sect masters were watching the battle like tigers watching their prey. Given the time and situation, except for a battle there was no other option.

The aura of Ye Qingyu's body was circulating rapidly, and the power of yuan qi began to soar.

His imposing manner frantically rose.

Elder Qiu’s expression did not change, a cold smile still plastered on his face, “May I tell you that those arrogant and pretentious geniuses, who eventually died a tragic death, their bodies eventually fell into the gutter and became the food of wild dogs and maggots. Their people, their loved ones, and the pitiful creatures who worshipped them finally became the slaves and goods of my Blood Taster Sect. They were sold everywhere, and anyone can trample them, hahaha... Little child, you should be able to imagine what kind of taste that is. Haha, although you can’t see such a scene, but I can guarantee that your relatives and friends must enjoy this treatment, I swear!”

Ye Qingyu's eyes began to flash with a light called anger.

He could not bear to hear such a thing.

Especially since the enemy spoke out with such a smug and arrogant attitude.

Blood Taster Sect, have they tasted blood before?

Ye Qingyu circulated ice yuan qi around his body, surrounding himself with countless fluttering ice crystal snowflakes. The temperature plunged, ice patterns were like snakes wrapping around him as they quietly extended out from the ground. The biting chill made the teeth of the surrounding experts of the Blood Taster Sect chatter.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Six icy swords suddenly appeared around Ye Qingyu, floating high up in the sky, and then turned into beams of silver light, shooting toward elder Qiu.

“Hahaha, insignificant skill.” Elder Qiu laughed contemptuously. Standing still in place, he simply opened his mouth to blow out a wisp of scarlet fiendish blood qi. Following some strange noise, the six ice swords were instantly turned into nothingness.

Ye Qingyu's expression did not change, activating essential qi as he released twelve floating ice swords. They slightly shook, issuing a low dragon cry, then arranged in a strange formation and whizzed out once again.

“As expected of a little child of a lowly domain. You only have such martial skill yet dare to show off in front of I, Qiu Tiandi...” Elder Qiu laughed, slowly moving closer.

His imposing manner was threatening, fiendish qi surging, which constantly pressed towards Ye Qingyu. His hand seemed slow, like it was taking a stroll, then like picking flowers, he casually picked up all twelve ice swords in midair with lightning speed. The fiendish scarlet blood qi were like flames, spreading out from both of his palms, and instantly melted away the ice swords.

“Kill Kill! Kill "Kill!”


The several Blood Taster Sect experts made furious growls.

The gathering of the voices of thousands of people had a soul-stirring and terrifying effect, as if thousands of men were fighting a battle, blood soaking the world. Frightening fiendish blood qi was emitted from these people, vaguely forming an illusion in the air, and sending one’s mind into disorder.

This was the remarkable fiendish blood sound wave unique to the Blood Taster Sect.

Under such a cooperation, elder Qiu's imposing manner was increasingly terrifying. In the blink of an eye, he was already three steps away from Ye Qingyu, surging with flame-like fiendish blood qi all over his body, as if he was a god of death crawling out from a blood pool. With a sinister smile he uttered, “Too disappointing, If I knew you were this weak, then I would not have put in so much effort. I could have dealt with you by myself... Haha, I can't wait to taste the taste of your blood. It ends here, I'll send you on your way... A kiss of the blood python! Die!”

The fiendish blood qi condensed into a hundreds-of-meter-tall scarlet python, like an ancient demon, bringing a desolate and ancient fiendish power, hovering over the head of elder Qiu and merging with him. The imposing manner climbed to its peak, and then the python opened its mouth wide, as if opening up a road to death. It moved towards Ye Qingyu as if to engulf him.

Ye Qingyu seemed like he did not care.

“I'm disappointed too.” He stood still in the same place, looking at Qiu Tiandi with contempt, “I originally thought that the person next to the Jade Pearl Sect would have some astonishing fighting power, but turns out to be just a small Saint... Good, I'll send you on your way.”

Before his voice faded.

In the hands of Ye Qingyu, a strange halberd emerged.

