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Imperial God Emperor 686 - The first year of Heaven Wasteland

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Chapter 686, The first year of Heaven wasteland

Things seemed a little unusual.

Logically speaking, a domain that had just reached the level of receiving a rating should not have aroused the attention of such a large force. But given the current situation, could there be other secrets hidden in Heaven Wasteland Domain?

Ye Qingyu had a bad premonition.

Looking at the shocked Jiang Xiaohan, Ye Qingyu was about to say something, when a loud boom broke out. Venerable Lord Ao’s metal statue doppelganger, which had lost its spirituality, ruptured.

“You destroyed my doppelganger. You deserve to die. I will personally turn your head into a chamber pot.”

Venerable Lord Ao’s cold and cruel voice echoed out from the strange silver metal dust. His every word was like an order of the God of Death. The harsh cold voice turned into a mysterious force that came rushing toward Ye Qingyu, as though it was to leave a mark on his body.


Ye Qingyu let out a snort as [Supreme Ice Flame] enveloped his whole body.

The silver ice flames were incomparably bright, like divine flames.

Despite frantically engulfing over, the sinister power in the end was unable to touch Ye Qingyu's body in the slightest.

In the air, the silver metal dust began to disperse away.

What made Ye Qingyu surprised was that, even though there was nowhere to escape, Jiang Xiaohan was still gone.

There was a faint fluctuation of space energy left behind in the air.

“She was taken away?”

Ye Qingyu roughly sensed that, after the metal doppelganger of Venerable Lord Ao had ruptured, it seemed that he was able to manipulate a wisp of space law, and took away Jiang Xiaohan. Even if he had previously laid out a cold ice formation across the walls of the Nine Serenities Palace, he had still failed to stop him.

That Venerable Lord Ao really was terrifying.

Ye Qingyu had no intention to chase after him. It probably was better for her to go. If Jiang Xiaohan really was trapped here, Ye Qingyu also would have no idea on how to deal with her.

Sheathing the [Blood Drinker Sword], Ye Qingyu sat down on the ground, and began to operate the nameless breathing technique, restoring his yuan qi.

He seemed to have won this battle effortlessly. But in fact, it was full of danger. If Venerable Lord Ao was not exceedingly arrogant, and underestimated the remarkable ability of [Blood Drinker Sword], Ye Qingyu may not have been able to destroy one of his doppelgangers and most likely would have been engulfed in a tough battle.

It was after a full hour before Ye Qingyu had finally recovered completely.

He searched the entire Nine Serenities Palace, and finally in a dark chamber of the palace, found the imprisoned desert Brute King Shi Potian and rescued him. It could be said that he had averted a catastrophe by doing this.

Venerable Lord Ao and the others had planned out this plot very well in the Nine Serenities Palace. Not only was it unknown to all Desert Brute Race masters, they did not arouse the attention of the Desert Brute Race imperial court.

Brute King Shi Potian was incredibly grateful, but also saw the grim situation today. After a chat with Ye Qingyu, he unconditionally agreed to the conditions of the Snow Empire.

Ye Qingyu had finally completed the goal of this trip.

After solving the matters of the Northwest Desert Brute Race, the four major foreign races as well as the Three Sects and Three Schools had all chosen to pay allegiance to the Snow Empire. His patrol of Heaven Wasteland Domain had come to a perfect end. It was finally over.

The Light Palace rose slowly from the yellow sandy desert.

A space crack, like a broken cloth torn by bare hands, spread across the void. The palace cut across the waves of clouds, sand and dust and into the crack, disappearing without a trace.


The next moment.

Overhead of the Snow capital, the sunlight sprinkled over a mass of thick clouds.

Like a giant ship braving the waves, the Light Palace all of a sudden pierced through the crack of the clouds, reappearing in the sight of the people of the imperial capital.

The delicate and fine golden light seemed to be adding a golden plating over the black ink-stone Light Palace. The sun enveloped the palace, shining with boundless radiance.

The Light Palace eventually descended on the Light City, and as before, keeping hundreds of meters away from the ground, it was suspended above the Underground Spirit Spring Sword Pit.

Ye Qingyu appeared, and then went to the Crown Prince imperial residence to see Yu Xiaoxing. Half a day later he left, returned to Light City, and shut himself inside.

Snow capital had undoubtedly become the centre of attention of Heaven Wasteland Domain. There were constantly diplomatic corps from the four major foreign races coming after a long and difficult trek to the capital. Ever since the Battle of the Light Palace, there were, once again, foreign race experts stepping foot into the Snow capital. But what was different from the last time was that, this time the envoys appeared extremely humble and did not cause any trouble in the Snow capital.

The situation had become clearer.

The foreign races had acknowledged allegiance, the sects had surrendered, and now all were waiting for the birth of the first Empress of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Time flashed by.

Two months passed by in a twinkling.


Two months later.

Lang Yong of the Two Rivers Gang, in accordance with Ye Qingyu’s previous order, selected one hundred children who he saw were talented and had great power of understanding into the Light City.

Next day.

The Central Domain Gate was opened again.

Ye Qingyu personally escorted Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er, Li Ying and Li Qi as well as the one hundred children to the Immortal God Emperor Sect of Clear River Domain.

The Immortal God Emperor Sect, was once the only imperial court sect in Clear River Domain, and had more than thousands of years of foundation and history. Its martial arts essence and strength were far beyond the imagination of many people.

