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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 65 Being Beaten Again

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Chapter 65 – Being Beaten Again

“Return, if there is a suitable time later on, I will come see you again.” Ye Qingyu smiled, placing all the presents along with the interdimensional pouch into the embrace of the little loli.

“I will definitely wait for brother Qingyu, you must come.” The mood of the little loli abruptly turned for the better. Rubbing away the tears at the corner of her eyes, she left unwillingly and with reluctance.

Ye Qingyu lifted the black spear holster propped up against the pavilion, preparing to turn and leave.

“Wait a moment.” Jiang Xiaohan suddenly opened her mouth.

Ye Qingyu turned around, his gaze like that of a blade.

“The grand competition between White Deer and the Azure Phoenix three days later, do you dare to participate?” Jiang Xiaohan said, enunciating each word clearly. “Do you dare compete in a battlefield that belongs to true geniuses? Or will you forever remain in hiding in your hole?”

Ye Qingyu did not emit a single sound, continuing to depart.

A cold light flashed within the depths of Jiang Xiaohan’s eyes. She said, “Song Xiaojun has already entered into the list of competitors in this competition. Within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], swords and spears do not have eyes*. At that time, people will die.”

The footsteps of Ye Qingyu halted for a brief moment, then continued on.

Jiang Xiaohan noticed this, and did not say anything more.

A satisfied smirk, appeared on her face.

In her gorgeous and elegant face, when she smiled there should have been a radiance like that of a spring wind and summer’s sun. But for some reason, the female students beside her could feel a cold air seeping into their very bones at this time. Under her stunning beauty, it seemed that there was a terrifying malevolence hidden within.

“Let’s go,” Jiang Xiaohan said to Song Qingluo and the others.

She walked at the very front.

The opportunity had finally come.

“I wonder what will occur when a martial artist who has been slaughtered time and time again is forced to witness with their own eyes, the person they most care about, dying again and again in front of their eyes. And they themselves does not have any power whatsoever to stop this, will this martial artist’s determination and will completely collapse and end?” …… ……

[Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

A dimension constructed by a supreme being with runes and formations along with absolute inner yuan. A space flooded with death and slaughter. A battlefield to cultivate warriors and fighters.

Several thousands of years ago, with the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors age of the human race, the Formation Emperor Luoso along with several distinguished formation masters, constructed the first [Boundary Canyon Battlefield]. The reason it was created was to prevent needless deaths but also at the same time, to imitate the most realistic and harsh killing battlefield against other races. To nurture and temper geniuses of the human race, only through doing this could the frail human race continue to survive in this cruel and harsh world…

And after this, undergoing countless improvements and developments, the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] began to become more and more commonplace in different territories of the human race. Different sects, families, academies, placed their talented members to grow and train within.

Nowadays, many inner conflicts between the human race such as disputes, competitions, and battles would be fought within the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield].

The ten academies of the Snow Country would have a grand competition between themselves every year.

Such a competition would often be held in the jointly established [Boundary Canyon Battlefields]. The students that entered into this battlefield would face the most primitive and challenging struggles. This was the most realistic battleground but also the most brutal. In a rapidly changing situation, you must make the most correct decision to obtain the final victory.

This information, was read in a scroll within the library by Ye Qingyu. He was extremely piqued by this information, so he had seriously investigated on it.

On some level, the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] was an important landmark of the runes and formations of the human race. Many powerful experts of the land had undergone the baptism and tempering of the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], and walked out from this battleground to become what they would become.

Ye Qingyu had previously seen the scenes of provocation of the Azure Phoenix students and had also stepped in to discipline them. From the situation right now, it seems that the arrogance and superiority of these youths that came from far away had finally angered the entire White Deer Academy. A grand competition filled with the smell of gunpowder would finally begin.

“If I am able to obtain a place to enter the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], then this is naturally a good thing. From the rumours, the battlegrounds have a very different environment to the outside world, there are some spiritual herbs and precious medicine, and also some rare demonic beasts, with the possibility of obtaining valuable [endowment bones]…”

Ye Qingyu pondered in his heart.

But this grand competition was something that concerned the entire academy and not just the individual years. So the final right to decide the list of participants should be in the hands of the true higher ups of the academy, and this privilege was extremely valuable and not easy to obtain.

If it was before, Ye Qingyu’s battle strength was already number one in the entire first year. He could therefore possess a position within first year, but the problem was he was now currently a second year yet he had not proven himself within the sophomore class…

After mulling it over, Ye Qingyu finally decided to try and obtain a place.

He went to find the head teacher of the first years, Wang Yan.

When he knocked to enter, he discovered the number one goddess of the White Deer Academy, Bai Yuqing, was also within. The two people seemed to in the midst of discussion about something.

Ye Qingyu hesitated seeing Bai Yuqing, then told them the intentions of his coming clearly, from start to finish.

“This matter, I know.” Wang Yan nodded her head, not confirming or denying his request.

Ye Qingyu said his thanks, and turned to leave.

In this entire process, Bai Yuqing wore a white dress and sat silently like a blooming narcissus. She reclined in a huge bay by the window’s edge, quietly observing Ye Qingyu, until he had left.

