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Chapter 784, Stirring wind

Ye Qingyu was completely shaken.

He originally thought that after endless mountains and rivers, which left doubt on whether there was a path out, he was doomed to die in the 18th district. He was already prepared for the worst but unexpectedly in the end it was actually so easy to get out. There was just a flash of brilliance. It was simply simpler than the most common transportation portal.

Was this the remarkable ability of the Quasi-emperor?

And it was a Quasi-emperor who looked so weak.

One thought of his could turn the sky and earth upside down.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race had the same expression across their faces, an unconcealable shock in their beautiful eyes. Could it be that [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had completely recovered? It seemed like the 18th district was just like his back garden, he could come and go as he wanted. Then why was [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] trapped in the Black Demon Abyss for such a long time?

The bald fatty Sheng Yan was trembling slightly.

It was not because of fear.

But because of joy.

The bald fellow, ever since [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was rescued from the grey bronze temple, he did not appear to have anything to say but was in fact very sensitive. For him, to be able to see the old ancestor was a gift from Heaven. As to whether the ancestor could restore his remarkable ability of the past, he did not think too much about it. He just felt a burst of bitterness and heartache seeing the skinny twig-like appearance of his ancestor.

But now he knew that although his ancestor was in such a state he still possessed the remarkable ability that he had in the past.

In great joy, the bald fatty was unable to contain his excitement.

On the Fierce Beast Peak, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] stood there quietly.

He stood at the front, feet treading on the ground and his body straight. His clothes were old and torn, hair dry and sparse, and his thin body was like a dried up orange. There was not the slightest fluctuation of yuan qi coming from him, as if a gust of wind could blow him away. His head hung low, looking at the ground.

The soil that was contaminated with the blood of countless experts, in the eyes of others was without the slightest value, but to the old man’s eyes, it was like the most beautiful and touching treasures of time. It firmly attracted his attention, as he stood there quietly staring at it motionless.

And almost at the same time, brilliance surged on the Fierce Beast Peak, figures from all sides appeared, each exuding a tyrannical aura.

It had been three days since the dark Doors of Life were completely closed. Some forces had left, while others were still waiting here, holding onto that last glimmer of hope, and some forces had not retreated completely because of other reasons and left some people behind to wait here.

Even on the Taowu Mountain Range there was still a sense of great chaos and disorder.

When Ye Qingyu and the others showed up, the changes in the Void and the green light were not considered violent and powerful, but still caught a lot of people's attention. The people who have been hiding in the dark appeared one after another, quickly gathering around the top of Fierce Beast Peak.

And after seeing the figures of Ye Qingyu and the others, they immediately realized that a shocking thing was going to happen.

Because someone recognized the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race.

The two female heaven’s pridelings who were believed to have died in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss appeared out of nowhere. What did that mean? The fact that they were able to escape after the Doors of Life had closed was definitely a shocking event that was going to stir the thousands of domains. Since ancient times, it was the first time that they heard that someone had escaped from the 18th district after the Doors of Life were closed.

For a moment, countless eyes fell on Ye Qingyu and the others.

Among them, there were some experts of the Black Demon Race.

“Your highness, you... are back?” A black brilliance flashed as dozens of Black Demon Race experts turned into streams of light and reappeared next to the Little Princess. They were overjoyed. In the past three days, the Black Demon Race was turned upside down because of this little aunt. The current Black Demon Emperor did not even hesitate to trigger the Black Demon Race's ancestral device to break the rule and enter the 18th district to find her, but in the end was stopped by the several guardian elders.

“Yes,” the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race nodded.

“The several Lords of the Martial Hall are nearby, your Highness, why don't we join them...” A Black Demon Race expert suggested.

Several other Black Demon Race experts echoed what he said.

The safe return of the little aunt was a great joy to the whole Black Demon Race, but now Fierce Beast Peak of Taowu Mountain Range was not a safe place. That day the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect and Third Prince of the Kaiyang Imperial Court also encountered attacks as they were leaving Fierce Beast Peak, suffering heavy loses as a result. That battle caused giant earthquakes and landslides. Moreover, it was said that a few Saint experts had fallen, so their priority right now was to protect the Little Princess. If, under their protection, anything were to happen to the Little Princess, they could not redeem themselves even with their death.

“Let the people of the Martial Hall come to see me.” The voice of the Little Princess was unquestionably icy cold. After coming out of the 18th district, she seemed to have resume the former high-minded Little Princess attitude. There was no longer that gentleness that they saw from her in the ancient city.


A special signal flame shot up, lighting up the sky of Fierce Beast Peak.

