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Chapter 742, Taowu Mountain Range

It was the first time that Ye Qingyu had heard news about the Black Demon Herb since entering the 17th district.

The news was like a glimmer of light on a long and dark road. It suddenly brightened up Ye Qingyu's plans. The moment he heard the news he immediately had an urge to to plunder the entire Taowu Mountain Range.

But the next moment, he was a little hesitant.

He had been searching for it hard but was repeatedly ruined. However, the moment he arrived in the 17th district, the news about the Black Demon Herb had reached him. This was all too coincidental.

More importantly, every time he encountered an attack from experts on this road he would also obtain some seemingly inadvertently leaked news, as though it had been arranged in advance. Could it be another trap waiting for him on this road, just like how the Black Armor Race drew him into the [Fallen God Abyss]?

Ye Qingyu dared not to lower his guard.

But even with that in mind, in the end he still had no other choice.

The terrain of the 17th districtr was incredibly complex, and he did not have the slightest clue about the environment where Black Demon Herbs grew——In the end, Ye Qingyu was not certain whether or not Black Demon Herb existed in the 17th or 18th district. Under such a premise, rather than search everywhere like a blind person, he thought that he might as well try his luck in the Taowu Mountain Range.

At least he would save a lot of time by doing so.

“I’ve already wasted a lot of time in Black Demon Abyss. Since there is a clue now, it is better than blindly looking around.”

After a thought, Ye Qingyu made the decision to continue towards the center of the 17th district.


After an hour.


A stream of purple light cut across the Black Demon qi-filled sky, landing silently on the center of the mountain range of the 17th district.

The dense purple mist flashed slightly, and the figure of Ye Qingyu gradually appeared.

Behind him was a pair of lightning wings formed from the power of the purple Chaotic Thunder Liquid, which was gradually dimming and fading. In order to increase his speed, Ye Qingyu controlled the power of the Chaotic Thunder Liquid to turn into wings, allowing him to travel at lightning speed.

He studied the surroundings.

Ye Qingyu found that the surrounding environment was more terrifying than it was compared to when he had just entered the 17th district.

The boundless rocky wilderness was more like a dead city of Asura.

There was not a single plant, and everywhere was a dead and lifeless atmosphere, like a barren land. The originally eerie and dark fog-like demonic qi was mixed with a strange fiendish blood qi, shrouding the endless dark and gloomy mountain range completely. It almost seemed as if the Heaven and earth were connected into one.

On an unknown valley in the distance.

Within a distance of hundreds of meters was a blood lake formed from the blood and essence of experts of different races.

The mutilated corpses of experts of the Fiendgod Race, Human Race, and Demon Race were floating across the blood lake, which was filled with a mixture of incomparably bloody stench and the complex yuan qi of various experts. As far as the eye could see there were several mountain peak-like corpses of mighty demons experts around the desolate mountain ridges.

After death, demon experts would be returned to their original form. Their thousands of years of life had made their body as huge as a mountain. The corpses of the huge demon experts, although they had already completely lost their life force, still had demonic power surging around. It formed a number of blood-coloured qi waves overhead that directly severed apart the Black Demon qi.

Ye Qingyu looked the hellish scene with a very complicated look flashing in his eyes.

In a fight for treasures, there would surely be bloodshed.

But the scene before him, which was like doomsday, still shocked him. The majority of the fallen experts had been cultivating for many years in order to reach the level that they had achieved. With the stomp of their foot they could certainly make countless creatures tremble and cry in fear, but they were drawn here because of the news of the eruption of the demon tide, and ended up becoming corpses in the wilderness. A thousand years of attainment had been destroyed at once.

With a slight sigh, Ye Qingyu continued into the depths.

However, changes began to happen——


From the sea of Black Demon clouds, suddenly there was a bolt of red and black lightning shooting out, aimed straight at the head of Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes flashed.

He raised his hand into the air.

The red and black lightning froze.

The flowing light, which was flashing red and black, was wrapped in a hand that was sparking with a layer of purple lightning, firmly imprisoned inside.

There was a sudden blaze of black light.

It soon transformed into a red-black spear exuding a fierce killing intent.

The spear issued a deafening roar as it trembled incessantly with a blinding brilliance, like a living being desperately struggling, seemingly trying to break free from the imprisonment. However, Ye Qingyu's hand did not move an inch, completely suppressing the spear.

“What? You... give it back!”

In the sea of bBlack Demon clouds above the Void, suddenly there was a resounding roar of shock and anger.

A young expert broke out of the clouds, his figure like a trailing meteor, rapidly launching attacks from the air.

Ye Qingyu knitted his brows in a slight frown.