After seeing Ye Qingyu off, Wang Yan turned her back and said with a smile, “So what about it, do you still maintain your evaluation that you made previously?”

Bai Yuqing stood up, her exquisite body having a curve that would make someone’s heart beat faster. She casually flicked her hair saying, “I would not have thought that he has already obtained and refined a Spirit weapon. Fine, if it is like this, then I feel he has the requirements to enter the list.”

Wang Yan began laughing loudly.

“Yuqing, do you know what attribute that I most admire in you?” the head teacher said with an obvious merriment.

The corner of Bai Yuqing’s lips elegantly quirked up. “Could it be because I am more beautiful than you?”

“Within the noble students in these years, you are the only genius who is able to resolutely hold onto your principles. Even though you are biased against the Ye Qingyu who came from a common background, you will not make a wrong judgement because of this bias.” The smile from Wang Yan’s face gradually disappeared, shaking her head and sighing. “In these years, noble students like you are becoming less and less.”

“This has nothing to do with being a noble student,” Bai Yuqing said in a confident tone. “This is the conviction and integrity of a martial artist.”

Wang Yan looked at this beautiful and proud girl, not saying anything more.

Honour was becoming less and less. The glory of the kingdom was growing thin. The honour of martial artists, who knew when, had gradually begun to disappear. In this cold and realistic world, this beautiful and prideful girl had chosen values that were ancient and classical. Was she fortunate or unfortunate? ……

As for Wang Yan’s answer, Ye Qingyu did not know whether she had accepted or rejected Ye Qingyu’s proposal.

As he pondered this carefully, he unwittingly arrived into the second year area.

The dormitory environment was evidently better when compared to first years. No longer were dormitories shared, but rather everyone had a single area by themselves, with a courtyard. The living facilities were also far more complete, since there was an extremely harsh end of the year assessment. By the end of the academic year, not every student was able to advance a year.

The failure rate was around half.

Therefore, when compared to the first year, the second year’s numbers was a lot lower. Everyone who was able to pass the end of year assessment were all little geniuses. The conditions of the dormitory being better was also something to be expected and within normal reasoning.

Ye Qingyu had jumped a year so the arranged dormitory was at the area further back.

Using the nameplate to open the door, he entered, but as he did so, he was taken aback.

After emitting a cold shudder, his first reaction was to run out from the door. His expression was slightly panicked, as if a rabbit seeing a cat in front of him.

But a humongous suction came, dragging Ye Qingyu through the air backwards.

“Save me! Murder!… Sexual harassment…” Demon King Ye screamed hoarsely through his throat, flustered and discomfited. His hands and legs flailed madly through the air, struggling madly but it was of no use.

“Sexual harassment is it?” a familiar and cold voice said.


The door was locked.

After, strange sounds appeared from within the room, as if someone was held down and wildly beaten. Between these sounds were curses and insults and then even more loud beatings. PingPingPing, came the sounds of the impact of the punches…

A while later.

The sounds of impact finally quietened down.

The door of the courtyard opened.

A tall skinny middle-aged teacher with his eyes squinted rubbed his hands and left the courtyard. On his face was a satisfied grin, shaking his sleeves and departing…

Inside the door.

Ye Qingyu was twitching on the floor, his entire body filled with lumps.

“His mother, that old bastard was really too cruel this time…” The corner of Ye Qingyu’s lips was in a straight line. Previously, within the [Grievance Hall], his injuries had all been external injuries but this time Ye Qingyu felt as if his organs and bones were about to be broken into pieces by that old bastard.

That old bastard was undoubtedly a teacher at the [Grievance Hall], why would he appear here?

In the first instant of seeing him, Ye Qingyu knew that he was finished and needed to endure a beating. When he wanted to flee, he was completely suppressed by the other party, being dragged back in an instant.

The strength of the old bastard, was unfathomably deep.

Also, even if he was beaten to death the next time, he could not call the old bastard skinny next time.

Ye Qingyu clearly remember, when he was being fiercely beaten and not being able to retaliate, his mouth had acted up again. He unintentionally insulted the old fool as a ‘skinny monkey’; the result was that this old guy was suddenly upset, as if he had gone crazy. He increased the severity, beating fiercely without pausing at all, until Ye Qingyu was crying for his father and shouting for his mother.

“Why does this old guy hate the term skinny monkey so much?”

Ye Qingyu activated his inner yuan, crawling from the ground and wondering in his heart.

His martial body was automatically triggered and inner yuan flowed throughout his body, treating his areas of injuries. The same as before, there were many strange and mysterious impurities, through this process of recovery, that were expelled out of his body.

This made Ye Qingyu himself slightly astonished.

After reaching the peak of the ordinary martial stage, he had thought his body had already been tempered and refined to the extremes, with no speck left untouched. But who would have thought that there would still be so many impurities. When that old thing had beat him, although he was cruel and harsh, but he seemed to use a special technique that caused the impurities in his body, to be forced out by the repeated impacts!

*Chinese idiom for mistakes can happen and people may be injured. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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