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Imperial God Emperor 662 - The people of Deer city

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Chapter 662, The people of Deer City

A few days later.

The sunset clouds floated in the sky, casting a blush colour that stained the horizon of the northern frontier.

The gradually splitting clouds revealed the trail of the Light Palace which had crossed the Deer Mountain Range and came to stop in the mid air of ten miles outside Deer City.

This trip to visit the Human Race territory of Heaven Wasteland Domain was originally to show his power. Therefore, along the way, under the control of Ye Qingyu, the Light Palace was traveling slowly. Before it had landed, news had completely spread everywhere. It had caught the attention of all, news of their arrival trembling the earth.

Finally, the Light Palace came to a halt.

Standing with hands clasped behind his back in front of the Divine Palace door, Ye Qingyu overlooked the familiar town in the distance with a faint smile on his face.

Behind him, Lang Yong, who had always been calm as a frozen rock, finally revealed a tinge of excitement on her face.

For them, if the Snow capital was said to be a majestic and imposing giant, then Deer City was a gentle and loving mother.

Drifting back to the embrace of their hometown after a long time, even if the surroundings were miserably cold, there was still a comfortable feeling like the spring breeze rippling in their heart.

Especially Lang Yong. In order to establish the Two River Gang back then, she had to leave Deer City. She had never been back to see her older brother.

“Go ahead,” Ye Qingyu said without turning his head back.

“Yes, Little Lord!” Lang Yong smiled, her figure flashing off.

The next moment.

A flowing shadow like a pale blue gauze was drifting towards the city.


Outside the Northern city gate.

Boom boom boom!

After three ceremonial firings of a cannon!

On a hundred meter square ceremony platform on both sides of the city gate there were gongs and drums playing and a dozen of people were singing and dancing.

A ceremonial squad of hundreds and nearly thousands of people were drumming simultaneously, marching orderly forward in the direction of Ye Qingyu and the others.

The squad was led by a few people, all dressed in armour and luxurious clothes, and a smiling welcoming face. It was the Lord of the city, Qin Ying and the four military leaders, as well as representatives of the other officials and noble clans and families.

After receiving the news from Lang Yong, which shook the Deer City, as the Lord of the city, Qin Ying did not dare to show the slightest disrespect. He immediately organized the largest scale welcoming ceremony. In fact, the entire Deer City had been looking forward to this day for a long, long time. Ever since the establishment of the Snow Empire, there had not been any one impressive that originated from Deer City. The only thing for them to be proud of was the White Deer Academy. Unfortunately for them, White Deer Academy was only the last in the top ten academies of Snow Empire.

The emergence of Ye Qingyu was clearly a complete reversal of all this.

Their hometown was able to bring up such a legendary person. All citizens of the Deer City were incredibly proud. During the time of nearly one year, whenever a citizen of Deer City traveled to other places, at the mention of their hometown, they immediately won a lot of venerable gazes.

Every person of the Deer City was like a parent, anticipating the return of their proudest son, looking forward to the day when Ye Qingyu come back to Deer City again.

After waiting for so long, such a day had finally arrived.

City Lord Qin Ying did not deliberately keep the news a secret. He instead issued a notice right away.

As a result, the entire Deer City was bubbling with excitement.

The whole city came to welcome the legendary hero.

At a glance, the sea of people was like the torrents of spring.

“Deer City Lord Qin Ying led the officials and nobles of the city to welcome the Lord of the Light Palace,” Qin Ying bowed down respectfully.

The last time Ye Qingyu came to Deer City, he was just a third grade Marquis who had performed outstanding military service, and did not need Qin Ying, who was similarly a Marquis, to bow down. But right now, Ye Qingyu was already one of the few people standing at the top of the power pyramid in the Empire——Not only was his status several times higher than that of Qin Ying, even in prestige and strength, Qin Ying was far behind him. Therefore at this time Qin Ying was perfectly willing to bow down.


The several officials and powerful men behind him, as well as the hundreds of mighty guards, also simultaneously bowed down.

“Welcome Lord Ye to return home with honour!” voices resounded across the sky.

Moon white robe fluttering with the wind, black hair flowing like a waterfall, Ye Qingyu slowly walked down the platform steps, raising his right hand gently.

“Everybody, you don't have to do this, get up quickly.”

The thousands of people were immediately pulled up by a burst of soft wind in the air.

“Lord Ye's martial arts are indeed unrivalled!”

“A few years have passed, and Lord Ye has become more and more extraordinary handsome!”

The several aristocrats and officials felt the vast power that lifted them up. With an astonished look across their faces, they immediately cupped one fist in the other and began to compliment Lord Ye.

“Lord Qin, thanks for the effort.” Clad in a white robe and with an immortal-like aura, Ye Qingyu nodded to Qin Ying.

“Palace Lord is too polite, this is what subordinate should do,” Qin Ying hastily said.

In truth, at this moment, Qin Ying felt as if he had woken up into a dream.

A few years ago, Ye Qingyu was just an orphan in his administrative region. Even if he had later entered White Deer Academy with his impressive abilities, but at that time, Ye Qingyu was still only an unimportant and insignificant person to Qin Ying. Even his son Qin Wushuang could suppress Ye Qingyu in the academy. But now, this incredible young man was standing at the pinnacle of the entire domain.

