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Chapter 732 Keep Them All

The Black Armor Race had always been a race whose yuan qi cultivation was weak but physical cultivation was extremely strong. This was best represented by the expert whose physical body became saintly all those years ago. However, it was precisely because of their weak yuan qi cultivation that their resistance toward poisonous forces was very weak.

Generally speaking, even if it was a common poison that invaded their organs and blood vessels, they would quickly lose their combat strength as they would find it difficult to swiftly dispel the poison from their bodies.

This was exactly what was happening to the leader of the Black Armor Race.

Conversely, Huang Tayun was as strong as he always was and the sword in his hand was not of an ordinary grade. As such, he would have been able to impale and cleave an even tougher body, and the terrifying power contained in his sword was sufficient to mince the five internal organs of a wounded person.

He dug the longsword inch by inch into the leader's chest.

His eyes revealed great delight as he heard the leader's wailing voice. He seemed to very much enjoy the pleasure derived from this sort of bloody way of killing.

Subsequently, he pulled the longsword out of the leader's chest at an extremely gradual rate, then revealed a contemptuous expression as he stamped on the leader's head as if he was stepping on a dirty and smelly piece of rubbish.

"Hahahaha, as they say, people die for wealth the way birds die for food. It's a bit too funny that you're talking about trust in the face of benefits." He used his longsword to shear the scale armor on the leader's back as he let out a ghastly strange laugh, "How many origin crystals did I have to waste on you idiots to get this matter done? But fortunately, you all didn't f*ck it up, or otherwise I wouldn't have allowed you all to die so easily. Now, I have to shut all of you up for the rest of eternity in order to claim the other two-thirds of my due reward. Hoho, so what if I take away your worthless lives?"

"You're... so mean.... You.... We're a auxilliary race of the descendants of the Black Armor Race and are under its protection, you... You think your end will be better than ours? The Black Demon Race will definitely hunt you down and make you die a terrible death!"

The Black Demon Race people began to howl and curse as the pain became unbearable.

Huang Tayun did not seem at all enraged by the leader and instead laughed even more wildly.

As if bored of the toy beneath his feet, he struck across with his sword and beheaded the leader without saying anything else. He then gave a casual kick and sent the head flying dozens of meters like a rubber ball.

"Is that so? It's certainly a huge crime to have destroyed the entire Black Armor Race. Perhaps the Alliance of Domains will be alerted, while the Black Demon Race will naturally take revenge for you all. However, it won't be me they look for, hahahaha!" The demon qi- and evil blood qi-filled hills resounded with his unbridled laughter.

Subsequently, he picked a few spots to deliberately falsify traces in.

After doing all this, his figure disappeared above the wilderness.


Ye Qingyu finally reached the bottom of the Fallen God Abyss.

Liquid-like Black Demon qi surged frenziedly in the surroundings, letting out a ferocious scream that was truly suffocating. It no longer became possible to withstand the frightening power contained in the Black Demon qi simply by operating the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] to turn into a silver Sky Dragon. Ye Qingyu had reverted to his human form, with a layer of purple lightning circulating on his body. It was power drawn from the chaotic thunder liquid left behind by the Lightning Emperor.

As a legacy of a martial emperor, the lightning power contained a supreme martial power of laws and was thus able to withstand the frightening power of the Black Demon qi. It was why Ye Qingyu was able to keep going at the bottom of the Fallen God Abyss.

Without it, there was a chance he would have perished somewhere along the way.

"This place is truly terrifying..."

As he surveyed the surrounding environment with lightning-filled eyes, he could confirm that even a half step Immortal Step realm expert would be instantly turned into ashes and smoke in this place.

With the help of the purple lightning's power, he could clearly see up to fifty-odd meters in front of him.

His current position was on top of a strange round rock which was several hundred meters tall.

The surface of this white round rock was extremely glossy and hard. It remained completely unmoved even within the surging Black Demon qi, and furthermore, its surface emitted a faint silver mist which contained a strange spiritual energy that kept the Black Demon qi away.

"This rock is a little odd."

He crouched down and knocked gently on its metal-like surface.

Growing more curious, he generated a force in his palm and pressed it on the surface. Given his present strength, he could even break a divine weapon by using one finger. But instead, there were no marks left on the rock, and a feedback force even surged forth and nearly sent him flying.

"Could it be some kind of divine iron?" he muttered to himself.

He walked down along the rock.

The white rock was a hundred meters tall and took on a spherical shape. The situation was indeed odd.

"Huh? There's a hole here? And two..." Ye Qingyu discovered in shock that there were two large holes of four to five meters in diameter in the middle part of the rock that led into the dark interior.

Out of curiosity, he decided to enter one of them. After all, these type of caves usually contained a great amount of Yin qi and was thus suitable for Black Demon Herbs to grow in.

A while later.

