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Chapter 783, Came out

At that moment, Ye Qingyu suddenly understood what Sheng Yan meant by ‘the stone statue came to life’——The stone statues of the nine offspring of the dragon god had been resurrected.

On the way here, Ye Qingyu already noticed that the strange statues of the nine offspring of the dragon god on both sides of the spirit path were lifelike, carved by a master, and that the lines and aura of the divine statues seemed to contain the laws of Heaven and earth. They were evidently not ordinary objects. Moreover, because the eyes of these nine statues were closed, Ye Qingyu almost fell into an illusion and was killed as a result of his curiosity——Fortunately the Celestial Phoenix Maiden came to his rescue just in time.

In Ye Qingyu's mind, the statues of the nine offspring of the dragon god, just like the statues of the four ferocious beasts of Heaven and earth, contained great secrets.

But he never thought that the secret was that these thirteen divine statues could come to life. Under normal circumstances they were petrified on both sides of the spirit path, but once the killing intent of heaven and earth broke out, the giant black skeleton monsters would escape the suppression of the tombstones. They would climb out of the ground, and would come to life in order to maintain order in the ancient city.

Just now, the fatty was very bored and had nothing to do, so he ran to the door of the temple to observe the black skeletons outside. He happened to see the resurrection process of the Suanni statue on the huge black base, which was why he said ‘the stone statue is alive’.

Ye Qingyu's eyes fell on the huge mountain-like body of the Suanni beast in the distant Void with indescribable shock.

Although it was impossible to determine whether the tremendous beast was really an ancient divine beast, or was transformed from some kind of remarkable power, the pressure and power it exuded was the same as the wrath of the heavens, so real and equally terrifying. Even the aura of a Saint expert in the face of such an ancient beast would be as insignificant as an ant.

He looked further into the distance.

Faintly, he could see that in the distant clouds there were other tremendous bodies in the sky, exuding an aura just as terrifying as the Suanni beast. He also could faintly make out that there were other sons of the divine dragon.

It was not just the Suanni statue.

All other nine offspring of the dragon god had come to life.

This confirmed Ye Qingyu's previous speculation.

It was also even more unbelievable to Ye Qingyu.

The nine offspring of the dragon god were existences that ruled the ancient times. Even if it was a statue that was not yet resurrected, Ye Qingyu still almost lost his soul by looking into its eyes. Now that it was resurrected, it was like the birth of a fiendgod. A terrifying existence like that had been guarding this ancient city for tens of thousands of years, and after awakening, it was still like a protector, cruising across the sky and monitoring the army of huge black skeletons...This, who was it that did this?

Legend had it that even the great martial artists, such as the Storm Emperor, could only treat the Suanni beast as a companion, like a loved one. From this it was obvious how terrifying the status the ancient divine beast had.

But the nine great mythological beasts were being driven around the ancient city like guards. What kind of frightening existence could be able to do this?

Ye Qingyu couldn't help trembling inwardly.

He drew a deep breath and lifted his feet to step outside of the temple, trying to verify some speculations...

But the bald fatty Sheng Yan stopped him, “Brother, what are you going to do? You can’t go out, it's very dangerous.”

Ye Qingyu looked at the fatty.

The fatty raised his right hand, which was still bloodied and mutilated, as if he had been crushed by some kind of unstoppable force, and said with a grimace, “When you were all operating yuan qi to recover, I was curious so I took a step outside. Guess what happened?”

“What?” Ye Qingyu really wanted to slap the fatty who liked to keep listeners in suspense to death.

The fatty answered in a serious tone of voice, “As long as we stand in this temple, those black skeletons don't seem to be able to find us, but once we step out... Well, they're like dogs smelling the smell of poop. They resume their previous mania and rush over... I've tested it several times.”

Ye Qingyu had a thoughtful look on his face when he heard this.

After the fatty carefully described the situation, Ye Qingyu finally decided to go out to try in person. As expected, just as he had taken a step out, the black skeletons that were originally neatly advancing along the spirit path immediately sensed his existence, issued a frenzied roar, and charged toward Ye Qingyu, erupting with merciless killing intent.

Ye Qingyu lasted for approximately three seconds before he had to return into the temple.

The black skeletons' combat power was extremely terrifying. Their strength was infinite, and was impossible to be wounded with inner yuan, as if they were immune to the power of yuan qi. Only physical strength could cause damage to them. For many martial artists, such opponents were simply a nightmare. Ye Qingyu had erupted out with all of his power to only manage to shatter one of the finger bones of a black skeleton...

“No wonder...”

Returning to the temple, Ye Qingyu gazed at the group of black skeletons who fell into confusion after losing their target and then continued to march forward across the spirit path, and came to understand why [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] told them to come to this temple first. That way they could avoid these frightening skeletons.

