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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 62 The First Spirit weapon

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Chapter 62 – The First Spirit weapon

To refine a Spirit weapon, the first step was to insert your inner yuan into the body of the weapon, to understand the rune formations within.

For Ye Qingyu, this process possessed a slight risk.

After all, Ye Qingyu had not been to any of the classes in the sophomore year and did not attend any lessons regarding runes and formations. He was only a layman, but through immersing himself in the library every day and also going to the libraries of those of higher years, he understood the basics and theory behind these formations. He had some partial knowledge so he therefore decided to give it a try.

The [Little Shang sword] vibrated, the blue lines on the sword handle becoming more and more evident, slowly spreading towards the area of the blade.

“The areas where the lines have already been activated and grown represents that the runes and formations in that area have already been successfully immersed by inner yuan, and the formation within can be activated…”

Ye Qingyu made his decision.

His mind was clear and blank. Within his dantian world, the water of his Spirit spring rose dramatically and soared in the sky. It transformed into a great mist that entered into the four limbs and the hundreds of bones of Ye Qingyu, finally entering the [Little Shang sword] continuously.

From the doubt and hesitation he had at the start, at this time, Ye Qingyu finally began to understand how to refine this Spirit weapon. The somewhat incomplete theory that he had read in books regarding runes and formation, through this process, gradually became clear and distinct.

The process of instilling his inner yuan into the [Little Shang sword] became smoother and smoother.

If there was someone beside him observing, they would discover that the blue strands of light appearing on the [Little Shang sword] were as if they were vines that were crazily growing, heading ever upwards and completely surrounding the [Little Shang sword].

At this instant Ye Qingyu could sense that this [Little Shang sword] was like a life form that had slept for who knows how long in the endless darkness, and was being awakened bit by bit.

These strands of blue light continued to grow throughout the sword, as if they were veins and arteries, beginning to function.

“This feeling, is really too mysterious, it’s like… it’s like the [Little Shang sword] is blending into my blood, combining into one entity.”

Ye Qingyu could not help but mutter to himself.

Two hours had already passed. The entire body of the [Little Shang sword], was finally entirely enveloped by the blue strands of light. This was a sign that the rune formation within the sword had been completely activated.

When this sword gets completely infused with Ye Qingyu’s inner yuan, then it would have been refined by him.

Ye Qingyu was able to sense the power of this Spirit weapon.

A type of information that was hard to describe using any language appeared in Ye Qingyu’s mind. The power of this sword and the limits of yuan qi it could withstand became clear.

Ye Qingyu picked the sword up.

The [Little Shang sword] floating above his head was firmly in his grasp.

The Spirit weapon in his hand, compared to when he had not refined it, had an entirely different sensation. Before refining it, it was extremely weighty being at least several thousand pounds and icy cold, with a rough texture. And now it was as if it was a part of his arm, he could not sense the weight at all, and it was warm as if touching a lover’s skin…

Ye Qingyu swung the sword out.

Without activating his inner yuan, a wave of air was cut through by him.

Inner yuan was agilely moving within the sword blade, and with a slight activation, the three feet of the cold sword blade would emit an icy and dense aura, causing people to feel terrified.

Through a will of Ye Qingyu’s heart, accompanied with a flash of blue light, the [Little Shang sword] disappeared in his hand.

He used inner vision.

Within the dantian world, in the location of the surging Spirit spring, it had already turned into a small lake. The eye of the Spirit spring was namely in the center of the lake and within the eye of the spring, the [Little Shang sword] has sunk in completely, entirely being submerged.

After refining the Spirit weapon, it could unite with the holder, entering the wielder’s body and become submerged into their Spirit spring, nourishing within. If nurtured properly, the level of the Spirit weapon could perhaps be raised.

The [Little Shang sword] could be counted as a low class Spirit weapon. If Ye Qingyu was able to find some suitable rare ores and materials, refining and improving it through special techniques, then there was the possibility of it becoming a middle class Spirit weapon.

The higher the classification of the Spirit weapon, the more inner yuan could be instilled within and hence have a greater power.

“[Little Shang sword], is the first Spirit weapon that I possess in my life.”

Ye Qingyu sighed with regret.

This was the last object that his father left him.

He continuously practice summoning the Spirit weapon. With a will, the [Little Shang sword] appeared in his hands, abruptly disappearing and reappearing, floating beside his head. It flew and soared according to Ye Qingyu’s will.

Very quickly Ye Qingyu came to the conclusion that with his current inner yuan, he could only control the [Little Shang sword] to attack and defend within ten meters of him. After ten meters, the power would greatly diminish and it would not be enough to hurt martial artists of the Spirit spring stage.

This result was already quite to his satisfaction.

After all, he still had not completely merged with the [Little Shang sword], and his inner yuan had not yet completely submerged into the blade of the [Little Shang sword].

“It has already been three months since the successful excavation of the first Spirit spring. The Spirit spring has already overflowed turning into a small lake. According to the scrolls, I have already reached the stage of basic mastery and can attempt to excavate the second Spirit spring within my dantian!”

Storing away the [Little Shang sword], Ye Qingyu considered in the light of the setting sun.

