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Chapter 791, Trap

Ye Qingyu was shocked to hear their dialogue.

His footsteps halted and he looked over to the side.

He continued to eavesdrop on the two figures who were talking in low voices.

“All defeated? But what does this have to do with Secluded Mountain Manor.”

“You don't know? That day there were many Human Race experts of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps captured alive as slaves and were being give away in batches. There was a group of Heaven Wasteland slaves being sent to Secluded Mountain Manor to prepare for auction, and to build momentum for the upcoming auction event!”

“How come I haven't heard of such big news!”

“I also happened to hear it from another expert. Secluded Mountain Manor is now packed with people. Those who had gone there were mostly the prestigious forces and groups in the city. From the news that I heard from them, they said that the quality of this batch of slaves was the best, especially... there seems to be a beautiful girl who exuded the qi of an emperor...”

The voices of the two men were very quiet, but all the content was still clearly heard by Ye Qingyu.



The qi of an emperor?

This information flashed in Ye Qingyu's mind, and he couldn't help but immediately combined the information into a terrifying picture that made him tremble in panic.

He turned around abruptly, trying to grab the two men to question them clearly.

But after brushing past, the figures of the two Spiritual Bird Race had very bizarrely disappeared in the flow of people. They had vanished with a flash and did not even leave behind a trace of aura.

Ye Qingyu stood there blankly.

Although the sun was shining brightly overhead and the wind was warm, but he felt as though he was standing in an ice cave, cold beads of sweat trickled down and he felt a chill in his heart.

The Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps was defeated?

How was that possible?

Before this he also had been inquiring along the way, and found out that the assessment of Heaven Wasteland Domain had been going smoothly. How would there suddenly be such a change?

Ye Qingyu felt utterly confused.

What kind of change could make the many experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain be all defeated?

And what forces would attack a group that was here to take the Domain rating?

Ye Qingyu constantly pondered over this as he stood in the middle of the crowd.

An almost unstoppable agitation, anger, and killing intent, were as if about to gush out of his body. There was Wen Wan, Yan Buhui and Ximen Yeshui, how could the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps be enslaved?

And the silly dog Little Nine, why did he not protect Xing’er and flee at the critical moment?

Also Old Fish?

Didn't he said he was very shrewd?

And that chubby Elder Yan Wushuang, he actually failed to protect the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps?

There were too many suspicious points with the news that had suddenly spread to his ears, causing him to be completely confused and panicked.

He stood quietly in the crowd, while the people around looked at him with a very strange gaze.

After a full twenty or thirty breaths, he took a long, deep breath and gradually calmed down.

This matter was a little strange and may not be true.

Secluded Mountain Manor...

No matter what, he thought that he should hurry and go take a look first!

Ye Qingyu gradually calmed down and formulated a plan in his mind. As he was traveling along the road, he found a reliable shopkeeper in an older looking shop, and asked about the approximate location of Secluded Mountain Manor.


After an hour.

Ye Qingyu came to the entrance of Secluded Mountain Manor.

Located at the northern end of the Ancient Banyan City, the Secluded Mountain Manor was hidden inside of a dense forest of branches and leaves.

What Ye Qingyu had found a little strange was that within dozens of kilometers it was secluded and seemingly deserted, but filled with the aura of experts of different races.

The Secluded Mountain Manor was built from rare blood-coloured rocks in accordance to a natural style pattern, and countless different coloured flowers, grass and vines had almost covered the high walls built from red rocks, The finely carved red sandalwood door was over ten meters tall, and on it, there were gold-coloured markings depicting the totem of an ancient banyan tree.

This magnificent mountain manor, from the details of its construction, exuded a natural charm and was indeed a very elegantly structured mountain manor.

But at this time, Ye Qingyu did not have the mood to appreciate the architecture and scenery.

Along the way, he had already found out more about the background of this mountain manor.

This mountain manor was the faction of a very famous large force in the city——the Blood Taster Sect.

Blood Taster Sect was known to be a bloodthirsty and ruthless force in the Domain Alliance. In addition to the several leaders, the subordinates were all bloodthirsty mercenaries, and were the most typical mercenary legion in the domain. They were like a group of bloodthirsty wolves who often waged battles in major domains and took the opportunity to snatch the rare treasures of the latter as well as the lives of other races and forces as slaves.

In the great wide world there had been many wars between domains, which had a long-lasting effect, as well as clashes between some of the major sects in recent times. But behind the bloodbath there was always the shadow of such factions.

It was for this reason that they often held auctions for rare items and slaves.

In this huge city, Secluded Mountain Manor was considered a forbidden place, where ordinary people simply dared not to come near.

Ye Qingyu stood outside and observed for a while, before he chose a relatively more-concealed red rock wall, tore at it with his bare hands. A long crevice appeared on the wall formation allowing him to quietly sneaked in.

After passing through the tall wall, everything inside suddenly cleared up.

