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Imperial God Emperor 680 - The world trembles

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Chapter 680, The world trembles

Leaving the White Mountain Black Waters Brute Race territory, it was peaceful all along the way.

The Light Palace hovered over the clouds, like am Immortal palace, moving slowly Northwest.

Ye Qingyu as before maintained a patrolling speed of neither too fast nor too slow. The solitary palace was like an emperor going on an inspection tour, although there was no flag or drums, but the pressure and awe that was brought with it were greater than a grand display of flags and drums.

In fact, from the beginning, the news that the Light Palace would inspect the world, like a gust of violent wind, had rapidly spread across Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Many people did not think that the inspection would, in such a short period of time, trigger Heaven Wasteland Domain to quake like it was being struck by a tsunami or earthquake.

Because just today, shortly after Ye Qingyu left the Snow Ground Demon Court and the White Mountain Black Waters Brute Race, the news of the two large foreign imperial courts submitting to the Snow Empire's heir Yu Xiaoxing, and the alliance of the Snow Empire imperial court and the two foreign race imperial court, were announced to the world at the same time, and shook the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain.

No one knew how Ye Qingyu did something like that.

Under the gaze of countless important people from all across the world, this miracle happened just like that. It gave the living beings of Heaven Wasteland Domain the feeling that, wherever he walked, the land would be lit up, and become the territory of the Snow Empire. He walked past, he conquered, and he became a legend.

This was a sign of the coming of a new era.

This was the signal of the beginning of a new era in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

In the millions of years since the birth of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the Snow Empire Human Race was the first race group to open up the era of imperial rule, and now the empire of the new domain was about to make all other foreign races surrender to them, forming a unified domain and uniting all citizens. A change that the many other mature domains had not achieved.

The news also greatly raised the spirit of the military divisions and people in the Snow Empire. All of them applauded and cheered, overwhelmed with emotions.

An era of peace and prosperity.

An era away from war.

An era in which mutual exchange of assistance and common prosperity can be achieved.

The major provinces and towns in the Snow Empire, after receiving such news, had been continuously drumming, singing, and dancing.

Of course, not everyone wanted to see such a scene.

The hidden undercurrent was secretly surging in the darkness.


In a twinkling, three days of time went by.

The Light Palace passed through the central area of the Three Sects and Three Schools and other forces.

The sects and forces had been waiting in front of their respective mountain gate upon receiving the news to greet the Light Palace, their attitude extremely humble and respectful.

After the Battle of the Light Palace, the power and sphere of influence of the sects were greatly weakened by the ploughing of the Snow Empire military, and the situation within the major sects had changed dramatically.

The current Patriarch of the Violet Seven Stars Sect was known as leader of the younger generation of the Three Sects and Three Schools, the [First Whip] Dragon Whip Jing Qiming.

That year, the former Patriarch and the Seven Star elders relied on help from the Right Minister, and finally were buried in the sword pit. The Violet Seven Stars Sect's reputation declined as a result and no longer had the status of the past.

Although Jing Qiming’s character was rather arrogant, he was still considered as a young elite who can adapt to circumstances. After he learned the results of the Battle of the Light Palace, he immediately led the remaining disciples to seal the mountain and protect themselves, which was, to a great extent, preserving the power of the sect.

Another who also made the same decision of sealing the mountain was the current Patriarch of the Sunset Great River Sect, known as the most outstanding disciple of the younger generation, Quan Zhendong.

After learning that his father and a large number of Sunset Great River Sect disciples were buried in the Light Palace, Quan Zhendong followed the suggestion of the other elders and initiated all the protection formations of the mountain gate. And since then there had been no other news.

After Quan Zhendong and Jing Qiming received the news of the Light Palace’s arrival, besides taking the initiative to meet the Light Palace, they also timely surrendered to the Snow Empire. They actively expressed the willingness to become attached to the Snow Empire, promised that the Violet Seven Stars Sect and Sunset Great River Sect would serve the Snow Empire's military.

As for the Dragon Tiger Sect, since the incident in Youyan Pass, [Sacred Tiger Son] Zhao Shanhe died in battle, the tiger faction collapsed, and the two factions Dragon and Tiger that had been divided for many years finally became one under the [Sacred Dragon Son] Wu Shanglong. The disciples of the Tiger faction involved were also one by one investigated thoroughly and sent to Youyan Pass, which was also considered as giving the Youyan army and Ye Qingyu an explanation.

During the Battle of the Light Palace, the Dragon Tiger Sect was not involved. They had instead acted in a low-profile manner, closing their doors and isolating themselves in cultivation..

Because of this, during the year when the sect forces were being transformed, the strength of the Dragon Tiger Sect increased rapidly, and had faintly become one of the leading sects in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

After the Light Palace entered the territory of the Dragon Tiger Sect mountain gate during its patrol, Ye Qingyu appeared. He ascended the Dragon Tiger Mountain alone, and talked for about an hour with the [Sacred Dragon Son]. No one knew what the two people discussed, they only knew that the Dragon Tiger Sect, which had never asked about the affairs of the imperial court and the dispute between sects, after the Light Palace left, issued the sect order that from that day the Dragon Tiger Sect has surrendered to the Snow Empire imperial court.

In the evening, the Light Palace then came to the Matchless Blade City.

