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Chapter 644, Luo Yi

On the ground, the roars from the herd of beast suddenly went strangely quiet. Their tremendous bodies were shivering, and a strong look of fear surfaced onto their faces.

The next moment, the herd of beasts was whimpering as though they had encountered something extremely frightening. The ferocity that they had before was immediately dissipated, and with a panic-stricken look they all twisted around to flee. All of a sudden, the thousands of fierce beasts disappeared into the snow-capped mountains.

“They ran.”

“The beasts all ran away.”

“The Sorcerer God appeared?”

“It's the Sorcerer God, it must be the Sorcerer God!”

The people that had come back from death's door stared at the herd of beasts bolting away in a daze, before a reaction came over them.

The young woman who was knocked down by the beast had narrowly survived. Her movements were stiff as she got up from the ground. She then solemnly knelt down, looking skywards, her face glistening with tears, and her eyes glowed with surprise and reverence.

“Thank you Sorcerer God for protecting us.” The woman's voice trembled as she kowtowed to the distance.

One after another, the villagers dropped their weapons, sincerely knelt down, and expressed their gratitude to the illusory Sorcerer God who turned their misfortune to blessing.

High up in the sky.

Ye Qingyu gently sighed, but did not stop. He continued to control the Light Palace to press ahead.

One hour later, the Light Palace was above a stretch of snow-white forests with ancient trees reaching high into the sky.

In the silent forest came a sudden roar of wild beasts.

The loud roar echoed through the ice and snow for a long while.

It was more than ten men attacking an giant adult snow bear.

The Brute Race men were all burly and tall, and with bushy beards on their faces, as well as a thick coat made of animal skins draped over their bodies.

They were clasping spears and swords constructed from the bones of beast as they charged toward the huge snow bear in front.

The snow bear was at least five or six meters tall, and its huge body was like a little mountain.

One of the snow bear's legs was wounded, dripping with blood, and the snow was stained a chaotic red.

The wounded bear was so irritable that even though more than ten people were attacking from all sides, still they could not bring it under control.

The snow bear frantically flourished its sharp claws, and a brute man unable to evade in time was almost torn into two halves. His body was mercilessly tossed away, breathing only weakly.

The rest of the brute men upon seeing this continued fighting more fiercely.

One of them lunged a spear at the bear’s eyes, but at the expense of one of his arms.

In a killing frenzy, the brute men took advantage of that opportunity to thrust their spears and swords at the snow bear.

Finally, the strong snow bear, due to severe injury and physically tiredness, collapsed with a loud rumble.

With no time to strike a fatal blow at the snow bear, the men hurried to their companion in the distance, only to discover that their companion had already breathed its last breath.

Some people were silent, some were grieving, and some were furiously piercing the heart of the snow bear with a spear.

After along while.

The people dressed each others wounds, carried the body of their companion, and dragged their loot——the snow bear——and left the silent forest. They walked with heavy steps towards a small village far away.

Ye Qingyu also softly sighed after witnessing this scene.

He did not stop and continued to activate the Light Palace, patrolling the lands of Heaven Wasteland Domain. He went to many places he had never been, overlooked the vast land, observed life in different environments, which many were struggling to survive, saw the winding, magnificent territories, and even vaguely felt the world's willpower, which was solemn, tragic, and distant.

The Heaven and earth were boundless and without end. Thinking of this, one could not shed tears in marvel and loneliness.

This was a side he had never seen before, which allowed Ye Qingyu to understand Heaven Wasteland Domain more clearly.

As though Ye Qingyu did not know what tiredness was, he activated the Light Palace Temple of Light and constantly controlled it onward in the boundless world...

The road ahead seemed to be endless.


After about half a day.

Ye Qingyu returned the Light Palace, to the Light City.

The reappearance of the Light Palace in the Light City naturally caused a huge shock and vibration. When the Light Palace was gone, the people and forces in Snow capital that had the qualification and status to understand this phenomenon were situated in a strange state. At this moment, the reappearance of the Light Palace provoked widespread discussion.

Of course, these were not what Ye Qingyu cared about.

The power of the Light Palace had been restored, and he was now able to patrol around the entire world. The phenomenon today would certainly appear more often in the future, perhaps become normal, and shortly not only the Snow capital, but most likely all the people of the Snow Empire will become accustomed to the emergence and disappearance of the Light Palace.

What Ye Qingyu really cared about was what he saw when he patrolled around.

He returned to the main hall, sat cross-legged, thinking over everything he saw today within the borders of the foreign races, and was silent for a long while.

For the next following hour, Ye Qingyu quietly sat cross-legged on the stone bed, a calm look on his face, but with compassion.

A few meters away from the stone table, the Map of the Universe gradually dimmed and disappeared into the void.

Ye Qingyu slowly closed his eyes, pondering over a plethora of matters.

After a long while, like he had suddenly thought of something, he took out the bamboo scroll received from the Immortal God Emperor Sect, reading out one line at a time.