He stood in place, clasping the [Dragon Blood Halberd]. His action seems slow, but in the air it left behind a number of clear and realistic illusions, as if transforming into countless figures. With an underhand grip, he made a half squat, as he stabbed towards the ground. A strange brilliance flashed, leaping about between his palm and the halberd. The halberd was inserted into the ground at the foot of Ye Qingyu at a speed and trajectory that no one could capture.

“What kind of technique is this?”

Before they could fully captured the full movements of Ye Qingyu, many of the experts present could not help a startled expression from twisting their face. This stance... a kind of counterattack?

The Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect flashed a hint of warning in her eyes.

Also in that split second, the Void above began to separate, a speck of blood flickered, and before the others had reacted, a huge illusory halberd of hundreds of meters long descended from the sky. Its shape and appearance were exactly the same as the [Dragon Blood Halberd] in Ye Qingyu’s hand. As that blood python was about to kiss Ye Qingyu's head, the halberd had already pierced seven inches into it and nailed the demon to the ground.

And nailed together was also elder Qiu with a sinister smile on his face.

The scene at that moment froze.

The huge blood python, like a living thing, was nailed down, and struggling desperately like it was in pain. The huge serpent tail was swinging and sweeping behind it, while the dozens of experts of the Blood Taster Sect, caught off guard, were directly smashed into minced meat by the blood python's tail. Blood and bones splattered in all directions, and qi instantly began to diffuse in the air.

But it only struggled for a few moments.

The spiritual power dispersed and the huge body of the blood python began to dim. Gradually melting into the air, it turned into a cloud of blood mist and disappeared without a trace. It only left behind a faint ancient demonic aura.

Immediately that huge [Dragon Blood Halberd] illusion also dispersed, as though it had never existed before.

“Why... why?”

A horrified expression came to elder Qiu's eyes, despair and fear, staring at Ye Qingyu, unable to understand what had happened. A trickle of blood appeared on the middle of his head, flowing down like a red line, marking the center of his body.

The life force in his body dispersed like the tide, like sand was slipping away from the palm of his hand.

“Because you are weak, and you are stupid.”

Ye Qingyu slowly stood up and stood upright.

Qiu Tiandi was eager to show off, and attempted to withstand the second wave of ice swords with his bare hands, thinking that, given his profound cultivation base, he should not fear the power of ice. He simply did not take Yu Qingyu's ice power to heart. But the moment he picked up the sword, the power of [Supreme Ice Flame] had already quietly invaded his body.

After Ye Qingyu had attained Nirvana, his strength had tremendously improved, especially in his control of [Supreme Ice Flame]. He had long reached an unfathomable level. Let alone a little Saint who had stepped into the Saint realm, even if it were a true Saint, once the [Supreme Ice Flame] invaded into one’s body, their strength would be greatly reduced. Not to mention that Ye Qingyu used the [Dragon Blood Halberd] as a sword and launched the [Sword of Judgement] from the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General] to kill him in one strike.


The sound of a watermelon being shattered could be heard, like a death knell, shaking the mind of every expert of the Blood Taster Sect.

The body of elder Qiu was cracked from the middle, splitting into two and then finally collapsed.

Within his body, ice flames were blazing, and his consciousness was destroyed.

Ye Qingyu pulled out the [Dragon Blood Halberd] with a jerk, clasping it in his hand, lifted his feet, and stamped on the almost frozen body of elder Qiu with a slight smile on his face. The sun was shining brightly but in the eyes of the other people, it was piercingly cold. “Today I had no choice but to battle, let go of myself and kill!”

Before his voice faded.

The [Dragon Blood Halberd] was raised, pointing to Ao Tianzun.

Ye Qingyu smiled coldly, “That year you were raising winds and making waves in Heaven Wasteland Domain, overbearing and arrogant, it makes people feel sick. That day I destroyed your doppelganger, but today you stuck out your head to die. Let’s see if the best descendant of Tianqian Sect really is different from ordinary people. Or is the [Dragon Blood Halberd] tougher?!”

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