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Imperial God Emperor 659 - Lord Gu what is going on with you?

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Chapter 659, Lord Gu, what is going on with you?

Gu Yangdao was stunned by the remark, not knowing what to say.

Zheng Wenxuan noticed the utterly puzzled expression on Gu Yangdao's face, then cast a glance back at Luo Tiezheng, only to find that his face was twisted with a similar expression. He asked in a surprised tone, “What, Lord Luo and Lord Gu do not know about the news? Gongzi Luo has been promoted!”

“Promoted?” Gu Yangdao’sfacial expression was lifeless, his pitch of voice unconsciously raised.

Luo Tiezheng was also surprised, shifting his gaze to Luo Yi he asked, “Yi'er, what is going on, you haven't been removed from the [Blazing Flame Battalion], you're promoted again?”

Luo Yi explained with a smile, “Father, I received an order today, I indeed left the [Blazing Flame Battalion], but I was not struck off. The War God Lord Ye of the Light Palace transferred me to the Light City to become his personal attendant.”

“What? Transferred to the Light City?” Luo Tiezheng exclaimed, sitting there quite dumbfounded for a few moments before he suddenly realized something. Immediately his face was lit up with joy, looking at Luo Yi in disbelief.

On the other side Zheng Wenxuan suddenly burst into laughter, “Lord Luo so you don't know yet, Gongzi Luo was thought highly of by Palace Lord Ye, and it is him who personally transferred Luo Yi to the Light Palace. Palace Lord Ye also complimented Gongzi Luo for his outstanding talent. It is the first time that Palace Lord Ye has praised someone like that!”

Left Minister’s brilliant student Ke Xianju and Marshal Li's Deputy General Zhao Hongjie also nodded.

Madam Luo stared in wide-eyed astonishment at Luo Yi.

Although she was a woman, she also knew about the Divine Light Palace and its significance to the imperial capital. She also knew about War God Ye Qingyu, and what he meant to Heaven Wasteland Domain.

At the thought of her son being valued by such a person and becoming his attendant, a flood of joy rushed over her face.

While Luo Tiezheng, who had already reacted, his face was still beaming with joy. Seeing his son standing there calmly, he could not help but pretend to be angry, “You child, it's such an important matter, you should have told us earlier!”

Luo Yi helplessly shook his head, explaining with a smile: “Father, it's not that I don’t want to tell you, but I really did not have the opportunity to speak.”

Luo Tiezheng stared at him blankly, the scene before the several important men had come again surfaced onto his mind. At that time, Luo Yi really had tried to say something several times, but he was worried that Luo Yi was young and impulsive, and might stand up to Gu Yangdao, so he had to stopped whenever he tried to say something.

Thinking of this, his expression became a little awkward, but that quickly faded. The fact that his son was going to transfer to the Light Palace to serve Lord Ye was simply too joyous an event!

Very soon, Luo Tiezheng again thought of something, his gaze shifted to Gu Yangdao.

And at this moment, Gu Yangdao still had a look of astonishment across his face, sitting there dazedly and was too shocked to say a word.

The Chief Steward of the Prince's residence Li Fu saw that Gu Yangdao and his family were speechless, and simply thought that they were too surprised to say a word. “I also have to congratulate Lord Gu, I heard that your daughter and Gongzi Luo are engaged? Lord Gu really has great vision, you already knew that Gongzi Luo has outstanding talent, and you acted so fast!”

As he was speaking, he took a glimpse of Gu Zhenzhen, “This is your daughter, yes? Yes, she really is elegant and refined, and at such a young age her cultivation base is similar to Gongzi Luo. Whether it is appearance or martial arts, she is a very good match with Gongzi Luo. They really can be said to be a perfect fit, hahaha.”

Gu Yangdao's expression grew more awkward upon hearing this.

Then he fixed his eyes upon Luo Yi, with unwillingness and regret. For a moment, he sat there dazedly, even the red sandalwood beads that he treated like the most valuable treasure were unknowingly rolling onto the ground, his arms trembling and he lacked the strength to close his agape mouth.

He had never thought that Luo Yi was not removed from the [Blazing Flame Battalion] and promoted to work for the mighty Light Palace Lord who no one dares to approach.

There was no comparison between the [Blazing Flame Battalion] and the Light Palace. The former was only a group of elites of the imperial army of the Snow Empire, and even if they were extremely lucky they were still only an official. While the Light Palace enjoyed superior status in the Snow Empire, and even the Right Minister, Left Minister, and other major influential figures were fearful of the people of the Light Palace. Not to mention that the people who follow the unfathomable young genius Palace Lord Ye, even a small cook like Mother Wu, was well-respected by the elites and nobles of Snow Empire.

To be able to enter Light City was something that even the powerful figures of the Snow Empire dared not to think about, but Luo Yi was thought highly of by Palace Lord Ye, and was praised and transferred to Light City!

The more Gu Yangdao thought, the more afraid he was, like he was falling into an ice hell. His heart felt biting cold.

Then, there was a blazing rage in his heart.

Things had developed into the present state, it was all because of the person who delivered false information to him. He was itching to hack that person to thousands of pieces. That person firmly informed him that Luo Yi was removed from the [Blazing Flame Battalion], so without carefully investigating beforehand he brought his wife and daughter over to cancel the marriage arrangement. Who would have expected the truth to be like this!

What to do?

How to sort out the situation now?

He vaguely felt that the cicada wing-like marriage withdrawal document in the storage space, was burning his body like a red lotus fire of hell. A wave of regret hit him, and almost engulfed him.

On the other side, Madam Gu's elegant makeup had solidified on her face.

The insufferably arrogant noblewoman’s pair of phoenix eyes from before, at this time, were flashing in disbelief. Her originally rosy face had lost its radiant colour, and her thin bright red lips seemed incomparably more beautiful. Her hands that were placed on the tables edge had gone white from the fingertips from exerting too much strength.

Zheng Wenxuan, Li Fu, and the others had a puzzled looks on their faces.

It was clearly a happy matter that Luo Yi was being promoted, but why did the Gu family show such a strange expression and there was not the slightest hint of joy on their faces?

They could not help but turn their attention to Luo Yi's ‘fiancèe’ Gu Zhenzhen, who, on the contrary, made them even more puzzled.

Gu Zhenzhen's beautiful face was pale, her large round eyes were wide open, her pearly white teeth were biting her lower red lips, and her fair hands were clenched into fists, the nails almost puncturing the flesh of her palms.

The atmosphere in the hall became extremely stiff and bizarre.

The line of sight of the several important men were sweeping back and forth between the Gu family. Their silence was indeed a bit puzzling. On the other hand, although the Luo family had a look of surprise on their faces, at the tip of their brows and the corner of their eyes was a strange expression, Zheng Wenxuan and the others exchanged glances with each other, growing more confused.

Left Minister’s brilliant student Ke Xianju cast a puzzled look at Gu Yangdao, lightly yelling, “Lord Gu, Lord Gu?”

His voice was mixed with a hint of yuan qi, like a stream from a clear and cold spring rippling across the hall.

Gu Yangdao snapped out of his drowsy trance, looking up to see Ke Xuanju asking his a question. He had no choice but to endure the shock, squeezing out a little smile from his stiffened face, “Mister Ke, what's wrong?”

Ke Xuanju saw Gu Yangdao’s expression and asked pensively, “Lord Gu, what is going on with you?”——
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