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Imperial God Emperor 787 - What is true power?

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Chapter 787, What is true power?

Murderous spirit filled the air between Heaven and earth.

Tragic screams rose and fell one after another.

Yang Tianwu had made a powerful move. He struck a silver light sword down from the sky, without caring who was right or wrong and had killed many people at once.

“Father, father, wake up...” A young man was hugging the mangled half body of his father, crying out in grief. Then, with his eyes flashing a blood coloured light, he charged towards the [Iron Heart Blood Saint] in the Void as he roared, “The person surnamed Yang, my father and I did not say anything, you... I'm going to kill you...”

Yang Tianwu did not even cast a glance over at him, simply pointed out one finger.


A silver light sword shot out from his fingertip, slicing downwards.

Before the young man could get within thousands of meters of him, he was struck by the sword light and instantly turned into a pool of blood, like a blooming flower, and dissipated in the Void.

“I'm going to kill you.”


There were several more figures that transformed into streams of light and sped towards Yang Tianwu.

Like the young man before, their close relatives had been wrongly killed. Their hatred soared. They simply wanted to avenge their loved ones and did not care about anything else.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Silver sword light flashed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A number of figures exploded into clouds of blood in the middle of the air.

[Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu simply did not hold back. He mercilessly killed everyone without the slightest look of guilt across his face, the corners of his mouth curved in a faint smile.

In the end nobody dared to make a move again.

Even if they had joined forces to attack, facing a Saint level expert, everything was futile. Anger without strength was meaningless, and charging up towards him was the same as hitting a rock with an egg.

It went quiet all around.

Some experts who were affected by the impact were originally full of fury, but upon the sight of that scene, one after another, their anger was dissipated as if a bucket of ice water was poured over their head and they were shivering from the cold. Even an idiot could see that the [Iron Heart Blood Saint] was on a killing spree.

No one dared to talk anymore.


Yang Tianwu made a move once again.

He casually pointed a finger out and another deadly silver light sword burst from his fingertip, like a god's sword of punishment, slashing down from Void. The sword light was like a flash of lightning, swiftly locked on Ye Qingyu.

The power of a Saint level expert could destroy Heavensand earth with his every move.

Even experts at the pinnacle of the Immortal Step boundary were no different from ants under this light sword.

Before the sword light was in sight, a terrifying pressure had already made it almost impossible for people within a hundreds meter radius to move a single step.

Ye Qingyu's face suddenly changed.

Yang Tianwu's sword seemed to be aiming at him, but in fact, he was not the only person he planned to kill. The sword light was merciless, and clearly wanted to kill everyone that was present, including the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race.

He operated his inner yuan, and without the slightest hesitation, unleashed his strongest attack.

He summoned out the [Dragon Blood Halberd] and activated the yellow Immortal qi he obtained from his nirvana cultivation to its peak. The [Dragon Blood Halberd] suddenly erupted in a blaze of light, which was comparable to the surging aura of a Saint expert. The red-coloured light of the dragon blood dyed the space red. It was both strange and enchanting, as if the mysterious power of the ancient dragon god had once again traveled through time and space to appear in the world.

Ye Qingyu let out a roar as he slashed out with the halberd.


A blood-coloured ancient dragon illusion came roaring out from the halberd, shooting into the sky, in defiance of the natural order, to swallow up the giant silver sword.

The Little Princess of the Black Demon Race and the Celestial Phoenix Maiden also acted at the same time.

Colourful streams of flowing light and Black Demon qi soared into the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the Void, four terrifying forces collided.

The experts around, one after another, activated yuan qi to deflect the impact, for fear of being affected.

This level of fighting had already made them feel an aura of danger. No matter how confident they were in their strength, they all had retreated to the edge of Fierce Beast Peak——If the silver formation had not sealed the Void, they would have fled from the Taowu Mountain Range long ago.

In mid-air, energies were flowing wildly.

The chaotic flow of air had triggered a Void storm, like chaotic space wall of fragments were mixed with black Void turbulence. As though the sky had been pierced through, mournful roars came from the dark crevices, and there were space-time demons gushing out like piranhas, before being torn into pieces by the turbulence. Within seconds, the Void was instantly returned to normal under the Laws of Heaven and earth.


[Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu had a slight change of expression.

This finger sword seemed to be a casual move but was, in fact, one of the three great secret techniques of the Jade Pearl Sect, the [Jade Pearl Stealing Heaven Sword]. It was an exceptionally strong move that even beginner Saint experts would struggle under this sword, but the three juniors were able to block this sword attack.

