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Chapter 666, Thunderous methods


The space barrier was like a light silk paper, producing a light noise, and instantly a huge space-time crack was torn open by Ye Qingyu's claw-like hand.

A tearing force emitted from the crack.

From the cracks one could see a wide cave glowing with a fluorescent green light, which should be an underground hidden chamber of Youyan Pass, where three figures were sat around a white stone table, discussing something. The three figures immediately sensed that the void was torn, got up, found the crack, and stared in disbelief. It was evident that they also saw Ye Qingyu and the others at the other end of the space crack.

At the same time, Lu Zhaoge, Liu Yuqing, and Ye Congyun were also stunned.

In the past, they had also witnessed a void being torn during battles between experts, forming a space-time crack, like a blank sheet of paper being ripped apart. But what Ye Qingyu did was entirely different. Without the slightest fluctuation of yuan qi and with just a casual tearing motion, a space-time crack was torn open without the slightest spark or emission of power. Such a performance was astonishing to the trio.

This was especially so at the moment when Ye Qingyu had acted. A bizarre force emitted that already surpassed the scope of cultivation that they could understand.

This kind of scene had completely gone beyond the boundaries of time and space, and was simply as if a space-time tunnel had been opened, clearly displaying the situation at the other end of the crack!

On the other side of the crack.

The panicked expression and bodies of the three did not seem to be much different from that of a human.

The person in the middle looked old, his grizzled hair was bunched up at the top of his head, and was clothed in all blue. At his waist hung a white jade pendant of the Demon Race. His facial features seemed to have gone through great changes; his brows and eyes were both wide and the tip of his nose was curved like that of an eagle. He violently slammed his hand on the stone table. His hand was identical to that of an eagle claw, with only four dark sharp fingernails, and his eagle-like gaze, filled with extreme shock, was staring at Ye Qingyu.

Next to the eagle-looking elder was a burly and abnormal-looking man.

The strong man’s body was covered with nearly an inch of long black hair, and there were two rough armours linked together with leather, protecting his chest and back. His face was as fierce-looking as a wild beast. His eyes were ruthless, and thick sideburns were grown on his dark face. He had a light lightning scar under his left eye, and the pupils of his eyes that were rapidly constricting were filled with shock as they were fixed on Ye Qingyu, like facing a powerful enemy.

On the other side of the black-haired strong man was a seemingly weak, young scholar in white.

He looked only twenty or thirty years old, his black hair secured at the top of his head with a white bone hairpin. He had pretty eyebrows and eyes, and his fair face gave off a scholarly feeling. His well-defined fingers were tightly clenched into fists. He sprang up, staring in astonishment at Ye Qingyu at the other end of the crack. He had a white fluffy fox tail that stuck out from the hem of his white robe, and the fox hairs on the tail were currently sharply standing on their end like silver needles.

The only thing that was the same among the three men was that they were all surging with a powerful demonic aura.

They were all part of the Demon Race.

“Yes, that's them...” Ye Congyun exclaimed out loud.

He recognized right away that the three men were members of the demon experts who had previously attacked Youyan Pass.



“We've actually been discovered...”

The three demons, after the initial great shock, exclaimed out loud.

Their language was somewhat difficult to understand and the syllables were strange. It clearly wasn't the language spoken among the present age of demons.

But Ye Qingyu understood all of it.

It was the language of Ancient Demons during the era of sects of Heaven Wasteland Domain, which was now incredibly rare.

“Three little mice, how dare you cause trouble in my Youyan Pass?” Ye Qingyu bellowed, making a fierce grasp with his right hand toward the void. The huge yuan qi palm was like the giant hand of a god, containing an incomparable pressure. With a force that resembled lightning, it pressured towards the three demons at the other end.

“Not good.”

“This power... how could there be a master like that in the Human Race?”

The three demon experts were all Heaven Ascension existences. They originally wanted to fight back, but the moment that Ye Qingyu made a move, they immediately felt a vast force, which simply did not seem to be a power of the human world. All of a sudden, every one of them turned pale with fear, flashing away as a stream of flowing light towards different directions, attempting to escape.

“Escape? You think you can escape?”

Ye Qingyu sneered. He evidently would not give these guys the chance to flee.

The next second, the huge palm of his yuan qi hand had turned into a silver spot of light, like a net, instantly filling the hidden chamber.

Bang, bang, bang!

On the four walls of the cave on the other end of the crack, there were sounds of several heavy objects striking one another.

The three streams of flowing light that were fleeing in disarray were halted abruptly.

The three Demon Race experts were in utter shock.

The four walls of the cave were emitting a faint silver halo of light, and a thin silver-white boundary was faintly visible.

“Damn, a prohibition law?”

“What kind of power is this?”

“Who, who is that? How can there by such a master in Youyan Pass?”

They roared in panic and disarray.

Ye Qingyu coldly smiled, slowly drawing his right hand to a close.

