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Imperial God Emperor 721 - Strange Happenings and a Little Girl

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"What? Even the lil' princess of the Black Demon Race has been alerted?"

"It can't be, right?"

"That lil' princess should be able to obtain anything in the Black Demon Pool she wants. I've heard the legends about her, that she's the most favored and youngest daughter of the former Black Demon leader and that her body flows with the blood of the former Black Demon Emperor. She's certainly a rare prodigy in the Alliance of Domains."

"Exactly. The entire Black Demon Race serves this precious girl as if she's the future empress, such that there's no treasure she cannot obtain. Why would she be interested in the demon tide this time?"

"Perhaps she just wants a bit of fun. Who can tell what a prodigy like her is thinking?"

The news concerning the little princess of the Black Demon Race immediately created a tremendous stir among the crowd.

These people were all extremely powerful experts, yet they could not help feeling somewhat sorry and fearful when the little princess of the Black Demon Race was mentioned.

Ye Qingyu, too, could not help but twitch a little when he heard this news.

He had also heard a few stories about the young princess. The pride of her race, she wielded great influence and possessed unmatched talent. She had cultivated the [Black Demon Wave Watching Sutra] left behind by the Black Demon Emperor to an extremely deep stage, and was considered by the entire race to be their hope for one of them to sit on the martial imperial throne one day.

Why would a figure like this be interested in the demon tide this time?

Unlike the discussing experts, he did not believe that this was just a whim of the princess. Every second of time was extremely precious to a supreme being like her, and she certainly would not do something frivolous on a spur of the moment. There had to be a reason.

Thinking associatively about the turning up of the Divine Sky Sect's and Black Moon Divine Palace's successors, as well as the Four Stars holy girl and the Mizar Race's Third Prince... There was a chance that even more such prodigies would be appearing.

Ye Qingyu became vaguely aware that this irregular demon tide occurrence could be hiding some unknown secret.

He turned to leave amid the discussions


He proceeded deeper into the Black Demon Pool.

It did not matter to him what the demon tide spewed up.

The most important thing for him was to quickly complete the tasks of the domain test and thereafter link up with Yu Xiaoxing and the rest.

Along the way, there would occasionally be foreign race experts passing by who revealed expressions of awe and astonishment when they saw him using the red spear as a walking stick and felt the substantial murderous spirit and killing intent on his body.

The experts of various races who suddenly attacked him once they saw the bounty mark on his body also became fewer.

The red spear was not just a glorious prize of war, but more importantly, a silent warning to his enemies.

News of the impending bursting out of the demon tide had evidently spread throughout the Black Demon Pool. More and more people ventured to the depths of the Black Demon Pool, hoping to claim a share of the pie, even if it was just a matter of luck. The number of hurried-looking experts on the road increased, and save for a handful who were extremely confident in their strengths, most of them arrived in pairs and groups.

In only a short time, this deep zone became considerably more crowded than before, and the site of the massacre became lively.

Another two hours passed.

At a place which was approximately a dozen flights of steps away from the entrance to the 15th zone.

Ye Qingyu's eyes suddenly took notice of dozens of figures on the reception platform at the entrance.

It was a squad which bore the distinct characteristics of the Demon Race.

The skin of these Demon Race experts was abnormally tough and soil-brown, resembling a soil layer that had dried up and cracked. Beneath their body armor which was made from demonic beast hide and ribs, a peculiar evil qi surged and insulated them from the Black Demon qi. Their facial features had evolved no differently from humans, and the only difference was the red mane on the crown of their heads which displayed a different shade of red according to the level of their strengths.

The red manes of the frontmost Immortal Step realm experts gave off a red halo which could hold off the Black Demon qi at a half-meter's distance.

Although these demons had transformed their body shapes into that of humans, every one of them remained looking burly and fiendish. Furthermore, the weakest among them were at the pinnacle Heaven Ascension realm.

If that was all about this Demon Race squad, they would be way too unremarkable among the increasingly lively depths of the Black Demon Pool, and Ye Qingyu certainly would not have paid too much attention to them.

What made him take a few more looks at them was a strange cage, assembled from animal bones and shrouded by surging Black Demon qi, which was within their midst.

Its entirety was made using only demonic beast leg bones, of which every piece emitted a dark evil qi and was infused with the demonic power of a special blood-red formation. On it was formed a thin layer of light screen which could not only prevent anyone from rescuing the captive, but also repel the surrounding Black Demon qi completely.

Within the cage was not some kind of terrifying being.

Instead, it locked up a young girl who appeared no older than thirteen or fourteen years old.

