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Imperial God Emperor 688 - Ruin of Chaos

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Chapter 688, Ruins of chaos

Of course, the major events of Heaven Wasteland Domain would be known to Ye Qingyu right away.

Although Empress Yu Xiaoxing was busy with political affairs, but as before, every one month, she would remove the imperial armour, crown, the white dress, and come to the Light City to meet up with Ye Qingyu, even if it was just for half a day.

Only Yu Xiaoxing knew that, over the past year, the unstable factors of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the rebellious forces in the dark, and the branches of races against the imperial rule, as well as many difficult things and problems were secretly dealt with by Ye Qingyu.

More often, Ye Qingyu was reflecting.

He knew very clearly that, since his strength had reached the current boundary, it was already impossible for him to hope to have a large degree of breakthrough in a short period of time. He could only quietly rest, recuperate, and enhance his state of mind, in order to make progress, and to the greatest extent, bring out the strength that his body already possessed.

Because the power that Ye Qingyu had in his body was very terrifying.

His martial arts was extremely complex and varied. In addition to the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart], there were also the nameless breathing technique that was handed down and the skills imparted by the million-year-old mysterious divine soul awakened in the Snow Dragon Nest, as well as the deep meaning of the 108 ancient symbols from the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. Adding to all this, he possessed the power of ice, lightning, and thunder. Although his destructive power was very strong, it was never systematic.

His combat power was strong, but he still had not achieved integration.

He had only been able to display less than half of the real power he had.

This led to Ye Qingyu's martial arts being filled with countless flaws, and not being completely integrated.

Usually Ye Qingyu could almost ignored these flaws as it may not cause much trouble for him, but if he wanted to advance further than the Immortal Step boundary, then he must, like a blacksmith, bit by bit, hammer out all the martial arts flaws of his body. By doing this, it would allow his martial arts, will, and combat power to integrate into one.

There had been many peerless geniuses in the past. There were even martial arts experts who had set foot on the quasi-martial arts emperor boundary, but as they were attacking the final martial arts throne, because of the flaws and gaps on them, they ultimately failed at the last hurdle, lost their cultivation base, and vanished from heaven and earth.

Ye Qingyu must not go down that road.

The good thing was that, for him, there was still time to achieve this.

With his cultivation reaching the Immortal Step boundary, Ye Qingyu needed a period of time to ponder over and to consider his future martial arts path.

To finally embark on the path of a true expert, Ye Qingyu must find his own unique martial arts path.

If he was to continue to follow the footsteps of his predecessors, walk along the path that others had already traveled, and passing off other people's opinions as his own, he perhaps may climb some mountain peaks and seize some scenery, but it was absolutely impossible to go to the absolute summit where there was an awe-inspiring view.

The Immortal Step boundary was an important step on the road of yuan qi martial arts.

Previously, Old Fish had said something similar to Ye Qingyu, and a year ago in Clear River Domain the Young Lord of the Immortal God Emperor Sect had also mentioned that before.

Therefore during this period of time, he had been pondering, been trying.

The organization of Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps naturally was left for the Empress Yu Xiaoxing to complete.

What Ye Qingyu needed to do was wait until everything was ready, and with his own choice of people, together enter the [Ruins of Chaos] where the Domain Alliance was situated, and fight for the independence of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

And the actual day came by very quickly.

Wu Zhao Empress Yu Xiaoxing acted very quickly, the preliminary list for Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps was placed on Ye Qingyu's table after the third day.

Ye Qingyu carefully considered the list, added some people, and also removed some people.

The day of departure to the [Ruins of Chaos] soon came.

Early in the morning, as the sun was slowly rising, after a grand and solemn ceremony, the 3,100 people selected for the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, led by Ye Qingyu and Empress Yu Xiaoxing, stepped into the Central Domain Gate and officially began the journey of fate.


A boundless world of nothingness.

The dark and boundless starry universe.

Deep, quiet, and without a trace of life force.

Here it was complete darkness, like an isolated, silent corner, and even more like a world existing independent of time and separated from space.

In the distant darkness there were starts constantly changing, flickering indefinitely and innumerable, as though they had been carefully cleaned and glittering.

No one could say exactly how big the world was on this side.

What mortals see, the situation was limited; what the extraordinary see, the things of the world were boundless.

In the dark void.

It was not completely empty.

A rectangular black rocky plaza of more than thousands of meters in radius and more than one meter thick was floating quietly.

In the ocean-like ruins domain, the strange black square was simply a black shadow as small as a sesame seed, quietly swimming between the stars, endlessly, like a little boat floating above a boundless ocean, with no purpose or direction.