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu’s face was pale. He trembled as the qi within his body circulated chaotically and had almost lost control of his yuan qi.

Beneath the mask, bloodstains had overflowed from the Celestial Phoenix Maiden's mouth and onto her delicate white jade-like face. In her clear and pure eyes, there was frantic battle intent blazing.

The petite figure of the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race had sank into the soil from the knee downwards. It was evident that she had sustained great pressure. Her delicate and cold little face was also frighteningly pale, and a layer of green-grey light was flashing rapidly, as the yuan qi energy inside her body was approaching a berserk level!

“Ancestor, ancestor, are you all right?”

On the other side, bald fatty Sheng Yan opened up his own force field of yuan qi with all his might to protect the thin, twig-like [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] inside. The him at that moment seemed to have resumed the heroic state that he had displayed in the 18th district when he was saving the old ancestor. While he was struck by the aftermath, to the point that he was bleeding from his mouth and nose, he simply did not care about anything else. He was only worried that the old man would be affected.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] did not speak.

He didn't even move in the slightest.

Ever since they had come out of the 18th district, the former peerless ruler of the Human Race had been standing there blankly, looking down at the soil, and seemed to have fallen into a very strange state. He did not utter a word, did not move an inch and if it were not for the aura that he was exuding, the others would have really thought that he had died of old age.

At the same time——

“Protect the princess.”

The several other experts of the Black Demon Race had only just reacted, flashing over to the Little Princess's side.

One of them flew into a rage. Pointing to the sky, he roared, “Yang Tianwu, are you crazy? You dare to attack my clan's princess? Don't tell me you want to start a war between the Jade Pearl Sect and the Black Demon Race?”

“Yes, when the Saint expert of my clan arrives, you'd better give a satisfactory explanation, otherwise, this matter won't end easily,” another Black Demon Race expert said angrily.

The Black Demon Race had shown their absolute strength.

At this time, all of the other experts simply regretted their actions.

If they could turn back time, then they swore that they would never have come to Fierce Beast Peak. The situation in front of them had reached the craziest stage that no one could have imagined. If a war was started between the Black Demon Race and Jade Pearl Sect it would be tantamount to the beginning of another domain war, and will be a day recorded in the history of the great wide world.

And if this situation were to continue, the people present would only become cannon fodder and crushed up bones. They may not even be mentioned in future historical records.

Thinking about what Ye Qingyu had said before, almost all of the experts were aware that they had been dragged into the conflict between the super forces. Since they had witnessed such a scene, heard such a secret, then it was most likely that they had to be killed.

They also understood why, as soon as the [Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu appeared, he had to seal the entire Fierce Beast Peak with one of the six great secret imperial treasures of the Jade Pearl Sect the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle]. It was very simple. The ruthless martial arts Saint had, from the very beginning, made up his mind that he not only wanted to kill Ye Qingyu, but also the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race, as well as all of the people present on the Fierce Beast Peak.

Only by doing so could the lies that the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect told three days ago be maintained.

But this action was simply no different from what a madman would do.

Why would the Jade Pearl Sect be this crazy?

In the sky.

Upon hearing the accusation from one of the Black Demon Race experts, [Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu responded with a contemptuous smile.

“I'm afraid the Saint experts of your clan will not arrive in time,” he said, lowering his head to look at Ye Qingyu and the others, as if he was looking down at a group of ants. His tone of voice carried a hint of pity as he continued, “Since you did not die in the 18th district then why did you still come out? Even if you come out you still have to die, and have to die more tragically on Fierce Beast Peak. Also, there are so many experts that will have to die with you.”

The ultimate goal, the most sinister intention.

He finally said it out loud in such a frank way.

Even the most brazen words that came out his mouth seemed like he was bringing up an interesting story.

Before his voice faded.


Throughout Fierce Beast Peak, the originally restless experts who were lucky to have survived were suddenly crying out in panic. Although they had guessed the true intention of [Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu, but when he finally said this sentence in person, many people still turned pale with shock.

“No, it can't be like this...”

“We're willing to keep our mouth shut, Saint Yang please spare us.”

“Yes, we can join the Jade Pearl Sect, we will certainly keep it a secret... Saint Yang, we can help you kill Ye Qingyu to prove our stance.”


Some people yelled for mercy in the hope of surviving this calamity.

Yang Tianwu held up the the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle] and did not say anything else. Looking at the many people below begging for mercy, the corners of his mouth were curled in a smile. He simply did not care about the many lives below.

