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Chapter 652, Healing·Thank you gift

“Command?” Ye Qingyu was astonished.

How would the Domain Alliance have Heaven Wasteland Domain's coordinates?

Why were they so quick to arrange a special envoy into Heaven Wasteland Domain?

For a moment, many speculations flooded his mind.

“The man said that a year later, the Domain Alliance will formally begin to assess the ranking of Heaven Wasteland Domain, in order to determine the ownership of Heaven Wasteland Domain...” Yu Juqing's face twisted with puzzlement.

Ye Qingyu was even more astonished.

In his mind, there were some information that he saw in the jade scroll from the Immortal God Emperor Sect surfacing.

When First Princess saw that Ye Qingyu was silent, as though deep in thought, she had to continue to say, “That [Heaven Patrol Special Envoy’s] attitude was extremely arrogant and overbearing. I wanted to ask a few questions, but he was very impatient and rude, and was not willing to explain more... By the way, you've been to the mature domain of the Clear River Domain before, so do you know what the domain rating is?”

Ye Qingyu nodded, sighing slightly.

“The so-called domain rating, is a rating which the Domain Alliance uses to assess whether a new domain has the ability to govern itself based on the existing civilization, the number of races, as well as the leader and ownership of the area. It also observes whether the new domain will affect the dark evil spirit forces of the Domain Alliance... If it reached the standards that they had set, then this new domain can manage all the developments and things within the domain...”

“If not?” Yu Junqing quickly understood Ye Qingyu's explanation, her eyes flashing.

“If not, it will be forced to be attached to a certain mature domain.” The expression in Ye Qingyu's eyes grew grave, and with an insuppressible chill, “It is pleasant to hear, and it seems to be there to protect us, but in fact, haha, it is more like a relatively unbarbaric invasion. Because if the ratings fail, the new domain will undoubtedly degenerate into an expansion for a mature domain. A land for the exploitation of slavery and resources.”

“Then do you think... can Heaven Wasteland Domain successfully pass the rating assessment?” Yu Junqing clenched the jade wine cup in her hand then set it down again.

“It's hard to say, this rating is not as simple as it seems.” Ye Qingyu carefully recalled the information on the rating and the Domain Alliance that he read from the jade scroll, picking out some key points for Yu Junqing.

“I understand what you mean. In my opinion, whether a domain can be rated successfully, may not really be based on the extent of its development...” Yu Junqing knitted her brows together as she understood Ye Qingyu's words.

“Well, according to the news I obtained from Clear River Domain, the current Domain Alliance is controlled by some highly ambitious and manipulative people, and if one of them attempts to occupy the resources and forces of Heaven Wasteland Domain, everything... it's hard to say...” Ye Qingyu sighed ruminatively.

“But we still have time, don't we?” Yu Junqing pulled back the corners of her mouth into a smile, holding up the teacup with both her hands.

A year of time, for them, it’s not totally hopeless, right?

Opposite the tea table, Ye Qingyu nodded, but still had a thoughtful look on his face.

To expel foreign enemies, they must first unify the major forces in Heaven Wasteland Domain to submit to the rule of the Imperial family. Only when the domain is unified, was it possible to gather the strength of Heaven Wasteland to fight back against foreign enemies.

In his mind, he was more determined on the idea of inspecting Heaven Wasteland Domain and clearing all the unstable forces.

After several moments.

In the air, the aroma of the Snowball flower had intensified and become more fragrant than it was when Ye Qingyu came.

“I still have to ask, the jade scroll that Older Sister Han told Lin Zhen to give to you, have you read it?” Unknowingly, Yu Junqing was already standing by the wall, her line of sight fixed on an ink painting of a Snowball flower.

“Not yet... after going back... I'll take a look.” Ye Qingyu also cast a glance over at the painting, as if at that moment the flower in the painting was emitting a sweet fragrance that spread to his heart, lungs, and dantian.

Yu Junqing understood something.

She did not question further.

Intelligent people do intelligent things.

After a while.

“It's getting late, let me walk you out.” Yu Junqing suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Qingyu, smiling faintly.

Ye Qingyu nodded, then got up and walked toward the door.

The two walked a few steps.

At the doorway, Ye Qingyu felt a little bad. His way of handling the matter of the jade scroll was a little stubborn. After a thought, as he was about to turn around to say something, his countenance suddenly changed.

Because Ye Qingyu suddenly sensed that, among the fragrance floating in the air, there was a wisp of a very strange aura.

It was the aura of a wounded person.

“Are you injured?!” Ye Qingyu twisted around and exclaimed.

“Oh... I've been pretending for most of the day, but you noticed just as you were about to leave.” Yu Junqing inadvertently smiled, trying hard to cover up. A strange pale colour had spread across her face.

“How were you wounded?” Ye Qingyu was very shocked.

In this side of Heaven and earth, no one should be able to wound Yu Junqing.

Yu Junqing smiled and explained.

It turns out that day the domineering [Heaven Patrol Special Envoy] had made several rude remarks, and his tone of voice was full of contempt and insults to Heaven Wasteland Domain and the Snow Empire. Yu Junqing's manner was gentle and treated him politely, but unexpectedly in exchange for his repeated verbal assaults and he even attempted to molest her. She had held back several times but in the end was forced to attack.

