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Imperial God Emperor 674 - The scenery is the same everywhere

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Chapter 674, The scenery is the same everywhere

“Indeed, in addition to visiting you two, my main purpose this time is to meet the Snow Ground Demon King...” Ye Qingyu did not conceal anything and briefly explained the purpose of his trip.

After that, he then talked a little about the general situation of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the plot of the sects of the Human Race and the ancient demons, as well as the Domain Alliance.

“I can't imagine that in just one year, the situation in Heaven Wasteland Domain has developed into this... Haha, this really is interesting.” Yan Buhui Yan was interestedly listening to Ye Qingyu, smiling.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything else.

He held the ice bowl to his mouth and took a long sip. The ice wine, like the tail of a snake, slid into his mouth.

“I did not expect the hidden sect forces of the Human Race to join forces with ancient demons, causing disturbances to both sides. In the long run, it will inevitably cause chaos in Heaven Wasteland Domain and affect the rating from the Domain Alliance. At that time...” Lu Heng sighed with a touch of worry flickering in her eyes.

During this past year, she and Yan Buhui had been living in this ice and snow valley and were cut off from all news channels. They only knew an outline, but now that they had heard that the Heaven Wasteland Domain was in a turbulent situation from Ye Qingyu's mouth, their mood was somewhat complicated all of a sudden.

“The hidden sects joining forces with the ancient demons is just my guess. I hope the situation is not as bad as I think it is.” Ye Qingyu nodded his head slightly. In order to pass the domain rating, it was necessary to settle the unrest in Heaven Wasteland Domain. This was the unanimous thought of all who knew about it.

“You most likely haven't thought of the worst possible outcome.” Yan Buhui sneered.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Yan Buhui looked at him and then continued, “If only the hidden sects and the ancient demons had joined forces, you can still cope with them with your current strength, but what if these two forces have other forces behind directing their actions?”

Other forces?

Ye Qingyu sank into deep thought when he heard this, and shortly cold sweat soaked his back.

He understood the meaning of Yan Buhui's words.

Since the special envoy of the Domain Alliance was able to cross the Imperial Army’s surveillance without drawing any attention and find Yu Junqing, then there must be top experts of other domains that could do the same.

If there were top forces in other domains that were manipulating this plot, causing Heaven Wasteland Domain to become extremely chaotic in order to achieve their goal of Heaven Wasteland Domain failing the domain rating, this would be a disaster.

Yan Buhui's sentence had alerted Ye Qingyu.

This possibility must also be considered.

He again glanced at Yan Buhui who was pouring himself another drink.

His purpose for coming to the valley was originally, after the discussion with the Snow Ground Demon King, to come here to persuade Yan Buhui to succeed to the Demon Court throne and consolidate the powers of the Snow Ground Demon Race.

But now, after seeing the quiet life that the couple had managed to exchange for, Ye Qingyu was a little hesitant.

Yan Buhui and Lu Heng were both people with bitter fates. They had experienced a lot of hardships to be together, and the two had given up too much to have this life. If he were to convince them to enter the world again, face the worldly affairs, clamour, and killings, would that not be a bit too selfish?

Ye Qingyu hesitated for a moment.

“How is Xing'er?” Lu Heng took out an extremely delicate and intricate bamboo leaf lantern, and gave it to Ye Qingyu. “Back then whenever she came to the ancestral land to see us, she liked these a lot.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, receiving the lantern, and then selected some little stories of Yu Xiaoxing to tell her.

“I really can’t believe that the little girl who wetted her dress at the cold lake and sobbed tearfully will soon become the Empress,” Lu Heng said, her voice wavered with emotion. “I just hope that her thin shoulders really can endure all of this.”

Ye Qingyu knew that Lu Heng was worried about Yu Xiaoxing.

One hour later.

“Aunt Heng, Commander Yan, it's late, it's time for me to go.” In the end Ye Qingyu did not say what he wanted to say, and intended to get up and leave.

Yan Buhui did not utter a word.

“Little Yu...” Lu Heng suddenly rose to her feet, hesitated for a moment, then mumbled, “You... is there something else... you haven't... said.”

Ye Qingyi's heart thumped.

He knew that Lu Heng could tell.

This as gentle as water woman, although was now dressed like an ordinary woman, she was in fact also a strong female expert. She had followed someone like Yu Junhan for so many years, experienced the battlefield, and had also played a significant role in the Battle of the Light Palace. She certainly was not an ordinary woman. She was careful and observant, and was able to see through everything.

Ye Qingyu's eyes met with Aunt Heng's, and then he glanced at the similarly hesitant Yan Buhui. After a brief thought he decided to tell them the result of his discussions with the Snow Ground Demon King.

After all, this matter was related to the future direction of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Ye Qingyu of course would not force his will on them.

The final decision would ultimately be decided by the two of them.

After a brief silence.

“Humph, the old demon king has no ability. He made such a mess during his rule and now he wants to stand to one side and do nothing and leave the mess to me.” Yan Buhui put down the ice bowl, took out a sharp ice-sculpted hook, and began to polish it. “I, Yan Buhui, am not a trash picker.”