The current famous Matchless Blade City Lord Qin Zhishui, led a number of disciples in the city to come meet Ye Qingyu and the others ten miles outside the city.

Unlike other sects, Matchless Blade City had always had close ties with the Snow Empire.

As everyone knew, Qin Zhishui was Ye Qingyu's good friend.

From the conversation with Qin Zhishui, Ye Qingyu learned about the present situation of Matchless Blade City.

Ever since he returned to the Matchless Blade City a year ago, he was elected to succeed to the position of City Lord. This year, with the support of the empire, the power of the Matchless Blade City had greatly expanded, and was now already firmly ahead of the Three Sects and Three Schools and other forces. With this strength, Matchless Blade City had suppressed all the little sects and forces to the west of the central plain, to surrender to the Snow Empire imperial family.

In this year Qin Zhishui also had been diligently practicing following the great changes of heaven and earth, and now his strength had reached the seventh step of the Heaven Ascension boundary.

During their conversation, Qin Zhishui also mentioned the Deer Cauldron Sect.

In the Battle of the Light Palace, the damage that the Deer Cauldron Sect suffered was the deadliest. When the news of the death of the Patriarch and the elders reached back to the sect, the disciples were all vying for the position of Patriarch and internal fighting broke out, resulting in a large number of casualties. Finally, the sacred son Wang Yifeng became the Patriarch, but the internal damage he suffered was too severe. There were only a few people in the Deer Cauldron Sect and it would be difficult for it to be revitalized.

Shortly after, Qin Zhishui mysteriously giggled and handed a scroll to Ye Qingyu, which was the documents of surrender the Deer Cauldron Sect and other sects.

As such, the sect forces, represented by the Three Sects and Three Schools, was formally joined by the rule of the imperial court of the Snow Empire.

Early morning of the fifth day.

When the first ray of morning light penetrated the mist, the Light Palace rose again, like a tremendous ship cutting through the waves, slowly ascending into the sky. In a flash, a space ripple cut across the sky, with an incomparably tyrannical imposing manner, leaving Matchless Blade City.

An hour later.

Hundreds of miles away from the Matchless Blade City.

The Light Palace pierced through the clouds and moved slowly towards the Northwest.

Ye Qingyu stood in front of the divine palace, looking at the sloping hills being changed into a landscape of mountain desert in a daze.

Ever since Ye Qingyu destroyed the old monsters of the Ancient Human Race Sects plan of disturbing Heaven Wasteland Domain, he knew that the forces behind them would not leave the matter at that. For example, the mysterious people such as the Sky Demon old ancestor still had made an appearance, therefore, Ye Qingyu was always on guard.

But along the way, it was strangely calm.

It was as if the old monsters who were trying to start up chaos had suddenly fallen asleep again.

What exactly was the reason, or did they have another plan?

Ye Qingyu was not sure for a moment.

At that time-----


A streak of white shadow like a flash of lightning all of a sudden cut through the void wall barrier, speeding towards the Light Palace.

“Snow owl?” Ye Qingyu’s eyes flashed.

He reached out his hand toward the white shadow above the clouds. The snow owl shook its wings, and after hovering around the Light Palace, steadily landed on his arm.

The shape of the snow owl resembled an eagle, and was a flying animal commonly used to send urgent messages between the Snow Empire’s imperial family. Its eyes were red and sharp, and its snow-white feathers were speckled with many black spots. It was born with the ability to cross space and search for people. It was a rare species of spiritual bird, that only the Snow Empire imperial family was able to keep and therefore there were not that many of them.

The snow owl affectionately rubbed against Ye Qingyu’s cheek, producing a joyous low chirp.

On its neck hung a faintly glowing black jade flute.

Ye Qingyu smiled, put the jade flute to his ear, and Yu Xiaoxing's voice very clearly spread out.

Ye Qingyu heard the message and couldn't help smiling.

It turned out that an hour ago, the Water Demon Court had sent a message to the Snow Empire. From today onwards, they were willing to surrender to the Snow Empire and the envoy in charge of submitting the surrender document was already on his way to the Snow capital.

Ye Qingyu was not very surprised by this.

Because this matter most likely had something to do with the man and dog who went missing in Youyan Pass.

Ye Qingyu knew that Old Fishhad gone to the Southern waters.

The Water Demon Race could be regarded as the disciples and followers of Old Fish.

The Light Palace continued ahead.

Half a day later.


Strange changes appeared again.

From the Northwest direction of the sky, a long arrow emitting a brown halo suddenly pierced the clouds.

As the long arrow neared one hundred meters of the Light Palace, it was stopped by a tyrannical force. The tip of the arrow dropped, and the body of the arrow trembled as it issued a low buzz.

Holding his breath in deep concentration in the palace, Ye Qingyu all of a sudden shot open his eyes. Lightning flashed, stars and clouds surged, and the aura emitting from him was extremely terrifying.

He made a grabbing motion in the air, and the long arrow that was hundred meters away was firmly caught in his hand.

This arrow was not made of metal or animal bones, which were commonly used as weapons, but rather a blunt block similar to soil being kneaded together.

Brushing off the dirt, a brown light screen suddenly emerged in front of Ye Qingyu.

Northwest Desert Brute King...

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