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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 77 He Possesses a Rare Treasure

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Chapter 77 – He Possesses a Rare Treasure

“Controlling the army lines?” Song Qingluo was taken back. “The most important thing that we should be doing, is it not to utilize the time before the two Azure Phoenix student resurrects and push the army lines towards their direction to destroy their first line of defense? You have to know this is an opportunity that is hard to obtain…”

Ye Qingyu shook his head. “In a situation where there is not much difference in strength, your words would be correct. But… this time, we will use another method, to obtain the final victory in this battlefield.” ……

[Ascending Heaven Pavilion].

The shock and cheers gradually subsided.

Ye Qingyu had managed to turn the tides at a critical and desperate juncture, allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of belief. This was, from the start of the grand competition till now, the first true counter attack of White Deer Academy. It was a victory that deserved to be celebrated.

The pinched eyebrows of the teachers seemed to have also relaxed slightly.

“This child’s performance is not bad. It’s worth heavily nourishing him…” One of the teachers said with a smile. The way he addressed Ye Qingyu seemed much more amiable than before.

Another old teacher also spoke with a slight laughter, “I’ve already said; out of so many students, how can it be possible that no one can stand against them? This child is called Ye Qingyu is he? En, not bad. In the future we must pay special attention to him, we can’t let a true genius be buried.”

The wrinkles on the faces of many old elders of White Deer Academy relaxed.

The higher ups largely understood that the reason why the Dean had accepted this grand competition was not to find out who was stronger or weaker between White Deer Academy and Azure Phoenix Academy. This grand competition was only to sharpen and hone the little geniuses in the academy, to make them put away the arrogant complacency in their hearts. After realizing the clear difference in strength, they would do their utmost to chase after them. This would pave the path of obtaining a good result in the glorious battle of the ten academies next year.

But even if so, the process of the grand competition for the entire White Deer Academy, and even the higher ups, was something that was akin to a huge blow.

The consensus they had reached before was that White Deer Academy had a ninety percent chance of losing. But absolutely no one would have thought that they would lose so tragically. Apart from Blue Sky who playfully obtained five consecutive kills, the geniuses that they had been specially trained, not one of them had an exceptional performance…

Until Ye Qingyu descended from the sky.

Such a dazzling performance of a double kill, allowed the hearts of the higher ups to breath a heavy sigh of relief.

Hearing the discussions of the higher ups surrounding them, many representatives of White Deer Academy displayed expressions of envy and jealousy. They knew that, from today on, Ye Qingyu would be treated like the apple of their eyes— at the very least, he would be treated by some higher ups as an important target to assist and cultivate.

Bai Yuqing also could not help but be moved by this.

This genius young girl that was as cold as ice and as pure as jade had never thought such an event would occur. The person who she had judged has passed his most optimal training period, a commoner that would have difficulty achieving anything, would display such a brilliant performance.

She could not help but admit that Ye Qingyu’s results had far exceeded her imagination.

Within the eyes of Han Shuangfu, there was an indistinct bright light. He had always been the greatest genius out of all the male students of White Deer Academy. No matter whether considering background, power, talent, or battle strength, he was the person standing at the tallest peak.

What had always accompanied him were praise and cheers.

Along the way he had stepped on countless geniuses, singing and dancing as he went.

But even he admitted, that when he had only entered White Deer Academy for five months, he absolutely did not possess this kind of strength… this Ye Qingyu gave off a great sense of threat and challenge. Han Shuangfu could already indistinctly see that this commoner teenager would break the legend after legend that he had left within White Deer Academy.

Within the crowd, Han Xiaofei and Jiang Xiaohan were terrified.

Before the grand competition, both of them had done some little tricks. Originally they wanted to destroy Ye Qingyu’s martial heart, to give a memorable blow to this youth that was in their eyes, arrogant and despotic… But from the situation right now, it seems that events were developing in a direction outside of their estimated trajectory.

Jiang Xiaohan could barely control the unwillingness in her heart.

She suddenly thought of something. As if she was mumbling to herself and as if she was reminding everyone. “The battle technique that Junior Brother Qingyu displayed… I have never previously seen such a technique before.”

Han Xiaofei’s eyes brightened.

Another student representative subconsciously replied, “That’s correct. From several hundred meters away, in a split second of time, to suddenly descend into the center of the battlefield, as if it was the impact of a mighty dragon… such a technique is unheard of.”

Once these words were said, many peoples’ attention were drawn to it.

Some people were lost in thought.

“Your words are correct.” An old teacher with ashen grey hair lowered his head and pondered. “Within the curriculum of the first years, is there really such a battle technique? I can’t recall it at all… and besides, the power of that battle technique, it doesn’t look like something that would be possible for first years to learn.”

“Could it be a battle technique that he himself invented?” one of the student representatives opened his mouth and said.

In an instant, countless gazes that were as if they were regarding a retard, landed on this figure.

What kind of joke was that?

A first year student, creating his own battle technique?

