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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 68 The First Round

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Chapter 68 – The First Round

Formation Emperor Luoso, was one of the Three Sovereigns.

After tens of thousands of years of suffering, the human race had already established a position within many of the different domains. Their living conditions were improved by countless times with the freedom of their entire race. The legends regarding the Three Sovereigns and the Five Emperors motivated generations and generations of human warriors to defend the rights of their race.

The Heaven Wasteland Domain that Snow Country was situated in belonged to one of the many civilizations that followed in the path of the formation civilization. Therefore, the worship of their martial ancestor, Formation Emperor Luoso, and being able to see the sculpture of the Formation Emperor in the heart of the White Deer Academy, was extremely normal.

But this was the first time that Ye Qingyu had witnessed a sculpture that was so massive.

Under the gaze of the Formation Emperor, Ye Qingyu felt that he was as minuscule as an ant.

And evidently in this gargantuan statue, there was a difference from the normal sculptures outside. A visible pale yellow aura lingered around its entire body, as if there was a mysterious energy that Ye Qingyu had no way of sensing.

After staring at this sculpture for so long, a strange thing began to happen—–

Ye Qingyu’s vision suddenly became blurred. There was a hard to suppress dizziness, and the facial features of the sculpture began to move like ripples, the eyes as if they were blinking.

It was as if in the next instant, the sculpture would be able to come life.

And at the same time, a sacred and solemn feeling emitted from the statue of the Formation Emperor. It spread throughout the entire space, causing the people who could sense this to feel the need to bow down and surrender in awe.

“Within this sculpture, there are some obscure meanings…”

Ye Qingyu was secretly dazed.

He did not know whether others had a similar sensation.

As he turned his head to observe the other people, he discovered that they were still in the midst of seriously listening to the lecture of the higher ups of the academy without any abnormal signs. It seemed that this sculpture of the Formation Emperor did not affect them in the slightest.

And at this time, Ye Qingyu abruptly felt a gaze that had always focused on his figure, filled with an invasiveness, brazenly evaluating him up and down.

He turned his head around and saw Blue Sky staring directly at him.

Seeing that Ye Qingyu had discover him, Blue Sky did not turn his gaze away. Instead, he laughingly perked up his eyebrows, greeting him in his own special way.

Ye Qingyu hesitated, then returned with a smile.

He remembered that Wen Wan had once said, when Liu Yuanchang of the government office had suspected him of killing Liu Lei and was about to capture him, it was this Blue Sky who had unreasonably beaten him, forcefully protecting Ye Qingyu.

Even though he did not understand why Blue Sky would help him, but Ye Qingyu appreciated and was grateful towards this uninhibited and rebellious young man.

“Fine, the things that need to be said has been said,” the final summary of the old Dean was said, his voice becoming much louder. “I believe that everyone has already chosen a Spirit weapon that you are satisfied with. Even though this is a temporary loan, but for you there are definite benefits. As long as you assimilate it with care, even though you have only used it for several days, it will be a great aid in helping to raise your strength…”

“I’ve long prepared!”

“This time I will definitely give the people of Azure Phoenix a lesson!”

“Haha, with the [Raging Flame Roulette], I can directly face martial artists with ten Spirit springs. Hmph, I will definitely give a fierce lesson to that Azure Phoenix student Lin Baiyi!”

“The [Ice Cold Heart sword] has given me a very large inspiration, I have broken through again in these two days!”

The students in high morale all displayed their emotions, showing an absolute confidence.

Ye Qingyu could sense the inexplicable confidence of these people, as if they had found the winning tactic that they could use to gain victory against the Azure Phoenix students. He realized, that the various rumours were real. The White Deer Academy had really ‘borrowed’ many Spirit weapons, and distributed it within the hands of the geniuses entering the grand competition…

But the problem was, as one of the participants, why did he not receive any Spirit weapons?

As Ye Qingyu was wondering, a thought appeared in his heart. His eyes were able to catch Qin Wushuang’s gaze filled with contempt and disdain.

“There are several students who did not manage to obtain a Spirit weapon. This is as when the army lent several Spirit weapons to us, on the way of transport, a small problem appeared. The academy has already sent four elders to go collect it, before tomorrow’s battle, it should be able to reach your hands…”

The head teacher of the first year, as if she suddenly realizing something, looked at Ye Qingyu and the others.

Ye Qingyu’s gaze was able to notice, when hearing such an explanation, there were several people who emitted out a breath of relief. They displayed an expression of unloading a heavy weight from their shoulders. They should be the people who did not manage to receive a Spirit weapon.

Only Blue Sky was lazily leaning to one side, letting out a short laugh.

“From now on till the start of the grand competition, all the competitors will stay here. There are specialist teachers and elders here that can solve your problems, whether it be regarding cultivation or the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], you can ask anytime…” the old Dean said with a wide smile.

A cheer was let out from the students instantly.

To be able to reach the personal teachings of people like these elders was a chance that was hard to come by. Especially the elders that had appeared, were experts that were famous within Deer City. Normally, they rarely appeared within the academy, how could the students not be excited?

Ye Qingyu’s heart was moved.

He also had some small problems regarding cultivation that needed some guidance.

