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Chapter 650, To the Two Rivers Group again

If, as Yu Junhan had said, he really was her son, then that also meant that he was the son of the matchless figure... But why did he abandon him and his wife, and leave Heaven Wasteland?

In this step, Ye Qingyu still had not figured everything out. He also dared not to dig any deeper, jump to conclusion, in case he made a mistake.

Even if he was confused, it was better than thinking wrongly and cause misunderstanding...

“What, the parents in my childhood memories, what is going on...” Ye Qingyu recalled his time in the Ye residence of Deer City, thinking about his parents who carefully and patiently taught him everything and loved him dearly.

His mouth was slightly curved in an imperceptible smile.

He thought of those warm and peaceful years, as well as his mother's smiling face.

The memories suddenly came to the time his parents were wounded and their breathing was faint and weak.

Father, at his last breath, had told him to bring the medal to the imperial offering temple of the Imperial Ancestral Land to find the answer, but the scenes still did not uncover all the mysteries.

Ye Qingyu sighed softly again.

The scenes that he just saw, not only had not solved the mystery of his life, but instead made him more puzzled and his thoughts more chaotic.

He drew several deep breaths, trying to activate the nameless breathing technique to calm his mind, and sort out his thoughts. But these complex clues were like a tangled mess in his mind. No matter what angle he thought from, he still had no idea.

Before his father's death, he clearly had said that the truth was here.

But now...

“Could it be that there are other clues in the temple?” Ye Qingyu suppressed his irritation and again carefully investigated the entire temple.

In the empty inner room there was nothing but the cold, dark stonewalls.

After a round of inspection, he still gained nothing new.

Half an hour went by.

“It seems that... There is no answer or clue...” Ye Qingyu was disappointed.

He shook his wrist, and the drop of blood that was previously dropped onto the stone table immediately rose from the stone table and flew back into his palm.


The stone table in front crumbled, a pile of blue stones scattered across the ground, and everything returned to the state exactly as before.

The medal leisurely floated above his head, its brilliance fading, only a weak yellow-orange colour halo of light was being issued.

Ye Qingyu turned away from the offering temple.


In Light City.

It was getting late. The red sunset clouds today were a rare spectacle.

Half of the sky was still clear, blue as water, and the other half was covered with clouds, like cotton splattered with blood, dying half the sky red.

Ye Qingyu fed some of the dew fruits to the crane. The crane seemed to sense his complex thoughts, and rested his head on the side of his ear for a while.

When the last glimmer of light at the horizon faded, and a dark blue colour gradually wiped across the sky, he took the crane to the Light soldiers camp for it to rest, and then he turned around alone, transforming into a stream of silver light and returned to Light Palace.

That night was surprisingly quiet.

In Light City there was only the gentle rustling of fire leaves. No one came to bother the people in the Light Palace.

In the Light Palace.

Ye Qingyu was sitting cross-legged on the jade stone bed.

A gentle glow was exuding slowly from the stone bed, gradually and softly wrapping around him.

He closed his eyes. All the clues and thoughts were crazily spreading like vines, uncontrollably pouring into Ye Qingyu's divine sense. Breathing in and out, and consolidating and upholding his energy, he arranged these thoughts. The nameless breathing technique was repeated ten times, until his mind was gradually settled down.


The next afternoon.

After a whole day of shutting himself in, Ye Qingyu finally slowly opened his eyes.

He stood up, stretching his arms and legs, and walked a few steps, coming to the stone table.

“Next...” Ye Qingyu swept a glance over the Map of the Universe on the stone table, his sight falling on a small building at the end of an unknown alley of Snow capital, his eyes flickering.

He walked a few steps toward the door of the palace, when suddenly there was a wave-like ripple in the void and he already vanished from where he stood.

A beam of light streaked across the overhead of the palace, disappearing between the gaps of the clouds.

At the end of the alley.

Among the teahouses.

Along a winding road, and in an elegant and unusual bamboo garden was a teahouse surrounded in lush green bamboo. A white figure and a green figure were like two immortal shadows dotted in this bamboo forest.

“Young Lord, please.” It was a girl in an emerald green dress brewing tea. She had milky white skin, delicate brows, and her eyes were glistening like two gentle pearls. She had a graceful demeanour and her every movement was extremely elegant.

The beautiful girl was Lang Yong, the younger sister of the president of the Two Rivers Group Lang Zhong.

The figure next to her received the white jade cup with both hands and sipped the tea with a calm expression and a relaxed smile on his face. It was Ye Qingyu.

“The tea is fragrant is pure and delightful. At first the taste is sweet, which later turns to a mellow and rich flavour. Your recommendation is indeed really good.” Ye Qingyu gently set down the teacup, feeling the carefree feeling coming up from his nose and along the tip of the tongue spreading to his limbs and the heart. His face also revealed a relaxed smile.

Kneeling on a mat made from red-pattern rattan, Lang Yong, who was skillfully pouring water and brewing, had a serious expression as if she was concentrating on doing something extremely rigorous.

But as her hand moved up and down, there was an elegant aura like that of a butterfly fluttering around her body.

Over the past year, Lang Yong had reached 60 Spirit springs.

Ye Qingyu nodded slightly.

It seems that since Ye Qingyu left, Lang Yong had been taking care of the affairs of the Two Rivers Group as well as working hard on cultivating in the secret mantra he had provided for her.

To be able to cultivate to the present state in less than a years time, she must have put in painstaking effort.