Upon the sight of that signal, Black Demon Race experts within thousands of miles came rushing and gathered around Fierce Beast Peak of Taowu Mountain Range like the tide.

Several Black Demon Race experts surrounded the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race with an extremely vigilant expression.

More and more figures appeared.

All were surging with an extremely powerful aura.

“Unbelievable, someone else came out of the 18th district.”

“How did that happen... The Little Princess of the Black Demon Race, Celestial Phoenix Maiden... Hey, who are the other three people? The old man who looks ill seems to be an ordinary man.”

“This matter is kind of strange.”

“Perhaps the Little Princess has some sort of secret treasure.”

“No, three days ago the Saintess of the Jade Pearl Sect said that the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race had died in the hands of a human scum called Ye Qingyu? How, did they... come out alive again?”

“Yes, who is that old man, he looks unfamiliar, the clothes he wears... seem to be the style of three thousand or four thousand years ago, it is so ragged... No, I remember when the dark Door of Life opened, there wasn't such a person!” someone said in a low voice.

The several people that were determined to have died had all of a sudden appeared on the Fierce Beast Peak. Such a scene was so bizarre that many people stood there puzzled for a moment.

Just then, someone suddenly made a gasp.

“It's him...” A black armoured man who looked thirty or forty years old, holding a glittering Domain Alliance wanted list in his hand, pointed to Ye Qingyu in shock, and cried out, “He's Ye Qingyu, the [Ice Sword Killing God], the scum of Heaven Wasteland Domain, he... came out!”

In an instant, all of gazes shifted to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly.

Then, almost at the same time, some of the other people also took out a Domain Alliance wanted list, and sure enough, the list began to twinkle with a warning brilliance. As they opened the wanted list, on the page about Ye Qingyu there were many information about him, as well as a lot of formation projection portraits, including his appearance in different periods and his various disguises.

At this time, Ye Qingyu did not change his appearance.

The changes from the ancient city to the outside of the Fierce Beast Peak was too sudden that Ye Qingyu did not have time to react, and that he simply did not have time to disguise himself.

His identity had been exposed.

Ye Qingyu faintly felt that the situation was not too good.

And it was at this point that someone was already in a hurry to attack.


A huge flame shaped palm broke through the clouds, slamming down directly from thousand of meters above. There were a total of four fingers, fast as lightning as it mercilessly struck Ye Qingyu as though to crush him where he was.

Ye Qingyu shook his head and counterattacked with a punch.

A transparent fist seal shot out, instantly expanded, and sped across thousand of meters like a bolt of lightning until it turned to a size that was equal to that of the huge flame palm. It was like coloured glass. The fist and palm collided at more than five hundred meters above.


The sky shook and the ground rumbled.

Broken flames sputtered.

The giant flame palm was blown directly to pieces.

The experts around all had a sudden change of expression.

The strength of both sides was extremely strong, equally terrifying. Some people who knew that they would be no match against these two had begun to retreat to avoid being impacted during the fierce battle.

“Culprit, dare to fight back?” A loud, majestic voice came from above the Void, containing shock and fury.

“I was framed, there is a misunderstanding, I will go explain to the Domain Alliance myself.” Ye Qingyu spoke loud and clear, his voice resounding across the Taowu Mountain Range. “Please don't be impatient, don’t become a chess piece.”

Now that things have reached this point, there was no point in hiding anymore. Ye Qingyu might as well face it directly.

“Hahahaha... lies!” The laughter was full of ridicule and disdain, rumbling like a rolling thunder, “Every man on the wanted list of Domain Alliance says that he is framed, but is a murderer guilty of terrible crimes! Ye Qingyu, surrender now and the Heaven Wasteland Domain will be free from calamity. Otherwise, disaster will fall upon Heaven Wasteland Domain, at that time you will wish that you were dead.”

“Disaster will fall upon Heaven Wasteland Domain?” Ye Qingyu flashed a hint of anger in his eyes. “You talk big, what qualifications do you have to say this... I repeat, I was framed. The truth will naturally come to light in the future, if you push me to a corner, then I also have to defend myself.”

“Haha, die!” That voice burst into wild laughter, then another great flame palm erupted in a blaze of light like a meteor falling, containing an incomparably imposing manner as it aimed directly at Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was about to attack.

At that time, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden suddenly took a step forward, standing shoulder to shoulder with Ye Qingyu. Under the Phoenix mask, the beautiful and full red lips were slightly curved and a flame as fine as a finger slowly flew out, shooting toward the giant flame palm.
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