Jiang Xiaohan lowered her head, and then added, “Also, previously Junior Brother Qingyu has disappeared from the formation projection. When the projection should have been on him, we could only see a black screen… what reason could there be that it blocked the projection of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], unless…”

Saying to here, she stopped for a moment.

“Unless what?” the previous ashen-gray-haired teacher asked.

“Unless on the body of Junior Brother Qingyu, there is some hidden rare treasure?” Jiang Xiaohan said, lowering her head.

“Rare treasure? What kind of rare treasure would be able to isolate the projection of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]?” This ashen-haired teacher said with a natural smile, “Even for the top Spirit weapons it is impossible for it to have this power, unless it’s a treasure tool of the highest quality…”

Saying this, as if realizing something, his heart suddenly beat madly.

Treasure tool of the highest quality?

Could it really be, on Ye Qingyu’s body, there was a top treasure tool?

A hot flame burned fleetingly in his eyes.

The surrounding people, suddenly had dry mouths and tongues, especially those higher ups of the academy who realized the importance of the words this teacher just said. That’s right, if Ye Qingyu really had a top treasure tool on him, then he could really block the surveillance of [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], and he could also perfectly kill the two Azure Phoenix students…

Could this be the only explanation?

Within Heaven Wasteland Domain, weapons and armours, such equipment could be split into categories depending on their level. The lowest level was Spirit weapon, then it was Treasure tool, then it was Dao tool, then it was Saint tool, then it was Emperor tool, and above that was…

Spirit weapons were common. A normal person at the Sprit spring stage would typically have their own Spirit weapon submerged within their Spirit spring. Even though the materials needed to create a Spirit weapon were rare, it was still obtainable. It only needed a weapon cast master to be able to create it with a very high success rate.

But the requirements to create a Treasure tool was much harsher.

From the moment White Deer Academy was founded, they only possessed one single Treasure tool in the entire academy and this was only a basic treasure tool. According to the rumours, out of all the noble factions within Deer City, there was only the city leader’s office that had a Treasure tool given to them by the royal family of Snow Country. No matter how deep the resources the other noble families had, they could only desire one but not obtain it…

For every martial artist at the Bitter sea stage and under, by possessing a Treasure tool, you would have the battle power of someone a realm greater. And for every faction to be obtain a Treasure tool, represented that they would be able to contend against numerous of their old opponents at once!

A Treasure tool, on some perspective, was a weapon that could break the balance of power between the factions of a region.

And when the old teacher subconsciously said these words, many peoples’ hearts began to madly beat.

Perhaps it was only a possibility.

A possibility that was so low it was ridiculous.

But many people were willing to prove the validity of this conjecture; what if it was real?

If it was really a top class Treasure tool, it was enough to make many people and numerous factions perform crazy acts. The temptation was too great, it was enough to make many people of modest and noble characters to shed their disguise and lose their reasoning.

The hearts of many people began to plan and scheme something.

“This is the teachings of Wen Wan, the special technique of Wen Wan. Elder Chu, do you remember?” The Wang Yan who had remained silent throughout suddenly opened her mouth.

“Wen Wan’s [Urgent Lightning Chasing Wind]?” The ashen-gray-haired teacher stared blankly then finally understood. Thoughtfully he nodded, “En, that’s right, the ambush of this child is slightly similar to the [Urgent Lightning Chasing Wind]…”

“If it was really this, then everything can be explained. Wen Wan has always favoured this child well, teaching him his signature technique is within reason.” Another teacher also nodded.

Wang Yan did not say anything more.

Her gaze passed by Jiang Xiaohan’s figure, but did not linger there for long.

But Jiang Xiaohan could clearly sense her soul was as if it was fiercely sliced by a blade. Inside Wang Yan’s gaze, there was a biting cold bringing with it an undisguised murderous intent.

Jiang Xiaohan lowered her head even further.

She was not afraid.

Her mouth even curled up slightly.

No matter what, she knew that after the great competition had ended, Ye Qingyu would have problems. Enormous problems.

…… ……

[Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

Northern path.

The Song sisters were listening to Ye Qingyu’s directions before he left. They carefully controlled the battle lines, allowing the demon rune soldiers to constantly be frozen at a spot near their first line of defense. The position of the battle always maintained a hundred meters away from the protector statue.

The attacking range of the protector statue was fifty meters.

Once any Azure Phoenix student appeared again, the two of them could, in an instant, retreat into the defensive range of the protector statue. The opponent could definitely not enter into this range, so therefore the two of them would not be killed in a short period of time.

This type of battle tactic seemed to be defensive.

If this continued for a long time, apart from extending the time they lasted for a little bit, it was absolutely not possible for them to obtain the final victory. But out of the trust they had for Ye Qingyu, the two girls determinedly carried out Ye Qingyu’s plan.

Approximately twenty kilometers away from the battlefield.

Ye Qingyu’s feet was currently in a flood of water, treading through the currents.

This was a river that passed through the entire canyon from East to West. The name of this river was called the [Quicksand River], expansive and wide, stretching over tens of kilometers. The crash of the current was like the rumble of thunder, deafening. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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