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Chapter 639, Two important matters

It was the voice of the stone monkey.

This guy was said to be the battle pet of the peerless War God, and its stone statue was stationed at the suspended stone steps of the Light Palace, keeping the successive generations of Palace Lords appointed by the Imperial family from being able to enter the real Light Palace. The wisp of divine sense of the stone monkey was even said to be tyrannical, and it was rumoured that even the original Snow Emperor was unable to make this monkey compromise and move aside.

During the Battle of the Light Palace, the stone monkey went into deep slumber.

When Ye Qingyu passed by the stone monkey statue during the day he had tried to communicate with him, he did not receive a response. He thought the stone monkey was still asleep, and had no idea that in this strange little world, the voice of the stone monkey would reappear.

“Haha, you look very confused, little fellow,” the voice of the stone monkey rang again.

The voice contained a hint of excitement, but there was more than a hint of someone gloating over his misfortune.

It wasn't until this moment that Ye Qingyu snapped out of his state of shock.

“You... where are you?” He had released his divine sense in the small world of this strange space, but had failed to sense the slightest life form or perceived where the stone monkey was. He couldn't help feeling astonished at the fact that the strength of the stone monkey was far above his previous speculation.

“Me? I'm right here, haha.” The stone monkey laughed again.

Ye Qingyu slowly withdrew his divine sense.

He could sense the ridicule from the stone monkey’s tone of voice, but this ridicule carried obvious goodwill, so he was not more vigilant. However, Ye Qingyu understood that as long as the stone monkey did not reveal himself, he would never discover his true location, so it was useless to release his divine sense.

“It was elder stone monkey who deliberately released the aura that led me here?” Ye Qingyu asked loudly.

The stone monkey was the battle pet of the peerless War God, which meant that he had also provided notable service in the founding of the Snow Empire, and his age should be much older than him, so it was reasonable for Ye Qingyu to call him elder.

The stone monkey's voice sounded again, “You are quite clever, you guessed right. Not bad, it was I who deliberately led you to this location.”

Ye Qingyu smiled. “What is the reason for elder to lead me here?”

By this time, Ye Qingyu had completely calmed down.

There was even anticipation in his mind. Perhaps the stone monkey led him here to reveal the truth to him, and perhaps it will provide some information to some of the questions on his tangled mind.

“Aren't you curious at all?” the stone monkey said.

Ye Qingyu, “What is there to be curious about?”

“The cause of death of those corpses,” the stone monkey said in a somewhat dissatisfied tone, then as though he was reminded of something he complained, “You young man, that dragon had consumed the spirit of the Light Palace and almost caused a catastrophe... You, why do you always not follow the rules? You should first ask me with a very surprised look who those corpses are, and why did they die here and who killed them...”

Ye Qingyu, “...”

“Fine,” Ye Qingyu cleared his throat. “Elder, who are those corpses, why did they die here, and who killed them?”

The monkey finally seemed a little excited, “Haha, they were all once experts of the Heaven Wasteland Domain whose power shook an area. During their life they were all high and mighty existences. Among them, there is...” He listed several names and then said in a triumphant voice, “But these guys were too greedy. They wanted to obtain things that didn’t belong to them. They thought no one would know, so they quietly snuck in here. Haha, so I killed them all one by one.”

When Ye Qingyu heard this, he hurriedly adopted a very shocked expression, nodding, “I see, wow, elder you're really too powerful.”

The stone monkey was silent for a moment, then he responded in a scornful tone, “Your face, your acting is really amateur...”

Ye Qingyu, “...”

“Well, little fellow, what exactly do you want to know?” the stone monkey ask disinterestedly.

Ye Qingyu drew a deep breath and took on a serious look, before he asked, “What is this place, where are you?”

“This place?” The stone monkey gave a mischievous laugh. “I bet you one thousand female monkeys that you will never guess where this is. Haha, this place is of course inside my body, my martial arts dantian world, but it has been destroyed by people...”


Ye Qingyu really was utterly shocked.

He never thought that he would receive an answer like that.

They say that once a martial artist reaches the peak of their cultivation, their dantian world can evolve into a real world. This process was like the creation of the world, extremely mysterious. It was said that the martial arts emperor back then was able to do this. Moreover, there were even rumours that the great wide world now was, in fact, a world that constantly changed from the spirituality of a martial expert's dantian world when they had fallen, which eventually magically evolved out with new lives, and became a new domain.

