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Chapter 653, Happiness comes too suddenly

Because of this, his cultivation level had rapidly progressed ever since coming to the Snow capital. In less than half a years time, he had increased from 10 Spirit springs to 40 Spirit springs. In particular, after the promotion to captain of the imperial guards and with the support of the Origin crystal in the storage ring, he had recently been feeling the signs of cultivation ascension!

The rapid improvement of cultivation level made him very satisfied with his present life.

Even if his work everyday involved only him standing guard outside the Crown Prince's palace, even if the work was very dull and monotonous, he did not at all slack off or feel bored. Moreover, he felt that his work was a way for him to train the mind. Isn't that just another method of cultivation?

With this thought, a faint smiled surfaced on Luo Yi's face.

He closely observed the movements around the main hall with a serious face.

At this moment------

At the end of the square in front of the palace.

A figure dressed in black armour caught Luo Yi's eye.

The man, wearing the same [Blazing Flame Battalion] armour as him, was about thirty years old. Tall and burly, he wore a calm look on his face. He had an inch-long scar on his forehead and a short beard. He exuded heroic attributes and looked formidable.

“Huh? Is that not captain Li Rui of the fifth division of [Blazing Flame Battalion]? It should be his day off today, why did he come here all of a sudden?” Luo Yi recognized the figure at a glance.

He immediately stepped up his vigilance in his heart.

Supposedly, Li Rui should not appear here at this time.

Although he was one of them, he still had to be on guard.

After a few moments, Li Rui was already in front of Luo Yi.

“Brother Li, is it not your day off, why did you come to the palace today?” Luo Yi remained vigilant, questioning Li Rui who was standing still in front of him.

Li Rui smiled, “Little brother Luo, rest assured. I was ordered to come take your shift. Commander Bao Shinu summoned you to the Martial Guard Hall.” As he was speaking, he pulled out an order seal of the [Blazing Flame Battalion] from his bosom and handed to Luo Yi. “This is the official shift change seal.”

Luo Yi received the official seal in puzzlement, carefully examining it for a while until he confirmed that there was no error and handed it back to Li Rui. “En, thank you elder brother Li, I'll first go find Commander. I leave the main palace to elder brother Li then.”

“Haha, go now. I’m here, you don't have to worry.” Li Rui laughed heartily.

With his mind full of questions, he rushed to the Martial Guard Hall in the northwest corner of the Crown Prince's palace.

Martial Guard Hall was the place where the commander of the [Blazing Flame Battalion] handled official business.

As early as half a month ago, the Crown Prince had personally issued an order to transfer Bao Shinu to the Crown Prince's imperial residence to assume the post of commander of the [Blazing Flame Battalion], which was responsible for the security of the entire Crown Prince palace. As a result, he became his immediate supervisor from his military instructor.

He did not know why Bao Shinu would suddenly summon him today. He originally wanted to ask Captain Li, but the military order of the [Blazing Flame Battalion] was strict, and they were not allowed to secretly inquire about the order issued by the commanding officer. Therefore, he had to suppress himself from asking questions, not to mention that Captain Li may not necessarily know.

On his way, Luo Yi slightly raised his head to look at the clouds in the horizon. The rosy clouds were extremely beautiful.

“It looks like the weather is pretty good today,” he said thoughtfully.

In puzzlement, he went into the Martial Guard Hall.

The hall was quite empty.

A huge stone table was placed in the center of the hall, and a mountain of documents was stacked on top.

Behind the stone table stood a row of tall bookshelves, which were littered with books and scrolls, and looked quite messy.

Behind the piles of documents, the burly Bao Shinu was hunched over the table, writing something on a document. But the way he held the brush seemed awkward, and his white arm was shaking as he wrote. Not only that, he was constantly sighing, as if writing was a very difficult task.

Luo Yi looked at the commander heaving deep sighs, suddenly feeling a little awkward.

He coughed, performed a military salute, and said in a solemn voice, “Reporting to commander, the captain of the seventh division of the [Blazing Flame Battalion] is here to report to you!”

Bao Shinu grunted, without raising his head, unhurriedly finishing off the documents.

“Come, come and sit down first.”

His expression grew solemn as he responded, “Yes!”

Then he swiftly walked to the chair before the table and sat there quietly.

A moment later.

Bao Shinu put down the brush, arranged the documents together, and placed them on top the stack of documents to his right.

He gently stretched his wrist, and then lifted his head, narrowed his eyes, and smiled at Luo Yi. His eyes seemed to contain an indescribable meaning.

Luo Yi was unable to make sense of what was going on, feeling slightly uncomfortable. The commander's expression was too strange.

