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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 71 Entering into the Battlefield

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Chapter 71 – Entering into the Battlefield

Four hours later.

“Naturally, we’ve lost again…”

“The second year has lost so pathetically. They were not even able to obtain one kill… they’re the same as the fourth years, they were completely dominated!”

“From the beginning until now, our White Deer Academy, apart from the five consecutive kills of Blue Sky, has not even managed to kill one person!”

“It’s a pity, that Blue Sky is such a scoundrel. After being in the limelight once he then immediately left and ran away!”

“This is terrible, will we lose so badly that we will never be able to lift our heads high again?”

The students of White Deer Academy’s morale was at its lowest point, simmering with hate and resignment.

“This is the difference between our strength, learn to accept it!” An Azure Phoenix student with his head held high sneered.

“You…” The White Deer students were enraged.

These several Azure Phoenix students, from the beginning of the third round, had stood there. Various types of contemptuous insults and invectives were thrown, showing off their superiority. They angered the White Deer students so much that they felt pain from grinding their teeth, but they had no method to retaliate.

“What about it? With a trash strength and a bad temper. If I was a White Deer Academy student, I would have long committed suicide by ramming myself into a piece of tofu.” A pale female Azure Phoenix student let out a delicate giggle. “I really can’t understand, such a useless academy can enter into the ten great academies. It really makes us, a part of the ten great academies, feel humiliation!”

“You… don’t be too conceited.” A person as muscular as a black bear and looking seemingly simple, stood out. He was so furious that his teeth were about to be ground into dust.

“What about it? Big black bear, you don’t accept this?” The almond eyes of this Azure Phoenix female student sent daggers through her gaze. “Do you believe, in this round, that you still won’t be able to obtain a single kill!”

“This time the person coming out includes Demon King Ye. He can definitely teach your group a lesson, wait and see!” the White Deer student as muscular as a bear said in a low, muffled tone.


“He doesn’t know how high the heavens is or how deep the earth is!!”

“In this generation of first years, they are known as the most talented people of Azure Phoenix in this decade. Especially Junior Brother Xu Ge, he is the future star of the Azure Phoenix, they are enough to completely dominate you bunch of bumpkins!”

The Azure Phoenix students laughed impudently in an exaggerated manner.

A sharp-chinned Azure Phoenix student said a few words next to the ear of the female student with almond eyes.

The almond eyes of this female student brightened, nodding her head with a smile. “Do you dare to have a bet? Big black bear!”

“What bet?” the muscular bear-like student said with anger. “Speak, could I, Xiong Yan, be afraid?”

“Xiong Yan is it? The bet is very simple. If your so called Ye Qingyu is not able to obtain a kill,” The large eyed female student gave the sharp-chinned companion next to her a glance, then he promptly spat a goblet of phlegm on the ground. The gaze of the female student with large eyes held an undisguised challenge and provocation. “Then you will kneel down, and eat this ball of spit.”


“This is too much…”

“How could the students of Azure Phoenix be so unrefined?”

The surrounding White Deer students were in a panic. Such a condition was a complete insult and mockery. These Azure Phoenix students had gone too far, they did not have a shred of culture or elegance.

“What about if Senior Brother Ye is able to obtain a kill? Will you eat this spit?” The big bear-like man, Xiong Yan, asked instead.

“There’s no what about.” The female student with almond eyes coldly laughed.

“This is a bet, then naturally preparations have to be made for your loss. I won’t make you eat that phlegm, such a humiliating act, the people of White Deer Academy are not unrefined enough to force you to do so. My condition is simple; if Senior Brother Ye is able to obtain a kill, then you will kneel down and say three times, ‘Azure Phoenix is garbage’.” Xiong Yan’s gaze similarly had a provocation and contempt. “What about it? If you don’t dare, then just admit it.”

The female student of Azure Phoenix was incited by the contemptuous words and gaze of this burly man. “Who says I don’t dare? I accept, this wager will be decided as such.”

The surrounding Azure Phoenix students began laughing, not worried in the slightest.

It was not possible for Azure Phoenix Academy to lose.

…… ……

“Prepare yourself, the last round is about to begin.”

The voice of the Dean could be heard.

Above the sculpture of Formation Emperor Luoso, five beams of golden light shone out. It enveloped Qin Wushuang, Xia Houwu, Song Qingluo, Song Xiaojun and Ye Qingyu, these five people within.

Ye Qingyu could only feel the vision in front of him blurring, a warm feeling surrounding him, as if he was submerged in hot water. It was also as if something from his body was taken from him…

The next instant, there was a rapid sense of descent.


His legs suddenly touched the ground

The golden light disappeared.

Everything in his vision had changed.

Ye Qingyu appeared on a desolate and ancient nine-meter blue stone altar. On the coarse lines of the rock, a mysterious rune pattern extended, one step by one step, downwards!

