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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 73 Not Allowed to Leave

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Chapter 73 – Not Allowed to Leave

This was a slaughter that was difficult to stop.

Unless there was a side that completely collapsed.

The [Inexorable spear] constantly sliced through the air, the demonic wolves also howled in unceasing rage.

Blood spurted everywhere.

Bones shattered.

The huge black wolves constantly died. Strands upon strands of yuan qi would fly out from their corpses, assimilating with Ye Qingyu’s body.

This was the reward of the battlefield.

[Boundary Canyon Battlefield] was a world that was constructed using the formation martial path. No matter whether it was rune soldiers, rune demon soldiers or rune monsters, they were all constructed using runes and formations. They were not living beings that were made from flesh and blood, but rather formed from consolidated energy.

This type of formation was incomparably profound, far exceeding the imagination of a martial artist like Ye Qingyu. After the demonic wolves were killed, there would be blood spilt, as if everything was real.

But in the end, the corpses would transform into formation yuan qi. A part of this would return to the battlefield itself and a part that would enter into the killer’s body.

The formation martial path created by the Formation Emperor Luoso, was like a technique created by the gods. As if it had the power of creation itself.

Every time he killed a demonic wolf, Ye Qingyu could sense that his expended inner yuan was being replenished. It constantly grew during this battle.

This was one of the reasons why he continued to endure in such a desperate battle.

However, in the end, injuries could not be prevented on Ye Qingyu’s body.

There was a blade of wind that passed by the defense of the spear, slashing at Ye Qingyu. It sliced apart his clothing, and on his sturdy muscles, left a line of blood.

Not even an hour had passed when every inch of his clothing was in tatters. The exposed muscles were as if it were sliced apart by a sharp little knife after his flesh was being carved apart, blood dripping down.

The two-headed demonic wolves and three-headed demonic wolves also began to appear.

In the different heads of these wolves, different sprays would be spat out. There was toxic gas, burning flames, icy cold, different killing techniques. Even for someone of the Spirit spring stage, this was enough to threaten their life. On one hand, Ye Qingyu needed to avoid the close range attacks of the normal demonic wolves and on the other hand he had to be careful of the long range attacks of the demonic wolves on the outer edges.

Such a battle, continued on for four hours in total.

Finally, all the demonic wolves in the [Demonic Wolf Valley] were completely slaughtered.

Ye Qingyu was bathed in blood, as if he had been executed through a thousand cuts. His entire upper body, apart from his head, there was not a piece of flesh that was intact. Blood covered both his upper and lower body and it was unknown whether this blood belonged to the demonic wolves or he himself…

“His mother, the booklet did not say that to challenge this pack of demonic wolves would be so difficult. I was nearly torn apart by this pack of wolves…” Demon King Ye said, trepidation still remaining after that traumatic battle.

He leaned against the [Inexorable spear] with one hand. Only through doing this could he stand stably. His other hand felt his own face, then let out a breath of relief. “Fortunately, I desperately covered my face, otherwise such a handsome appearance would not be preserved…”

From the moment he had stepped into the [Demonic Wolf Valley], exactly four hours had gone by.

Ye Qingyu could be said to have won only by a shred.

Thankfully, his cultivation technique for his inner yuan was the nameless breathing technique. Sustained and prolonged, his specialty was endurance. Especially after his fleshly body had experienced the numerous beatings of that old thing, the toughness of his body far exceeded martial artists of the same stage. Even so, he could barely withstand such injuries.

Otherwise, if someone of the same stage as him had experience such an attack, they would most likely expend all their inner yuan. They would consume their entire strength and would be dragged to their death in this valley.

Deeply breathing in, Ye Qingyu sat cross legged amongst the corpses of the wolves, beginning to cultivate and recover his yuan qi.

As the nameless breathing technique activated, the yuan qi from Heaven and Earth in this valley came rushing down towards this teenager covered in blood.

Within the dantian world, the yuan qi water within the first Spirit spring had already been expended by about ninety percent. The second Spirit spring was not yet fully completed, but the yuan qi waters within were also nearly completely consumed.

“Within this battlefield, the recovery rate of yuan qi is at least six times quicker than the outside world…” Ye Qingyu quickly discovered the discrepancy.

This also represented that training with the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] was much faster than in the outside world – this was also one of the many reasons people competed to enter this competition.

Within the [Demonic Wolf Valley], a yuan qi vortex was formed.

Above in the sky, clouds formed from yuan qi began to sink down, as if they were forming a funnel. It completely enveloped the entire [Demonic Wolf Valley]. And in the center of these floating yuan qi clouds was namely Ye Qingyu, his figure as small as an ant.

This scene was hard to believe.

The funnel that was several thousands of meters long made from floating yuan qi clouds abruptly rotated. Finally, as if a large whale was swallowing water, everything was completely absorbed into Ye Qingyu’s body. The yuan qi from Heaven and Earth constantly gathered from all directions, then entering into this tiny silhouette…

It was hard to imagine that a body that seemed so tiny, could contain such a large quantity of yuan qi.

