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Chapter 735 Walking on the Void

"This is the second move, and your second to the last chance."

Jiang Xiaohan's figure started to turn invisible and she no longer hid her true self. Only her head remained in solid form, while the rest of her body turned completely invisible and became one with the Black Demon qi that filled the air. She seemed to have become one with the heavens and was now so powerful that one could be driven to despair.

This sparked Ye Qingyu's fighting spirit, and one of his eyes flashed with lightning while the other turned cold and hard. He operated his [Supreme Ice Flame] and [Chaotic Thunder Liquid] frantically. While he did not know how Jiang Xiaohan had become so powerful, he could not help but feel excited at the thought of facing such a powerful opponent.

"[Ice River Rages Forth]... kill!"

He raised his hand and a true dragon formed by ice appeared from his palm, instantly transforming into a gigantic icy river that sealed the area for thousands of meters around. The extreme frost pervaded the air and seemed to have even caused the surrounding Black Demon qi to freeze.

The icy river resembled an ancient mountain range on the verge of collapse and released a powerful roar that shook the heavens as it swept powerfully at Jiang Xiaohan.

"This is merely a pretty spectacle without any true power... the control you wield over your strength is way too pathetic," Jiang Xiaohan scoffed as she saw the gigantic icy river and raised her hand again.

She still deployed her [Black Demon Palm of All Things].


The icy river shook and then shattered.

Almost at the same time, Ye Qingyu's figure moved so quickly it was as if he had the ability to teleport, defying all odds to stand at the top of this icy river.

The icy river changed the direction of its attack. Ye Qingyu's black hair fluttered in the wind, his eyes sharp to the point of being mysterious and ever-changing. At that moment, he looked like a divine king who was descending from the sky on a divine carriage and almost immediately reached beside his opponent.

"Hmm? This is..." Jiang Xiaohan's countenance changed.

Ye Qingyu had attacked from close range in two different ways, but their one similarity was that they managed to easily break past her protective force field. Such a technique was indeed mysterious.

"Freeze the heavens," Ye Qingyu uttered an ancient language and operated the law of mystery.

The temperature of the already chilly world suddenly dropped even further and an immense chill gathered beside Jiang Xiaohan. She had yet to react before the chill completely enveloped her and a large icy mountain crushed her and kept her frozen within.

The [Fiendgod Titled Chart] of the ancient bronze book had recorded countless fiendgod techniques. This technique to control ice was said to be the combat technique of an ancient witch whose veins flowed with icy blood. Ye Qingyu had once researched this technique and found that it was most compatible with his [Supreme Ice Flame]. Now that he finally unleashed it today, it truly lived up to his expectations.

Jiang Xiaohan was trapped within the icy mountain as if she was imprisoned in an icy coffin. She could only feel the terrifying chill everywhere, it was like being burnt by fiery flames, only aiming to freeze her to ashes.

"[Black Demon Palm of All Things]... destroy!" she shouted.

She used a mysterious technique to fan the Black Demon power in her, causing a strange power to start spreading outward from her body. A cracking sound could be heard from the ice mountain as visible cracks formed on the ice mountain that radiated outward.

"So soon?" Ye Qingyu was shocked.

The [Supreme Ice Flame] had the power to burn everything and its technique was based on the operation of his icy blood. Even an expert at peak Immortal Step realm would find it difficult to break past its shackles so quickly. He had not expected this technique to be able to kill Jiang Xiaohan, but her ability to break past its seal far exceeded his expectations.

This thought only flashed past his mind for a moment, but his hands never hesitated as he smashed a palm forth toward the icy mountain. His frozen killing god's icy power rolled forth endlessly as icy true dragons roared thunderously one by one. These dragons circled the icy mountain and ice frothed from their mouths as they spurted ice crystals and quickly fortified the seal on the icy mountain.

Those cracked that had appeared immediately disappeared.

Anger could be seen on Jiang Xiaohan's face as she continued to struggle to break past the ice.

Ye Qingyu heaved a sigh of relief in secret.

He knew that this ice mountain would never be able to hold this woman for eternity, so he operated a 108-word ancient technique. He planned to operate the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to seal her within the cauldron.

At that moment, he sensed an extremely dangerous aura coming from behind him.

It felt like the god of death had reached out and was almost about to grip his neck .

His figure flashed as he immediately used his [Ghostly Shadow] technique to transform himself into a shadow and disappeared from view.

"Ha ha ha.... you got lucky there," Jiang Xiaohan's laughter was full of scorn and derision as it echoed through the void.

Blood suddenly spurted forth from both of Ye Qingyu's shoulders.

Ye Qingyu's face hardened. He opened his mouth and all the blood that flowed out of him transformed into a blood pill that he sucked back into his body.

Silverly flames circled the wound on his back and exterminated the Black Demon qi within his wound. His wound then healed instantaneously.

He looked up and his face turned pale with anger and shock when he saw that Jiang Xiaohan's body was still trapped within the ice mountain.

Ye Qingyu had now already figured out that what was trapped within it was just a phantom avatar.

The true Jiang Xiaohan was floating one hundred meters away, looking at him with derision and scorn.

She had already escaped at the moment cracks appeared on the ice mountain earlier.

Now that she was one with the Black Demon qi, even the tiniest flowing light would be a chance for her to escape, let alone something like a crack on a mountain. The figure entrapped within the ice mountain was just a phantom avatar formed from Black Demon qi.

"Ha ha ha, Brother Qingyu, you're just too dumb. As I've mentioned, I'll be invincible as long as the area has a trace of Black Demon qi. You must be out of your mind to even think of trapping me," her voice reverberated across the Black Demon qi, which formed a strange echo.