At this time, Qin Ying was rejoicing and thankful that back then he did not go too far, and did not become complete enemies with Ye Qingyu. Otherwise the Qin family’s fate would have ended up similar to the Wu family of Wei City.

With this thought, Qin Ying smiled, immediately directed the guards to separate to either side, and personally led the way for Ye Qingyu and others.

On the way to the city, the formation lanterns on both sides of the street were draped with red decorations, and both sides of the street was packed with people coming to see and greet Ye Qingyu. There was a huge crowd of people, endless cheers, and each and every face was beaming with joy.

After entering the city, Old Fish was evidently not used to such scenes and nobles constantly throwing compliments. He pinched the silly dog with two fingers, and with a flash, the two figures disappeared to the back of the crowd.

Deer City was also the hometown of the silly dog.

He was also very familiar with the place, like a fish back in water. Ye Qingyu simply ignored them both and let them go.

After walking down two more blocks.

Ye Qingyu and his party respectfully declined the banquet that Qin Ying and others had arranged, waved to the crowd, and hurriedly headed toward the direction of the Ye residence.

The entrance of Ye Residence.

Red lights were hanging high, and flowers covered both sides of the steps, making the Ye residence appeared particularly warm and bright under the dim light of night.

The fragrance of flowers wafted along the street of the Ye residence with the breeze.

It was obvious that news of his arrival had been received long ago.

Suddenly on the steps was a woman in a long blue dress and with a light layer of face powder. Her eyes lit up at the sight of Ye Qingyu.

“Big brother Qingyu!”

Clad in a deep green battle skirt and soft silver hedgehog armour was a beautiful and graceful girl suddenly exclaiming out loud, darting toward the end of the street.

“Brother Qingyu, you've come back...” The maiden, like a cute rabbit, threw herself into Ye Qingyu's arms, and affectionately rubbed her fair blushing cheeks against Ye Qingyu's lapel.

“Little Grass, haha, to think you have grown so tall...” Ye Qingyu gently brushed Little Grass' hair with a doting smiling expression.

“Finally came back...” The woman behind her was choking with emotions and her steps were hurried.

“Aunt Lan...” Ye Qingyu looked at the gentle smile of Aunt Lan that was quickly followed by two streams of tears gushing from her eyes, which flashed a hint of imperceptible excitement.

More than a year ago, the news from the Snow capital was that Ye Qingyu was wounded by the Divine Lightning during the Battle of the Light Palace. He was weak and dying, and later disappeared without a trace. These days, Aunt Lan was constantly hearing about the youngster who she treated like her child

Now, seeing him unharmed standing in front of her, more handsome than before, how could she not be in tears?

Ye Qingyu gently comforted Aunt Lan, and then together headed into the Ye residence.

The main hall of the Ye residence.

“Young master!” Clothed in a long brown robe, Tang San was directing the servant to take care of the banquet dishes. His eyes lit up in joy when he saw the several figures walk through the door, and immediately scurried over to pay his respects.

Ye Qingyu nodded slightly.

Tang San, who had honed himself for a period of time, was increasingly intelligent-looking, handsome, and elegant, just like a young master. His every movement gave off the feeling of a person occupying a leading position. It seemed that after coming back from the Dugu Merchant Company, he had gained an understanding on the way to do business.

In the hall there was also a graceful, jade-faced middle-aged man, quietly standing there smiling at Ye Qingyu.

“Dean Hon,” Ye Qingyu gave a cupped fist salute.

“Hahaha... not bad, not bad... boy, you’ve finally come back.” Hon Kong brushed his long beard, nodded at Ye Qingyu, gratified.

Everyone was seated, endless delicious food was being brought out, and the wine was flowing freely.

Bursts of laughter and cries of joy sounded from the brightly lit Ye residence.

During the banquet.

Dean Hon informed Ye Qingyu of the situation changes of the powerful officials and nobles.

After the Battle of the Light Palace, as far as the northwest frontier of Deer City also went through a thorough a clean up. The military officials that interfered were severely punished, and since then, although Qin Ying was still the City Lord of Deer City, his style of work was a lot more low profile. Some of the city's system had also been adjusted and improved to be beneficial to the citizens.

Qing Ying’s second son Qin Wushuang was enlisted into the Northwest corps, started from a little soldier and had achieved great military successes. He had been promoted to deputy general of the left front line battalion.

Ye Qingyu certainly knew what Hon Kong’s intention of informing him of the changes of Deer City was.

After understanding the situation, he then asked about White Deer Academy.

“Hahaha, thanks to you!” Speaking of this, Hon Kong burst into a proud, hearty laughter.

It turned out that since Ye Qingyu had revived the Light Palace, and had been placed in high esteem by the Snow Empire, and especially after his strength had won the status of the War God of Heaven Wasteland Domain, his fame had spread and shook the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain. In turn, the White Deer Academy that had cultivated such a powerful person, also subsequently rose in fame. As a result, many youngsters of other provinces and towns had come to study at White Deer Academy due to its reputation.

In the past few years, under the leadership of Hon Kong, coupled with a steady stream of material support and assistance from the Snow Empire’s imperial court, there had been many talents coming from White Deer Academy. Among the fame of the top ten academies, it had won overwhelmingly and it was already beginning to show signs that it was the top of all the other academies.

Ye Qingyu was also deeply gladdened to hear these words, nodding his head——

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