The other side had called the throne to the Demon Court trash. Ye Qingyu blushed with embarrassment. Yan Buhui really had a pretentious style in the way he declined someone.

It should be said that, over the years, for the Demon King throne, countless demon experts had died. Many demons had perished and numerous demon geniuses could not even touch the ice throne.

This position of power and status was abandoned by Yan Buhui like clogs.

Aunt Heng’s eyes slightly drooped as she sat quietly on the ice chair. After listening to Ye Qingyu she did not utter a word and seemed to be in deep thought.

There was a moment of silence.

Yan Buhui heaved a long sigh, cast a glance at the silent Lu Heng, and then turned to Ye Qingyu, “I am tired of fighting and killing, I feel that my life now is very good. Heng and I have been separated for too long, we wasted many years of our lives. Now that we are finally reunited, I do not want to involve myself with worldly affairs again.

Before his voice faded.

“Haha, I still think that, inheriting the throne and become the Demon King sounds very domineering and majestic, it is very suitable for you!” Lu Heng suddenly lifted her head to look at Yan Buhui, a smile on her face, and interrupted his words softly.

Yan Buhui was astonished.

The husband and wife were united, their minds were connected. Although Lu Heng had only said a sentence, but Yan Buhui already understood the meaning of Lu Heng's words.

He sighed softly, his eyes much softer and gentler as he looked at Lu Heng. He reached out his hand to fix his wife's hair, softly saying, “Heng, you have to understand that, once we get out of this Demon God Snow Mountain valley, and re-enter the secular world, we can never go back to such a peaceful and ordinary life...”

Lu Heng gave a faint smile.

Her smile, like the spring breeze brushing against the face, was extremely graceful and moving.

She stretched out her finger and gently wiped away the wine stains on Yan Buhui's jaw.

“I know, of course I know. But in my heart, the most important thing is to stay with you. Whether it is the quiet and simple life or the turbulent life of war, as long as we are together, won't it be the same? If you want to live in seclusion, I will accompany you. If you draw your sword, I will accompany you to rule the world. The scenery is the same everywhere.”

Yan Buhui was astonished.

He looked at his wife in a daze.

Lu Heng and Yan Buhui shared a deep glance. Her eyes were full of determination towards the feelings between them, as well as their trust to Yan Buhui.

In fact, it was not that the silent and distracted Lu Heng had not taken into account the condemnation that they may receive from the different races as well as the complex and serious war situation they were going to face if Yan Buhui were to inherit the demon throne.

But after deeply pondering the situation, she was still willing to accompany Yan Buhui to rule the Demon Race, and to assist Ye Qingyu to stabilize the situation of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

On the one hand, it was because this matter involved the survival of the people of the Snow Empire and the Heaven Wasteland Domain. But more importantly, it was because Lu Heng understood Yan Buhui more than anyone else.

Someone like Yan Buhui, such a gifted martial arts genius, was destined to become a legendary person with extraordinary status in Heaven Wasteland Domain. What man does not want to rule the whole world and go anywhere as he pleases?

That being the case, instead of letting him give up the worldly dispute for her, hide in the ice and snow valley, and live an ordinary life, it was better to accompany him to fight the mountains and rivers, let him display his talent and ambition, and receive recognition and respect from the world.

This moment, looking eye to eye, Yan Buhui was able to read and understood Lu Heng's mind from her eyes. In her eyes, besides affection and trust, there was also a hint of gratitude for knowing each other, and for cherishing each other.

Ye Qingyu didn't say anything more and turned away from the valley.


He went back on the road he came from.

Ye Qingyu returned to the sun-facing side of the Demon God Snow Mountain.

In the Xuan Ice Demon Tower.

After coming back from the Snow Mountain valley, Ye Qingyu talked for another hour with the Snow Ground Demon King who was waiting in the demon tower.

After this, the old Demon King went out of the Xuan Ice Demon Tower alone, and ordered no one to disturb the distinguished guest of the Human Race.

Ye Qingyu stayed behind in the demon tower.

For the next two days.

Ye Qingyu had been cultivating in this Xuan Ice Demon Tower.

He seemed to have forgotten that he was situated in the demon land and everything else. Sunken into a meditative state, he was not concerned of the matters of the outside world, and seemed to be waiting for something.

Ice crystals surrounded his body, and time seemed to have stopped.

Ye Qingyu sensed a wisp of [Supreme Ice Flame] in this Xuan Ice Demon Tower. Of course, there was also the power of the blood of the Demon God left in this ice tower.

Whether it was flying ice rocks or demon blood, it was beyond the laws of Heaven Wasteland Domain, but for Ye Qingyu's cultivation, it had great enlightenment effects and benefits. As the laws of Heaven Wasteland Domain were increasingly growing, Ye Qingyu needed to thoroughly grasp the laws of this domain, in order to fully display his true strength and occupy an invincible position during the next storm.

Time went by.

Three days passed by in the blink of the eye——
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