And if such a scene was seen by other people, they would be stunned at the rate of absorption of Ye Qingyu in taking in yuan qi.


[Ascending Heaven Pavilion].

“He’s completely cleared out the [Demonic Wolf Valley]!”

“But will this affect the grand competition in some way?”

“His courage is admirable, but to waste his time within the desolate wild areas is really something stupid!”

Students secretly discussed with low voices.

On the formation projection above, occasionally images would appear showing Ye Qingyu’s actions within the battlefield. Fighting against the pack of demonic wolves had shocked many student representatives. Ye Qingyu’s valiant figure had made many of them secretly apprehensive, but it was only limited to this.

Even until now, they could not see what the impact of Ye Qingyu’s actions would be on deciding the final victor of this grand competition.

And when they saw Ye Qingyu absorbing yuan qi from Heaven and Earth at an astonishing rate, they were dumbfounded. They could not help but feel jealous.

“What’s happening? Could it be that training within the wild areas has some special amplifications?”

“Such a rate of absorbing yuan qi, is too fast!”

“This type of speed… could he have entered into the state of demonic fire?”

Han Xiaofei and Jiang Xiaohan looked at each other, each able to discern the other’s shock and surprise.

They were fourth year students and this was not their first time entering the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. Their understanding of the battlefield was much greater compared to those of the first and second year students. But even they could not be sure that training in the wild areas would have such an amplification effect on the rate of training.

Because previously, in their five opportunities in entering the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], they had not even attempted to enter the wilderness once.

In many of the lessons of White Deer Academy, the recommendation given by the teachers was ‘distance yourself from the wild areas.’ Because the benefits from an area with unknown dangers could not be compared to the benefits gained in the three main canyon roads.

The old teacher who had previously scolded Ye Qingyu for deviating from the trodden path, his face was slightly red.

They currently could not confirm what effect the wilderness had.

The tradition of White Deer Academy, had always been to avoid the wilderness.

Occasionally, there would be students who did not listen, and after tentatively entering the wilderness, they would die experiencing the dangers hidden within. They did not even have a chance to do battle with the opponents, before dying in the hands of the demonic beasts and the dangerous terrains, indirectly confirming the words of the teachers.

But right now…

Even though the faces of the elders were still calm and peaceful, their hearts trembled slightly. Could it be that the wilderness area contained some secrets within?

And at this time, the formation projection suddenly changed, switching the perspective to another place.

Carnage, burned like fire.

Some students with slightly lower strength, before they could discern anything, a fierce battle had already ended in the North East canyon path.

In the projection, the conservative killing of demon rune soldiers by Xia Houwu was shown. However, at this time, his corpse was already lying within a pool of blood, dying through one strike alone. His spirit transformed into a streak of light, flying towards the direction of the headquarters…

Xia Houwu had died in battle!

The person who killed him was a youth around the ages of eleven or twelve, wearing the robe of Azure Phoenix Academy. He had a handsome appearance, a red mole between his eyebrows and a long sword held in his hands with an electric light lingering on the sword blade.

Death in one strike.

This red-moled youth had scorn on his face, his attitude extremely leisurely, as if he had just done something insignificant. He casually stomped on the corpse of Xia Houwu, wiping the blood stains on his sword with the corpse. Shaking his head, the long sword swung out. The light of the blade was like a sky filled with floating snow, tens of rune soldiers turning into ashes immediately. Stream after stream of yuan qi energy entered into his body…

This youth, had never appeared before.

But once he appeared, in a split second, he had slaughtered Xia Houwu.

The difference, was really too large.

The people within [Ascending Heaven Pavilion] seeing this, was shocked speechless.

Disgracing the corpse of Xia Houwu, was obviously an act of provocation. The reason that everyone was silent was not because they did not feel anger or fury, but it was because in the previous three rounds, such a humiliating action had already occurred too many times.

The teachers of White Deer Academy had dark expressions, everyone filled with the look of defeat.

The students that they had bitterly nurtured, in their eyes were geniuses with bright futures, were the pillars that would cause the White Deer Academy to flourish once again. They had placed great expectations upon them, but who would have guessed that in front of the Azure Phoenix students, they were like children learning to walk, without any shred of power to resist.

Such a defeat, how could it not make someone grieve.

Within the crowd, only the old Dean and the head teacher of the first years, Wang Yan had a blank face throughout this, without joy or sorrow. They fully concentrated their attention on the formation projection, without displaying any hint of their thoughts.

“Ai, a crushing defeat, such a grand competition… is not worth watching!” An old teacher sighed, slumping and turning to leave.

There were also several teachers that had disappointment on their faces, about to leave.

“Students that you have taught by your own hands, representatives that you have chosen yourself, even if they are stomped into the mud, you must finish watching their competition.” The gaze of the old Dean stared fixatedly at the projection, his tone determined and resolute. “You are not allowed to leave.” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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