Standing on top of the altar, Ye Qingyu looked around him.

On the center of the altar was a normal sized sculpture of the Formation Emperor Luoso. The workmanship was extremely rough, as if it had experienced tens of thousands of years of wind and rain. The statue was covered with mottled surface potholes and possessed vague facial features, but what was strange was that it was still extremely vivid overall.


Abruptly, another four large bangs sounded. Four golden beams of light descended from the sky, and four silhouettes also appeared on top of the ancient altar.

It was Qin Wushuang, Xia Houwu, Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun these four people

For some reason, the time they had descended, was later than Ye Qingyu.

“Brother Qingyu…” At the first instance, Song Xiaojun rushed beside him, her little face rubbing against Ye Qingyu’s arm.

Ye Qingyu patted her head.

“This is the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]?” Song Qingluo took a deep breath. “The yuan qi of Heaven and Earth is much more concentrated than the outside world, this really is a place suitable for training!”

“Welcome to the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. Warriors of the human race, glory is waiting for you!”

A majestic and vast voice resounded throughout the sky.

It was as if these were the words of a deity.

This was the voice of Formation Emperor Luoso.

As the creator of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], the voice of the Formation Emperor was, using a special sound formation, preserved. Anyone who entered into the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] would hear a similar phrase, giving the martial artists of the human race courage and confidence.

“I’m going to the North West road!” Qin Wushuang only said these words, then turned and left.

“I’m going North East!” Xia Houwu also at the first instant made his choice. Jumping down from the altar, he turned and look at the three people left behind, giving them a glare. His tone had a shred of threat and icy coldness. “Don’t follow me.”

Within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] there were the North road, North West road and North East road you could choose from, as well as the three armies within each path.

The position that Ye Qingyu was standing on right now, the altar was the headquarters.

Going down from the altar, there was a palace of the human race around a thousand meters away. There were ten protector statues surrounding this palace and within these statues were defensive runes and formations. When encountering the attacks of enemies, every ten seconds it would emit a destructive light beam. This was one of the powers of the sentries of this palace.

Further from here was a massive blue city wall. It entirely surrounded the headquarters.

The blue city wall had three large gates, which are namely the North West, North, and North East gates. Each of them led to three different canyons.

These three canyons were three paths.

As you followed along the canyons, you could find the flattest path that was walked by the ancient people, heading straight to the headquarters of the enemy. It was also the only paths that the armies could pass through.

Apart from these canyons, the other areas of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] were dense and desolate forests. Filled with wild beasts, spirit beasts, miasma, traps, floods, mountains and rapids, there were unimaginable dangers and obstacles within. It made it so that it was impossible for the rune armies to simply pass through.

After the battle had finally begun, from the headquarters of both parties, there would be endless rune soldiers that would be born. Heading to the three respective gates and following the canyon paths, it would face off against the armies of the enemies.

The rune soldiers in different classes of [Boundary Canyon Battlefields] would have different battle strengths.

This time, the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] opened by the two academies was targeted at the young students, and hence was the most fundamental and basic of battlefields. The rune soldiers that were born, the individual strength of each soldier was very weak and comparable to someone at the first stage of the ordinary martial level.

And for people like Ye Qingyu who had descended onto this battlefield, their role was commanding these soldiers and arraying various traps.

The strength of an expert would be displayed utterly within such a battle. The number of rune soldiers produced by each headquarters were the exact same, with the same batter strength, so the final victor of this battle would be determined by the people who had appeared on both sides.

Only by appearing within this place could you truly experience the perfection of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

This place was as if it were an entirely separate and real world.

Everything was realistic. If you stood on top of the blue city walls of the headquarters, you could vaguely hear from the vast expanse of the pristine wilderness the terrifying roars of the wild beasts. You were able to hear the whistle of hurricanes blowing through the forest, you were able to see peaks of mountains towering within the miasma like ancient beasts…

Within the headquarters, there were many architectures and protector statues.

If these buildings were destroyed, then this would signify their loss.

The aim of the White Deer students and the Azure Phoenix students was to destroy the opposing army’s buildings and obtain the final victory.

“I’ve heard that the flow of time in the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] is different from the outside world. Here, it flows much slower, two hours outside is equal to three days of time here,” Song Qinglou said, as if muttering to herself.

“It’s this, the average time that each round occurred within was four hours. In other words, we need to spend at least six days of time within this world!” Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

From the moment they descended, half an hour had already passed.

After Qin Wushuang and Xia Houwu left, Ye Qingyu and the others carefully observed and noted everything within the headquarters, and only halted when they understood everything clearly. Outside this realm, they had already received the specialist explanations of those old teachers. But words from someone else’s mouth was entirely different from your own personal experience. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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