"I never thought the middle part of this rock would be completely empty... Dammit, my luck's terrible." Feeling a little disappointed, Ye Qingyu could not help but curse.

The inner walls of the cave were as glossy as a mirror and were not made from metal but instead a material superior to that. There was not a single crevice or patch of soil to speak of, and thus Black Demon Herbs could not possibly grow - not even a speck of moss or dust could be found. It was as if someone cleaned the place every day such that it was immaculate and shockingly clean.

After walking out of the cave, he looked back.

The giant round white rock wavered between real and unreal, and its entirety could not be seen clearly under the cover of the dense Black Demon qi.

"This rock is very odd. Perhaps it's highly valuable."

Ye Qingyu's heart skipped a beat.

His primary objective for venturing down might have been to pick Black Demon Herbs, but since the abyss was so dangerous and mystical, he hoped to have some other gains as well. From the looks of it, this kind of incomparably hard rock should be worth a fortune - it should at least be comparable to the stalagmites in the Underground Moonlight Immortal Palace of the Clear River Domain, even though the latter was unmistakably a legacy of the former Lightning Emperor, Qin Ming.

"Keep it for me!"

Ye Qingyu summoned the [Cloud Top Cauldron] from his dantian world and chanted a 108-word mantra. An incomparable suction power poured out and kept the rock, of a hundred meters in diameter, into the storage space within.

The storage space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was like a small world of its own that could hold every object in the universe. These days, Ye Qingyu had kept all kinds of weird objects within, but it never became congested and still had lots of space.

"Heh heh, as they say, one must never return empty-handed having entered a treasure mountain."

He laughed.

After this was done, he proceeded forth in search of Black Demon Herbs among the boundless tide of Black Demon qi.

The referable information of the administration hall did not provide an explanation of the Fallen God Abyss, and neither did the map which the Black Armor Race gave him describe the bottom of the abyss. Although impatient, Ye Qingyu could only probe slowly and try his luck in different places.

Of course, he dared not be negligent about the danger mentioned by the elder.

After all, this was a place where saints had fallen.

The Immortal Step realm consisted of nine steps, of which the ninth was the highest step before one became a Saint, and an ordinary Saint nonetheless. One would then have to increase their courage and steel themself by going through all kinds of tribulations before one could become a Great Saint. Among the countless experts of the Vast Thousand Domains, there were many talented heroes and blood lineages of different races, yet only a handful of them would ultimately become a Great Saint. This was indicative of how frightening the strength of a Great Saint was.

Since the Fallen God Abyss could kill even a Great Saint, there had to be something absolutely weird about it.

Ye Qingyu did not dare to be negligent, as confident and well-equipped with all kinds of life-preserving methods as he was.

Lightning power wreathed his body, forming a thick purple lightning armor which covered every inch of his body, including his eyes, mouth, and nose, like dragon scales. Only this way would he not be swept up by the frenziedly surging Black Demon qi as he walked forth step after step.

The environment at the bottom of the Fallen God Abyss was very strange and seemed like that of a place of death.

However, after a while, Ye Qingyu saw that fertile divine soil was scattered in the crevices of the black and thick rocks.

This enlivened him.

Where there was fertile divine soil, there would likely be divine herbs such as the Black Demon Herb - at the very least, it meant that this place was suitable for vegetation to grow.

Ye Qingyu continued to walk forward.

A huge white rocky isolated peak appeared in his line of sight.

Thump thump!

He knocked on the rock.

"Hmm, this is rather similar to the strange round rock from earlier... No, their materials are exactly the same. This contains a strange spiritual energy and must be unusual..." Standing in front of the isolated peak, he felt terribly shocked.

The isolated peak was no more than ten-odd meters wide. One end was buried in the crevices of the black rocks while the other end ascended into the vault of heaven, and the middle section was slightly bent such that its actual height could not be seen clearly. At first glance, it seemed like a giant curved long knife with a very weird structure.

"Why are the structures of these white rocks always so odd... Nevermind, keep it!"

He once again summoned the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and kept the white rock within it.

There would be time after he got out to study this thing and find out what its purpose was.

But instinct informed him that this was no simple plaything.

He proceeded ahead.

Along the way, he discovered to his amazement that there were many more of these white rocks, which came in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and strange structures. The larger ones were several kilometers long while the smaller ones were about half of his height. They were each as glossy as white jade stones, and contained a strange spiritual energy which he could not identify.

They were scattered everywhere in a disorderly fashion. Some were half-buried under gravel and soil, some were stuck in the stone walls, while others were swept floating several dozen meters high in the air by chaotic tides of Black Demon qi... A very strange situation indeed. It was as if the Fallen God Abyss specialized in producing these odd-looking rocks.

Ye Qingyu was most unceremonious. As he proceeded forth, he would keep every single white rock he came across, regardless of its size, into the [Cloud Top Cauldron].
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