It was no wonder why he saw broken black bones as well as the peerless geniuses who had eventually perished on the fighting sites in the ancient city. The geniuses must have encountered these skeletons when they came to the 18th district, and after a bitter battle were finally defeated. In the face of these endless opponents, even the supreme being of the Dragon Blood God Court , who possessed the divine object [Dragon Blood Halberd], had perished.

After sighing sorrowfully, Ye Qingyu's face was suddenly twisted again.

He suddenly realized that if these black skeletons continued to march constantly, they would be trapped in the temple and most likely not be able to leave any time soon.

If it wasn't for the matter of the Heaven Wasteland Domain rating, Ye Qingyu did not have to worry about being trapped for too long, but now he was concerned about Yu Xiaoxing and the rest of his group. If he were trapped here for too long, then Heaven Wasteland Domain would most likely fail the assessment. The consequences were disastrous.

Ye Qingyu was burning with worry.

But even thinking it through from different ways, there seemed to be no solution at all. The situation in front of him was far beyond the limit of his powers.

Time went by.

At first Ye Qingyu was pacing back and forth at the door, but finally he came to a halt.

His heart gradually calmed down again.

He knew that it was no use being anxious.

Only with a calm mind would there be hope.

Sitting cross-legged at the doorway of the temple, he swept his eyes back and forth over the army of endless black skeletons, before his line of sight was finally focused on the huge Suanni statue in the distant sky. Ye Qingyu felt that the huge body contained a strange aura, and then unconsciously, his thoughts began to fall into a silent state. He had entered a strange state of nothingness.

The bald fatty revealed a hint of astonishment and envy upon seeing the sight.

They were both martial artists, and as the descendant of the Quasi-emperor, he looked at things the same way as he did. Then like Ye Qingyu, he sat cross-legged at the door, following the direction of Ye Qingyu's gaze, but no matter how many times he looked, that Suanni beast was still a Suanni beast, although with unmatched power, it gave him no enlightenment.

After a full hour without the slightest gain, the fatty could only give up bitterly, and returned into the temple to take care of the weak [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

Time passed by rapidly.

An unknown amount of time had passed.

Ye Qingyu's still body suddenly shook. His eyes shot open, and within his eyes there was actually contained mist of chaos, flickering with strange images, as though there was an invisible brush drawing something in them. Eventually everything vanished in the depths of his eyes.

At this time, he gradually came to his senses. Vaguely feeling that something was not right, he looked around and was startled right away.

In front of him.

Outside the temple door.

A skinny, twig-like figure stood there silently.

His clothes were old and ragged, like a wind-eroded sack. His hair was grey and sparse, body trembling and shaky, as though he would collapse at any time, but was standing very straight like a javelin, giving a very strange visual impact.

What made Ye Qingyu shocked was that this figure was clearly standing outside the temple, but for some reason, the army of black skeletons on the spirit path turned a blind eye to him and did not launch an attack at him.

“It's [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]!”

Ye Qingyu instantly recognized the skinny figure.

He looked back to see that Sheng Yan, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race were standing behind him with expressions of shock and anticipation as they stared at [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

“Old ancestor said that when you wake up, we'll go...” The bald fatty's eyes were glowing when he saw that Ye Qingyu had woken up.

“Go? Where?” Ye Qingyu exclaimed.

At this time——

“You're awake?”

Outside the main hall, the voice that came was a little hoarse and a little shaky. It seemed to be a little breathless, but there was a calming feeling to it.

[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] spoke again.

It was different to the previous times when he struggled to spit out a word. This time his words were clear, though it still sounded difficult for him, but it was enough to fully express his meaning.

“Elder, I...” Ye Qingyu subconsciously answered, not knowing what else to say. He did not know how long he had fallen into that strange state, and did not know what exactly had happened during this time. It was clear to him that the Quasi-emperor's condition was much better than before.

“Well, observing the divine intent of Suanni, the mind submerges into a tacit comprehension... Yes, no wonder you can obtain that thing.” Although [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was praising Ye Qingyu, he did not turn his head back at all.

He swept an emotional gaze across the ancient city, whether it was reluctance to leave or whether it was exhaustion, he let out a low sigh in the end.

“I stayed here for too long, it's time to go out. I wonder how the outside world is now. Those old friends, are they still around...” [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] muttered to himself in a shaky voice and then said, “Let's go.”

Before his voice faded.

A burst of soft green light surged out of the skinny old man's body.

Before Ye Qingyu and the others were able to react, everything blurred and there was the same feeling of going through the spatial transportation formation.

The next moment.

The scene before him changed again, there was a familiar bloody smell in the air, and then an even more familiar fluctuation of the Law of heaven and earth that shook Ye Qingyu's body, as he looked around in disbelief.

Fierce Beast Peak!

Surprisingly... they came to the Fierce Beast Peak.

That's it…? It was so easy to come out of the 18th district?

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