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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 63 Going in Search of the Little Loli

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Chapter 63 – Going in Search of the Little Loli

“A friend such as me is really not that qualified!” Ye Qingyu muttered to himself.

Thinking about this, Ye Qingyu crisply decided not to report in the second year but instead went to search for the little loli. At the very least, he needed to say farewell and discover where the little girl lived. Besides, he had prepared some presents for the little loli after returning from outside the academy.

Thankfully, Ye Qingyu knew the general direction of the female dormitory.

Carrying the black spear holster with the [Inexorable spear], Ye Qingyu silently followed the stone path of the living quarters. The breeze caused the light rustle of leaves, with the yellow leaves drifting down covering the entire grass fields. Ye Qingyu realized that this was the first time he had noticed the pretty scenery around.

It was only that the entire dormitory area was empty, with not a sight to be seen.

Ye Qingyu could feel that something was slightly strange.

If it was as normal, at this time, the area here should be quite busy, with people coming and going. It should be one of the most bustling times but there was not even a hint of a person here today. Something was up.

Very quickly he arrived at the female dormitory.

On the way, Ye Qingyu still did not bump into any first year students.

It made him feel something was definitely strange.

After questioning several teachers in charge of managing the dormitories, Ye Qingyu finally discovered the little loli, Song Xiaojun’s room and dormitory.

But Song Xiaojun was not within the dormitory.

“Come back later. All the students of the first year have gone to attend the general assembly of the first year.” The managing teacher was a female middle-aged woman that looked amiable, and whose strength did not seem either weak or strong. She laughingly said, “Little kid, are you not a first year student? Why are you not attending the general assembly? Could it be that you have skipped class…”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

General assembly of the year?

No wonder on the way here, he did not see any other people. So it was this.

But why was a general assembly held? Could it be that a big incident had occurred within White Deer Academy? Normally speaking, unless it was something to do with the honour and reputation of the entire White Deer Academy, such a large scale meeting was extremely rare.

Ye Qingyu mumbled several words and promptly left, heading towards a pavilion. Sitting on the stone chair, he sat and silently waited.

The entire dormitory area was quiet and hushed and only the sounds of the wind rustling the leaves could be heard.

Ye Qingyu sat for a while, then felt bored. Instead of just waiting, he closed his eyes and began training in the nameless breathing technique. Very quickly he entered into a rhythmic state, breathing in and out.

The yuan qi of Heaven and Earth around him was quickly gathered at high speed, converging towards Ye Qingyu.

The inner yuan of Spirit spring martial artists, was largely created through absorbing and storing yuan qi from the environment. The everyday training of martial artists, their primary aim was accumulate and absorb yuan qi from the outside world into the world and store it within the dantian. When facing an opponent, the yuan qi within would activate and erupt, achieving the aim of harming the opponent.

This type of accumulation and storage, was a long and slow process.

For many martial artists, after a tough and brutal battle, it was very possible that their inner yuan would be fully expended. They needed to once again accumulate yuan qi from Heaven and Earth. Of course, this process of refilling did not require a lengthy amount of time.

Only experts who had entered the Bitter Sea stage would have their inner yuan in their dantian world grow and multiply without end, without any limits. Therefore, experts of the Bitter Sea stage were not too reliant on yuan qi from the outside world, and this was one of the reasons that Bitter sea stage experts were stronger than Spirit spring experts.

For Ye Qingyu, this was an important stage that he must continuously absorb and accumulate yuan qi, turning it into his own inner yuan.

For this process, only possessing one Spirit spring was by far not enough. He needed to excavate more and more Spirit springs within his dantian; only through doing this could he absorb and accumulate more and more yuan qi of Heaven and Earth, constantly becoming stronger.

Ye Qingyu practiced the nameless breathing technique and his rate of absorbing yuan qi was incomparably rapid.

Not even fifteen minutes of time had passed when a yuan qi cyclone formed, spinning around Ye Qingyu and creating a strange apparition.

This type of apparition, attracted the attention of the amiable middle-aged managing teacher from far away.

“This type of commotion… I know now, so it was this little kid. No wonder he came looking for Xiaojun.” The female teacher finally guessed Ye Qingyu’s identity.

Time passed by minute by minute.

Gradually, two to three meters away from Ye Qingyu’s body, the withered yellow leaves became like golden butterflies, swirling around him. The circulation of yuan qi was like a nest of whirlpools, creating a spectacular sight.

Suddenly, Ye Qingyu was able to sense something. Opening his eyes, he stopped his training.

The surrounding yuan qi currently halted abruptly, the withered leaves drifting to the ground and creating a circle around the entire pavilion. It was as if someone had intricately placed and arranged the leaves in a pattern.

From far away, figures could be seen.

The originally peaceful dormitory area suddenly became heated again.

Female students wearing the academy uniform appeared from far away, laughing and conversing. It seems that the general assembly had ended, with people energetically rushing back into the dormitory or rushing to the practice grounds. The crowd was like a tide heading in from the east, turning into small streams that flowed into different dormitories…

When passing by the pavilion, some female students were able to recognize Ye Qingyu, widening their eyes in astonishment.

Around the ages of fourteen was namely the age where the first awakening of love began. In these past months, within the academy, there was a significant number of love stories that had occurred. Very frequently, male students would appear within the female dormitory area, pursuing the girls they liked, so the appearance of a male student was not at all strange or baffling.

