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Imperial God Emperor 673 - Immortal couple in the depths of the valley

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Chapter 673, Immortal couple in the depths of the valley

Ye Qingyu's mind was emerged with the message that he received when he returned to Light Palace from Clear River Domain.

According to the news from the demon clan, after the Battle of the Light Palace back then, Yan Buhui returned to the demon court wounded and there was a human woman following him.

In order to be with this human woman, and in order to protect this woman, Yan Buhui did not hesitate to stand against the many demon elders, and finally gave up his lofty status and power among the Demon Race to be with the Human Race girl who was willing to give up the identity of human and of life to come to this bitterly cold place to accompany him. She was the daughter of the Pass Lord of Youyan Pass Lu Zhaoge, Lu Heng.

Among Heaven Wasteland Domain, the only one who could make Yan Buhui easily abandon power and status, the trust of the entire Demon Race, and rather live under surveillance and imprisonment, was only Aunt Heng.

Their love was so deep!

Feeling the harsh chill of one side of the world, Ye Qingyu breathed a long sigh.

For some reason, he suddenly was a little envious of the life of Yan Buhui and Lu Heng.

If there was love, even drinking plain water can be filling.

If you can be with the person you love, even if you have to give up the whole world, so what?

Vaguely, the face of the skipping elf-like Little Loli dragging the White Deer Academy uniform across the floor and almost tripping in front of him surfaced onto Ye Qingyu's mind.

Years had past since then.

After going through so many things, Ye Qingyu only at this moment realized that he had not seen Song Xiaojun in a long time.

From above, Ye Qingyu watched the couple whose love was stronger than gold, but because of all sorts of misunderstandings could not be together. To see that they had finally gotten rid of the mundane world, bondage, worldly affairs, the love and hate, and were finally together, he was also sincerely happy for them.

“Since I'm here, I should go and greet them.”

Ye Qingyu took a step forward into the void, passing through the wind and snow, and steadily headed down to the bottom of the cliff, the direction of the ice field in the depths of the valley.

At the riverside of the valley.

Yan Buhui, who had a proud look on his face from catching a fish, suddenly seemed to have sensed something, frozen for a moment, and then revealed a mysterious smile, saying, “Heng'er, it seems that today we have a guest.”

Lu Heng responded with a slight astonished expression upon hearing these words.

Ever since coming to this valley, it was not that no one had come to visit them, but those that came were all advisors of the major Demon Races and the Demon King, as well as some former trusted aides and subordinates of Yan Buhui. They were all here to persuade Buhui to not give up on himself, so in the end were all sent away by Yan Buhui. There were a few who attempted to persuade him with force and as a result were severely wounded and directly thrown out of the valley by Yan Buhui...

No matter who came, Buhui would never call them a guest.

Who was the one going to be here today?

Lu Heng subconsciously looked into the void where snow and ice were whirling about.

In this silver and dazzling world, Ye Qingyu's all white clothes had long integrated together with the ice and snow, his long ink hair gently fluttering. Although there was not a shred of yuan qi fluctuation from his body, the aura radiating from him at this time made him look more like a striking Immortal from a world of nothingness.

“It's... Little Yu!” Lu Heng exclaimed.

Once the person was identified to be Ye Qingyu, Lu Heng looked somewhat emotional and excited.

In Lu Heng's view, Ye Qingyu was one hundred percent certain that he was the son of Yu Junhan, so to her, besides Yan Buhui, Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing and the others were her closest relatives in the world.

It had never occurred to her that she would see Ye Qingyu in the hidden valley of the Demon God's Snow Mountain.

“Aunt Heng, long time no see.” Ye Qingyu gently landed, looked at Lu Heng, nodded slightly, and greeted her.

Towards this gentle as water woman, Ye Qingyu also had strong respect.

“Little Yu, it's great to see that you’re alright!” Aunt Heng carefully looked up and down the white figure opposite her, eyes flashing with relief.

That year when she left, Ye Qingyu had suffered the divine lightning punishment, and although saved with the essence and blood of Yu Junhan, she was not able to see him recover. Lu Heng had been worried unceasingly all this time. Ye Qingyu’s appearance finally allowed her to breathe a sigh of relief.

“I'm alright, sorry to make Aunt Lu worry.” Ye Qingyu bowed his head.

Then he shifted his gaze to Yan Buhui.

He and Yan Buhui had only seen each other a few times, and moreover stood on opposite sides, but at this very moment there was a feeling of reunion with an old friend. He couldn’t help but sigh about the mysteriousness and strangeness of fate. Ye Qingyu smiled and gave a fist salute, “Commander Yan, even if people are separated by a great distance, there is always a chance that you may bump into them someday. We meet again. Have you been well?”

“Oh, it’s a small world, I did not think that the famous Palace Lord Ye would appear in this little prison in the world of ice and snow. We meet again. Heaven Wasteland Domain, this small fish pond, almost cannot hold you anymore.” Yan Buhui swept a glance over Ye Qingyu, gently nodding, lips curved in a meaningful smile.

Ye Qingyu naturally could hear the teasing tone in Yan Buhui’s voice.