But he did not think, that the situation was completely different from his imagination.

After consecutively asking two or three old teachers, either their response was bland or their answers was pretty much the same as those from books, without any new insights. He attempted to tell them of the things that he had gleamed from the two booklets, to confirm that it was real, but the result obtained was a scolding…

“You have already gone against the established rules!” an old elder said with an angry glare.

“But…” Ye Qingyu still wanted to say something.

“This child cannot be taught.” This old elder closed his eyes and waved his hands, the very picture of someone who would not speak anymore.

Ye Qingyu could only give up.

…… ……

At the same time.

In the guest area of White Deer Academy.

The Azure Phoenix Academy’s living quarters.

“The people of White Deer are really laughable. They’ve really gone and borrowed Spirit weapons. Haha, have they become crazy from wanting to win so much?”

“What’s the use of having a Spirit weapon? Can they be compared to the Azure Phoenix even then? Haha, I’ve already completely assimilated my Spirit weapon a year ago, the people of White Deer Academy are really too poor…”

“We cannot underestimate them too much. It is said that in these past years, White Deer Academy has recruited several geniuses that we need to pay attention to, such as that Bai Yuqing. Her strength cannot be ignored. We cannot have blind confidence, to prevent capsizing in the shallows!”

“Oh, that’s right, that Blue Sky…”

“We are better off not provoking that fellow. He is a person that can make the number one genius of the ten academies Dan Chenzi have a headache… However, with his power alone, he cannot change the final outcome!”

“I really don’t understand why that monster Blue Sky would enter the White Deer Academy?”

“Eh, Junior brother Xu, why are you not speaking? Are you thinking of something?”

“Yes, I’ve thought of a person that perhaps can be a slight hindrance to us.” Xu Ge snapped out of his daze, retelling the story of his meeting with a White Deer Academy student in the public library. “That person is strong, I can sense it. He seems to be called Ye Qingyu…”

“Ye Qingyu? Haha, interesting. In the previous days some people of White Deer Academy secretly contacted me. They ask me to pay special attention to several people, with one called Ye Qingyu who is on this list…”

“The people of White Deer Academy has contacted Senior Brother Yin?”

“Yes, they are really a bunch of schemers and plotters. A grand competition that involves the honour and glory of their entire academy, and these so called geniuses, rather than uniting, instead conspires against each other… Haha, really a pitiful group of people!”

“If this really continues on, sooner or later White Deer Academy will be finished!”

“That’s right, Senior Brother Gong, why can’t we see Elder Chen and the others in these days?”

“Elder Chen has an important matter to take care of, there is no need to worry. Just prepare well for the grand competition. I hope for no careless mistakes to be made, otherwise when Elder Chen’s rage is upon us, no one can escape the blame.”

“We will follow your orders, Senior Brother Gong!” …… ……

The morning sun rose.

In the center of the practice grounds of every year group, it was packed with a sea of people. Especially in the area in front of the stone mirror, it was completely full and brimming with students. Countless gazes focused upon the stone mirrors.

“Has the grand competition started?”

“Soon, soon!”

“Who’s fighting in the first round?”

“I’ve heard that it follows the yearly classification, the first round should be between the fourth years of the two academies!”

“Can we possibly win?”

“I don’t know, Senior Sister Bai, Senior Brother Han, their strength is unfathomable, they have a chance of winning…”

The crowd gathered together, discussing and chattering.

On the stone mirror, although they could not witness with their own eyes the happenings within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], but the mirror would continuously announce in real time the accomplishments of both parties, the contrast of power between both sides, individual accomplishments, battle losses, kill scores, death scores and more…

Through these statistics, one could judge the situation within the battlefield and determine which side held an advantage and which side was about to face defeat!


A loud sound of a bell resounded throughout the entire campus.

The emotions of everyone became excited and heated.

“It has finally started!”

“The first round will start!”

“Both parties need to enter the battlefield?”

“The names are displayed… The blue names are White Deer Academy, the red names are the Azure Phoenix students… Quickly, look, the names of Senior Sister Bai Yuqing, Senior Brother Han Xiaofei, Senior Brother Han Shuangfu, Senior Sister Jiang Xiaohan, and Senior Brother Li Mingxin’s names are indicated…”

“This is too exciting, the battle is about to begin…!”

“It seems that at the moment, both parties have not acted against each other yet …”

“I’ve heard that within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], everyone’s strength will be suppressed to the same level by the law of this realm?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never entered!”

“Eh? What’s happened? Senior Brother Li Mingxin’s name has suddenly lighted up…”

“Not good, he is under ambush!!”

“His name is erased…”

“Senior Brother Li Mingxin has died!”

“So quick!”

“This is too fast, could it be that Azure Phoenix Academy is really that amazing? You have to realize that Senior Brother Li Mingxin has a title called [Palm Sword Absolute], in the previous internal grand competitions, he has rarely met an opponent…”

“Eh… what? Quickly look, the name of Li Mingxin’s name has brightened up again, could it be…”

“I’ve heard that within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], everyone has three chances to resurrect. If you are killed in a row three times, then you will directly be transferred away from the battlefield, departing from this battle.…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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