Even the favoured child Qin Wushuang, had once appeared below the female dormitory.

But afterwards the matters were slightly disappointing to the students who wanted to witness a perfect love story. This lucky girl who was pursued by Qin Wushuang, after one month of envy, admiration and hatred from the other female students, completely lost favour with Qin Wushuang. The reality was that this pitiful girl was just a plaything for Qin Wushuang when he was bored from training. After getting tired of her, she was then promptly thrown away…

No matter what the time, the female dormitory had a special attraction towards the male students.

But two people were the exception.

One was Yan Xingtian, this commoner student with exceptional talent. He had never appeared before within the female living area. Afterwards, when he disappeared during the practical wilderness training, this matter was slowly forgotten.

The other person was Ye Qingyu.

Great Demon King Ye had a handsome appearance and amazing talent. In the previous battles he had also displayed incomparable dominance. There were once some busybodies who had done an evaluation, and came to the conclusion that Ye Qingyu was the first year student that was the most masculine. If he had the mood, just through one glance, he could move the hearts of many beautiful girls…

But Demon King Ye did not appear once in the girls dormitory area.

He basically had no contact with female students.

Every day he would be in his living quarters, canteen, martial library and the practice grounds. He would undergo a lifestyle with four dots and one line, making many people suspicious, how Ye Qingyu could endure such a lifestyle.

The only person that Ye Qingyu was close to was only the little loli Song Xiaojun.

Who would have thought that today, Demon King Ye would really appear in the female living area.

If this news was to spread, it could be counted as a major occurrence.

In this instant, some female students crisply decided not to return, foregoing whatever they had to do. They instead stood staring from far away, wanting to see which person Demon King Ye was waiting for.

From far away.

The sounds of laughter drifted over.

Tens of female students, as if stars surrounding the moon, accompanied a red-clothed girl. This red-clothed girl was exceedingly beautiful, with an exceptional temperament, her skin as smooth as jade. It was as if she was naturally born with a colourful radiance that caused many female students to feel inferior.

Beside the red-clothed girl, there was also a girl in white garments. She was also exceptionally pretty, her white dress drifting about and bringing with her a magical aura. But her face was still a little too young and immature, without the garish and beautiful bearing of the red-clothed girl that was able to capture your soul.

“Senior sister Xiaohan, I’ve heard that in the competition between the two academies, the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] will be opened?” The white-clothed girl asked with a smile.

The smile of the red-clothed girl blossomed saying, “Junior Sister Qingluo is right. This time, the commotion caused by the Azure Phoenix students is really too much. The guests are acting as if they are the hosts and showing up the White Deer Academy, therefore the higher ups of the academy are naturally unsatisfied. They’ve decided to hold a direct battle. sword against sword, spear against spear. Therefore, the possibility of opening the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] is very high!”

“If it is really true, then this is too great. I also want to experience the legendary [Boundary Canyon Battlefield],” the white-clothed girl said excitedly.

“Senior Sister Qingluo, your strength is exceptional and your rankings has always been in the top five of the first year. According to the previous criteria of selecting people to enter the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield], you definitely have the requirements to be chosen. Your wish can absolutely come true.” Another graceful girl appeared by the side, calmly praising and flattering the white-clothed girl.

“En, as long as Qingluo works hard, you have the chance to enter the list of the people selected.” The red-clothed girl was outstandingly gorgeous, both her smile and frown had an attraction that even appealed to the female gender. With a laugh she said, “There are many benefits to entering the [Boundary Canyon Battlefield] and this is an excellent opportunity. I will definitely recommend you to head teacher Wang!”

“I am too thankful to Senior Sister Jiang.” The white-clothed girl rushed to say thanks.

This group of people had an above average characteristic, with a cordial atmosphere.

Behind them, there was a short and small silhouette that looked foolish and cute at the same time. As if she was a tired doll, she followed along weakly and without strength. She had an expression of disinterest and boredom, wearing a robe that was evidently too large for her, and every step along the way her cheeks puffed up in anger. She did not immerse herself within this group of female students.

Within the pavilion.

In an instant, a faint smile appeared on Ye Qingyu’s face.

Every time he saw the little loli’s foolish and cute appearance, the mood of Demon King Ye, would inexplicably brighten.

He beckoned from far away.

As if their hearts were connected, this bored Song Xiaojun with her head held down, suddenly sensed something. Lifting her head, she could see the Ye Qingyu from far away beckoning to her.

The little girl was dumbfounded and thinking this was an illusion, lowered her head and continued walking.

After walking several steps, she seemed to realize something again. She lifted her head again in shock, rubbing her eyes and confirming that she was not mistaken. Then, she began jumping up and down in excitement, letting out a cheer and running towards the pavilion.

She was like a sprinting and joyous little deer.

Ye Qingyu could not help but be amused by this little loli who was so naturally silly.

The cheer of the little loli, in an instant made the red-clothed girl and the others to notice Ye Qingyu’s existence. Their gaze landed on the pavilion underneath the shade of the tree, focusing on Ye Qingyu’s figure.

“It’s him?” The gaze of the red-clothed girl coagulated, stopping her footsteps, not knowing what to think.

The white-clothed girl next to her also stopped, a dissatisfied light flashing deep in her eyes. But seeing the little loli’s joyful appearance, the words that she wanted to say stuck in her throat, not able to say it in the end. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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