Bao Shinu looked at the puzzled Luo Yi and chuckled. “Little Luo, recently in [Blazing Flame Battalion], how has it been?”

Luo Yi was taken aback.

The commander who always looked at everyone with a solemn expression and spoke harshly was so strange today. He grinningly asked how he has been, like a family member asking him about his daily life. It was too unusual.

He greatly suppressed his bewilderment and responded, “Reporting to Commander, everything is good!”

“Okay, okay, no need for the twisting and turning, it's giving me a headache. Don’t speak in a literary style, like when I was training you. You boy... speak properly.” Bao Shinu felt his head aching hearing ‘Commander’ from every sentence of Luo Yi.

Luo Yi's face flashed a hint of embarrassment, as he responded awkwardly, “Yes.”

Bao Shinu smiled, pushing aside the mountain of documents stacked on both sides of his desk and leaving a foot-wide gap. Then, propping his chin in one hand, he quietly studied Luo Yi, his eyes flickering with strange colours.

“Little Luo, do you have any interest in changing positions? Can you accept the transfer to other places?” Bao Shinu said, smiling.

Luo Yi was taken aback.



He was only promoted to captain a few days ago, could he have made a mistake that he didn't even notice?

But that should not be the case. He had completed his work every day in accordance with the rules and regulations. He shouldn't have made a mistake anywhere.

He was a little bewildered at the thought of this.

What if there really was a problem with his performance and the [Blazing Flame Battalion] was going to send him to other places?

He dared not to imagine him losing his present position and status, for that would mean that he would lose a great deal of resources for his cultivation. His family, although was considered wealthy, could not afford the immense resources that he needed for his future training. Unless he encountered another great opportunity, otherwise his cultivation and martial road would be fraught with difficulties.

More importantly, once he loses his position, it would have a bad influence on his entire family. His family was only able to stand in the Snow Empire because of his status as a captain of the imperial guards.

Luo Yi's heart was filled with bursts of uneasiness, his face also turned gloomy, and he looked somewhat flustered.

He sprang up from the chair in a panic, anxiously asking, “Commander, did I do something wrong that made the Crown Prince unhappy?”

Bao Shinu burst into laughter.

He noticed the change of expression in Luo Yi's eyes and naturally could guess what he was thinking.

Before waiting for Luo Yi to finish, he waved his hand, interrupting with a hearty laugh. “You boy, no need to guess, it's not what you think. Today there is a very good thing falling onto your lap, you don’t know how lucky you are!”

A look of astonishment crossed Luo Yi's face upon hearing these words. He stared blankly at Bao Shinu and was more puzzled than before.

Good matter?

What good matter?

Bao Shinu moved sideways and fumbled out a square black seal from the documents on his right.

He took a glimpse at the black seal, chuckled out loud, and threw it across to Luo Yi.

The black seal landed firmly in the palm of Luo Yi's hand.

Luo Yi first reaction was that the weight of the seal was not light.

Its square body was dark, and was carved from some unknown material. Its texture felt like stone, but was much more heavier than ordinary stones. The palm-sized seal was not marked with any words or symbols, so he could not make out its origin.

Without waiting for him to think too much, Bao Shinu added with a smile, “Later on, go report in the Light City. The specific details, you will know from the official seal.”

Light City?

Luo Yi was infinitely bewildered.

The slightly heavy black seal in his hand seemed to be growing hotter.

He hurriedly injected a trace of yuan qi into the seal and the black official seal suddenly emitted a faint silver halo of light. The message on the official seal also instantly surfaced in his mind.

The bewildered expression on Luo Yi's face was instantly replaced by wild joy.

His right hand that was holding the seal was even trembling.

Because the message in the seal said that the Light Palace Lord Ye Qingyu admired his aptitude, so had personally transferred him to the Light City. He was also to assume the role of Lord Ye’s personal assistant, and Luo Yi needed to directly report to Light City today!

After a cursory read, Luo Yi's heart was racing.

But he resisted the excitement and reread it several times before he dared to confirm what he had seen.

It was only then that he finally believed what he read.

Heavens, that is the Lord of the Light Palace!

The legendary genius who fought against the Demon Race of a foreign domain for the safety of Heaven Wasteland Domain. The hero who did not hesitate to exercise power that surpassed the power of the laws of Heaven and earth and suffered divine punishment as a result. The idol who everyone of Heaven Wasteland Domain worshipped, and should sit high on the altar to accept people’s worship. This person had personally issued an order for him to act as his personal attendant, this was something that he did not even dare to dream about!

He was only a little captain of the imperial guards, and had only seen Lord Ye once at the Crown Prince's palace. Why would he suddenly transfer him to the Light Palace and take the position of his personal assistant?

This really was a pie dropping from the sky.
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