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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 64 The World’s Best Brother

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Chapter 64 – The World’s Best Brother

In the pavilion.

“Brother Qingyu!”

Song Xiaojun leapt into Ye Qingyu’s embrace, rubbing her forehead against Ye Qingyu’s body. Only after doing that for a while did she jump away. She was bouncing and cheering in a very animated state and only after a while did she finally stop.

Under the gaze of so many people she did not disguise her intimacy with Ye Qingyu at all. Instead, she was her truest and most authentic nature.

“Brother Qingyu, have you really come to find me?”

The little loli’s large eyes widened, looking like the twinkling of stars and filled with expectation. When she smiled, exposing her tiny little canine teeth, it was as white and as sparkling as miniature diamonds.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

He motioned for her to sit down, and then from the interdimensional pouch, took out the presents he had prepared for the little loli. Apart from two items of clothing that fitted her, there were many delicious snacks, dolls and accessories suitable for young girls. It was not anything too precious, but everything had been personally picked by Ye Qingyu.

“Wah, it’s beautiful, I like it… I like it too much!” The little loli began cheering and hopping about again, tiny stars shining within her large eyes. “Thank you, brother Qingyu.”

Ye Qingyu smiled, not saying anything.

From far away.

“Ah, Demon King Ye has smiled, he has an extremely gentle smile!” A female students cried in shock.

“I did not notice before, but when Demon King Ye smiles he’s really good looking!”

“Is this really the violent and brutal Demon King Ye? He seems to have suddenly changed into the big brother next door!”

“I really never would have guessed, Demon King Ye would like children who have not even matured yet… Sigh, it seems like I am destined not to have a chance!”

Very many female students gossiped with their friends and best friends, teasing and joking.

Ye Qingyu was one of the movers and shakers of the entire first year, with countless people’s attention focused on him. Especially after the battle with Qin Wushuang, many people secretly idolized him. After all, in this world where the martial path was followed by all, those who were strong were the people who were right.

The tens of female students that surrounded the red-clothed girl and the white-clothed girl also conversed in hushed whispers.

Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on the face of the red-clothed girl. As if she had just thought of something, she headed directly towards the pavilion.

“Senior Sister Jiang?” The white-clothed girl was taken aback, then also followed behind her.

The red-clothed girl came beside the pavilion, her gaze landing on Ye Qingyu. She said with a laugh, “Junior Brother Ye, it seems that you have been in the limelight quite a few times during these few months. Haha, you are the same as you have always been, always fond of showing off and seeking fame. You have not changed at all in these past years.”

Ye Qingyu smiled, not saying anything.

In reality, the moment Jiang Xiaohan appeared, Ye Qingyu had already noticed her. Even though he did not possess the slightest degree of goodwill for this snobbish neighbour and playmate anymore, but he could not deny, this little girl who walked out from the poor district, had a breathtaking appearance. Accompanied by her red academic dress that was like burning flames, she attracted the gaze of everyone. From the start, countless eyes had gathered onto her.

“It seems like Junior Brother Ye likes this junior sister very much.” Jiang Xiaohan’s gaze landed on the figure of Song Xiaojun. In her eyes was a slight ridicule.

Ye Qingyu still did not say anything.

“That’s right, little children are more innocent and are more easily fooled. They can easily idolise someone.” Jiang Xiaohan let off a barbed smile.

Ye Qingyu maintained his silence.

He even turned his gaze away, with a bland laughter, not looking towards Jiang Xiaohan anymore.

Such an action of neglect, caused an inexplicable rage to be consolidated within Jiang Xiaohan’s heart. She nearly lost control of her emotions and exploded in front of everyone.

She took a deep breath, and the smile appeared on her face again. “Do you not worry, that there will be a day that junior sister will grow up? When she sees the higher peaks of mountains around, when she sees an even more beautiful scenery, and meet better people, that she will not idolize and admire you anymore?”

“Not every person changes so easily and quickly. And not everyone, will not allow others to live happier than themselves, even if that person is their own friend. If Xiaojun in the future can see a better scenery, can meet superior people, then of course I will be happy for her.” Ye Qingyu smiled, and blandly said, “Also, Senior Sister Jiang, today you seemed to have said slightly too much.”

“Brother Qingyu, is the best person in this entire world… and he forever will be be.” The little loli was currently devouring a roast duck drumstick, her mouth covered in grease. She said these words loudly, her tone extremely determined and her expression was as if she was merely stating a law of the world.

The white-clothed girl, Song Qingluo frowned, giving a meaningful glance to Xiaojun.

The little loli’s smiled disappeared, unwillingly lowering her head, not saying anymore.