The jade scroll contained the information about today's world, including the Domain Alliance, the distribution and strength of the major domains, the top power and existences who really stood at the top of the great martial arts world, as well as the survival rules of the major domains and races.

The appearance of the Central Domain Gate meant that no matter whether the living beings of Heaven Wasteland Domain would like to or not, not for a long, Heaven Wasteland Domain ultimately would have to be integrated into the whole world. At that time, perhaps another storm will descend. Clear River Domain was an example. The strength of the Immortal God Emperor Sect back then was much stronger than the Snow Empire, but in the end, in order to defend the independence of the domain, it still suffered a disastrous loss and ended up withdrawing into seclusion.

Ye Qingyu now had to think about these issues.

While reading, he pondered over these issues.

For the next ten days he shut himself in the stone palace.

Ten days of time very quickly passed by.

And in those ten days, Ye Qingyu had read all the jade scrolls and had a clearer positioning and understanding of the domain, the Domain Alliance, as well as the various forces in the alliance of the vast world.

He also gradually began to have some ideas, and then again fell into a meditative state.


The morning after the tenth day.

A ray of sunlight pierced through the roof of Light Palace into the stone hall.

The faint golden light circulated around the silvery white stone palace, bringing a different and fresh atmosphere.

The sun softly shone on Ye Qingyu who was mediating like an old monk on the stone bed.

His face was incomparably handsome under the golden sunlight.

His tightly shut eyes slowly opened, looking at the ray of sunshine, a faint smile curving his lips.

“It's about time, it's time to have a good talk with Xing'er and Right Minister.” He slowly rose to his feet.

The next moment, his figure had already disappeared from the stone hall, leaving only the faint sunlight flowing around the stone bed.

Snow capital.

A golden dome roofed and red-walled palace quietly sat five miles to the East of the Snow Imperial Palace.

From the outside of the high walls it could be seen that in the palace there was a towering pavilion that was giving off a lustre despite being hidden from view within the verdant green trees. In the most center location, a grand hall was standing majestically tall. Its red lacquer door was hung with a black board framed with golden edges that wrote [Blue Cloud Palace], these three forceful characters.

This palace was the Crown Prince Yu Xiaoxing’s imperial residence within the imperial palace.

The imperial residence was surrounded by tall red walls of nearly a hundred meters high.

The city walls were heavily guarded, with sentries posted every few steps.

A squad of imperial guards was patrolling around the city walls, and not even a bird could fly over the high walls of the imperial residence.

Inside the city walls was a twenty-meter-wide lane, which led to another nearly hundred-meter-tall wall.

After the second high wall, was a marble-paved public square of nearly thousands of meters, and in the center of the square was a grand palace hall.

A ten-meter-wide lane crossed the two walls from the entrance of the imperial residence and led straight through the square and linked up to a set of white jade steps in front of the palace hall.

The palace hall was sat atop a five-meter-tall stone base that was surrounded by white jade carved railings.

A few realistic looking statues of gods and beasts on the towering roof of the palace were bathed in the morning sun, glowing more dazzling than the golden roof tiles. On the eaves carved from red sandalwood were skilfully carved sculptures and colourful paintings.

Under the eaves, the external walls of the palace hall were painted red.

There were twenty large red pillars evenly spaced around the palace hall, supporting the weight of the palace hall.

Through the main palace hall and after a high wall was a garden of thousand of meters, where several trees were grown, giving pleasant shade. There was a small bridge, a little stream, as well as a hundred of blooming flowers, giving off a joyous and harmonious atmosphere. Several elaborate pavilions were distributed around the garden, allowing a pleasant view of the magnificent landscape of the garden.

This garden was part of the residence of the Crown Prince.

A breeze blew, diffusing the fragrance of flowers in the garden to the front door of the Crown Prince's imperial residence.

Outside the towering palace walls, a squad of more than twenty imperial guards was marching perfectly straight along the path in the direction of the main palace hall.

The soldiers were all elites, strong and muscularly built, and were dressed in the standard black armour engraved with dark gold patterns that glistened faintly under the sun. On the left chest area of the armour was a red flame-shaped pattern, which was the Snow Empire’s imperial guard elite——[Blazing Flame Battalion] emblem.

The leader of the imperial guard squad was a young man who was only twenty years old.

This young man stood tall and straight, and his skin was somewhat dark. He had a plump forehead, and wide brows and eyes. His nose was tall and sharp, and his lips were slightly pursed up. There was a hint of shrewdness within his straightforward and honest appearance. His armour was engraved with more dark gold patterns, and the quality of the material of his armour was more carefully chosen, only the flame emblem on his chest was the same as the rest of the soldiers.

At this very moment, the young imperial guard captain was both tense and excited.

Today was the first day of him becoming the captain of the twenty-man imperial guard squad, who was ordered to guard the Crown Prince’s imperial residence. To him, this was a great glory. He was nervous, but also excited.

This young captain's name was Luo Yi——
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