In general, after the martial artist had excavated the first Spirit spring in their dantian world, if the water overflowed and became a small lake, then they could attempt to excavate the second Spirit spring. According to the theory of the yuan qi martial way, after excavating over ten Spirit springs, you could attempt to break through into the Bitter sea stage.

Ten Spirit springs was the lowest requirement for martial artists of the Spirit spring stage to break into the Bitter sea stage.

Of course, some genius martial artists would not be satisfied with a mere ten Spirit springs. Rather, they would prepare slowly and diligently for future success, not being impatient about raising their overall grand level. They would excavate until twenty, thirty, or even more Spirit springs, reaching their limits then attempt to break into the Bitter sea stage.

Doing it this way, after entering the Bitter sea stage, their strength would increase explosively and a normal Bitter sea expert would not be their opponent.

From some perspective, the number of Spirit springs within the Bitter sea, represented the potential of a martial artist.

Of course, the number of Spirit springs was not something that you could increase as you please. Everyone’s body had a set upper limit. If your natural endowment was inadequate, then forcefully excavating past this upper limit would have devastating results. The least serious consequence would enter into the state of demonic fire, and the most serious consequence would be that their fleshly body would transform and collapse into dust, disappearing within the world.

Ye Qingyu had read some anecdotes within the library about this.

According to legend, in the ancient age, there was a peerless genius of the human race that had managed to excavate over ninety-nine Spirit springs, remaining in the Spirit spring stage for over a hundred years. Once he broke through and entered the Bitter Sea stage, in an instant, he was invincible when facing opponents of the same stage.

Afterwards, this peerless genius rose and rose in the face of adversity, becoming the pillar that supported the entire human race. Resisting thousands and thousands of alien races, protecting a domain for the entire human race, he left behind countless legends.

There were also people of legendary strength within the human race, such as existences like the Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors and the Eight Supreme Existences, that had also prepared long and diligently in the Spirit spring stage. After many fortuitous encounters, they all had excavated over ninety Spirit springs, and in the end became an ultimate expert.

So it could be said that the cultivation and choice that occurred in the Spirit spring stage, was enough to affect the future success of a martial artist and determine what heights they were able to reach in the future.

Ye Qingyu was now in the Spirit spring stage, so he must be particularly mindful of what he decided.


The third day.

The Ye mansion after the humongous transformation, finally settled down from their chaotic and disordered state. Qin Lan and Tang San performed exceptionally in this regard; one managed inside affairs and another managed outside affairs. Through the efforts of these two, it allowed the Ye family to function successfully.

Li Jinji[JR1] , [Miaoyu Temple], [Yin Taoxuan Pavilion], and the other properties had already been completely transferred and returned. Tang San was so busy that he became dizzy and woozy, but thankfully there were no errors that occurred.

After finishing breakfast, Tang San and Qin Lan both respectively prepared tens of scrolls for Ye Qingyu’s inspection.

“The accounts of this mansion all these years are all here for the inspection of the young master.”

“The five properties outside have already largely been investigated clearly. This is the accounts of it all these years, and also the financial resources and functions are also within!”

The two stood by the side.

One glance was enough to make Ye Qingyu feel nauseous.

Regarding these matters, he did not have the slightest interest.

“Eh… These types of things, you should just handle by yourself. There is no need to ask me.” Ye Qingyu set the accounts by one side and shook his head with a bitter smile. “Besides, even if I personally looked it over, I would not understand anything!”

Tang San was taken aback, then let out a rueful laugh.

Qin Lan hesitated slightly. “But…”

Ye Qingyu waved his hands saying, “It’s all good. My break is about to end, the matters regarding the family will need to be relied upon by you.” Saying this, from the interdimensional pouch, he took out a jade scroll. “This is the jade scroll of the White Deer Academy that are used to pass messages. If you encounter any incidents that you cannot solve, then bring this jade scroll to the academy. There will be someone who will pass on your message.”

The jade scroll was given to Qin Lan.

Pausing, Ye Qingyu spoke again, “Little Grass is coming of age. If she has the intention to enter the White Deer Academy, in the upcoming examination next year, she can go and attempt it…” His gaze landed on Tang San. “Your age has already passed the limit and you cannot enter the White Deer Academy. If you really want to pursue martial arts and if you have time, go to the [Taoxuan Pavilion] and learn from some of the teachers there to train. Possessing some martial arts is beneficial no matter what happens.”

Tang San nodded his head enthusiastically.

…… ……

By noontime, Ye Qingyu had already returned to White Deer Academy.

Returning to the dormitory to pack away his stuff, someone came to inform him of the location of his new dormitory and his room number. And they also passed on an assortment of things he needed to do to report in.

It was as the head of administration had said, everything had already been settled.

Jumping to the second year class, Ye Qingyu would have to leave the students of the first year and no longer be living in the same area. He should say farewell but after some consideration, he did not have any friends in first year apart from the little loli, Song Xiaojun.

Ye Qingyu wanted to find her and say goodbye.

But as this idea came to be, he hesitated.

Because he suddenly realized that in this long period of time, it was the little loli who had always taken the initiative to find him. He had never gone in search for her so until now he still did not know the little loli’s room number nor which dormitory she was in… Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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