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Chapter 676, Below there is an old friend of mine

As a Deputy General of Commander Burning Snow for decades, his most trusted right hand, White Bear Demon was the one most loyal to Burning Snow and they had the closest relationship. Besides the relatives of Burning Snow, the one who was the most upset and indignant with Burning Snow's death was him. Otherwise, he would not have frantically commanded the entire Southern Incline army to attack Youyan Pass.

When Commander Burning Snow was assassinated, White Bear Demon was not far away. His eyes cracked upon witnessing the process, but he failed to catch the murderer. He could not forgive himself, and after that, the murderer had disappeared without a trace. There was no way he could avenge him, and so he blamed himself every day.

At this time, to see the murderer again, Deputy General White Bear Demon almost erupted.

Even if he were no match for the two Human Race experts, he would still fight with his life.

And from White Bear Demon's reaction, the other demon clan leaders immediately knew that the two Human Race experts opposite were indeed the people who killed Burning Snow. The White Bear family was known for its loyalty and genuineness, and White Bear Demon was the most prominent and bravest warrior in his family, known for his honesty. Even if he were to pretend, it certainly wouldn’t be this realistic.

Ye Qingyu's power was blooming, pushing White Bear Demon to one side.

At the same time, he lifted his hand and performed a grabbing motion in the air.

[Supreme Ice Flames] transformed into a giant silver blazing hand, penetrating through the space cracks, and directly sealed and dragged the two shocked Human Race experts through the space-time cracks, slamming them to the ground of the main palace hall.

Two strands of silver flame like silver ropes twisted around the two demons.

“You... who are you?” the Human Race expert roared with shock and anger.

He could not believe that, even with his cultivation, he was dragged and captured by the powerful force without resistance. Thousands of years ago, he was already regarded as an invincible existence in Heaven Wasteland Domain... Could that young man be the incarnation of a Fiendgod?

The other scarlet red-haired man was more well-informed. Suddenly it dawned on him, “It's you, you are Ye Qingyu, you... your strength is so powerful, you are helping the Demon Race to catch us, you’re taking the side of the enemy.”

Ye Qingyu didn't respond.

He turned to White Bear Demon, saying, “I leave them to you. I also deeply regret Burning Snow's death. Your Ancient Demons also attacked my Youyan Pass. This matter, let’s leave it at that. The Youyan army and the Southern Incline army do not owe each other anything.”

White Bear Demon gradually calmed himself down, awakening from the state of madness.

Looking again at Ye Qingyu, he became incredibly respectful. In accordance with the etiquette of the Demon Race, he respectfully bowed to Ye Qingyu and said, “I have vowed that, who catches the murderer of Commander, my White Bear family will be willing to listen to his orders, help him out three times with the power of the whole family. Although you are a human, I will not go against my words. Palace Lord Ye, thank you.”

At this time, in the whole hall, there was almost no noise.

Ye Qingyu had sealed the strength and voices of the two experts of the ancient sects. They were unable to utter a word.

And the other thousands of demon clan leaders, witnessing the terrifying power of Ye Qingyu, were also trembling with fear, speechless. The Demon Race was inherently brave, and if they came across an expert, they would never act so weak. However, the strength and methods that Ye Qingyu had shown were too frightening and strong, so strong that it made them shudder. This was an instinctive reverence.

Ye Qingyu handed over the two Human Race experts to White Bear Demon. He did not say anything else, and directly left the main palace hall.

The thousands of demon clan leaders watched the departure of the Human Race War God.

There was silence in the main hall.

The stillness of the atmosphere, if people did not know, would have thought that a ceremony to commemorate the Demon God was being held in the main hall. It was as solemn and sacred as the son of god was being coronated.

It wasn’t until the white-clothed and black-haired man slowly strode away from the main hall, and disappeared in the sun outside the main entrance, that the demon clan leaders were able to breathe a sigh of relief. That towering mountain that seemed to be pressing down on their head was finally gone.

The demon experts were all speechless with shock.

The quarrels and discussions from before seemed to have become meaningless.

Even the most foolish and stubborn demon expert, at this moment, also would understand that under the incomparably tyrannical strength of the Human Race War God, they could only bow their head before him and accept his arrangements. Otherwise, waiting for Snow Ground Demon Race was complete extinction from this domain.

And those who were previously furious at the Snow Ground Demon King's decision all suddenly understood the old Demon King.

More importantly, they suddenly felt that the conditions proposed by the Human Race Crown Prince, if carefully thought over, were indeed very favorable to the Demon Race. They should try to accept them. Perhaps, as the Snow Ground Demon King had said, this choice would bring prosperity to the Demon Race.

Sitting high on the ice throne, Snow Ground Demon King curved his lips.

He knew that the biggest obstacle had been eliminated.

It was completely eliminated with the shocking strength of Ye Qingyu.

Today, the reason why he allowed the Human Race War God to, in front of so many demon clan leaders, capture and kill the murderer of Burning Snow, in addition to giving the Demon Race an explanation, was to let all the impulsive and reckless demon leaders see what his real power was. It was to let them understand what kind of existence determined and dominated the Heaven Wasteland Domain, let them lower their blind and arrogant heads, throw away their ignorance and self-esteem, and begin to seriously think about the survival of the whole Demon Race.