Although she was near-human in appearance, her hands each had seven fingers, while her hair and ears had a few physical features of other races.

Terrified like no other, she curled herself up in a corner in a cute and quiet manner. From time to time, she would timidly raise her head to observe the ghastly and deep environment all around.

Ye Qingyu got a good look at her when she raised her head.

Her crystal-clear eyes were bright and sharp, while her small and thin lips were gently puckered, indicating that she was strenuously suppressing her panic and shiver. Her body was extremely emaciated, such that her shackled wrists looked like fine branches which would snap with a slight twist. Although her hair, face, and peach-red clothing were covered in bloodstains and mud, Ye Qingyu could tell that she was actually a pure, lovely, and fairy-like little girl.

Although her strength was yet unknown, she was clearly not an expert. If it was not for the evil qi and demonic power formation which repelled the Black Demon qi on the cage which confined her, she would never have been able to reach even the 5th zone.

While he was observing the girl in the cage, Ye Qingyu had quietly drawn near to the reception platform of the entrance.

At present, he was no more than a hundred meters away from the group of demons and their cage.

What's the purpose of confining this weak little girl, for this bunch of powerful demons?

Feeling uncertain, he took a few more glances at them.

As he looked at the young girl, whose aura was somewhat weak and whose physical strength was at a minimum, a figure which was wearing a baggy gown suddenly popped up in his mind.

A few years ago, when he first met Song Xiaojun in the White Deer Academy, she was also at this age, and was this pure and lovely.

Both these pitiful girls had to endure a fate which was inappropriate for their age...

Sighing lightly, a hint of compassion showed in his eyes.

In the meantime, the confined little figure seemed unable to bear it any longer and began to tremble. With dry, bleeding lips that looked like a cracked riverbed, she suddenly uttered in a quivering voice, "Uncle, I need... water... need... water... Uncle, can I have water... just a drop."

Her eyes were filled with thirst, timidity, and imploration.



It was a whip that answered her.

An extremely strange-looking whip, which could pass for a black-scaled snake, suddenly flung toward the cage and penetrated the animal bones to lash brutally onto the young girl's body.

"You little bitch, what are you shouting about!? No water... have I not beaten you enough?" Standing near the cage, a demon expert with a long face, a wide nose, and a red mane that hung down from his forehead howled viciously.

Her face full of pain, the young girl tightly bit her lips, which had long cracked and spurted streams of blood.

Like a startled bird, she hurriedly lowered her head, weeping tears that sparkled like jade beads. She did not dare to make the slightest sound, while her feeble body trembled unconsciously and her toes began to convulse from the excessive anxiety.

At this time, another demon expert standing beside the cage noticed Ye Qingyu in the distance.

Perhaps because the latter had been staring at them, the expert stared back. He was approximately three meters tall and had eyes like those of bulls. The mane on his head gave off a faint red light, thereby indicating that his strength was around the Half Step Immortal Step realm.

Observing Ye Qingyu from head to toe, he saw that the latter was covered in wounds and bloodstains, had a weak aura, and seemed extremely haggard and in no fighting shape. A contempt grew in his eyes as he yelled, "What are you looking at!? Scram!"

Ye Qingyu abruptly raised his head with his eyes overflowing with radiance.


He exerted a palm without saying a word.

A chill began to rise.

A silver true ice dragon phantom, which was bursting with an extreme chill, suddenly roared out of his palm.

"You... Puff!"

The demon's countenance changed dramatically, for he completely did not expect that this wretched man would dare to attack him. While he sensed that the power coming at him was not something he could withstand, he was knocked ten meters back even before he could react. A stream of blood poured from his mouth as astonishment and anger grew on his face.

In the meantime.

Ye Qingyu's vigor swelled, causing a bright cold light mist to enshroud him.

Instantly, a chill pervaded the entire reception platform.

Every demon expert felt a bone-piercing chill, as well as a killing intent which burned like a raging flame.

"Who is he?"

"Is he courting death?"

"Slay him."

"Don't let him escape."

The demon experts flew into a fury at once and charged toward Ye Qingyu.

The latter sneered as a hint of killing intent surged across his pupils.

Just then.

Several [Savage Army Demon Race] elders, who had been watching on dispassionately from a distance, suddenly noticed the red coiled-dragon spear in his hand. Their faces turned pale as they exchanged glances and saw the fear in each other's eyes.

"Hold it,” one of the elders shouted.

After ordering all of the demons to retreat to two sides, the elders walked up to Ye Qingyu.
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