“Greetings Senior Brother Ye.” Song Qingluo walked forwards, bowing her head. “Thank you, Senior Brother Ye, for the favour of not challenging me in the elimination matches.” That day Ye Qingyu had acted crazily, challenging everyone on the ten rings. Only her arena was not challenged and Song Qingluo could leave with her dignity intact. This caused her reputation among the first years to rise and for her, this was undoubtedly a beneficial occurrence. Therefore, she needed to thank Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

“However, the Song family and Senior Brother Ye have different paths and aims. Xiaojun is still young but within White Deer Academy, her every action and words still represents the Qingluo Merchant Company.” On the graceful face of Song Qingluo, a shred of hesitation appeared then she said with determination, “To prevent others from misunderstanding, if Senior Brother Ye really wants what is best for Xiaojun, then please never meet with Xiaojun again!”

After these words were said, the expressions of several people’s face completely changed.

“Sister you…” Song Xiaojun said in panicked voice.

“Stand aside, and don’t say anything.” Song Qingluo’s tone was unyielding.

“But…” Song Xiaojun’s face turned red, wanting to explain something.

“Do you really not miss your mother?” Song Qingluo’s tone became severe.

Song Xiaojun was stunned.

The brightness of the little loli’s eyes, in this instant, became dim. She lowered her head, not saying anything.

And the Jiang Xiaohan beside her finally laughed.

“Haha, this is really interesting. It seems there is a clever person who understands reason and knows what to let go of. Junior Brother Ye, it seems like your act can fool little children but it cannot fool everyone.” She triumphantly blinked her eyes, her gaze evidently holding a shred of disdain and provocation.

But the predicted result of Ye Qingyu’s rage did not appear.

Ye Qingyu pondered for a moment.

Then, a smile appeared on his face.

“En, this was my mistake.” Ye Qingyu nodded his head seriously. Looking at Song Qingluo, he said, “Thank you for reminding me.”

Such a reaction caused Song Qingluo to be taken aback.

In her heart, she was slightly guilty. After all, Ye Qingyu had aided her before. If in the end, the result was that Ye Qingyu would fly in a rage out of humiliation or turn and abruptly leave in anger, Song Qingluo would not mind in the slightest. After all, this was her own fault.

But no matter what, she must do this.

The Song family was the largest merchant company in Deer City, and the head of the Song family had received an honorary title from the Snow Country’s royal family. But he was still not a true noble and in this strict empire where class was above all, power was the center of everything. Even if you had greater wealth, it could be taken from you at a moment’s notice.

Ye Qingyu had directly offended the noble organization and the city leader’s office, becoming the thorn in many significant peoples’ sides. He was an extremely dangerous person, and if Song Xiaojun continued to be his friend, it would negatively affect the Song family. This was absolutely not something the Song family would be able to withstand.

So in such a situation, Song Qingluo was clear in her heart on who she should choose between Ye Qingyu and the noble organization,.

On some level, such a choice was a type of humiliation towards Ye Qingyu.

But she did not expect Ye Qingyu to react like this.

But after being taken aback for a moment, the clever Song Qingluo finally understood. Ye Qingyu’s reaction was yet another protection towards Song Xiaojun. Only a true friend would consider so deeply and completely.

This was Demon King Ye, the Demon King Ye that, because of a disagreement, one man and two spears alone challenged the entire noble organization. For Song Xiaojun, he was willing to accept the humiliation of this demand.

There was abruptly an itch in Song Qingluo’s heart, feeling a slight jealousy.

She did not know what attribute Demon King Ye liked about Song Xiaojun.

Her beauty was higher than this little girl, her talent was not any less than Song Xiaojun. Comparing family background, conversation ability, temperament, skills and ability… no matter comparing what womanly attribute, Song Qingluo felt that she was more superior than Song Xiaojun many many times over.

But Demon King Ye, against her expectations, did not treat her with any favour whatsoever.

The other side.

Jiang Xiaohan also rapidly grasped this crucial point, and a jealous flame ignited in her heart instantly.

Ye Qingyu’s concern and spoiled favour had once belonged to her. But it was thrown away by her. She had once thought that she would never regret such an abandonment. But right now, when this girl with a figure like a flat wooden board had obtained it, not knowing why, she was jealous.

And also angry.

“Your performance is really moving.” Jiang Xiaohan coldly laughed, clapping her hands. “Ye Qingyu, you’ve really made a lot of effort. Using such a method on an immature and inexperienced little loli, is that not too deep a scheme?”

Without waiting for anyone to say anything, the little loli finally could not hold her mouth shut anymore. She disputed loudly, “Utter nonsense! Drivel! Brother Qingyu is the world’s best brother. You are only saying this out of jealousy! You are a bad woman!”

“Shut your mouth,” Song Qingluo heard and instantly chided. “Quickly return to your dormitory.

Jiang Xiaohan was in the end a senior sister of the fourth year. Her position was not low and her talent was extremely strong, so she had a considerable amount of influence. She was the target that Song Qingluo had attempted to get closer to during this time.

The little loli lowered her head, crystal-like tears glistening in her eyes.

She was really slightly afraid of Song Qingluo, her sister cousin.

Ye Qingyu frowned slightly, not saying anything. He only patted the little loli’s head, winking at the little loli. When the little loli lifted her head, her tears turned into laughter again at seeing Ye Qingyu’s face. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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