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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 70 Five Consecutive Kills

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Chapter 70 – Five Consecutive Kills

In the direction of the White Deer Academy practice grounds, screams and cheers could be heard.

The sounds of the cheers rang throughout the academy, even transmitting along to the guest area of the academy, the living quarters of the Azure Phoenix Academy. These sound waves were like a provocation, becoming louder and louder, louder and louder, about to envelop the entire city.

“Hmph, a bunch of people that have not seen the world. They have only obtained a kill, what is there to be happy about…”

“In the previous round, we killed them like dogs, and they still cheer even now!”

“Ai, you have to understand the pitiful folks in a decaying academy, and their pathetic and fragile self-esteem…”

“Hmph, I really can’t get used to those people. Even those so called nobles, every single one of them is filled with a poor and lowly aura, as if they are rocks in a mud pit…”

Within the guest area, the students of Azure Phoenix Academy discussed these events with an arrogant disdain. They had a noble and lofty attitude that came from originating from the center of one of the wealthiest districts. From their perspective, not even a trace of cheer should be heard.

“Senior Brother He Ying has died in battle?”

“I can’t endure this anymore, I need to go out and have look!”

“That’s right, when they completely lose, we can personally make these scrubby people shut up!”

A suggestion was made, then tens of students replied enthusiastically. They left the area, heading towards the center of the first year practice grounds.

This time the visiting group from Azure Phoenix had over a hundred people, elites from every year. But only twenty people received the right to participate in the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], and the others were all restless from waiting.


“It’s Senior Brother Blue Sky who killed He Ying!”

“Sure enough, the first person to receive a kill, is Senior Brother Blue Sky!”

On the stone mirror, after the name of White Deer Academy’s Blue Sky, there was a kill mark. This represented the fact that he had manage to kill an opponent within the battlefield.

“Senior Brother Blue Sky? This name is slightly familiar, so who is he?”

“Why have I never seen or heard of this person called Blue Sky in my three years here at the academy? He seems to appear rarely.”

“Hush, lower your voice! Blue Sky is that perverted fiend!!”

“What? So he was the lecher that made things in total chaos a while back? His strength was so high?”

“That’s right, it’s him. It’s said that he is a complete thorn in the teacher’s side. Out of ten days, there are nine days where he is confined…”

“That severe?”

“According to the rumours, this Blue Sky is not originally part of Deer City. Only during his second year did he abruptly come to White Deer Academy?”

“Who knows.”

The grounds were filled with chatter.

Students who knew a little about the background of Blue Sky, through a few words, exposed some juicy titbits. The majority of the surrounding people were clueless about him, and became interested. When did White Deer Academy have such a freak?

In the time of their speech, the contents of the stone mirror changed again.

“It flashed, it flashed, another name has been extinguished… Xu Yizhu of Azure Phoenix’s name has dimmed.” People began laughing with mirth and triumph.

On the stone mirror, another person of Azure Phoenix had died in battle.

At the same time, the number of kills Blue Sky had was now two.

“It’s Blue Sky again… This… is too fearsome, it’s really too amazing! I can feel hope for this round again!”

“From now on, this Blue Sky is my idol, I will bow down to him whenever I see him!”

The crowd began heating up.

Compared to the complete domination of the fourth years, no one thought that the third year would create such an unbelievable situation. In less than fifteen minutes, Blue Sky had already killed two people consecutively, instantly making people able to see some hope.

But very quickly, as if this was the response to this valiant feat, the names of the White Deer Academy’s students began to dim.

Lu Lin died in battle!

Qin Yun died in battle!

Zhu Gui died in battle!

Three White Deer students were killed consecutively within the battlefield. What awaited them was resurrection fifteen minutes later, and a second opportunity to battle.

Some peoples’ heart were abruptly depressed again.

“Quickly look. There’s another new change… Chang Jun of Azure Phoenix has perished, he’s died. Haha, he’s really died… behind Senior Brother Blue Sky, he has three kills.”

“Is he able to turn this desperate crisis around? Senior Brother Blue Sky, you must by all means withstand this!”

“Heavens, quickly look, he’s killed another one! Mo Daoyan of Azure Phoenix has been killed!!”

“The kill score of Senior Brother Blue Sky is now four!”

“The crux of this battle will depend of Senior Brother Blue Sky!”

“Ah… our side, has lost another four people… Sigh, it’s hard for Senior Brother Blue Sky alone to reverse a desperate situation. The people of Azure Phoenix, in terms of kill score and number of members left, has already gained a huge advantage!”

“Not good, the name of Senior Brother Blue Sky is flickering… He is suffering a concerted attack!”

“Thankfully he has not died yet…”

“He’s died, Dai Zhide has died! Haha, the strongest of Azure Phoenix has died. He has previously obtained seven kills and now he is dead… it must be the actions of Senior Brother Blue Sky… the kill score of Senior Brother Blue Sky has become five!”

“Haha, delightful! Kill the five representatives of Azure Phoenix Academy, slaughter them all!”

The blood of the crowd began boiling.

At this time, no matter who it was, to be able to win back some face for White Deer Academy, they would become a hero. Even though previously before this battle, Blue Sky had a somewhat bad reputation. But at this instant, he became an existence that numerous people placed their hopes on.

But the next moment, many people were dumbfounded.

