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Chapter 648, The fourth scene

In the air, thick layers of crimson red clouds covered the entire sky, and deafening thunderclaps reverberated through the air like countless fierce beast roaring in chorus. Bolts of purple and gold lightning pierced the sky, striking the ground and the foothills directly, like a number of cannonballs being thrown down, huge rocks were shattered and cracks spread across the ground.

Thick clouds gathered in the air, dark-red and black chaotic fog were intertwined, in conflict with each other, and emitting a mournful and eerie friction-like noise.

“Where is this place?”

Ye Qingyu looked at the unfamiliar hell-like world of killing. Besides shock, he also revealed a hint of puzzlement.

“Kill me!”


From the sky, there came incessant roars.

Countless mighty experts were fighting in the void.

Their martial arts had long exceeded beyond the limits of the power of the laws of Heaven and earth, provoking lightning to strike down.

The sight before him was like a battle between the fiendgods of a foreign domain.

Slaughtering, bloody, and tragic...

These scenes made Ye Qingyu feel like his throat was tightening, as though he was also situated in that Asura hell. Blankly watching a war that seemed like doomsday had descended, he felt his inner qi and strength being stirred, and monstrous waves of yuan qi were surging in his dantian world, like several fierce dragons, moving towards his limbs and bones. An infinite burst of battle strength erupted in an instant.

The battle intent and the power of laws from the images were seemingly an invisible light, absorbing into and combining with Ye Qingyu's eyes. In his consciousness mind, there was a strange light rapidly growing.

Ye Qingyu unblinkingly stared at the several hundreds of figures fighting above the blood clouds, of which there were ten that were the most striking.

The Human Race, Demon Racee, Devil Race...

Although these ten figures were of different races, but they were all surging with a very advanced power of laws that not even this battlefield allowed.

They were like the king of their race, wielding all sorts of divine weapons, swords, and battle-axes, which all radiated rays of light and were fused with mysterious runes.

Every armour was marked with formation markings of different colours and lusters and seemed very mysterious. It was not like the formations that existed in Ye Qingyu's era.

The different brilliance around their body was like a huge ball of light, both attacking and defending. In that moment, they all erupted out their most extreme cultivation and peak strength.

Ye Qingyu felt a tightness in his heart, and even his breathing had become difficult.

Even if these images flashed across, he still felt an oppression and misery as if he was personally on the scene.

“The Human Race, will never give in!”

A roar that shook the heavens and the earth suddenly sounded.

Ye Qingyu's eyes widened as he tilted his head to look at the scene where the sound was coming from...

In the light screen.

Among the masses of blood clouds and black qi, eight beams of light erupted abruptly. The most striking human figure was suddenly surging with yuan qi, bursting out a blinding brilliance that could not be stared at directly.

In a flash.

In the sky, countless experts of foreign races let out mournful roars. The scarlet clouds between the Heaven and earth at that moment were also shaken into wisps of gas. The sky was like a huge rag, its countless cracks and holes declaring the misery and tragedy of this doomsday battle.

In the midst of the cries and screams of countless experts of different races, the tangerine yellow light screen finally blurred...

The tight feeling at Ye Qingyu's throat also relaxed.

He was gasping for breath, trying to calm his soaring battle intent and yuan qi.

Although these were just illusions, were just pictures, but it was all too real. The power during the battle between fiendgods seemed to have really penetrated through the tabletop. Even with Ye Qingyu's current cultivation, he still felt his heart palpitating unbearably. If it were other people with slightly lower strength, of the Bitter Sea stage and below, they most likely would be unable to endure this sort of power.

Within moments, there were changes again.

The light screen above the jade-like stone table was fading away as a new scene emerged.

Ye Qingyu was startled, immediately took on a solemn expression, staring cautiously at the scene shown on the light screen.

This time the place appearing in the scene was a foggy and chaotic world.

The scene seemed to have nothing to do with the previous Asura battlefield. This was a whole new world. The world seemed to be enveloped by dense fog, that even if one concentrated one's attention completely to see, it would still be impossible to completely penetrate the layers of chaotic qi to get a glimpse of the exact appearance of the world.

“Where is this? Is it an ancient world when it was first formed?”

Ye Qingyu's mind was clouded with puzzlement.

The unfamiliar foreign world made Ye Qingyu completely puzzled.

“Hey? That... What is it?”

Ye Qingyu suddenly saw a tremendous gold-emitting black rock looming in the midst of the chaotic mist.

