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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 69 The First Kill

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Chapter 69 – The First Kill

“So there’s still a chance?”

“Let’s first wait and see!”

Everyone clustered in front of the stone mirror anxiously. Especially when a name brightened, they would stop breathing, afraid of missing anything.

“This is terrible. Senior Brother Li Mingxin’s name has flashed again… it’s extinguished… this is his second resurrection?”

“From the beginning until now, the names of the people of Azure Phoenix Academy has not even flashed once!”

“The name of Senior Brother Han Xiaofei has also been extinguished…”

“The bright red light has greatly surged, they have already taken over sixty percent of the territory… The White Deer Academy is at an absolute disadvantage, this will be terrible if this goes on…”

“Senior Brother Li Mingxin’s name has been extinguished again… this time he will have to completely withdraw from the battle!”

“Senior Brother Han Xiaofei’s name has also been extinguished three times. He has been transferred away from the battlefield!”

“How can it be like this? The people of Azure Phoenix Academy has not even had their names extinguished even once!”

“The name of Senior Sister’s Jiang Xiaohan, has been extinguished twice!”

“The name of Senior Brother Han Shuangfu has been extinguished once!

“Only Senior Sister Bai Yuqing’s name remains completely intact.”

“We have only three people left, the chance of victory is remote…”

“This is dreadful, our first line of defense, the protector statue, has fallen. The Azure Phoenix group is currently attacking our second line of defense, with signs that it can fall at any second!”

“If there cannot be a meaningful and effective counter attack, we will lose for sure this round!”

Time passed second by second.

Everyone’s heart became worried and anxious. The tide of the battle gradually shifted to one side, making everyone standing on the side of White Deer Academy’s hearts to hang in suspense. If they lost so decisively in the first round, then this would not bode well for the later battles.

Could it be that the Azure Phoenix Academy was impossible to win against?

Could it be that the difference between the two great academies, was really so large?

Everyone was fretful and impatient as ants on a hot wok.

“Quickly look…” someone suddenly cheered. “Liu Ye of Azure Phoenix Academy’s name has flashed… it’s about to be extinguished…”

Everyone seeing this began to be animated again.

There would finally be an Azure Phoenix student that would be killed.

This was really too great; they had waited for this moment for so long. Even if they only killed one person, at least it would vent some of their anger, at least they would look better than if they were shaved completely bald.

But very quickly, the excitement and enthusiasm was mercilessly doused with a bucket of cold water.

The name of Liu Ye, after a brief period of intense flickering, did not extinguish.

And at the same time, the names of Han Shuangfu and Jiang Xiaohan of White Deer Academy were completely erased.

“This…” Within the hearts of everyone, an icy cold sensation spread.

“This is fine, the name of Senior Sister Bai Yuqing has not even been extinguished once… In the end, she has protected and defended the last honour and glory of our White Deer Academy …”

Before his sentence had finished.

The name of Bai Yuqing also extinguished.

No one spoke.

A deathly silence.

…… ……

Within the Boundary canyon battlefield.

The murderous screams were like boiling tar.

The corpses of Han Shuangfu and Jiang Xiaohan lay under the protector statue that had lost its ability to attack, and was in collapse and ruins.

The five people of Azure Phoenix Academy surrounded from all sides. A sword was stabbed through Bai Yuqing’s abdomen, fresh blood dripping down. Her tight fitting white battle dress was dyed red, withering like a white rose, her figure slowly crumbling…

What made the proud goddess’s heart fill with icy despair was not her injuries but the strength of Azure Phoenix Academy.

Seeing that the momentum of White Deer Academy was gone completely, Bai Yuqing together with Han Shuangfu and Jiang Xiaohan wanted to rely on the power of numbers to kill a member of Azure Phoenix Academy. That way, they could at least obtain a kill…

This was an ambush that had been long planned.

They also borrowed the attacking force of the protector statue, hoping to succeed in one strike. Although the situation was unsalvageable, but at least they could win back a shred of face.

Who would have guessed…

The three person ambush was not able to kill Liu Ye, and conversely, the rapid reinforcements of the four people of Azure Phoenix Academy came to kill them. Jiang Xiaohan and Han Shuangfu was slaughtered in the blink of eye, and she herself was heavily injured…

Bai Yuqing looked at the approaching Azure Phoenix Academy, their expressions filled with cold sneers. She did not hesitate in the slightest, her long sword slashing, cutting her swan-like neck across the throat, blood spurting out… …… ……

[Ascending Heaven Pavilion].

The faces of the people of White Deer Academy were ashen.

The four people who were forcefully ejected from the battlefield, Li Mingxin, Han Xiaofei, Jiang Xiaohan, and Han Shuangfu all had their heads held down, tightly clenching their fists. Their complexion was embarrassed, not even daring to utter a single word.

On the space above the sculpture of Formation Emperor Luoso, a gigantic projection was clearly visible.

Within the projection was namely everything that happened within [Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

After the four people were forcefully ejected, White Deer Academy only had Bai Yuqing left to bitterly defend – but such a defense was like the fight of a caged beast.

Vast numbers of the Azure Phoenix demon rune soldiers had already destroyed the three layers of defense of White Deer Academy. Under the direction of the five students of Azure Phoenix students, the total collapse of White Deer Academy was only a matter of time.