Ye Qingyu frowned and protected his ears with the surrounding purple lightning because Jiang Xiaohan's demonic voice affected one's heart and soul.

An average martial arts expert would have already lost control of his vitality and died from his body exploding.

Jiang Xiaohan has already gotten so powerful...what exactly has she gone through? Ye Qingyu thought to himself in shock.

What exactly had she encountered after the Battle of Light City to have turned her into who she was today? Even a peerless genius could not have improved by so much in such a short period of time.

This was a pity.

If Jiang Xiaohan was willing to help the envoy mission of Heaven Wasteland Domain, it would increase their rate of success in the upcoming appraisal process.


Ye Qingyu shook his head. He knew that this was just wishful thinking.

Jiang Xiaohan did not even ask after her birth parents, so the chances of her lending a helping hand to the envoy mission was close to none.

"How does it feel to be injured?" Jiang Xiaohan asked as she drew close to Ye Qingyu.

Black Demon qi raged across the skies and brought along a terrifying limitation to his vision as it pressed toward him like an ocean being emptied.

"You'll know soon enough," Ye Qingyu raised his hand again.

His figure flashed and disappeared from where he was.

A scornful smile danced across Jiang Xiaohan's lips and she used her divine consciousness to control the Black Demon qi that radiated everywhere like water rippling across a river.

The [Fallen God Abyss] was where Black Demon qi was in abundant supply, so Jiang Xiaohan, who had already grasped the magical ability of the Black Demon Race, could never be defeated here. No magical ability nor mystery could escape her.

This was why she lured Ye Qingyu to the [Fallen God Abyss] and also the reason why she chose this place for their battle.


An expression of surprise slowly spread across her features for she could not grasp any trace of Ye Qingyu at all.

It was as though he had completely disappeared within the [Fallen God Abyss].

"How could this be?" Jiang Xiaohan found this completely unbelievable.

At that moment...


She heard a noise that sounded like paper being torn up.

The space where she was at suddenly ripped apart without warning along with everything within this part of the void. Jiang Xiaohan was completely caught off guard and she felt like she was just like a character drawn within a painting that was torn apart. The moment the void ripped apart, her body was also torn into pieces.

"Uh... puff!"

She opened her mouth and a black blood arrow shot out from it.

"This is what getting injured feels like...the Law of Lightning and Thunder - Imprisonment!" Ye Qingyu said as he reappeared.

Lightning surrounded his body and the thunderous roll of thunder could be heard emanating from his body. He resembled a god of thunder that had absolute control over thunder and lightning, his divine authority palpable as he strode forth from the shredded void. He raised his hand and an ancient formation imprinted with purple lightning appeared in his hand. That ancient formation shot toward Jiang Xiaohan's head and unleashed a power of imprisonment to transform into a prison formed from lightning that trapped her within.

"You..." Jiang Xiaohan was shocked and enraged.

Ye Qingyu did not give her the chance. The lightning and thunder that encircled him turned into countless purple streams of light which then transformed into divine swords formed from lightning and thunder that shot incessantly toward Jiang Xiaohan.


The powerful lightning destroyed the heavens.

The ancient formation of imprisonment was destroyed along with Jiang Xiaohan's shredded figure.

Ye Qingyu still did not dare to let down his guard, for he clearly sensed at the moment that Jiang Xiaohan did not perish.

Rather, she made use of an instant of flowing light to escape.

Just as he expected, his body soon tingled with a feeling of impending danger.

Jiang Xiaohan's face had darkened and a trace of blood could be seen on the fair corners of her lips. She gripped a Black Demon sword that was formed by Black Demon qi tightly within her elegant fingers. She was as dangerous as a poisonous snake as she slashed out ruthlessly at him.

The Black Demon sword affected the surrounding Black Demon qi, which reacted like an ocean bursting from its dam.

The surrounding space was almost completely destroyed, causing the rays of light to become distorted and unrealistic.

Ye Qingyu summoned a large longsword from his [Cloud Top Cauldron] and blocked the move with his backhand.


He was thrown backward.

The large longsword in his hand was immediately destroyed and exploded into pieces.

Ye Qingyu's vital organs shook violently and he tasted the sweet taste of blood in his throat. A blood arrow spurted from his mouth, while an empty handle was all that was left in his hands.

This longsword was of the highest quality from the [Refine Armor] while he was at Sunrise City. It commanded a high price and was known as the [Slash of Heaven]. Ye Qingyu had selected a few of those for his personal use, but it had been destroyed by Jiang Xiaohan in an instant as easily as rotten wood.

"Hahaha, Brother Qingyu, you can't keep going on like this. The gap in our strength is far too wide. Bring on your most powerful defense to take this blow from me."

Jiang Xiaohan moved like a tarsal bone maggot and quickly drew near to him.

The Black Demon sword's power increased yet again.

Ye Qingyu's eyes glittered like divine flames.

He could now see that Jiang Xiaohan's sword power drew upon the power of Heaven and earth, and called upon all the Black Demon qi in this [Fallen God Abyss]. It was much too powerful and was not something he would be able to block.

"[Walking on the Void]!" he growled.


His figure flashed as he disappeared from view yet again.


Jiang Xiaohan's sword smashed against the ground and caused the entire [Fallen God Abyss] to shudder as the earth shook with intensity.

"He disappeared again..." Jiang Xiaohan was even more astonished.

Ye Qingyu had once again disappeared without a trace, exactly like the previous time, in the same mysterious manner. Logically, nothing within this [Fallen God Abyss] could escape her control, not even the most mysterious or secretive technique. She should be able to pick out a flaw in the technique, but why was it that each time Ye Qingyu disappeared, he managed to do it so seamlessly?

What kind of technique was that?

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