The rock was tens of thousands of meters high, marked with strange lines, like the blood vessels of a living creature. As it was slightly quivering, there was a strange energy constantly gushing forth from these lines, which made the lines flicker and looked incomparably strange.

Even though separated by the screen, Ye Qingyu could feel a suffocating power, flowing through the rock.

This power was not at all weaker than the aura of the experts in the scene before.

Just then——

In the scene.


The sound of a violent explosion.

All of a sudden, a golden divine light shot into the sky like a sharp sword from the black rock.


As though the divine light was right in front of him, Ye Qingyu felt a piercing pain in his eyes.

“What is that power...”

Ye Qingyu was surprised and puzzled.

Even with his current cultivation, he could not look directly at the strange light.


A loud noise was immediately heard from the light screen.

The originally heavy square rock suddenly ruptured, crushed rocks shooting out in all directions.


From the shattered rocks, a figure like a cannonball propelled into the sky.

Ye Qingyu was trembling with shock.

A figure that he failed to see clearly had unexpectedly jumped out of the rock?

When he wanted to see more clearly, the scene blurred again.

This was the end of the second scene.

The rippling light screen on the stone table began to dim.

“Just what do these scenes mean?”

For a moment, Ye Qingyu seemed to have fallen into foggy jungle, a vat of black water. He was completely disoriented and unable to find any clues.

What was the relationship between the first scene and the second one?

Or did they have nothing to do with each other?

But as though it did not allow him to think too much, the light screen suddenly revealed another scene.

Ye Qingyu's eyes immediately flashed, fixing his gaze again.

“Hey? This... Another battlefield?”

He was astonished.

The third scene was still a battlefield.

But the battlefield seen on this screen was not the chaotic fighting of fiendgods like the previous images.

In the void there were countless severed cracks, and the chaotic qi mist seemed tragic and bleak. Among the countless figures there were different colours of yuan qi fluctuating in the entire space. It was a very frightening war.

Among the battlefield, a Human Race figure was tightly surrounded by all kinds of foreign race experts, fighting against thousands alone, and armed with only a sword.

The matchless figure did not have a change of expression even when facing the countless opponents that encircled him in the sky and across the ground. Like a devastating divine king of power, he consecutively beheaded countless enemies.

The corpses formed a sea. The invincible figure leapt into the void, overlooking the sea of corpses, as though he was an invincible supreme king between the Heaven and earth.

This matchless figure was graceful and extraordinary.

Although he could not clearly see the matchless figure’s real body and appearance, but his spirit and elegance, as well as his tyrannical battle strength, were enough for him to feel the invincible power and imposing manner that could engulf the world.

“His strength, is much, much higher than mine...”

In a short while, Ye Qingyu had already established the cultivation of the matchless figure. Although he was unable to see through his specific level of strength, but whether it was physical strength or yuan qi power, they were hundreds of times superior to that of his.

It was a martial boundary that he could not reach now or even imagine.

“This figure... why is it similar to the one that emerged from the rock..."

Ye Qingyu suddenly made a discovery.

That figure was slightly hesitant as the impenetrable crowd of foreign race experts encircled him, no longer launching attacks, and poured all power into breaking the chaotic mist. It was at that moment that Ye Qingyu was just barely able to see a trace of the matchless expert.

When he gathered all his full strength, moving a step further to the truth, the scene stopped and the light screen resumed as ripples of light waves.

The third scene ended.

Ye Qingyu drew a deep breath, his surging yuan qi power calming down.

When and where did these battles occur?

These were left behind by that person?

Then who was the figure that jumped out of the rock?

His mind was in a tangled mess of thoughts. He could not help but shake his head and refocused on the light screen, anticipating another scene emerging on the light screen to give him some clues.

Will there be a fourth scene?

Ye Qingyu waited in hope.

Soon after, following a rippling, a new scene appeared on the light scene.

The fourth scene.

“It's an immemorial sacred mountain...” Ye Qingyu stared fixedly at the table in deep thought.

Shown in the scene was still a chaotic space of a foreign land that he had never seen before.

Ye Qingyu's line of sight was focused on the peak of a towering sacred mountain that resembled a green-robed giant among the layers upon layers of floating clouds and mist, and on which there were dozens of figures fighting.

The battle in the scene was very different from the previous two battles.

This was a real battle of outstanding experts fighting for supremacy.

Between the sword light and the icy cold shadows, the aftermath of turbulent yuan qi pulled and twisted the void, causing the mountain to quake and the clouds and mist to disperse——

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