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Imperial God Emperor 634 - Said it for the first time

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Chapter 634, Said it for the first time

The arrival of the First Princess was, in fact, for nothing particularly important. Her main purpose of course was to see Ye Qingyu.

Because if Ye Qingyu really was the son of Yu Junhan, then he needed to call the First Princess ‘Aunt’ and the two people had the same blood running through their body. Regardless of the doubt that Ye Qingyu had in mind, First Princess Yu Junqing had clearly already accepted this fact, so she was particularly concerned about Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu invited Yu Junqing into the palace.

Soon, Mother Wu personally brought tea over.

Without waiting for her to ask questions, Ye Qingyu briefly recounted his experience in Clear River Domain. But when he mentioned his first time stepping into the Underground Moon Immortal Palace, he hesitated a bit and eventually passed by the matter of him seeing a white-haired female corpse very similar to his mother.

He was now extremely confused about his own life.

Ye Qingyu's mind was now a mess, while the First Princess Yu Junqing was obviously extremely positive that Ye Qingyu was Yu Junhan’s son, so when making judgments, inevitably she would be somewhat forceful. Ye Qingyu did not want to be affected. He respected Yu Junqing and even more respected Yu Junhan, but when it involved his own life, he wanted to rely on his strength, with facts and evidence, to uncover the truth.

Having listened to Ye Qingyu's experience, First Princess Yu Junqing went quiet for a moment.

Evidently it was the confusion and seriousness among the Clear River Domain that made the important figure of the imperial family somewhat silent.

“So, your strength has reached the Immortal Step boundary?” She looked up at the heroic young man opposite her. After hearing his thrilling experience, she also could not help feeling astonished and deeply moved.

In Heaven Wasteland Domain, many martial artists did not even know of the existence of a Martial Immortal Step boundary. The Heaven Ascension boundary was already a peak unattainable for many people. Moreover, the youngster was only gone for a short period of time, yet had already reached this level. No wonder that he was the descendant of that person, and it was understandable that she could not see through his cultivation level.

Ye Qingyu nodded. “In Heaven Wasteland Domain, the laws of the domain and the power of heaven and earth are not mature, so there is a repression, but Clear River Domain is already able to withstand the power higher than the Heaven Ascension boundary, so my cultivation level was able to progress rapidly. And according to my judgment, our Heaven Wasteland Domain, after the opening of the Central Domain Gate and following the changes of the laws of the domain and the power of heaven and earth, can withstand an increase in strength. Not long from now, the martial artists of Heaven Wasteland Domain are going to welcome the golden age of the domain. Although I am deliberately suppressing my yuan qi cultivation, but I still can feel that the power of Heaven Ascension will not be suppressed by this expanse of sky and land anymore.”

Yu Junqing smiled. “It is not wrong, in the past half a year, there have been many experts breaking through the restriction. There are many Heaven Ascension experts appearing from many sects, but also many battles that broke out between Heaven Ascension experts has been allowed by this expanse of sky and land.”

“Something like that happened?” Ye Qingyu was a little surprised. He had not heard the Left Minister and the old Commander mention this before.

Yu Junqing took a sip of tea and set down the cup, before she replied, “The sect that old Commander Li Guangbi is monitoring is the Three Sects and Three Schools. After the battle of Light City, the Three Sects and Three Schools had damaged their foundation, so they have been pretty quiet. The old marshal has little experience in dealing with the Jianghu, and the Right and Left Ministers are busy making great efforts to build a strong state and rectify the state of affairs, so they could not spare time. As a result, they do not know that the structure of the power of the Jianghu of Heaven Wasteland Domain has changed.”

So this was the reason.

It was no wonder then that the authorities of the empire had never mentioned it before.

Ye Qingyu looked deep in thought.

“Of course, in this period of time, I came out to solve Jianghu matters that really involved the real martial artists.” Yu Junqing proudly smiled, leaning diagonally on the chair in a very comfortable posture. “The old Commander and the others did not talk to you too much of the matter because they knew that I will come tell you. Also, there are some matters that, before I tell you, I have to make sure that you do really have that qualification and strength to know.”

Ye Qingyu was taken aback, then he immediately gave a wry smile, “Then you are certain now?”

“Certain.” Yu Junqing's smile was a lot softer than before. “The moment I saw you, I was already certain that in the next long period of time, I can finally relax.” As she was speaking, she lifted her soft jade-like hand and a thin piece of paper leisurely drifted to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu held out his hand to catch the paper, noticing that the names of thirty to fifty people were recorded on the paper, and each name was marked with a symbol similar to a priority marking.

“This is?” He glanced at Yu Junqing, asking puzzledly.

“Oh, just a list of some less than honest people.” Yu Junqing set the cup on the table, her brows knitted in a frown. “The tea is too light, I don't like it, do you not offer wine to guests?”

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say for a moment. Then, he took out the wine brought from the Clear River Domain to offer to the First Princess, Her Highness.