In his lifetime he had killed too many people, including high and mighty geniuses, but also maggot-like commoners. There were brave people who would rather die than submit and there were cowards who peed their pants. There were also old people and young children... Death, he had seen too many times. But this time the people he needed to kill had special identities, extraordinary backgrounds, and there were so many of them that it gave him a sense of excitement and accomplishment. He couldn't wait to start.

Some of the experts understood what he was thinking upon seeing that expression on his face.

A dead end.

Yang Tianwu had an iron heart and would never spare any one person.


“To kill us, you have to pay the price.”

“There are so many of us, let’s fight together, we can tire him out.”

Even if a dog was anxious it would still jump over the wall, even if a rabbit was anxious it would still bite, let alone that these people were martial arts experts. They saw that there was no possibility of negotiation, and all of a sudden the flames of anger in their hearts were ignited. There were all kinds of brilliance flashing in the Void, power spurting out and countless people were ready to fight with their life.

Yang Tianwu stood tall in the sky and burst into laughter in response.

“A group of chicken and dogs, you do not know what is true power and still want to compete with me... I'll send you all on your way. Don't blame me when you are dead, if you want to blame someone then blame that Ye Qingyu. He had long seen through my mind and deliberately told you the secret that happened in the 18th district just to drag you down with him... Haha, but it doesn’t matter, if an ant dies then so be it.”

As he was speaking, the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle] was slightly flashing, and then the bottle dropped and there was a sound similar to a surging ocean engulfing the world. The terrifying power which surged out from the mouth of the bottle had instantly spread across the sky of Fierce Beast Peak.


Yang Tianwu's hair was wildly flying about and his eyes had gone scarlet red.

His voice was cruel and cold, and his raging killing intent was unleashed like a river overflowing its blank. As he stood in the Void he was as sinister as a devil king who was about to destroy the world.

The final killing was about to come.

The only way to survive was to counterattack.

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu had a solemn look on his face and just as he was about to retaliate, he was shocked to find that his inner yuan was suppressed, like it had disappeared and could not operate yuan qi at all.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race also issued a murmur of shock.

They also discovered the abnormalities in their bodies.

And exclaiming out at the same time were the experts all across Fierce Beast Peak.

“Ah, my inner yuan... what's going on?”

“Not good, this is the Jade Pearl Sect's [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle]. It forms a silver sky river formation and under the activation of a Saint expert it can suppress Heaven and earth and prevent opponents from operating inner yuan... we're finished.”

“Then... we don't even have the chance to counterattack?”

“We can only sit here and wait to be slaughtered?”

“No, I don't want to.”

Countless furious and unwilling roars resounded across the Void. Whether it was the Demon Race or the Human Race, once inner yuan strength was lost it was tantamount to having their hands and feet chopped off. One’s power would plummet and it would be impossible to kill [Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu.

It turned out that this was why Yang Tianwu was full of confidence.

From the very start he had already prepared everything for this terrifying plan.

“What to do?” In Ye Qingyu's mind, his thoughts were changing rapidly.

For a moment he couldn't think of a way to get out because he did not think that the Jade Pearl Sect would be crazy to this extent. Outside of the dark Door of Life, he would at all costs intercept him and the others, and would not even spare the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race.

Beside him.

There was an unprecedented cold expression on the faces of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race.

Miserable screams echoed in the Void.

Some experts who had moved slightly closer were instantly killed by the power of the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle], minced into powder and vanished in the Void. There was simply no chance of fighting back. They were like rice paper trapped in a tornado, weak and fragile.

“Hahaha...” Yang Tianwu's wild laughter echoed across the sky.

He looked down, like a god in the clouds peering down at a group of ants. His confident and cold laughter reverberated, “Ants, understand? This is true power... To die under this power, you should be happy. Hahaha, now, no matter who it is... die!”

He was in high spirits and was about to completely activate the power of the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle] to crush all of the people below into ashes.

That was when——

“It's a little noisy.”

A hoarse voice sounded without warning.

This voice did not contain the slightest fluctuation of power, but rang clearly in everyone's ears, unbelievably obscured the waves of power in the sky, and even covered up the wave-like roars being issued by the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle], and everything else...

It was a very astonishing feeling.

Almost everyone showed a look of consternation on their face.

Because as the voice sounded, all the aura and power around had completely vanished. Whether it was the fluctuation of power from the experts around, or the aura of the formation, the imposing manner of the [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle], or the Saint level pressure emitting from [Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu. Even the tide of power and power of laws between Heaven and earth were all gone.

This feeling was just too bizarre.