Martial cultivation was to borrow the power of the Heaven and earth, to understand the Heaven and earth. If an extremely strong expert had fallen, then a method to give their cultivation base and power back to Heaven and earth, was by producing a new domain from the martial arts dantian world is. This was, of course, the best way.

This theory was once very popular.

But later, as time went on, there had been countless years without a martial arts emperor and even quasi emperor-level experts were very rarely seen. So whether an expert's martial arts dantian world can become a new domain and produce living beings or not was beginning to be doubted, because it had been too long since anyone had seen such things happen. Many of the texts and ancient books or records had long been lost over the long history and wars.

It was for this reason, that when the stone monkey said this small world was his martial dantian world, Ye Qingyu was so shocked.

Could it be that the stone monkey's cultivation had reached that state?

However, the next moment, Ye Qingyu suddenly realized something. Perhaps he had been thinking too much, because in this small world, although the various powers of laws were relatively perfect, there was one thing that was very clear: it did not give birth to real life. Those corpses were just outsiders. Therefore from this aspect, maybe the stone monkey had not reached that glorious and world shattering level yet?

However, no matter what, it was still incredibly terrifying to be able to produce a small, mature world in one’s martial arts dantian world.

At least the stone monkey's cultivation was much higher than that of Ye Qingyu.

But the problem was that the stone monkey himself had just said that his martial arts dantian world had been destroyed...

The dantian world had been destroyed, does that mean he was dead?

But the stone monkey was clearly talking to him.

Ye Qingyu knew that some things can not be judged using common sense, such as the existence of the stone monkey, which may have broken the martial arts principle. Ever since coming to the Snow capital, there was one thing that Ye Qingyu had learnt——no matter what it was, as long as it was related to the legendary peerless War God, no matter how unbelievable it was, it was normal.

These thoughts flashed across Ye Qingyu's mind for a moment.

After a slight hesitation, he asked, “Elder stone monkey led me here, for this?”

“Of course there are some things that I want to talk to you about,” the voice of the stone monkey sounded again, full of strength and resounding, containing the power of a martial arts expert and did not seem like he was severely injured. “Your strength now is enough to protect yourself, so there are some things that it is time to tell you.”

Ye Qingyu grew serious.

With his current strength, he could be said to be the strongest in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but in the eyes of the stone monkey it was just enough to protect himself?

Before waiting for Ye Qingyu to ask, the stone monkey got straight to the point. “Today, what I need to tell you, there are mainly two things. The first is, I have something for you. Take this thing, and go to the Yu Clan’s imperial offering temple, where you will see something…”

Before his voice faded.

A strange wave of energy, fell from the void, appearing above Ye Qingyu's head.

Ye Qingyu stretched out his hand when something instantly hit him in the hand.


A muffled sound.

Ye Qingyu only felt his wrist bend backwards as an incomparably heavy object smashed into his hand. Given his current physical strength, even if it was an immemorial mountain falling into the palm of his hand, he would not feel such a heavy weight. Curious, Ye Qingyu looked at it intently, and found that in the palm of his hand was a drop of jade-like red blood.

The blood was shining red, whirling around like mercury. Although at first glance there was nothing strange, but Ye Qingyu still found it unusual.

The moment that drop of blood touched his hand, he had a strange feeling, as if his body was able to interact with the red bead.

Ye Qingyu felt his blood burning and boiling.

Before Ye Qingyu could ponder longer, the stone monkey's voice rang again, “The first thing is done, now the second thing. Remember the first time you entered the Light Palace, the little snake that your little silver dragon pet ate, do you remember?”

Ye Qingyu nodded.

Of course he remembered.

At that time, Ye Qingyu was controlled by the mysterious force, unable to move, and the mysterious snake climbed through the inner wall of the Light Palace, created a huge and complex strange formation, and activated the energy of the entire Light Palace. Finally, when the little snake was heading over to him, the little silver dragon suddenly appeared and swallowed the snake.

At that time, a very shocking ‘crap’ sounded from the Light Palace, which was made by the stone monkey.

“The little snake is the spirit of the Light Palace, and after it was swallowed, the Light Palace, although its formations are active, cannot exert its true power. Now your strength is enough to allow your little pet to try to integrate with the Light Palace, in order to bring out the true power of this palace...”

The stone monkey that talked important business was very serious——
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