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Chapter 782, What are you looking at?


Wait for what?

At first everybody was puzzled, but after a couple of minutes, they all came to understand the meaning of [Quasi Emperor Xiaofei's] word.

Because after the Heaven and earth killing intent had boiled to its craziest peak, like the rise and fall of tides, it began to disappear at a rapid speed. Through the glowing bronze screen that shielded over the ancient city of the Fiendgod Age, the Void that had collapsed was forming back together with a speed visible to the naked eye, and the strange Void formation that was in the broken darkness was slowly appearing again.

But in less than one hour of time, the killing intent of Heaven and earth had completely subsided and everything was restored to a very primitive state. It was exactly the same as when Ye Qingyu and the others had just entered through the Door of Life.

“The... the killing intent of Heaven and earth are all gone, we're safe now?” Fatty Sheng Yan’s voice trembled, an uncontrollable joy across his face, panting loudly.

Ye Qingyu shook his head.

He pointed to the huge black skeletons around them.

Ever since the buildings of the ancient city exuded a glow and formed a magnificent bronze screen to protect the entire ancient city, those tremendous black skeletons had begun to dim, as though they had lost their ferocity and irritability, but they still existed.

These black giants, as if they were huge black demons, stood closely together on the streets of the ancient city of the Fiendgod Age, looking up at the sky, as if in awe, and as if in anticipation, like an army of spirits from hell, waiting for a military order to destroy everything at any time.

Upon a closer look, one would find that in the depths of the eyes of these huge black skeletons there were still frightening black flames burning, flickering slowly. They all seemed conscious, but they also did not really fall into a deep sleep state and would still pose a threat for them.

Of course, with the [Cloud Top Cauldron] around, Ye Qingyu did not have to worry too much about these black skeletons.

What he was most concerned about now is the current state of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

But before he could ask, the old man, who was lying on Sheng Yan's back, moved his eyes again, his dried lips trembling slightly, as he raised his thin bamboo like hand and pointed to a black fiendgod temple in the distance, and squeezed two words out of his throat-----

“Go in.”

Sheng Yan was taken aback, “Old ancestor, you mean... we should go in that temple?”

Ye Qingyu's eyes lit up.

At this time, there was nothing wrong with listening to [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei].

They were only afraid that the Human Race Quasi-emperor would not speak. As long as he occasionally gave a little hint and guidance, that meant that they still had hope to survive.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Qingyu took the lead, activated the [Cloud Top Cauldron], forced the huge black skeletons that were standing closely together between the streets aside, and came to the temple about one thousand meters away.

Without the slightest hesitation, he was the first one to go straight through the main entrance.

There was nothing special about this temple compared to the other buildings in the ancient city.

The inside of the temple was an empty space.

The light was dim.

“Hey, there are no black skeletons here...” Sheng Yan carefully came in, took out a very finely-made licorice root mat from his storage space and seated the old man on his back on the futon. He was a little surprised to find that there were no black skeletons in the temple.

“Not only here, but there are no black skeletons in every building in the ancient city of the Fiendgod Age.” The Little Princess of the Black Demon Race became more talkative. Holding her knees she sat to one side, a little frightened expression in her beautiful big eyes, which was very well covered up to make herself appear calm. “If you look closely, you will find that those black skeletons, even in the most frantic and violent times, would only be running and jumping between buildings, but never into any of the buildings in the ancient city...”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised.

Then he thought back to the previous scene; it really was the case.

The interior of the temple was incredibly large and spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of huge black skeletons, but why was it that the black skeletons would never enter the buildings of the ancient city? Was there something in the buildings that made them afraid?

Since entering the temple, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden had not said a word, sitting cross-legged on a pedestal of a black pillar and began to run her inner yuan around her body. Evidently, she had consumed much of her inner yuan and had to restore her strength.

They were both women, both born from great powers, but although both were usually cold and haughty, perhaps because of the difference in age, the Celestial Phoenix Maiden was ultimately calmer than the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race.

Snoring noise sounded.


Ye Qingyu looked back.

Only to see that [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was sitting with his legs crossed on the licorice root mat, dry and sparse grey hair slightly trembling, eyes still tightly closed, and under the support of the bald fatty Sheng Yan, he unexpectedly seemed to be asleep, producing a weak sound of snoring from time to time...


Ye Qingyu choked back down what he wanted to ask.

To tell the truth, although the old man's appearance and state at this time made it difficult to associate him with the legendary [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] who was invincible and moved unhindered across the world, Ye Qingyu still had the utmost respect for the old man.

Yes, it was respect.

Because he knew very well that, if it were not for the special opportunity, under normal circumstances, and given his current status and cultivation, let alone close contact, it was impossible for him to even take a glance at the graceful bearing of the Quasi-emperor from a distance.