“Blue Sky has left the battlefield!”

On the stone mirror, these six words appeared.

At this time, many people became stunned.

What happened?

Why had he suddenly left the battlefield?

Was he not about to turn a desperate situation around? ……

“You… why did you do this?”

Within the [Ascending Heaven Pavilion], a golden light flashed, and a youth was transferred out. His face scarlet with rage, he rushed to question Blue Sky, “Why did you leave? If you did not retreat, we definitely could have withstood another hour… you did this on purpose!”

Golden lights continued to flash.

The three other people of the third year, were also expelled out.

They had already died in battle consecutively three times, and exhausted all their resurrection opportunities. They were forcefully rejected from the battlefield…

“Blue Sky, you need to make an explanation for yourself!!”

“We trusted in you so much, but you didn’t even give us a notification, and retreated alone… you… are you worthy of us?”

“That’s right, we are a team, you would really abandon us…”

These people furiously interrogated Blue Sky.

Blue Sky leaned against a floating stone statue, having a lazy smile on the corner of his lips. He yawned, a perfect picture of ‘your father I is too lazy to explain’.

“Blue Sky, you should say something…” an old teacher also opened his mouth.

Blue Sky gave this old teacher a glare, and coldly snorted.

He turned his head, his gaze suddenly falling upon Ye Qingyu. He laughed mischievously. “Little fellow, let me tell you a little joke. Four stupid pigs with ulterior motives, once they entered into the battlefield rushed near the wild area to kill Spirit beasts and Demonic beasts, doing their utmost to harvest Spirit herbs and rare medicines. When they saw the people of Azure Phoenix, they ran like dogs with tails behinds their legs, and they have no shame, to dare mention the word ‘Team’. Do you think this is laughable or not?”

Ye Qingyu did not speak.

In reality, on the formation projection above the sculpture, everyone had clearly witnessed what had occurred. These four third year students had been really shameless, without the slightest hint of a will to do battle. Conversely, they did their utmost to reap the benefits from the battlefield, purely trying to survive, without the slightest hint of honour.

“How about it? Is this joke not funny?” Seeing that Ye Qingyu had no reaction, Blue Sky again jokingly said, “Then let me tell another. There’s another person that is even more retarded and shameless than these four people, and yet he is still a teacher. He evidently witnessed everything that had happened, and yet asked someone like me, a great contributor with five consecutive kills to explain myself. Do you think this person is a shameless old bastard or not?”

The colours of everyone’s face changed.

If the previous words were just insulting and offensive to his four team mates, then this was acceptable. But this time he indirectly insulted the teacher that had previously spoken, this was complete disobedience and impertinence, reckless and extreme daring.


Veins appeared on Ye Qingyu’s forehead.

“Hey, who are you? I don’t recognize you, why are you telling jokes to me, we are not familiar at all…” Ye Qingyu with a righteous look, stepped back from Blue Sky, a total picture of someone who did not recognize this mental nut case.

Blue Sky was flabbergasted.

He had never thought that this Ye Qingyu’s words would be so blatant and direct, using such a method to distance himself from him… such words were like indirectly asking for a beating. This Demon King Ye was even more brazen than he had imagined, and far more interesting.

Blue Sky abruptly broke into loud mirth and chuckles.

“Old Dean, this guy is too arrogant!”

“He is simply ignoring the elders!”

“He definitely has to be strictly punished!”

More teachers and elders stood out, condemning Blue Sky.

Ye Qingyu was somewhat rejoicing in Blue Sky’s disaster, silently cursing Blue Sky in his heart for trying to drag him into trouble with the elders along with himself. It seems like the relationships of Blue Sky with other people were not that great. Why was it that every teacher had righteous indignation on their faces, as if this Blue Sky had stolen their daughters…

“En, everyone’s words are reasonable. No need to worry, I will handle this.” The old Dean gave a glare at Blue Sky, angrily saying, “Nonsense, it seems like you don’t have a long memory! What are you waiting for, obediently return to the [Grievance Hall]!”

“Dean, this…”

“It’s the [Grievance Hall] again?”

“This can’t be?”

Everyone was speechless.

Every time, no matter what wrong Blue Sky had committed, the Dean would always give Blue Sky a glare and then order him to go to the [Grievance Hall]. Counting up, in this year alone, eighty percent of Blue Sky’s time was spent within the [Grievance Hall]. Although from the perspective of the rules and regulations of White Deer Academy, this was normal, but the problem was, very evidently, the [Grievance Hall] did not pose as any sort of punishment or threat for Blue Sky.

Time and time again, when such a punishment was given out, everyone felt that confining Blue Sky to the [Grievance Hall] was instead a reward to him.

“Fine I’ll go! You old fool when you need me, you’ll release me from the [Grievance Hall], but when you don’t need me anymore, you’ll just confine me again! You are really the worst!” Blue Sky was extremely speechless, but he honestly departed and left for the [Grievance Hall].

It seems like he would still obey the words of the Dean.

After the end of this little episode, the atmosphere of the [Ascending Heaven Pavilion] once again returned to seriousness. Especially the second year students about to participate in the third round, every one of them had already fallen into a state of nervousness they had never experience before…

“Just pretend it’s a practical battle training!”

The old Dean let out a sigh, not saying anything special. At this time, words of encouragement, were useless. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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