The black rocky surface was covered with gullies, with a dark halo of light faintly penetrating from the rocks, and strange forces bubbling up in the rock layers.

On the square.

A layer of wind containing an incomparably tyrannical power wrapped the black plaza. The milky white wind layer was about three or four meters thick, soft and tranquil, and flowing with a terrifying power of laws.

And outside the wind layer, ashy grey chaotic mist of chaos was surging wildly, like tens of thousands of roaring dragons and wild beasts hovering in the perimeter of the wind layer, forming an erratic storm of chaos.

The storm, powerful and fierce, ripped apart the naturally derived stars outside the wind layer, and was mixed with the numerous star fragments.

The starry storm was like an ancient beast caught in a state of madness, roared and opened its ferocious mouth, revealing its hideous and terrifying fangs, and sought every opportunity to bite at the ruins domain.

On the North side of the rocky square stood a huge black stone gate that was a thousand meter high.

The black stone gate, made from some unknown material, radiated an ancient aura like it had gone through the great changes of the world. It had been standing for an unknown number of years and suffered the attack of time, but still looked very unadorned and unpretentious. It had not had additional carving and ornaments, just exuding a dark halo of light.

Under the light were a number of criss-cross blade markings.

These markings that had not faded with the passage of time, made the isolated black stone door appear older and more mysterious.

Below the stone gate.

Standing left and right of the stone gate like two stone statues were two seemingly strange but mysterious elders.

The old man on the left had a ruddy complexion, a strong body, and somewhat oversized. He was wearing a dark red robe similar to his hair colour, which snugly fit his body, like a quilt was draped over him.

His dark red hair was like a blazing flame on top of the old man's head, and with a pair of small eyes on his round and pale face, he looked like a chubby dough inlaid with two little charcoal briquettes, and his neck was hidden in the layers of fat.

The most bizarre thing was that his big, fat ears were almost at his shoulders. He was seven feet tall, but his round and bulging stomach seemed to have taken up three feet.

The chubby old man, like the Maitreya Buddha, was smiling all the time, and occasionally stroked his belly under the red robe. In this world of nothingness where there clearly was no warmth and climate, he was perspiring heavily, his forehead beaded with sweat, and looked extremely strange.

And beside him, there was another person. He had the exact opposite expression to the chubby old man. His face was cold and indifferent like a thousand-year-old ice. He was a nine foot tall, skinny, long eye browed elder.

The old man was clad in a water-blue robe, with a golden tassel belt strapped around his waist. His hair colour and brows were frosty white, covered with a bizarre cold aura. He stood there expressionless, motionless, more like a human statue carved from ice.

More bizarre was that the skin of the thin old man was in a state similar to a crystal, somewhat translucent, and the blood surging under the skin was also emitting a dark blue glow.

“Finally here...” The chubby old man was smiling as before, but his eyebrows were slightly knitted together, looking at the stone door from time to time.

The skinny old man gave no response, as though he had already fallen into a meditative state, motionless.

The chubby old man seemed to not mind in the slightest and said with a smiling expression, “Calculating the time, it is about right, hurry up...”

Clearly the two strange old men were waiting for someone.

After several moments——

A strange wave of power spread from the black stone door.

The originally black stone gate suddenly erupted out a silver brilliance, flashing into a silver liquid-like water screen, which gently rippled and shrouded the whole huge stone door completely. It was incomparably magnificent.

The ripples of water flickered.

Constantly there were people coming out of the water screen.

They were the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.

The person in front, clothed in white, black hair draped over his back like a waterfall, handsome, exuding an Immortal aura, a roughly polished but incomparably glossy jade hairpin on his head, a white puppy sat crouching on his shoulders, glowing like a precious jade stone all over and radiated a refined and scholarly manner, was the strongest War God of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the Lord of Light Palace Ye Qingyu.

Immediately behind him was a beautiful woman

The woman wore a long dress with a golden and red pattern, and her fine black hair was drawn into a bun which was diagonally inserted with a golden hairpin dotted with blood-coloured gems. Her complexion was as bright as snow, like a lotus flower, remarkably beautiful and elegant. Her eyes were bright and sparkling like pearls, but with a hint of ice-coldness and the majesty of an Emperor. It was the Empress of Heaven Wasteland Imperial Court Yu Xiaoxing.

And behind them, Left Minister Qu Hanshan, Luo Yi, Ximen Yeshui, Wen Wan and other people also successively came out, looking at the world beyond the stone door with curious eyes——
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