He lifted his hand and directly threw a punch toward the slightly surging sea of black clouds.


The figure that just broke out the clouds was instantly sent flying.

With a miserable scream, the young expert fell directly onto a mountain twenty meters away like a broken kite.

As he struggled, several of his bones were broken. He constantly recoiled, until he could no longer activate his qi, and spurted out a jet of blood from his mouth. Helplessly watching Ye Qingyu slowly approaching, his face was twisted with shock and fear.

Just now, because he saw that Ye Qingyu was dressed in rags, riddled with scars, and without a trace of yuan qi, looking like a stray lamb, he did not hesitate to attack.

But he did not expect his strength to be so terrifying that a gentle punch from him was enough to send him flying!

Thinking back to how casual the other side was as he issued an attack, and then to the power of chaos that was contained in that punch, the youngster knew that he really had met a real top expert. He felt his death was coming, and could not help revealing a look of despair that fell over his face.

Ye Qingyu's figure flashed, reappearing right in front of the young expert.

The spear in his hand was still producing a tragic shriek, but the force of struggle was not as strong as before.

“Who are you, and why did you sneak up on me?” Ye Qingyu asked coldly.

“I... hahaha, for whoever steps into the Taowu Mountain Range, either it is you who will die or me. All living beings have been killed or gone bloodthirsty. It doesn't matter who you are, since all the people who have come to take the treasures away are enemies.” The young expert's aura was disorderly. Knowing that he was going die, he did not beg for mercy and instead burst into a state of wild laughter.

In his eyes, there still was a crazy bloodthirsty red light.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

Indeed, greed can plunge people into a state if inexplicable madness.

The demon tide had erupted, and countless treasures had gushed out. It naturally attracted many greedy people that fought over the treasures and slaughtered any person that they may have encountered. The killings among the major forces and sect experts had created the hellish scene that he saw earlier.

The young expert swept his eyes over Ye Qingyu, gritting his teeth, “Why are you asking so much? Attack, I underestimated you, you were in rags and I thought you were an easy target, I did not expect... you were pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, I have no regrets.”

Ye Qingyu, looking at the young expert who pretended not to be afraid to die, couldn't help finding it amusing.

After a thought, he said, “You have been seriously injured and can't do anything now. Since you and I are of the same race, if you leave Black Demon Abyss I can let you live. Otherwise, the next time, you won't have such good luck.”

“You're not going to kill me?” the young expert exclaimed.

As if in this Asura hell, the practice of mercy was abnormal.

“End. Quickly leave.” Ye Qingyu nodded lightly.

“You... fine, thank you. I was wrong before... you are a lot better than the descendants of the Sky Meteor Sect and the Sinful Pit. The mountain does not change, I hope that we never meet again!” The youngster stumbled, activated yuan qi, turned into a black light, and disappeared where he was.

Ye Qingyu gently relaxed his grip.

Freed from the imprisonment, the spear instantly turned into a bolt of red and black lightning and disappeared with a flash of light.

Heavenly Meteor Sect, Sinful Pit?

What kinds of sects were they?

The young expert made a point of mentioning these two sects, could it be that they were some super forces and that their descendants were incredibly strong?

It seemed that there were many sects here to take treasures.

There was caution in Ye Qingyu’s heart.

Including the Saintess of Jade Pearl and the Third Prince of Kaiyang, as well as the Little Princess of the Black Demon Race, Ye Qingyu already knew about many of the top forces that were competing for the treasures of the demon tide.

“Seems like I have to make good use of the time.”

Ye Qingyu continued to forge ahead.

In the following one hour.

Ye Qingyu once again encountered a sneak attack.

The expert saw that Ye Qingyu was covered with injuries and that there was no fluctuation of yuan qi, and so thought that he was an easy target and intended to snatch treasures off him. But he was instead directly struck flying.

But along the way, Ye Qingyu also gathered a lot of new information.

It turned out that the location of the demon tide eruption was in the deepest part of the Taowu Mountain Range. Every place where treasure had gushed out was all turned into a door of darkness formed from the convergence of black demonic qi. At present, these doors of darkness were occupied and controlled by the top sect forces. As a result, the other experts could only watch from a distance and gather the treasures they had missed.

It was for this reason that such a large-scale battle among experts had been triggered.

After all, no one wanted to go through such a dangerous trip but return empty-handed.

But Ye Qingyu also heard that those top sects and forces who occupied the doors of darkness were not at peace with each other. They were also fighting both openly and in secret means, and had led to a large number of casualties of experts and geniuses.

An hour later.

Ye Qingyu could finally see the outline of Taowu Mountain Range from afar.

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