Bai Yuqing did her utmost to resist, one against five. This could only lengthen the time till defeat by a little.

When battle had already reached such a point, in reality they should have directly surrendered.

But Bai Yuqing bitterly endured. Only after being killed in battle three times, and was expelled from the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], did the battle end. The headquarters of White Deer Academy loudly collapsed. The first battle had ended.

White Deer Academy had lost.

Completely and utterly lost.

Silent people gathered in front of the sculpture of Formation Emperor Luoso. On the student representatives, there were both shock and unwillingness to accept this reality. They could not accept that the first battle was finished in such a humiliating manner, shocked at the powerful strength of the Azure Phoenix students.

Han Shuangfu and Bai Yuqing, were known as the strongest within all the students of White Deer Academy. They had the support of strong Spirit weapons and possessed unique battle techniques. Within the eyes of the White Deer Academy students, they were an existence they could never win against.

But even those two people could not even obtain one single kill.

The people of Azure Phoenix Academy, were they not too strong?

The White Deer Academy students that originally had utter confidence in themselves, at this instant, felt a wave of coldness pass through them. The next three rounds, it was most likely already determined.



“We’ve lost… sigh, we’ve lost just like that!”

“Disgrace, not one single person has died from Azure Phoenix Academy. This is complete domination. Could there really be such a great difference between the two academies?”

“Aaaaa, I even felt that my talent was not bad and my strength was close to those people. I also thought that afterwards, in this great wide world, there is no place I cannot go, but the result is… So our White Deer Academy is so weak. I really am filled with foolish conceit, a frog at the bottom of a well!”

“This is really too embarrassing!”

“The people known as the five strongest among the fourth year lost so tragically. Hmph, they should have causally chosen a few people to enter since the result will be defeat anyway!”

In the practice grounds of the first years to the fourth years, people were still tightly clustered in front of the stone mirror. After cries of shock and distress, such a result was like cruel slaps on their faces, a fiery stinging pain being felt.

They could accept losing.

But losing to such an extent was enough to make someone break down.

The morale collapsed like an avalanche.

At the same time, the news spread out rapidly throughout the entire Deer City. A dusky cloud covered and enveloped the entire city, the oppressive atmosphere making people feel incomparably stifled. They could only let out a low sigh.

One gained glory, the other lost it.

White Deer Academy was the face of the entire Deer Mountain Range and area. If such a tragic loss was spread out, the nobilities would be laughed at for numerous days by the people of the other regions.


[Ascending Heaven Pavilion].

“Start the second round.”

The old Dean had no expression whatsoever. No one could tell what he was thinking in his heart.

Above the Formation Emperor sculpture, a second later, five beams of light shot out. It shined on the five representatives of the third years. After the light had disappeared, the figures of these five people were also gone, being transferred within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

There was total silence.


In front of each stone mirror.

“The second round has started…”

“Sigh, I estimate that there is no hope anymore…”

“This difference is too large!”

“I only hope it is not complete domination…”

“It would be great if they could obtain a kill, even if only just once!”

The White Deer Academy students’ morale had fallen so low that they were nearly about to directly kneel and pray. They had always thought they were the favoured children of Heaven. Within Deer City, as long as they mentioned they were White Deer Academy students, they would possess a superiority, and would be known as nobles who did not have a title of nobility.

If they completely lost in this grand competition, from now on there would be not one person who could walk around Deer City with their head held high.

The information and figures of the second round appeared on the stone mirror.

This time the White Deer Academy was the red party, and the five students represented the Demon race. And therefore, the Azure Phoenix students were the blue party, commanding the Human race.

Within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], both parties had a choice of several powers. There were various race patterns they could choose, such as the Ghost race, Beast race, Demon race, Human race and even the Devil race or Divine race.

But within today’s Heaven Wasteland Domain, the influence of both the Human race and the Demon race was the largest. Their relationship was also extremely tense. So therefore, within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], they would often choose a mode that fought between the Human race and the Demon race. This would allow martial artists from a young age, to familiarize themselves with the human military and the army of the Demon race, knowing the method of battle, habits, powers and special attributes, completely grasping it. When they fought in a later battle, they would not be at a disadvantage from inexperience.

“The battle has begun!”

“I’m too nervous, I don’t dare look!”

“Someone’s name has flashed… it’s a name from Azure Phoenix, the one flashing is really a person from Azure Phoenix Academy… Eh? It’s extinguished,” someone suddenly shouted in shock.

“He Ying of Azure Phoenix Academy’s name has been extinguished, it’s really extinguished!”

“What’s happening? Could my eyes be mistaken?”

“It’s true, someone has really died in battle from the Azure Phoenix Academy! Everyone quickly look, can you confirm, could it be that my eyes are not functioning?”

“Who killing He Ying? Their speed is too quick!”

The White Deer Academy students were originally so nervous, they were in a death-like state. They were gathered in front of the stone mirror and was in an apprehensive mood. The sudden explosive news, in an instant, caused the crowd to erupt in applause and cheers. The group of people was like a handful of salt scattered on a hot pot of oil, completely bubbling and fizzing! Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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