Ye Qingyu was well aware that for Bai Yuanxing and the others, continuing to cultivate in Heaven Wasteland Domain was not the most beneficial choice for them in terms of enhancing their strength. If it were a mature domain in comparison such as Clear River Domain, coupled with the training of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, then it will be more beneficial for them to go there than to stay in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Moreover, to choose such an arrangement at this time, Ye Qingyu had other, deeper, intentions.

This time the trip to Clear River Domain was extremely rushed.

Ye Qingyu did not pay a visit to Hu Bugui, Liu Shaji, and the others, and after a brief exchange with Nan Tieyi of the Immortal God Emperor Sect, had to return to Heaven Wasteland Domain alone.

He returned to the Light Palace and continued to cultivate in seclusion.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye half a year past by.

In the past six months, Ye Qingyu had been training in the Light Palace.

Given Ye Qingyu’s current strength, he was surely undefeatable in Heaven Wasteland Domain. But he was very clear that the Domain Alliance that he was about to face was more terrifying than the top experts in Clear River Domain. Therefore he must be stronger, in order to protect his home and family.



Six months later.

In Heaven Wasteland Domain, which was wildly beating with gongs and drums, in preparation for the Empress to ascend the throne, something major happened yet again.

The Domain Alliance that had been quiet for a long while, finally made a first official appearance before the major forces of Heaven Wasteland Domain. It issued an inspection order, and that it would send special envoys to formally come to Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Such news, such as it had grown a pair of wings, very rapidly spread throughout Heaven Wasteland Domain.

This day had finally arrived.

Three days later, from the Central Domain Gate in the depths of the fire tree woods, ripples of light were scattered out once again. The domain gate was opened wide, and stepping out were one hundred experts, their cultivation all equally at the peak of the Heaven Ascension boundary. They came from different domains, from different races, but all had the same identity.

Special envoys of the domain patrol.

Before Heaven Wasteland Domain was officially accepted for grading, as representatives of the domain grading inspection, and as carefully selected by the Domain Alliance, they would be dispersed throughout Heaven Wasteland Domain in order to gain direct and in-depth understanding of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Ye Qingyu watched over Light Palace, while he sent out Gao Han and Luo Yi to personally greet them.

Three days later, the hundreds of inspection envoys left Snow capital, and went deep into all areas of Heaven Wasteland Domain, to prepare for the investigation before the domain rating.

Before they left the Snow capital, the Snow Empire's imperial family had also arranged a number of elite generals to assist the domain inspection envoys, but they refused.

The inspection task of the domain rating was a kind of secretive operation. After it had officially begun, the special inspection envoys would no longer have contact with each other. As though they had sank to the bottom of the sea, they completely disappeared from the eyes of all people, taking on different roles and identities, in order to objectively and truly and effectively understand Heaven Wasteland Domain.

All one hundred envoys were carefully selected by the Domain Alliance. After they easily transformed into a a member of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain or even a foreign race, they were distributed in different places of Heaven Wasteland that the Domain Alliance had sent them to. During that period of time, there must be no interference and contact between each other.

In other words, once these special inspection envoys walked out of the Snow capital, people of Heaven Wasteland Domain and even other special envoys will no longer be able to find traces of them or receive any news.

For Heaven Wasteland Domain, their real test had finally arrived.

The empire had tried to track down these inspection envoys, but in the end, all attempts had failed. Eventually Crown Prince Yu Xiaoxing issued an order to forget all attempts.

The integration of the empire was still progressing in an orderly manner as before.

One month later.

The most sensational moment of history had finally arrived.

The Snow Empire issued a high supreme order to Heaven Wasteland Domain.

This was the most historic stroke since the establishment of the Snow Empire.

This was the most epoch-making event in Heaven Wasteland Domain for millions of years.

A black jade imperial order flashing with a cinnabar red light, streaked across the sky from the imperial court of the Snow capital, like the sun in the vast sky. It flew to the eighteen provinces of the Snow Empire, and the major cities, as well as the four major military departments on the border, and the major sects and foreign forces of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Snow Empire changed its name to the Heaven Wasteland Imperial Court.

The Imperial Court ruled the three major races: the Human Race, the Demon Race and the Brute Race.

The next day, the imperial family's Crown Prince Yu Xiaoxing was dressed in the Emperor's garments, and under the witness of tens of thousands of people, including the Lords of the major provinces, leaders of the military divisions, the four foreign race Kings, as well as the Patriarch of the major sects and forces, held a ceremony to formally ascend to the throne, becoming the first Empress of Heaven Wasteland Imperial Court in history.

The land of the Human Race was re-divided into five major regions, Northern area, Southern area, Northwest area, Northeast area and the central Plains.

And the land of the foreign races was divided to the Desert Brute King, White Mountain Black Waters Brute King, the Water Demon King, and the Snow Ground Demon King, the four major Kings.

The title of the Empress reign was Wu Zhao.

This year was the first year of the Empress's reign over Heaven Wasteland Empire.

A brand-new era, the golden era that innumerable people had long awaited for, had finally begun.

Even though the sun and the moon did not rest, the world changed constantly, but this unprecedented day in the whole of history would inevitably cross the barrier of time and space. It would forever remain in Heaven Wasteland Domain, and remembered in the hearts of everyone——
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