He did not seem to mind, noticing Yan Buhui holding a silvery white fish with a strange pattern on its tail, he could not help saying, “Commander Yan is laughing at me, my life is just a busy life, I cannot have a moment of quietness. How can I be compared to Commander Yan, who is leisurely and carefree and stands aloof from worldly affairs. Only you can catch a Snow Dragon fish in a place like the Demon God Snow Mountain.”

Yan Buhui burst into a deep rumbling laughter, “So you also know about the Snow Dragon fish. Hahaha, that old Demon King put me in here. He certainly would not have thought that I would dig thousands of feet down his back courtyard and open up an underground river, trigger his royal family’s Spirit springs, hahahaha!”

Ye Qingyu, “......”

“He had been trying to find someone to show off to for a long time...” Lu Heng stretched out her finger, gently put Yan Buhui's hair behind his ear, then with a helpless smile, shook his head and continued, “Your arrival has satisfied his wish.”

“Uh... wife, don't expose me in front of outsiders.” Yan Buhui pretended to be very embarrassed, while holding Lu Heng's hand in his, looking at his wife with an affectionate smile.

Ye Qingyu, “......”

Please, Aunt Heng, you are also my elder, can you not make a public display of affection in front of me.

Pay a little attention to your elder image.

Ye Qingyu couldn't help smiling wryly.

White robe billowing and had gotten rid of his former golden armour, The Yan Buhui now exuded an extremely peaceful and leisurely yuan qi. While Lu Heng looked more like a beautiful woman of an ordinary family. Standing together, they were beaming with happiness.

Ye Qingyu looked at the loving couple, and also could not help but feel happy for them.

What was more surprising to Ye Qingyu was that Yan Buhui's current strength, was even more terrifying than he had initially imagined.

Previously, Ye Qingyu also expected that after the great changes that the heaven and earth had underwent, Yan Buhui's strength may also be enhanced, but he did not think that it would be to this extent. Ye Qingyu could tell that in the past year, Yan Buhui's cultivation had rapidly risen and had even stepped one foot into the Immortal Step boundary, vaguely touching upon the mysteriousness of the Immortal Step boundary. It really was too shocking.

It was no exaggeration to say that after the return of Ye Qingyu to Heaven Wasteland Domain, among everyone that he had seen, Yan Buhui's strength was the most terrifying.

One foot into the Immortal Step boundary.

Even the awakened Snow Ground Ancient Demons were far inferior to Yan Buhui.

But after another thought, Ye Qingyu felt that such a speed of ascension was also reasonable.

On the one hand, Yan Buhui was a rare martial arts genius of Heaven Wasteland Domain with the bone of the Demon God implanted into his body. His strength was already incomparably powerful before, and after the Battle of the Light Palace Lu Heng had returned to his side. As a result the fetters of emotion had been unlocked. With his loved one by his side, his obsessiveness, the devil inside him, and his vicious tendencies were all eliminated. He had become open-minded and cheerful. Such a temperament was more conducive to the enhancement of martial arts cultivation.

Once his thoughts were free, everything became unlocked.

Yan Buhui's state was similar to the miracle that Buddhists call ‘becoming a Buddha on the spot’.

The cold wind roared and the temperature among the valley was bone-piercing.

“Now that you're here, why don't we go into the house and sit down?” Lu Heng pointed to the ice house in the distance and issued an invitation.

As she spoke, she turned to Yan Buhui to put away the fishing rod constructed from the ice rocks.

Yan Buhui pinched the little silver fish and stuffed it into a bag stitched together from animal hide, urging Ye Qingyu to come into the ice house.

The trio entered the house.

The interior of the ice house was much more refined than Ye Qingyu had imagined. A few hand-polished ice chairs that were also carved with decorative patterns and a four-sided ice table were laid out against the wall. A few cups and robes woven from the fur and skin of demonic beasts were neatly stacked, and at the corner were placed several ice sculpture plants, sparkling and lifelike.

Such days, although poor and simple, but for them, was also fun and free.

Ye Qingyu had just seated himself on the ice chair, when Yan Buhui handed him a large bowl carved from ice, which was filled with some colourless and tasteless and extremely clear liquid, and also emitting a cold air.

“My specialty here, try it.” Yan Buhui held up the other big bowl, threw his head back and emptied the bowl.

“This is...” Ye Qingyu, with one sip, flickered a hint of astonishment in his eyes, “Wine?!”

There's wine here?

Feeling the fiery feeling pouring from the tip of the tongue to his organs, this bizarre sensation lasted for a long time before it was gone, spreading through the meridians of Ye Qingyu's blood and limbs.

After a deep breath, the heat suddenly turned into a warm and soft feeling.

As though he was a person who had been cold for a long time, and now was suddenly lying in a hot spring.

“It’s snow bamboo that Buhui had grown with his yuan qi, which was then soaked in the ice river, and brewed into snow bamboo ice wine using theDemon Race’s secret technique. The initial taste is very spicy, which then lingers, Little Yu have a try... I'm not used to drinking it.” Lu Heng came over with a transparent ice crystal jar.

If the outside world knew that Yan Buhui had used such pure yuan qi power to grow bamboo, they most likely would stamp their feet at such wasteful actions.

At this moment, Ye Qingyu began to admire Yan Buhui’s current temperament more and more.

He was able to pick things up and let go.

“You're definitely not just here to see how we are doing,” Yan Buhui smiled, asking frankly——
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