It was a feeling that everyone had not experienced ever since they had achieved success in their martial arts.

Ye Qingyu turned to the skinny figure not far away from him with his face twisted in a look of utter astonishment.

He could tell that the voice came from the mouth of that figure.

The voice was very familiar.

But also very unfamiliar.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race were also stunned.

The bald fatty Sheng Yan, who was trembling at the beginning, had his mouth wide open, and then he realized something. His fat body began to tremble violently like a sieve, and he could not contain his excitement. His face lit up in joy and his mouth widened, but he couldn’t even say even a syllable...

In the sky.

The smile on the [Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu's face had solidified.

In his expression, there was thirty percent shock, thirty percent consternation, and forty percent of... terror.

It was indeed terrifying.

Because he did not know what had happened at that very moment, and was still unable to react. Even to the present, even after several moments, he still could not sense what was going on. His [Gold and Silver Sky River Bottle] had lost its power, while he was not able to feel any power of laws between Heaven and earth!

“Who... who is it?” Yang Tianwu looked over, his throat trembled and his lips were a little dry.

On the ground.

The thin figure, who had ignored everything that had happened all this time, moved slightly.

Like a scarecrow being blown, he stumbled a step forward, took a deep breath, and then slowly looked up. His eyes that were as murky as a swamp were all of a sudden opened. There was no light in his eyes as he looked at Yang Tianwu in the sky. His cracked lips moved and a hoarse voice sounded, “So say, you think, you know what true power is?”

In an instant, everyone was shocked.

Countless eyes were all focused on the skinny old man.

At this moment, even an idiot would realize that all the abnormalities that had happened on Fierce Beast Peak was caused by the old man who they had ignored. But they also realized that the old man, who was like a withered piece of wood, was in fact a very terrifying existence.

Yes, an old man in ancient costumes was able to come out of the 18th district. His identity must be incredibly mysterious, and his strength must be extraordinarily powerful. But before all this he was ignored by everyone?

[Iron Heart Blood Saint] Yang Tianwu, who had planned and prepared everything in advance, also did not consider the existence of the old man——In fact he had ignored the old man from the beginning because the old man was simply too ordinary, so ordinary that he was like a grain buried in the desert. Even if one looked closely, he still could not be seen.

But who would have thought that this grain of sand would suddenly bloom out a brilliance that not even gold could be compared to.

Yang Tianwu's eyes almost popped out.

He felt a dry feeling in his throat, and a strong sense of foreboding had enveloped him. No matter how he tried to observe, no matter how he tried to detect, the old man simply did not exude the slightest fluctuation of power and aura, yet still gave him a frightening feeling that he had never experienced before.

“Elder... you... are...” Yang Tianwu's voice trembled.


“Do you really understand what true power is?” The old man was still raising his head, his eyes were as muddy as the water in a ditch, and his tone was extremely calm, as if he really was humbly asking a very serious question, but the voice was still hoarse.

Yang Tianwu was speechless.

“Even the great Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors would not dare to say that they have grasped true power. Even an eternal fiendgod cannot be detached from the shackles of power. With my bitter and persistent pursuit, I also thought that I had broken through Heaven and earth but was still trapped for four thousand years, unable to take a single step away. I almost exhausted my origin source and died as a result...” The voice of the old man was as calm as a stream flowing quietly under the moonlight, but the message contained was like a roar of thunder that it made everyone on Fierce Beast Peak tremble. Here, he slightly paused, and then seemed to be laughing at himself, but also laughing at other people. With a faint smile, he looked at Yang Tianwu. Finally there was a little more disdain and ridicule within his eyes as he said, “I dare not say that I know what true power is, but a junior like you who is inferior to even a fly or maggot dare to boast that you have grasped true power? Haha, what a joke...”

His voice faded.

The old man opened his mouth and breathed in.

A bizarre change appeared. It could not be seen with the naked eye, but from a bizarre angle one couls clearly feel that there seemed to be something that was inch by inch flowing into his mouth and there was something incredibly terrifying being inhaled and swallowed by him...

Then, his grey hair turned black.

Then, his sparse hair multiplied.

Then, his wrinkles disappeared.

Then, his body was glowing.

Then, his muscles bulged.

Then, his eyebrows grew thick and dark.

Then, his eyes turned bright.


Then, that skinny and shrivelled body, like a sponge absorbing water, gradually grew taller, gradually stood up straight, and gradually grew radiant and full of vitality. His qi and blood were like a vast ocean. By just breathing in, the old man had turned into a handsome, demon-like, and elegant man.

He, was the real [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].
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