The two fought from the palace all the way up to the peak of the Ninth Heaven and in the end Yu Junqing was seriously wounded.

The [Heaven Patrol Special Envoy], who was also severely injured, was slightly afraid to continue attacking, turned and leapt into the domain gate, leaving Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Ye Qingyu slightly wrinkled his brows when he heard news of such an incident.

The special envoy of the Domain Alliance deserved to die.

However, when he saw Yu Junqing's pale complexion, an uneasy feeling floated to his heart.

Given Yu Junqing's strength, even if injured, it was impossible for her to not fully heal in this half a year of time. What was the reason?

“I'll take a look...” Ye Qingyu turned and walked towards the figure next to the painting.

After a brief thought, Yu Junqing did not decline, nodding her head slightly. Her originally rosy complexion already could no longer hide her exhaustion and haggardness.

Ye Qingyu clapped his right palm on Yu Junqing's shoulder, a wisp of [Supreme Ice Flame] immediately spread from the palm into her body.

[Supreme Ice Flame] was like an icy spiritual fish, swimming around Yu Junqing's bones, limbs, dantian, heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Ye Qingyu examined with his divine sense and was shocked.

It turns out that there was an extremely evil and toxic dark energy left inside Yu Junqing's body.

The fierce and evil dark energy was like an insect egg releasing an endless stream of poisonous qi, which not only hindered the healing of her heart and veins, but was also day after day corroding her yuan qi and cultivation. Even if it were a martial artist of the Heaven Ascension stage, in less than half a year of time, they will be swallowed up by the evil force and become an ordinary person. And if it continues, in less than three years their life would be in danger.

Ye Qingyu's eyes darkened.

Within his eyes, his two pitch-black pupils were like icy iron.

“You already knew about the evil force that the envoy had left in you.”

“Well... I've tried a variety of ways, but... cough... still could not completely force it out of my body...” Yu Juqing revealed a helpless smile.

Lightly thrusting his palm, Ye Qingyu controlled the [Supreme Ice Flame] to fully wrap around the strand of evil dark force and instantly froze it into an icicle.

At this time his mind was surging with invisible rage.

The so-called [Heaven Patrol Special Envoy] had used such a vicious move. If he later met with people of the Domain Alliance, then he must greet them properly.

Fortunately, he had noticed at the key moment, otherwise if the First Princess continued to be stubborn, her Origin source would be damaged and her martial road ruined.

“Why didn't you tell me first thing?” Ye Qingyu grumbled.

The First Princess smiled. “I did not know that you can dissolve this toxic yuan energy.”

Ye Qingyu did not respond.

After a moment, Ye Qingyu withdrew his palm.

The dark energy inside the First Princess' body had been quietly dissipated by [Supreme Ice Flame].

Her expression suddenly relaxed, feeling the vessels of her limbs and bones were once again flowing freely and her breathing became incomparably smooth.

“It seems, I shouldn't have acted brave.” Yu Junqing lightly moved her arms and legs, feeling the comfort of her injury healing rapidly.

Ye Qingyu faintly smiled. The matter today allowed him a more direct understanding of the style of the people of the Domain Alliance.

Yu Junqing took out a large black wine jar from her bosom, and threw it toward Ye Qingyu, “Here, a thank you gift.”

It was a jar full of [Snowball Flower Immortal Wine]. The First Princess was really generous.

Ye Qingyu helplessly smiled, bowed his head, and accepted the gift, before he turned away.

The Snowball flowers in the garden had unknowingly bloomed.

The appearance of the Snowball flowers made the world look pale.

At this moment, it seemed as though all the magnificent sceneries between Heaven and earth were inferior to the incomparably beautiful scene of tens of thousands of flowers blooming in front of Ye Qingyu at the same time, emitting an intoxicating fragrance.


Three days later.

Crown Prince's Palace.

The morning breeze was like a gentle veil brushing against the face, bringing a hint of morning dew fragrance.

The rising sun exuded a light warmth, and the golden sun casted its light upon the earth.

The entrance to the main hall of the Crown Prince's Palace.

Clad in a black armour, the little captain of a squad of imperial guards Luo Yi was bathed in the sun, the dark golden pattern of his armour glowing with a gorgeous luster.

His young face was full of vitality, a faint light twinkling in his black pupils.

Last night, he had been practicing for the whole night, but instead of being exhausted, he felt refreshed and full of spirit.

Ever since becoming an imperial guard of the [Blazing Flame Battalion], the military would provide him with a certain amount of Origin crystals for cultivation every month. Each meal in the [Blazing Flame Battalion] also contained food rich in yuan qi and demon beast meat that were prepared with diluted Origin crystal and medicinal herbs, which he and his family could not think of when he was in the Western border.

On the day he was promoted to imperial army captain, he also received supplies exclusive to an imperial army captain. In addition to the standard armour, there was a storage ring, which was stored with a large amount of pure Origin crystal, and several ancients books to guide him on his cultivation----
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