Of course, there was a hint of reluctance in the Snow Ground Demon King's heart.

The era that belonged to him, it was over.

The era that belonged to the Snow Ground Demon Race was also over.

From now on, the ruler of Heaven Wasteland Domain was born.

It was not the Empress of the Human Race who was about to ascend to the throne.


After walking out of the Demon Race main palace hall, Ye Qingyu did not stop again, and directly left the Demon God Snow Mountain.

All the things he had to do were all done.

The following matters, would need the old Demon King himself to plan and implement.

As for how Yan Buhui was going to ascend to the Demon King throne, how to persuade the demon clan leaders to accept Lu Heng, these matters did not require Ye Qingyu’s concern——If the old Demon King was unable to settle these matters, then his hundred years of the Snow Ground Demon Racerule really was just a joke.

With Ye Qingyu's current strength, he could travel back to Youyan Pass with one thought.


Once he returned to Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu was not in a hurry to leave.

He took Luo Yi and Ye Congyun with him to patrol the city and examine the formations again. He selected some defense formations in the ancient bronze book suitable for the border fortress, and further strengthened the defensive ability of Youyan Pass.

In addition, he then selected more than ten secret places and set up some special formations.

When necessary, the defense could be used in an offensive, and at the same time produce a warning alert that Ye Qingyu could perceive.

It was a kind of a precaution.

After some rearrangement, coupled with the original formation that had been constantly strengthen by formation masters for decades, the formation of Youyan Pass was able to resist even the attacks of Heaven Ascension experts.

Early morning of the second day.

The morning light at the edge of the snowy border was white and soft. The snowy mist gradually thinned. Like being washed by spring water, the clear blue sky set off against the snow field was incomparably bright

After Ye Qingyu said farewell to Lu Zhaoge and the others, he once again activated the Light Palace to rise again.

The palace sailed towards the Northeast direction, the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race.

He stood at the entrance of the main palace hall, overlooking the landscape and rivers below.

“Palace Lord, Spiritual Elder and your battle pet have not returned yet,” the new bodyguard, Luo Yi, stood on the steps outside the palace and cautiously reminded him.

“Spiritual Elder?!” Ye Qingyu exclaimed, then immediately blushed with shame.

He suddenly remembered that day in Deer City, the drunk Old Fish vigorously pulled Luo Yi over to talk with him about his glorious success. Then he clutched onto Luo Yi's armour, making a fuss that Luo Yi must call him the super invincible inspiration king.”

“Don't worry, in Heaven Wasteland Domain, there is no place that they cannot enter or leave. Let them do as they please.”

Ye Qingyu gently shook his head, a faint smile on his face, as he gently caressed a sea blue jade pendant that was similar in shape to a water droplet in his hand.


Half a day later.

The Light Palace, which cut through the clouds, finally slowed to a stop, hiding above the clouds in the sky.

Below was a stretch of lush land.

This was the territory of the Snow Empire, and they were nearing the Northeast province of the empire.

Below was a range of mountains extending endlessly.

And between the mountains was a very strange landscape. From afar, the features of the mountains were like a beautiful six-petal crape myrtle flower blooming among the violet mist. The jade-coloured mountains around resembled a slightly clenched huge palm, and protected in the palm of the hand was a noble flower radiating a violet glow.

Ye Qingyu turned to Luo Yi, asking, “Below should be the Violet Spiritual Mountain.”

Luo Yi carefully observed around, cupped one fist in the other and bowed his head, answering firmly, “Reporting to Palace Lord, it is indeed Crepe Myrtle Sect's Violet Spiritual Mountain.”

When they were still in the imperial capital, Ye Qingyu had briefly told Luo Yi the itinerary of this trip and the places they would pass by. Therefore, Luo Yi dared not to slack off and spent a few nights to memorize the areas of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

“Well, Violet Spiritual Mountain is the mountain gate of Crepe Myrtle Sect. There is an old friend of mine in this sect. I will just drop by to see him. You guys rest in the palace, I will go see an old friend and will return in an hour,” Ye Qingyu said.

Luo Yi and the others responded hastily.

Ye Qingyu took a few steps forward, before his body gradually faded, like a silver light screen, and then disappeared in front of the palace.



The foothills of Violet Spiritual Mountain.

He had just stepped into the mountain path, and could already hear the murmur of running water, the clear spring waterfall flowing through the gaps of rocks, and the splashes of water. A thin layer of mist was curling between the woods, like a layer of gauze swaying in the wind.

Some light pink and varying violet-coloured crepe myrtle flowers only slightly revealed the sharp corners of its bud, while some were in full boom. Under the verdant green leaves, they looked like butterflies hiding in the forest, colourful and delicate.

The roars of spiritual beasts in the depths of the mountainous forest and the cries of the spirit birds echoed one another, occasionally alarming the birds resting on the trees. The family of birds flapped their wings to fly, sprinkling a few petals of the crepe myrtle flowers like rain.

Ye Qingyu was neither fast nor slow, traveling along the winding mountainous road, while admiring the unique mountainous scenery, like an elegant scholar going on a walk in spring——
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