After all, the old mad had once dominated the glory of an era and was known as the man closest to the existence of martial arts emperor after the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors Age. He was a legendary person who had been standing at the peak of the sky throughout his life.

But the legendary person had eventually ended up like this.

The old man in front of him looked to have exhausted his life yuan, and was no different to an ordinary person. There was not the slightest fluctuation of power from him. If Ye Qingyu had not seen him turning into a stream of blue light and passed through from the cracks of the grey temple, he really would have found it hard to associate him with a martial arts Quasi-emperor----- no, it would be difficult to even associate him with the image of a martial arts expert.

The bald fatty Sheng Yan was very patient in taking care of the old man.

He was very carefully holding onto him, and even gently fanning his hand, worried that the old man would not sleep well. At this moment, this timid fellow, as if he had forgotten all of his fears and the danger, was extremely satisfied as long as he could accompany the old man.

Ye Qingyu breathed an inward sigh of relief.

It seemed that he could only wait for [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] to wake up.

It can't be rushed.

Operating the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to flee indeed had consumed a lot of yuan qi. He no longer thought of other things, and like the Celestial Phoenix Maiden, sat down cross-legged and began to operate the nameless breathing technique for recovery.

As Ye Qingyu was entering a meditative state, [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei], who was sleeping soundly, squinted open his eyes, which flickered over Ye Qingyu. A thoughtful look flashed on his face, and then he closed his eyes as snoring noises sounded again.

No one noticed the scene.

The Little Princess of the Black Demon Race did not exercise qi to recover.

She sat quietly hugging her knees, her fair chin propped up against her knees, her long hair hanging down like a waterfall, and was curled up in the same way as a kitten, looking at her feet, lost in thought. Nobody knew what she was thinking, but listening carefully, she seemed to be quietly humming a strange little song, which most of the time only she could hear herself.

Time passed by.

An hour passed in a twinkling.

Ye Qingyu awakened from his rest.

He had completely restored his strength, and his yuan qi was as powerful as a mountain and sea.

Ye Qingyu turned his head around.

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden was still in mediation, while [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] was sleeping soundly, and the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race was still hugging her knees asleep, saliva trickling down the corners of her mouth and a hint of fear across her small and cute face...

Fatty Sheng Yan had unknowingly walked to the door of the temple, his fat body blocking the main hall door, and was suspiciously standing there for some reason.

Ye Qingyu went over.

“What are you looking at?” He patted the fatty on the shoulder.

The fatty suddenly twitched, like a cat was stepped on the tail, all hairs stood up on its end, and almost screamed out loud. Looking back to see that it was Ye Qingyu, he breathed a sigh of relief and made a ‘shh’ gesture, and pointed to the outside of the main hall.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback for a moment, then squeezed through to take a look.

He was also startled.

Without them knowing, the bronze glow released from the ancient city had disappeared, the huge shield above did not exist anymore. The Void was dark, stars twinkling, and was quiet and mysterious. The killing intent of Heaven and earth was no longer felt in the slightest. The rustling noises coming from outside the main hall were of those giant black skeleton bones lined up in a neat formation and brushing along the spirit path of the ancient city heading toward the depths of the tombstone sea of the 18th district...

In contrast to the raging, bloodthirsty, killing madness that erupted before, the huge black skeletons at this moment were as quiet as awakened kittens. The huge heavy bodies marched along the spirit path of the ancient city, like a cat walking across sand, making the faintest sound and were extremely bizarre.

What was even more bizarre was that Ye Qingyu saw a terrifying monster with a body over tens of thousands of meters long that was quietly suspended and gliding in the Void above the spirit path, and, like a towering sacred mountain, was releasing a strange aura. Like the huge eyes of a blood-moon it was staring intently at the huge black skeleton army that was moving neatly forward on the spirit path, as if monitoring these skeletons.

“That's... Suanni, the mythological beast Suanni?”

Ye Qingyu's jaw dropped.

He recognized that the gigantic beast suspended in the Void was Suanni, one of the nine offspring of the legendary dragon. The battle pet of the Storm Emperor back then was also a pure-blooded Suanni. He never had thought that today he would be able to see the divine beast of the Fiendgod Age.

No, where did this Suanni come from?

Ye Qingyu found it unbelievable.

The bald fatty Sheng Yan sensed Ye Qingyu's puzzlement, but did not speak. Instead, he raised his finger to point to the Suanni beast in the sky, then at a huge black base at the edge of the spirit path thousand of meters outside of the temple gate.

That is?

Ye Qingyu looked at the huge black base, which vaguely felt a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

“The stone statue... the stone statue is resurrected.” Seeing the bewildered look on Ye Qingyu's face, he uttered in a lowered tone of voice.

A snow white bolt of lightning flashed across Ye Qingyu's mind.

He understood.

“How is that possible?” Ye Qingyu was in utter shock.
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