Thinking about this, Ye Qingyu again took a glimpse at the young girl who was concentrating on pouring tea, sighing slightly.

He casually picked up the jade pendant that Lang Yong had put on the table, gently wiping his fingertip across, and a blue green light halo spread out which projected the record of the past year.

Previously, the grand plot that the Snow Empire imperial family and court ministers and authority had set up had turned the entire Snow Empire into a place where everyone schemed on each other. During the time of the constant dark current, as a branch of the Two Rivers Group in the imperial capital, Lang Yong and her subordinates could be said to be walking with difficulty. There was risk with every step they took and the slightest carelessness could leave their bones and corpse missing.

But now the situation had changed. The Snow Empire’s imperial family had gradually occupied the real dominant position of Clear River Domain, and Ye Qingyu, because of his identity as the Lord of the Light City, had gained a very special status in the Snow Empire.

Since then, even if Ye Qingyu left Heaven Wasteland Domain for a period of time, the Two Rivers Group was completely unaffected.

Instead, because of the status that Ye Qingyu had in the imperial capital, the Two Rivers Group had been rapidly expanding over the year. Compared to the past, its strength had greatly increased and was already beginning to grow into a powerful group.

“Now the power of the Two Rivers Group in the capital is not suppressed at all. Even if the Right and Left Ministers know about the existence of the Two Rivers Group, they had never blocked the channels in which we gather information.” Lang Yong clasped the teacup with both hands, very respectfully looking at Ye Qingyu.

“Unexpectedly, in just over half a year, the number of people of the Two Rivers Group in the capital had expanded to more than three hundred...” Ye Qingyu made a gripping motion with his hand, and the cup of tea smoothly slid into his palm like it was pushed by a breeze of wind.

“Yes, young Lord.” Lang Yong stored the remaining tealeaf residue into a small jade bowl, finely grinding them up. “The expansion of the Two Rivers Group in this half a year is a lot more relaxed than before. Many of the channels before that we lacked access to are slowly showing signs of opening.”

“Well, that's good.” Ye Qingyu gently touched the warm teacup, feeling the warmth coming to his fingertips. “The reason I came here today is mainly because there is a matter that I need you to handle for me.”

“Young Lord, please give me your command.” Lang Yong immediately put down the bowl and the yellow rosewood stick, and turned to look at Ye Qingyu solemnly.

“Select one hundred youngsters under ten years of age in Snow Empire who have a good power of comprehension and martial arts talent. Three months later, bring them to Light City.” Ye Qingyu gently set down the jade pendant onto the table, and the formation halo light also faded.

“Yes, Young Lord.” Lang Yong cupped one hand in the other.

“In addition, the Purple Cloud Mystery technique that I gave you before, how far have you cultivated in it...” Ye Qingyu smiled.

“Lang Yong is not talented, although I have been practicing day and night over this half a year, but in recent months I seemed to have hit a bottleneck. No matter how hard I try, I could not make a breakthrough...” At this moment Lang Yong seemed to have recovered the annoyed look that a young girl would have. Her mouth was pursed up slightly and her eyes were flickering with unwillingness and irritation.

“Show me all the techniques and moves that you've learned, I'll take a look.” Ye Qingyu calmly took a sip of tea, smiling.

Lang Yong's eyes lit up in joy. To have the opportunity of the Young Lord giving her directions was simply too precious for her.

She immediately stood up, and with a flash, a light blue figure instantly transformed into a very strange shadow, like a multicoloured gust of wind in the bamboo forest, piercing through the forest and rustling leaves.

“I see... but... you really have superior power of understanding. With just your own understanding, you have roughly touched upon the essence of this technique.” Ye Qingyu quietly analyzed the figure shuttling around the bamboo forest, slightly nodding.

Whenever an obstruction appeared in Lang Yong's moves, Ye Qingyu would give her guidance in a timely manner. Every word or brief remark he made was regarding the most mysterious and profound essence of the technique.

And with Lang Yong's high power of understanding, she immediately mastered it and was able to bring it to use fully. The figure in the bamboo forest was increasingly swift, and more and more skillful.

Half an hour later.

Lang Yong's figure flashed, as though a green cotton yarn twisted around a bamboo was finally removed from the bamboo forest.

“Thank you, Young Lord!” She steadily descended onto the sea of roots of a thousand-year-old tree, beaming all over with joy as she cupped one fist in the other hand and knelt down.

After the guidance from the Young Lord, Lang Yong felt enlightened. She had gain insight to all the points that she did not understand before. Moreover, in this half an hour of time, the harvest that she obtained had far surpassed that of the six months of cultivation.

Ye Qingyu's body slowly descended next to the stone table, his mouth curved upwards, his white robe fluttering, and his black hair flowing in the breeze, like a celestial being.

“There's one more thing you need to do. Pass a message to Lang Zhong that ten days later I'm making a trip back to Deer City.” Ye Qingyu gently stretched out his hand in the void, and an invisible force supported Lang Yong up.

“Yes, Young Lord, I'll pass the message to my brother later.” Lang Yong nodded slightly.

“Right, you should also pack, go back with me, it's been a long time, you also should see your brother.” As Ye Qingyu was speaking, he had already turned around and walked to the door of the teahouse.

A spotless white robe was gently swaying with the breeze. His rear view that was gradually moving away seemed to be dispersing by a gust of wind. After a few steps, he had already vanished at the entrance of the teahouse.

And in the bamboo forest, Lang Yong revealed a gratified smile and her eyes glistened with tears, “Thank you, Young Lord...”

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