Very gracefully, she took a sip with her small mouth. Her eyes lit up and she finished the cup of wine in one gulp. Nodding, Yu Junqing said, “Not bad, good wine, the wine outside of Heaven Wasteland Domain... On this list are the experts that had broken through the Heaven Ascension boundary in the last six months. Of course, this is not all, but the guys on there, all of them are not too honest. Just because they made a breakthrough they think they are invincible. Recently, they have not been obedient. I was preparing to go have a chat with them personally, but now that you're here, a delicate woman like me won't have to go all the way to negotiate with those guys. I leave this to you.”

When Ye Qingyu heard this, he finally understood.

Because of the constraints of the power of the domain, even if there were experts in Heaven Wasteland Domain who were Heaven Ascension experts, there were not many. Adding to this they did not dare to really use the power of Heaven Ascension stage, so they were only considered to be a group of fake Heaven Ascension existence. But following the appearance of the Central Domain Gate, the Law of Heaven and Earth and the power of the domain had climbed onto a rising tide. In a short period of time, there were countless experts originally stuck in the top of the Bitter Sea stage finally breaking through the restriction, leaping into the Heaven Ascension stage. Moreover, they were surprised to find that they could display the power of Heaven Ascension without restraint. As a result, the power that suddenly descended upon them had triggered many people's ambition and they had begun to get arrogant.

The impact that the Snow Empire had on the forces of Jianghu was originally done well, but under such a large background, their original efforts now seemed a little pale.

The new Heaven Ascension experts of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, because of the rise in strength, had led to an imbalance of their state of thinking. They had became arrogant and begun to provoke the majesty of the Snow Empire.

For the Snow Empire, this was indeed a threat. Even if they could not shake the foundation of the empire, they will produce a lot of waves, and at such a critical time, such a situation was obviously not tolerated by the empire. Therefore, Yu Junqing, the First Princess of the empire had to think of a strategy.

Putting away the piece of paper, Ye Qingyu nodded. “Okay, leave this matter to me.”

Yu Junqing revealed a relived smile on her fair delicate face. “Good, good, with your current strength, you’re more suited to handle this matter than I am.”

Ye Qingyu smiled and did not speak.

Yu Junqing poured herself another cup of wine. Holding it with both hands, she looked to Ye Qingyu and asked, “Since you have experienced so much in Clear River Domain, seen so many experts, and have seen so many things, why don't you tell me what is the matter that impacted you the most? Or how it had impacted you?”

Ye Qingyu, noticing her serious expression, put away the thought of joking. He very seriously pondered over the question before he replied, “To say the matter that impacted me the most, it should be the Demon Spider Race's Devouring Heaven Demon camp.”

“Oh?” Yu Junqing said with a forced smile. “It’s not the Greater One Sect? It’s not the experts at the Storm Sword Duel gathering? It’s not the Immortal God Emperor Sect?”

“No,” Ye Qingyu stated firmly. “The ones you mentioned are all very strong and had surprised me, this rookie who just came out of Heaven Wasteland Domain. However, the one who really affected me the most is still the Demon Spider Race's Devouring Heaven Demon camp... I do not know whether the other forces of the Demon Spider Race is the same, but it was clear that the structure of the military arrangement of the Devouring Heaven Demon camp is the most important reason that they could almost extinguish Greater One Sect. For the past hundreds of years, the Greater One Sect had been standing separately from the Demon Spider Race, and could even be said to have some advantage, but when the Demon Spider Race suddenly changed styles, changed its disorderly structure of sects in the past into an organized army system and spent years to form a legion, its force was like lightning on the Storm Sword Duel gathering. Before the Greater One Sect could even react, they had already attacked the Great One mountain range... Every order was executed without fail. Even though I killed the Devouring Heaven Demon General, the army withdrew from Flowing Light City and set up an encampment, I still dared not to force entry into the army camp... I stood for a long while on the city walls of Flowing Light City. I have also passed through the deserted main gate of Greater One Sect. I suddenly feel that an imperial organizational structure, like that of the Snow Empire, is perhaps the real way that can make the Human Race to continue strongly and powerfully, and sects such as the Three Sects and Three Schools and the Greater One Sect may perhaps be able to continue, but it will be hard for them to truly unite and rally all the power of the entire race,” Ye Qingyu said very slowly.

These words were what he was long aware of when he was in Clear River Domain, especially after meeting the Devouring Heaven Demon camp Demon Spider army, but he did not speak out his thoughts at that time.

It was also the first time that Ye Qingyu said such things in front of others.

When he was with Liu Shaji, Hu Bugui, and even Nan Tieyi, he also did not say any of these words.

Because these people were in Clear River Domain, from a sect background, and perhaps may not agree with Ye Qingyu's ideas.

While Ye Qingyu, ever since the time at Youyan Pass, had been a military advocate. And after his trip through Clear River Domain, he became more and more firm with his own ideas.


There was a crisp sound of applause.

Yu Junqing lightly applauded, with an undisguised gratified smile. “You know, these words, one hundred years ago, there was also a person who said it before in front of the thousands of experts and people of the Yu clan.”

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