The silvery white boundaries of the hidden chamber were rapidly narrowing, like a net that had begun to shrink. An incomparably strong pressure pressed down at the middle of the chamber and the three demons did all they could to withstand. They wanted to break through the boundary, but were terrified to find that their power in front of this silver net was like a needle in the ocean. It was of no use at all.


“The Demon God...”

During their roars of panic, the three great demon experts no longer had the slightest room to resist. They were squeezed together by the boundary, like chickens and ducks being pushed into a small cage.

Ye Qingyu gently pulled his arm back.

The invisible mighty force surged, and the three demon experts at the other end of the crack were dragged into the hut all of a sudden and tossed onto the ground like pieces of rubbish.

The crack in the air rippled in a wave-like pattern, fading gradually.

The whole process, although seemingly long, was actually completed in less than five seconds

The three great demon experts attempted to struggle, only to find that, in their own body, there was a terrifying icy-cold power, like formation markings, shuttling between their meridians and bones, completely sealing off their demonic aura and demonic strength.

“Too great.”

“Finally, found them.”

“There should be more associates.”

Lu Zhaoge and the others were overjoyed

At this time they were made thoroughly aware of just how frightening Ye Qingyu's current strength was.

The situation that they were unable to do anything about was easily settled by Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu swept a cold glance over the three people, his gaze as sharp as an arrow, terrifying the three people to the point that they were petrified to retreat. They had already lost complete control of their body; their powers were completely blocked off by Ye Qingyu, and did not have the slightest strength to resist. Looking aghast at Ye Qingyu, they were cowering in fear and afraid to even take a deep breath.

There was utter silence in the hut, only the gentle swaying of the willow tree with the wind could be heard.

Lu Zhaoge, Liu Yuqing, and Ye Congyun again recalled what had happened before, and could not help the look of disbelief making its way across their faces. The strength that Ye Qingyu had shown was simply too shocking, simply unheard of.

Back then Ye Qingyu had also once used [Supreme Ice Flame] to help Lu Zhaoge dissolve a dark force within his body, as well as easily forced out the demonic aura within Liu Suifeng's body. The several people present were already mentally prepared, but no one had thought that Ye Qingyu could tear the void and capture someone hundreds of miles away. Such powers were completely beyond the understanding of Lu Zhaoge and the others!

Adding to this, the three people who Ye Qingyu had captured have already had their cultivation sealed. From the faint demonic aura that exuded from their body, Lu Zhaoge was completely certain that these three people were members of the Demon Race experts that had attempted to launch an attack on him, as well as killed Liu Zongyuan and Zhang San. The strength of these three people was extraordinary, being able to successfully escape before his eyes that day and there was nothing that he could do about it. However, Ye Qingyu had surprisingly captured these three people so effortlessly and easily!

Youyan War God Lu Zhaoge revealed a strange look on his face.

He thought of the man back then.

Ye Qingyu indifferently looked at the three huge demon experts before him, asking coldly, “You are one of the awakened Ancient Demons?”

He once read in some ancient text that the rise of the Snow Empire ended the era of sects, and demon courts also subsequently appeared. The sacred lands of some of the Ancient Demonn Races deteriorated, and many Ancient Demon Races had chosen to sleep, freezing themselves, and stopped the effect of time on their own body, in order to prolong their lives, waiting for the right time to reappear and dominate the world once again.

Since these demons had never appeared in the records of the Snow Empire, and spoke the language of Ancient Demons, it all suggested that they should be the legendary Ancient Demons.

Of course, these were all just Ye Qingyu's speculation.

“You... who are you? Don't ask, we won't tell you.” The elderly demon, who appeared to be the leader, looked panic-stricken at Ye Qingyu, acting fierce while cowardly in his heart.

He was regarded as one of the strongest in the entire territory of the Snow Ground Demon Court, and his two companions were similarly also strong existences. Even the Snow Ground Demon Court could not do anything to them. However, even with the three of them joining forces, they failed to even receive one attack from the youngster before them and were captured right away. Such a reality had completely crumbled their courage.

“It was him who killed General Liu Zongyuan.” Ye Congyu glared at the old demon, flames of hatred shooting out his eyes.

When Ye Qingyu heard these words, a biting cold light flashed in his eyes. The old demon instinctively had a misfortunate feeling. Before he could yell out, there was a burst of cold air erupting within his body, completely destroying his life force. His entire body instantly turned into an ice sculpture, slammed to the ground and shattered into shards of ice. There was not the slightest flesh, blood, or bones remaining, he had completely frozen into ice.

“A life for a life.”

Ye Qingyu glowered at the remaining two demons.

“You... murderous man,” the scholar-like demon expert roared, resentfully staring at Ye Qingyu.

“You stepped into my Youyan Pass, how many people have you killed? You have the face to say that I am a murderous man?” Ye Qingyu shared a glance with the great demon, conveying his fury, then his emotions calmed as he asked, “I’ll ask you again, are you guys the awakened Ancient Demons? Why did you sneak into Youyan Pass, and where did the other Ancient Demons go?”

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