Along the periphery of the courtyard there was still a winding path paved with blood-coloured pebbles, and in the courtyard there were many tall flourishing banyan trees. Several disciples of the Blood Taster Sect, clad in brown-red-coloured battle robes, were patrolling back and forth along the path. Their footsteps were orderly and neat, and the sound of their boots trampling on the ground was almost undetectable.

The disciples of the Blood Taster Sect emitted a sinister aura and were shrouded in blood odour. With one glance and it was obvious that they had danced on the tip of the blade, were outlaws who had walked the sea of blood, and were completely different from the disciples of ordinary sects. They were extremely fierce and their strength was approximately at the top of the Heaven Ascension boundary.

Ye Qingyu was inwardly fearful.

They were only a few patrol disciples, but their strength was already close to the Immortal Step boundary. The power of the Blood Taster Sect was quite astonishing.


What Ye Qingyu was most surprised about was that, apart from the disciples of the Blood Taster Sect in the courtyard, he did not see people of any of the other sects, nor the so-called forces that had come from all over the place for the auction.

There was no sign of a lively scene as rumoured.

What was going on?

Ye Qingyu was somewhat puzzled.

He stood in place hesitating for a moment and eventfully decided to continue to explore the mountain manor further.

After avoiding a group of patrol disciples, Ye Qingyu quietly bypassed the courtyard and headed in the direction of the center of the manor.

As he went deeper into the manor, the surrounding environment became more serene and elegant.

The giant trees along the route were increasingly taller, and the dense green leaves had completely covered the winding paved corridors, and along the corridors there were picture markings of mountains and rivers as well as different vines entwined around the roof beams and buildings.

After passing through the thousands of meters long hallway, Ye Qingyu finally arrived at the most central courtyard.

The courtyard was thousands of meters wide and was ornamented with an exquisite rockery and fishponds and pavilions, while in the center a hundred-year-old banyan tree was planted. Its branches and leaves at the treetop shrouded the entire courtyard like an umbrella. The murmur of water and the distant cries of spiritual birds were as though responding to each other. There was a natural elegance present in the place.

Of course, the most important thing was that he finally heard a voice inside the courtyard.

Ye Qingyu jumped up in joy.

Along the way, the mountain manor was full of natural vitality and there was not the slightest sound of a human voice. It was like a place that was completely uninhabited. But at this moment, standing under the ancient banyan tree, he heard a giggling voice coming from a room in the northwest corner.

He hid his aura and then approached the room where the noise was coming out.

The pine wood door was covered with a thin layer of oil paper. Ye Qingyu stood at the door and slightly leaned over, carefully observing the situation in the room.

The first thing that entered his field of vision was a wine table that was formed naturally from the roots of a banyan tree.

The wine table was no more than a meter tall, and had been polished until it was shiny and glossy. What was more mysterious was that the bottom was connected to the soil layer. It seemed that the person who constructed the house had especially in the middle of the house dug a place for this root carving.

On the wine table there were a few green jade porcelain cups, as well as two or three white ceramic wine jars.

And sat around the wine table were about seven or eight figures of varying ages, drinking and toasting to each other.

Ye Qingyu was shocked when he took a closer look.

Because sat in the center of the wine table, the girl who was dressed in a white dress and looked like a moon palace fairy was surprisingly the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect, and sitting beside her was the guardian Saint expert of the Jade Pearl Sect that he saw on Fierce Beast Peak.

In addition, there were a few people who he was unfamiliar with, but from their clothing he could tell that there were three people who should be high-level experts of the Blood Taster Sect. Their blood-red-coloured robes were dotted with various gold formation markings, which looked extremely mysterious and strange. There were two people who were wearing a standard sect outfit, but were neither part of the Jade Pearl Sect or the Blood Taster Sect. Ye Qingyu felt that they looked a little familiar and then identified them to be disciples of the Tianqian Sect from their clothing. Moreover, these two people, from their aura and clothing, seemed to have a much higher status than Lu Li, a remarkable talent of the Tianqian Sect who had died in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss.

In particular, one of the experts of the Tianqian Sect was extremely young, seemingly around twenty years old. He looked very ordinary; his hair was a little messy and he was slovenly dressed. His lips were curved in a lazy smile, which felt a little familiar to Ye Qingyu.

Lord Ao!

The young man was venerable Lord Ao, one of the four Little Saints of Tianqian, who instructed Jiang Xiaohan to cause trouble around Heaven Wasteland Domain, and whose doppelganger was destroyed by Ye Qingyu in the end.

Ye Qingyu suddenly understood.

These people were together...

Not good, this mountain manor is clearly a trap, and they were waiting for me to walk right into the trap. Ye Qingyu's expression changed abruptly as he turned around to leave, but it was already too late.

“Brother Ye Qingyu, since you have come, then sit down and enjoy it, why are you leaving in such a hurry without saying anything?” the voice of the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect came from inside——
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